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Tony Sparano safe despite 'brutal' night

Tony Sparano is unlikely to be replaced this week, according to a source. And I'm starting to hate my job.

I hate that the Dolphins terrible 0-5 start is roosting directly in the doorstep of Sparano, a good man and a good coach who is not blameless for his team's record but also is not completely to blame for it either.

And so with each passing loss, the watch to determine if Sparano remains or goes grows more focused. And I am tasked with monitoring it.

And I hate it because I think a good coach is about to get whacked -- if not now, eventually, and almost certainly by the end of the season.

Monday night's loss to the Jets was especially harmful to Sparano's tenure. His team lost in horrible fashion. After a bye week. Against a team that had lost three in a row.

"Tonight was brutal," a club source told me.

And that is bad for coach because owner Stephen Ross, who last week gave him something of a midseason vote of confidence, was apparently very, very disappointed. Again. And the disappointment was augmented by the fact Ross sees it as something of another home loss because New York is his home.

"It is fair to say that the fuse is burning," the source told me.

However, the fact this is a short week, with the Dolphins returning to the field on Sunday only five days from now, makes a change significantly less likely, the source said.

So coach is safe for another week despite not being able to coax a victory from his team all season.

I know you guys don't care one way or another about Sparano because he's not a person to you. He's simply the guy you see on the sideline and the guy you see as not giving you something good to cheer about and feel good about. You transfer your frustration to him.

I get that. His team stinks. So he stinks.

But I don't believe he stinks. He's still the same guy that got the Dolphins to 11-5 in 2008. And he is a person. He has a family. And, unlike other Dolphins coaches that I believed to be somewhat inept and in need of replacing, I don't share that feeling about Sparano.

So following this story is not fun for me. Nonetheless the job will get done. That's the reason you come here.

(And now I'm sure your comments will discuss what a sap I am. So be it.)


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Well at least if we go 0-16 no one will feel we intentionally tanked the season. The whole nation saw how pathetic we actually normally are.

got that right yg,good to see the menace still posting

Tonight showed almost to a man this team's only playing for a paycheck. Need I mention theyre not even doing that very well?

LOL At Armendro Douche......, At least there's a Historian on the blog tonite.....

We're so bad right now at times we have to fake playing good.

3 Much Needed Firings In Miami:

1. Jeff Ireland
2. Tony Sparano
3. Armando Salguero

Im sure this list will be deleted as soon as Armando sees it!

How about Marshall dropping another TD and Sean Smith dropping another INT???, Crazy, They might not just be poorly coached but some of these "Stars" Suck too........Just saying..

Armando, u said it so perfectly, this man gives 200 percent to this job, and i believe ireland and parcells are more to blame for this season then sporano

Whats wrong with this team:

For 4 seasons we've past up good players in draft and free agency because they dont adhere to the Parcells model for player personel.

There isnt a model for premium talent. We pigeoned holed ourselves into nfl mediocrity using the Parcells model for bringing in personel.

Guys, Gonna be down in Miami this weekend, Are they Gonna sell out the game??

This regime has done nothing but bring in one big slow under achieving player after another. this season's showing how that eventually ends!

trade marshall NOW,we might get a 2nd or 3rd for him now

Elias- just because he gives 200% to his job doesn't mean he is good at it. Hell I could give 50% of what Sparano gives and coach better than him. Predictable plays, Punt on every 4th down, Field Goal whenever it is possible. I mean common man! How can people see any potential in Sparano he has showed no intelligence in this game getting out-coached by every team week after week. @Yesterday's Gone. That list is on-point! haha- I could do better job than Armando. He states the obvious in every one of his articles. Im not sure if he even watches the games...

No fight in this team. 0-6 next.

We would be lucky to get a 5th for Marshall right now. A smart gm sees Marshall as no more than a possession #2 wr. No way is Marshall a true #1!

Ireland gave up 2 2nd rd picks for a possession #2 wr. Denver skinned him.

time to clean house

I would cut Marshall Wednesday if I couldnt trade him Tuesday. Why pay him $50 million if we're not going to win a game with him anyway?

Marshall can keep the chains moving but he wont help you score many points. Sounds like a #2 possession we to me.

Wow, quite the epic debacle.

I don't know that I have seen that many catchable balls dropped at ANY High School game let alone NFL. (Facepalm)

The thing is, Tony may be a swell guy Mando but as many pointed out...this ain't a "Swell Guy Admiration" blog. Although some of the posts would insinuate odd level male attraction.

In watching the game the thing that stood out was how sedated and fireless Sparano was while his troops were screwing up. Very telling.

One of the most bizarre plays that has barely been talked about was when Hartline layed out for that pass near the sideline and appeared to make the grab in bounds for a big gainer. TONY S NEVER EVEN FLINCHED FOR HIS RED FLAG! I feel it was at least worth a shot down and having all 3 timeouts at the time. CRIMINAL!

Tom Coughlan is waaaaaaay older than Tony Sparano and he fidgets, rants and cojoles his troops after every offsides, false start, catchable incomplete or whatever. You can tell he wakes up competitive. The Giants have won a SB recently so his coaching style is fine.

My point is Tony seems trampled and lacks fight. It's like he's got dead man walking syndrome.

Accountability is way down. Players have terrible days and Tony will offer. "I think so and so had a good game but would like some plays back." What the heck is that?

Early in the game Moore has the fullback in the flat for an ez first and tries Gates vs Revis for the incomp? How does he NOT see the ez first?

Also, Craig M and few other guys... leave Henne to his injury pergatory. He was not a factor in this game. It amazes me that he somehow gets drug up and injected into posts regarding this game? All it proves is we can lose without Henne as well but Moore has NEVER been considered a "potential" quality franchise QB. That moniker has been hung all over Henne at times. Moore's targets missed insane amounts of grabs this night. His numbers should have been better but, they weren't.

If I would have had my wish we would have drafted QB Ryan Mallet and RB Taiwan Jones we would be finding out about them right now. Every pass catcher on this team needs to get better or even '84 Marino would not get "W"s.



ok,still trade him for the best deal.Who need a 1 or 2? He did catch for over 100 yrds against the yets with a halfass qb.

I thought Marshall was gonna release the "Inner=Beast", Was that it???LOL, Brandon, Keep the "Beast" Leashed, You sucked tonite, Last game, And will probably suck next game..

Armando, The problem with keeping coach Sparano has to do with the game planning decisions; They just stink. Case in point; Attack a team's weakness not Revis who is the best the Jets have. Why keep throwing to Marshall when Revis is on him. Moreover to keep on trying to score in the red zone directly against Revis is just stupid. Attack a teams weakness that's what Belichick does. The Dolphins have other receivers so use them. Yes Marshall should have caught one for a TD but he is not the go to guy in the end zone because he chokes. All should know that by now. Not going after a tight end to help the passing game showed tonight. Sporano refuses to get a tight end that will compete with Fasano who can not get open or create separation. I guess Fasano and Sparano are tight for some reason.......


Fourth video down on the list. its called Tony Soprano and Stephen ross Xtramormal. It is very funny, its probably more animated than the real thing. Funniest part is when Sparano says I heard u offered Hardbaugh a record salary for an NFL coach. Ross goes whaaat? Where did u hear that Tony lol.

Glad to see your still fighting the good fight payuengsnwings.

Tough period for the Miami Dolphins franchise right now.

The way Buffalo and SF have turned it around gives me hope for 2012.

I feel like the Fins are Tim Robbins in Shawshank Redemption and we are crawling through that sewer pipe. (Bout half way in my guesstimation). The exhilaration of being all the way out and free will happen after the housing cleaning after the season.


Its becoming routine for Marshall to have 6-7 catches for 100yds or better, 3-4 critical drops, and zero td's.

I would rather see 3 catches for 50yds, 0 drops, and 2 tds.

Rob, If it was a FG Fisty would have reached for the Red Flag, But it was a pass play...LOL, But not really...

I said 3 years ago Tony Meatball should have to play 40 hours a month of Video Madden Football just to learn how to call games. He has no idea how to utilize time outs and challenges. We also are the only team in the NFL who has not taught players to fake injuries to stop the clock. Im not sure who should be our next coach. I like Rob Ryan for Defensive Coord, he might be a decent DC but we need a young offensive genius with something to prove. We tried the College Coach thing w Nick Satan and that did not work well. Any one have any ideas?

A good coach Mando? Really? His first 'big' decision of the night showed he had no guts. Fourth and a foot to go from the Jets' 40 - punt? Really? Lex Hilliard can't get a foot. Moore can't fall forward over Pouncey for a foot? He's awful. His decisions are awful. He was in over his head from the beginning. He owes a lot to Pennington for his "success" in year one. Pennington was the real coach and leader. It's time to finally move on and clean out all remnants of the Parcells Mess.

Most #1 wr's with over 100yds recieving during the game usually have 2 tds in that stat line. I would have to look it up but I doubt Marshall's had more than 2 games with a td when over 100yds recieving.

Im also willing to believe he has 0 games with 2 recieving tds when going over 100yds recieving.

Bad personel decisions has plagued this regime since coming here. That's exactly what we've seen since theyve been here.

They can say the players arent executing all they want but these are all thier handpicked guys!


LOL...you are right man. Sad but true tails of the Fisted One.

I was really taken aback by the lac of a challenge on that play. The guys calling the game were even saying it could have been a catch.

Just Sparano's body english...he is acting more and more like a beaten guy. FG exuberance aside of course.

Let's run the jib and head for deeper water as find us a better Head Coach and better Talent Evaluating GM.

Cheers bro. Glad to see you in here giving it Hell CM


Just want this to be fixed before I die.Thanks,just made 45 and was in o.c md for the car show and took the mustang down,lol,left some rubber there.

Well. Ah... Yeah Im sure Sparano is a great guy to hang out with. Unfortunately, it's about wins and execution. If I showed up to my job and performed like this I would be fired.
I make a wee bit less at my job. But essentially I'm a hired gun slinger and if I don't "get it done" they will replace me faster than Matt Moore will miss wide open receivers. It's business. Not personal.
Thanks for the fist pumps.

Ireland needs to go as well.

No bigtime Head Coach or GM will sniff the job if Ireland is already part of the package.

Personnel decisons.

Guard troubles...How about beating the Patriots to the punch for G Brian Waters after so many good year with the Cheifs?

Sproles would have been the pick up and not Bush. Cheaper, hungrier it seems also with quicker cuts and real football speed.

ILB Nick Barnett over Kevin Burnett. Barnett came from the World Champs and was MUCH more accomplished. Puts a stamp on people.

WR Brandon Lloyd? We obviously need to find WRs that can catch and he does just that.

Sean Smith...besides just being a freakishly big corner...what does he do?

I won't belabor the point... Ireland has failed many times and needs to be part of the huge revamping process.


Nice pay!

I have an '86 SVO Mustang I'm fixing up now. Should be a fun car when it's done.


The Dolphins really were impressive with their grit and determination tonight. They could have been down coming into this game but the coach had them ready and they came out with fire. I could see this team easily running off a winning streak and finishing 9-7 and going on a playoff run. That Matt Moore is a real find by the Dolphins.

Duty calls early so I am off like Pat White under duress.

We can all piss and moan all season and it will happen. The silver lining will be simply future hope. Even if they don't end up with the first overall pick it should be right there in the top 3-5.

The way this team is playing, they will be hard pressed to win a couple games if not a single one.


was lloyd just traded?

Someone told me he is Ram now but I did not confirm.

and is drew an idiot?

Rob, Irelands failed worse then me trying to give my wife off... if you know what I mean????, And I think you do..

Lloyd is a Ram now...it's confirmed.


CM... LOL.


Take 'er ez fellas. Gotta grab a few winks before work.

Ciao for now.

rob,96 conv,GT,373 gears and cold air pkg,she gets it.Me?lookin for 65 to 70 fstbk I'm old school.lol

That Should have said " Get" My wife off...........

CM luv ya

Gotta go to Ladies, Gab at you all later...... Go Fins..

Dont put it on us Armando? Your the guy that writes a story about the guys jobs security every other day.

Give me a break. You crap all over the guy for 2 year now. And you want us to sympathize?

Coach Sparano showed the whole world last year what type of man he is. His boss was looking for his replacement right in front of him. And he stays on?

A real man, a couragous man, a man who believed in himself would have waited until he got the apology and then quit. And then came out with the goods to kick Ireland in the butt. But no, TS stays on for money?

He makes 5 mil a year and you want me to feel sorry for him. Not happening.

It wasn't Tony that got the team to 11-5. It was David Lee who wanted to run the wildcat. It was Ronnie and Ricky who did the hard work. Ronnie blew his knee out for this team and Ireland traded the man.

I say make David Lee the interim. Tony can't get it done. He is a puppet coach. He can't connect with the team other than with the occasional fist pump.


Don't backslide brother. You been pretty good lately about being a Sports Writer. This public appeal for us NOT to hate Tony's guts is a little homerish again. I thought you gave that up?

Are you Tony's new PR man or something? You wrote Ross wants a franchise coach. Now you're saying don't beat up on Tony too much?

Come on Mando, don't backslide brother.

What are the odds of a team coming off a bye week losing to a team on the road that has 3 losses in a row?

How do you lose that game? You're coming off a bye week. You're 0-4. You're at home. The road team is on a 3 game losing streak. The road team is really not that good anyways.

How do you lose that game unless the team has already given up on the season?

Are you blowing him or something? The guy is a complete moron and in way over his head. Several head scratchers from the idiot last night. All you henne haters .... How do you like Moore? Totally different offense with henne out.

I like Sparano too always have. But hes been set up for failure by ownerships lack of support in bringing in the right people to win. if you are going to win in this league you must have the ability to score 30
plus points every game!!

Nope, Armando.. don't think you're a sap. I feel the same way about Sparano. Football is all about chemistry. One team's goat could go somewhere and take a team to the Super Bowl. It's happened. Same thing with players. Henne might have blossomed with another team, another set of players and coaches,etc.
But somehow you've got to have enough team cohesion to keep prima donnas like Brandon Marshall from poisoning the team. I think this guy is a thief, playing the way he does and pocketing that salary, then running his mouth about and boasting about getting penalties, etc. He didn't play even close to what he said he would, and he penalized himself.
I think Sparano's offensive coordinator has to go, if Tony is heading out the door, and take the special teams coach with both of them. They are both pitiful.

Armando, why don't you write something that takes some sort of mental capacity instead of wasting our time. How did you even get this job? A fifth-grader could provide more interesting insight.

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