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Tony Sparano safe despite 'brutal' night

Tony Sparano is unlikely to be replaced this week, according to a source. And I'm starting to hate my job.

I hate that the Dolphins terrible 0-5 start is roosting directly in the doorstep of Sparano, a good man and a good coach who is not blameless for his team's record but also is not completely to blame for it either.

And so with each passing loss, the watch to determine if Sparano remains or goes grows more focused. And I am tasked with monitoring it.

And I hate it because I think a good coach is about to get whacked -- if not now, eventually, and almost certainly by the end of the season.

Monday night's loss to the Jets was especially harmful to Sparano's tenure. His team lost in horrible fashion. After a bye week. Against a team that had lost three in a row.

"Tonight was brutal," a club source told me.

And that is bad for coach because owner Stephen Ross, who last week gave him something of a midseason vote of confidence, was apparently very, very disappointed. Again. And the disappointment was augmented by the fact Ross sees it as something of another home loss because New York is his home.

"It is fair to say that the fuse is burning," the source told me.

However, the fact this is a short week, with the Dolphins returning to the field on Sunday only five days from now, makes a change significantly less likely, the source said.

So coach is safe for another week despite not being able to coax a victory from his team all season.

I know you guys don't care one way or another about Sparano because he's not a person to you. He's simply the guy you see on the sideline and the guy you see as not giving you something good to cheer about and feel good about. You transfer your frustration to him.

I get that. His team stinks. So he stinks.

But I don't believe he stinks. He's still the same guy that got the Dolphins to 11-5 in 2008. And he is a person. He has a family. And, unlike other Dolphins coaches that I believed to be somewhat inept and in need of replacing, I don't share that feeling about Sparano.

So following this story is not fun for me. Nonetheless the job will get done. That's the reason you come here.

(And now I'm sure your comments will discuss what a sap I am. So be it.)


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Another thing - if I am Sparano I would not kick another field goal until my offense scores a touchdown. Any trip inside the opponent’s 40-yard line is 4 down territory. Keep pounding and pounding and pounding on the door until it breaks. Can't win with field goals.

we need to stop going to games so Ross will get the message

If you truly believe that Sparano is a good coach then I question your ability to cover football in general and this team in particular.

You hate your job? Unemployment in Miami-Dade is at 13%, officially, and this little biatch Armando is complaining about covering a football team for one of the nation's worst newspapers? Try getting up at 5am to bust your ass at a factory just to put food on the table for your family, then get back to me about hating your job, jerk. As for Suckrano, the guy is a millionaire. I couldn't give a fig about him or his family.

No wonder Miami Herald sales are in the toilet. Don't nobody respect this rag.

Tony has done a GREAT JOB!
Why do so many insist that a team's record is relevant in evaluating a coach?
What we should focus on are whether or not he is a nice guy, his marital status and whether or not he has children.
Good fist pump technique helps too.

It's Not Personal

It's Business

agree players are playing like shiet but

U want A Friend ???


Fire Ireland & Sparano

Nice guys finish last
and guess where Sparano is, ...... LAST !!!!!

Chin up Mando...it's always darkest before dawn...

sparano is a terrible. did you even pay attention to the game? did you see the play calling? did you see who's holding the play calling card?

you're an idiot if you care about the fact that sparano has a family. trust me. he's been paid well enough to retire right now and spend the rest of his days sitting around playing with his wife and kids.

this is football. his team sucks. he's got all-star and future hall of fame players on his team. why do you think they're so bad?

get a clue

My God, what will it take for Miami sportswriters to hold Sparano accountable?

A good coach? This man has poisoned this team with an underachieving, "we're not good enough" mentality that has turned Pro Bowlers into inconsistent performers.

When formerly top-shelf players (Marshall, Dansby, Burnett) are magically turned into marginal players, when a line full of top free agents draft picks can't apply pressure, you've got to look to the leadership.

That's Sparano.

Forget all the football side and look at this from a business perspective. Your customers have become, frustrated, disinterested and are leaving in droves. You can knock the south Florida sports fan with plenty of good reason but in this case it is not a case of being spoiled brats.
I love the Fins. Watch them every week. Became a fan after fighting it a long time about 15 years ago.(yes-I'm a transplant from the NE) and last night at half time I started watching a movie at when the score was still close because you did not have to be a clairvoyant to see what was coming. But more important it was the general malaise to see what was coming.
They play Denver this week with a QB who all the pundits think does not have NFL skills. They just traded away their best player and have a proven quality coach who has inherited a gigantic mess.
And you know what? I feel more optimistic about their future then ours. That just says it all.
Sparano will make more this one season then most of us will make cumulatively in our lives. Ireland too for that matter. They can play golf, sit at home, take nice vacations and watch their kids grow up going to the best schools. AND YOU WANT US TO FEEL SORRY FOR THEM?
Tell you what- if they give the money back then I will. Now that would be honorable. Fall on your swords guys and then I will cut you some slack.
Instead you will leave with a bundle of money, at least a three year rebuilding project if we can get the right coach and GM in place, a bit of self pride damage,, and a complete mess of the only real professional franchise that most South Floridians really take to heart and soul.
So please, no sob stories on their behalf.

(Especially in Ireland's case because he comes across as a total and complete creep on top of everything else.)

Sparano may be a nice guy, but what have he achieved yet ? First season he was lucky to have penny under center.

Tony is to blame. PERIOD.

4th and inches and you punt from the 40? (coaching)

Right before half you could drive for a FG, but no lets just go in at half. (coaching)

And what happens after EVERY half??? The team gets blown out.. (Coaching)

I'm sich of this.

Geez, Armando, I don't know how you can't lay a lot of the blame at Sparano feet. This is what he signed up for. When things are good the coach gets credit. When they are bad, the coach gets the blame. Things are bad right now. The Niners change their coach and go from 0-6 last year to 5-1 this year. If that's not Harbaugh and the players buying into what he's selling then I'd love to know what it is. And guys, don't tell me they have an easy schedule. They've gone into Philly and Detroit and won games.

Sparano is very lucky to still have a job in my opinion. The only reason he still has that job is because this gives us our best chance at a franchise QB. A coach is judged by the product on the field and the results and the results aren't there. End of story....

The actual debacle is due of the lack of courage of Mr Ross when he's been "catch" talking to Jim Harbaugh and didn't stand and even apologize to Sparano!!!!!!!!!

By got sake you're the boss, it's your bloody money and you can do whatever you want!!!!!!!!

Nothing personnal against Sparano but seriously I'm tired to find all the time excuses and don't act like a trainer instead of a commentator! He analyse perfectly the postgame but don't find any solution!
Some trainer have a commentator job after their carrer but it's looking that Sparano do the opposite!

And let's don't forget the real weakness of this team.....NO TEAM SPIRIT AND LOVE OF THE JERSEY!

Look the drop ball diva Marshall seriously 54 drop ball since 2007!!!!!!!!! 14+ per season and like against the Jets his drop ball make us lose the game! I can support a Diva if at least he's a good player and make the plays!

About QB do I have to enumerate all of them since 1999 Dan marino retirement.....
And all of them second or third rang QB!

Even Taylor and Wake look demotivated....

I'm not only tired to be chambred at work as it's business as usual since 1999 but now I start to be realy ashamed of my team!
I will be forever Fins but my heart bleed more and more each seasons, games....

Time to cut the death wood and as the actual season is anyway over make the drastic change!
New Head Coach and A QB!
Put the money on the table and for the salary cap cut the pay check of the others players as they certainly don't deserve what they get actualy!

Go Fins!

Dolfan from Mexico since 1970, its frustrating to see that the team has no spirit to fight. Just look al the 2 last minutes of 2nd and 4th quartes, in the 2nd with 1:14 the just dont ever try to get some points, and the have time, and in the final drive they could use there time outs to try to put some points, just for dignity, and they dont. That has to go to the coaching staff, they just dont want to win

Wait 8 months with the hope to see a new and reborn team to reach the playoffs and now the lack of character and talent from Sparano & Ireland waste the season!!!

Please be smart and try to recover some of the pride from Shula, Marino, Csonka years and fire Sparano, he lost the team now!

If Tony goes I sure hope Ireland goes with him. After all, he drafted no great QB, no shutdown CB, no pass rushing DE, no big play WR - all of these are needed in today's NFL. And he needs to go when the cleanout happens.

Colombo is a person and has a family. Reshad Jones is a person and has a family.

but they can't do the job.

same goes for Sparano. his team can't win.

sparano must go rigth now!

Colombo is a person and has a family. Reshad Jones is a person and has a family.

but they can't do the job.

same goes for Sparano. his tea can't win.

sparano must go rigth now!

SPARANO SUCKS..PERIOD..fire the guy today...stupid play calling specialy when you have nothing to loose..wide open recievers and the QB looking the other way in a totally predictable way...QB getting out of field goal range running out been out of the pocket loosing 7 yrds....an open wide reciver with a guy chasing 10 yads behind him and runs out of the sidelines...what the fu....????

It boggles the mind that people here are always attacking Henne when it is so obvious coaching screwed him. The same idiots blaming Henne were screaming for Matt Moore and where are they now?

Look, it doesn't take a lot of brain power to recognize you could plug whatever QB you want in the Dolphins offense and the results would be the same. The Dolphins coaching has sucked since they got here, sucks now, and will continue to suck. You keep these coaches and draft a $50 million QB and you will have a $50 million hospital patient before his 4th game if he makes it out of preseason.

Henne was never the reason the Dolphins have sucked... the coaching has been to blame every year. The one decent year we had with Pennington, do you remember the stupid calls, the blown timeouts, the blown challenges, the inability to field a high power offense because we sat our WR's so we could field a "special" teams unit. Sparano and his staff suck and the fans who blame Henne for it suck too.

Its time for Rob Ryan.

I am sorry the season has come to this debacle,calamity,a high speed car wreck.I will be happy to see Tony go and he can take his new yock accent with him.Bring in Jeff Fisher and landry jones and lets put this once proud franchise back on top,#1,CHAMPIONS

I am not going to label you as a sap Armando. I actually like your opinions and your writing. I would say that Sparano is an average coach. I don't think that he can evaluate talent when it comes to players and his staff. Some of his decisions have left me scratching my head and some of the moves not made by Sparano and Ireland have left me scratching my head. This OC has no clue on how to use his talet. He has Reggie Bush and doesn't know how to use him. Reggie also needs to be returning punts, that's on Tony. Where is Charles Clay and Clyde Gates and the match ups they can cause for opposing defenses? Why didn't they go after Bryant McKinnie or Brandon Meriweather? Those are two positions that we needed help at? The only thing positive about Sparano that makes him average is that he has his players back and they have his. They believe in him even though us fans don't. I think that we need some changes from top to bottom. We need to let some of these players go and bring in some play makers, some hard hitters, some players who really want to play. We need management and coaches who can evalutate talent, bring the talent in, and get something out of them when it comes to winning games and effort. A lot needs to be done to this team and it doesn't all rest on Tony's shoulders.

Pfc Moore... Good comments. There is not good personnel matchups and we are not taking advantage of our individual strengths. In fact, I believe there was only one tight end screen last night. No flare out to Reggie and he def needs to be returning punts. How about some draw and counters? Misdirection and creative run plays. It's all very flat and our d cannot pressure a qb...it's pathetic.

Here a quote from "Facing The Giants" We are not saying he a bad person just a bad coach.

Most of the blame goes to Marshall then ate the end of the game they show him smiling on the sidelines. Get rid of him. Pacells fire Jason Taylor twice for not caring. However Marshall gets away with it.

I've always like Sparano, but last night was disgusting to watch.. Why would you run out the clock in the 2nd Qtr when you had sufficient time to throw a bomb and try to score at least a field goal. I mean, FGs, that's your specialty, dude!

And then when the Jets were brutally killing us in the 4th Qtr, he decides to stop the clock to get the ball back.

I'm over Sparano. We obviously need a coach who would get in players face, and question their lack of effort.

Hell yeah. That boy is not going to be hurting for money soon. And he will be a coach some where in the NFL next season too

What is with the condescension? -- "I know you guys don't care one way or another about Sparano because he's not a person to you" --
are you serious? Of course we know he is a person. A person who has been a complete failure at his job and will pocket millions of dollars for it. Millions more than most of us will ever see in our lives. So, back off with the holier-than-thou attitude!

I have been a Phin fan for over 30 yrs, grew up in South Florida and now live in NJ. Went to the game last night and endured the taunts and abuse by the Jets fans, but I will never give up on my team, although, at some point the house needs to be cleaned and whether you want to belive it the coach always comes first. I think Tony's time in South Florida has worn out and the organization needs to find a new leader to coach and a QB because we continue to recruit subpar talent and will never get better with the likes of Matt Moore or Sage Rosenfels.

Lets keepit real, Niners have the same players as last yr and they r WINNING. Do the math, let TS finish this yr so we can lose the rest. Thats the truth, We need LUCK he will help and we need a coach that has a great petigree. Somone from Green Bay.. OC Sparano doesnt have the IT factor..good guy, have a beer with. NOT a HC

Guys last night was a tough one. I mean I could have had gone for it on 4th and inches at the 40 but decided to punt at the end of the half with over a minute left instead of trying to get points I ran the clock out. I am still learning how to become a good coach have some patience we are only 0-5 we can win the next 11 if you believe in me and mando because he does. I belive my team will win the next 11 because Were Grrrreeeeeeaaaaattttt.

It wasn't Marshall getting kicked after a quarter and a half, it was the entire Dolphins team.
By the way, was that quarter and a half of competitive football the Dolphins played everything Sparano could come up with off of a bye week?
SIX POINTS! Wahaha...
No, no, don't fire Tony, he's a nice guy...
Cmon man....

Is there any other receiver on the team besides Brando Marshall? Is he the only red zone player that can catch? He drops the easy ones and catches the hard ones. Trade him today before the deadline is up. Do not allow him to remain on the team. He wants every ball and Moore seems to be willing to throw it to him regardless of coverage. What happened on the first red zone visit. He either ignores a wide open Clay or does not see Clay and throws the ball to Marshall with Revis riding his back.....Silly play.
Keep Sparano and dump Marshall today.

I think the nail in the coffin was when Tony added his son to the coaching staff...
Just another clear decision by Tony and just adding his spawn was enough to bring this franchise to depths never imagined.
Without any hope this franchise is going to lose millions with the absence of a respected, well regarded Head Coach. FISHER OR COWHER! NOTHING LESS!

No one else in this country cares about a person's family when they get laid off, Armando. Plus, most of those people don't have a million dollar a year plus salary to float on...

The dolphins need to follow what the Panthers have done and hire a GM who knows what he's doing and clean hOuse. Sparano, Ireland, all of them need to go and rebuild through the draft.

I like Tony too but I think the job is too big for him at this point. He's a good guy I don't know him personally but this team needs to be relevant again.

Tony isn't a person to Mando either...he's a story, a job, a reference in his articles, but that's about it.
Mando hasn't used that angle on us before, it makes it look like he has compassion for Sparano, but the truth is he feels worse that he has to cover a team that no one will be talking or reading about all season...
Mando, man up and tell everyone the truth, your articles and blogs will garner no more attention than what I am posting right now and that bothers you.
Look forward to next season, the draft will help you get the readers that you will obviously lose this season. That is, until the Herald upgrades their sports department with a hot shot new kid to cover the new Dolphins franchise and give you the boot lol.

Who should we blame for the end of the first half, with 1:14 on the clock, one time out remaining with the ball at the 30 yd line and let the clock run down when you are 0-4 and visiting the most hated rival ?

Who picked Dabol as OC ?
Who brought Mat Moore?
Who drafted a center in the first round and let go several talented QBs?

I dont know about being a sap or not, what I do know is that people dont go and buy a ticket to see a team lose in the fashion the Phins have done this year, or for that matter last year. Money is hard enough to come by, throwing it to watch the Phins lose over and over is what I would define being a SAP.

Wow, on what basis do you think he's a good coach??? This is whats wrong with this country, people think that since he's nice and has a family he shouldn't be fired for his inability to coach a football team. However I do agree he shouldn't take all the blame. Jeff Ireland is equally at fault in our current lack of success. So, lets make a change now. Why wait its not like the season is on the line. Nows the time to look toward the future.

Fire Ireland and Sparano now. Future head coach can get his own GM. should have traded Marshall and Merling today.

How Can Anybody's Job Be Safe?? Especially Sparano? Listen, He's a stand up guy, who stands up for his team, I get that. But It is so clear, this team is Lost! 4th & inches, we pass to a rookie covered by REVIS? HUH?? Down by 8, w/ plenty time to drive for at least a F.G B4 Half, we sit on it?? HUH? Play Calling is Embarrassing! Receivers Can't Catch, Q.B Can't find wide open guys, D-Line no pressure, etc. etc. When it's a culmination of everything that tells you 1 thing: Poorly Coached!! Sorry but "SUCK FOR LUCK"

Tony Sparano should not be credited for taking this team to an 11-5 season in 2008. He wasn't the clear coach of that team. Chad Pennington was. He was the leader who guided him to the playoffs, so I am tired of everyone saying that he had that one good season. Sparano showed his true colors going 14-23 for the last 2+ seasons.

A Blind Squirrel, would have seen Sanchez getting ready to run the QB draw. Sparano is a moron...he is not a good coach, he is a VERY BAD COACH. He hasn't taught them to Block, Tackle or to Catch...seems to me those are all fundamentals that he has failed to instill in his players, then for him to make the excuse he lost his starting QB...MORONIC!!!

The mark of a good coach is taking players and developing them to be better players.

If Sparano is a good coach Armando then how come players that excelled on other teams sign with us and look lost out there?

Cowher,Dungee or Gruden in that order ! I just don't Think Dungee will ever coach again.We need the intensity of a Bill Cowher.Let him run the ship.......

ARMANDO for the first time in awhile i disagree with you. Sparano lacks the football IQ to be a great head coach. Notice I did not say good coach because i think he is a good coach. He will never be great unless you measure greatness by how much people like you on the team. Look at Vincent T Lombardi and see how he coached. Then think about our Sparano and what he is lacking. He is not in control like Lombardi, he does not draft like Lombardi, and he is not instinctual like Lombardi (just to start). He lacks finesse like Shula and clock management like other great coaches. TIme for him to go. I agree a nice guy. Time for nice and a good guy has long passed.

David in Marin, CA

Thats what happens when you let your most consistant weapon on offence go (other than the kicker). Player personel decisions is our weakest link..thats why we are where we are..

our SCHEDULE got us to 11-5 in 2008

Marshall never played with Pennington he was not here yet. I will let that gaffe slide as long as your hot.

Come on Armando! Yes, Tony like Wanny is a good guy, a good human being. OK. I can't bring myself to feel bad for him except that Ross has not stepped in already and pulled the plug on him. Ross should do the kindest thing he can and relieve Tony of the job now. Regardless, how can I feel bad for Tony when he will be paid for 2 more years after this year whether he's the coach or not? You don't get that kind of a deal from the Herald, nor do the other 99.7% of us who work for a living. Feel bad for Tony... Nope, not a bit.

3rd and inches, we throw a 15 yard pass and then don't have the guts to go for it on 4th down. We are 0-4 - what did Tony have to lose? 1:14 seconds left in the half and Tony doesn't even try to get a field goal? Isn't that his specialty? These two situations proves the NFL is to big for Tony.

I think we all have watched enough of this. In the past what happens is the HC is fired because he is accountable. Forget the good guy crap. I would also have throw in Ireland because he gave us Moore, Columbo, Dansby and Marshal, etc... Dabol gives us no new plays and no development of Moore in 2 weeks time. 3rd and inches and we pass. Bess is a non factor. We are not utilizing talent. Dabol must go also. Nolan can't coach up or fabricate a pass rush. Ireland and Nolan must go. There is no one that is capable of being an interim coach. There is no one in there right mind that is going to come to Miami right now. The owner will ride it out and clean house in January. Let's hope he brings in people with proven NFL head coaching and personnel experience. The way things go for the Dolphins we can forget about Luck. The Football GOD is not with us.

This writer thinks Tony took us to 11-5, a VERY soft schedule and Brady being hurt took us to 11-5. A monkey running this team could have done the same thing.

Armando wants to make Dolphin fans feel sad about poor Tony. The coach who stood there not giving a rat's ass about what was happening to his team. The coach who had 2 weeks to get ready and could score no more than 6 points.

"Hey, it's your funeral Tony. Any day above ground is a good day for you."

Good thing Ross gave you and Irish boy a nice golden 2 year parachute where you can vacation in Italy until 2014 season and then get yourself your old O-line job back in Big D.

Dolphin fans deserve better than this. Armando you are just a tool and a fool to think Sparano is not doing the same thing Wanny did in 2004 when he knew he was going to get canned those final few games.

I have defended Sparano all season. I too believe he is getting the short end of the stick because the players are not making plays when they are in the position to do so.

With that said, last nights game was the final straw for me. He is the HC, and he should have over-ruled the 3rd and inches in the first series. Even if he allows that play to be called he should have done so knowing they go for it on 4th down if they miss. Yes, Moore completely locked in on Gates from the beginning and missed a wide open Hillard that would have put us in FG range at the very least, but we only call pass there if we are going for it on 4th down, if not sneak or pound Hillard for the inch and the first down.

Then to run the clock out at half time. You've got to be kidding me right? Terrible clock management from him once again. Inexcusable!

If Brady, Brees, Rivers is behind center the phins win this game 31 - 17.. At this point change is not only coming it is absolutely necessary. I hate to say it, but for the future we are best off to finish last, pick in the top 3 so we are ensured Luck, Griffin 111, or Jones. Without a franchise QB and new coach this team goes no where.

I'm sad to write this, because I would never want to see my team struggle like this, and I certianly don't want Sparano fired, at this point there is no other options.

I'm not sure how a team rebuilds in an offseason that started 3 months too late. There are elements of this team that are okay, but Brandon Marshall and Reggie Bush are bad picks. Who selected them? I think it is time to start asking about the GM.

Remember when Cam Cameron wasn't any good? Seems to have done pretty well in Baltimore. Ravens aren't New England, but they're not Miami either!

Hindsight is 20/20 but Coach Sporano should have walked out at the end of last year when Ross was courting Harbough. But he did not. He basically let Ross buy him for an extra year salary. I think Sporano is a good man. I don't know how good of a head coach he is. When your team looses eight games in a row and four of those games were against teams that Miami should have beaten, I question his ability. In any case there is no hope for him here. It is painfull to watch him do his coaches show and his post game interview. I notice he seldom looks into the camara or the man that asks him the question. Signs of a defeated man.

Now you know why Ross was so eager to get Jim Harbough in here to coach. He has taken one of the worst teams in the NFL and made it one of the best with virtually the same players. Yes, the coach does make the difference. You think Smith is a francise QB? Don't think so. This team certainly could use A. Luck or RG3 but what it really needs is a coach that knows what he is doing. Nice guys finish last.

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