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Tony Sparano safe despite 'brutal' night

Tony Sparano is unlikely to be replaced this week, according to a source. And I'm starting to hate my job.

I hate that the Dolphins terrible 0-5 start is roosting directly in the doorstep of Sparano, a good man and a good coach who is not blameless for his team's record but also is not completely to blame for it either.

And so with each passing loss, the watch to determine if Sparano remains or goes grows more focused. And I am tasked with monitoring it.

And I hate it because I think a good coach is about to get whacked -- if not now, eventually, and almost certainly by the end of the season.

Monday night's loss to the Jets was especially harmful to Sparano's tenure. His team lost in horrible fashion. After a bye week. Against a team that had lost three in a row.

"Tonight was brutal," a club source told me.

And that is bad for coach because owner Stephen Ross, who last week gave him something of a midseason vote of confidence, was apparently very, very disappointed. Again. And the disappointment was augmented by the fact Ross sees it as something of another home loss because New York is his home.

"It is fair to say that the fuse is burning," the source told me.

However, the fact this is a short week, with the Dolphins returning to the field on Sunday only five days from now, makes a change significantly less likely, the source said.

So coach is safe for another week despite not being able to coax a victory from his team all season.

I know you guys don't care one way or another about Sparano because he's not a person to you. He's simply the guy you see on the sideline and the guy you see as not giving you something good to cheer about and feel good about. You transfer your frustration to him.

I get that. His team stinks. So he stinks.

But I don't believe he stinks. He's still the same guy that got the Dolphins to 11-5 in 2008. And he is a person. He has a family. And, unlike other Dolphins coaches that I believed to be somewhat inept and in need of replacing, I don't share that feeling about Sparano.

So following this story is not fun for me. Nonetheless the job will get done. That's the reason you come here.

(And now I'm sure your comments will discuss what a sap I am. So be it.)


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It sure would be nice if Tony would just hand in his resignation. Since he's a spawn of Parcells, he'll just keep taking money for nothing. The man has no INTEGRITY.

Harbough success in San Francisco is to be admired. But it may also be an indication of how bad a head coach Mike Singletary was as much as how good a coach Harbough is. I know this, a few years ago when the Dolphins hired Cam Camaron, they had interviewed Chan Gailey. At that time all the fans and the media were letting the Dolphins have it for cosidering a retread like Gailey. Well fans, Chan seems to be doing miracles with the Bills. We always want the sexy guy in Miami, and we always get burned by the sexy guy (JJ, Saban, Parcells). Don't get the sexy guy. Get the right guy.

I like sparano,i think he is a good coach. This team is under achieving big time,all way around.

Not all of the blame should be put on Sparano. Ross made him a lame duck, Ireland signed crappy players etc etc. He's a great guy for standing up for his players. But, he is responsible for the lack of accountability among this squad. What talent we do have has underachieved. Our team has no identity. All of those things fall on Sparano. Nice guy? I am sure he is. I guess he was too nice to succeed.

The main blame is on Parcells who took the money and ran. He brought in all his leftovers from Dallas wh o kicked him out of town and the Cowboys are finally starting to recover. We need more consitancy on the run game but we let A good back leave in Ricky. Thomas has a future but he is still a rookie. We all new Reggie skill set but the coaches can't figure how to play him. Marshall keeps dropping passes. When we get a interception why can't the offense learn to tackle the keep setting records against us. We hire a offensive cordinator that has a worse record than our team from last year. The Blame goes to Ireland and Parcells. The fans are losing hope. If Sparano can win a home game maybe some confidence will happen. the fans are just as sick as Ross is about how things are going. We are just trying to endure the season and hopefully better things will happen next year. We always support our team but its about the toughest season we have ever had. Hang in Phin fans maybe a miracle will happen.

We need a "football person" ! The ownership has made this once proud org. the bottom of the league. The NFL needs to remind him that this is the NFL ! Not a clown show....I am never going to stop loving my Fins....However, I blame the ownership and GM ! No talent ! A bunch of clowns at the top. I wish he would sell the team or replace the GM ! And the coach !

firing sparano now is a mistake. he gives us the best chance for luck. You dont' want to create a spark and they might start winning

the whole sparano tenure at the dolphins was summed up with the play calling at the end of the half last night. Sparano is a good man but he has no business being a HC in the NFL. Not sure if I want him to be HC of a division III team.

Sparano does not get all the blame, but should shoulder a fair share of it. He relentlessly decides to kick off to the other team even when he wins the toss. So whether he wins the toss or loses, the Dolphins lose, and have to start from behind. He has made so many bad calls that even novices can pick him apart. Just in the Jets game, on third and six inches he calls a pass play to a rookie, Gates, which fails, then does not go for the six inches on fourth down. Before the half, down 14 to 6, he decides to run out the clock and not even try to score. Other good teams would be throwing hail Mary's. Goodbye Tony.

Dolphins are 4-12 in their last 16 games, and have now lost 8 in a row. When is it time for a change?

Your no sap armando. We all feel bad for Tony. m He got a raw deal from Ross this offseason. After that harbough shopping session, anybody who sparano wanted to hire knew he was one and done so that killed finding talented coaches to help out, if he wanted to make changes.

Anyway, we are officially in the suck for luck sweepstakes but now I hear luck is a junior????

I was in the labor force for more than forty-five years and I never got compassion from anybody. Sometimes I got fired for whatever reason, even if my performance wasn't bad, and I didn't make millions like Sparano. I was a nice guy too, with a family. But I am sure I am not the only one. I think Sparano (and Ireland) got into a position he was not qualified for. The Dolphins went to the playoffs the first year he was there because they had a favorable schedule and Pennington was there. Right now I think, honestly, he should resign. The players are giving him lip service but obviously they are not playing to save Sparano's job, but actually to get him fired. Let a real head coach and motivator come in and evaluate what he has. Give him time to analyze this cluster fu ck and prepare for the draft. In the process, I hope the new HC fires Marshall and Bush. By the way I am not convinced Henne's injury is not a season-ending thing, but who cares? He is not what the Dolphins need either.

If they haven't fired him by now, they won't before the end of the season.

Hey Pal, you really must be on drugs. If Sparano is a good coach, I suppose that the rest of the coaches are beyond this world.
Sparano picked those garbage players man ! Come on, be a serious journalist. You don't have to insult this incompetent person to tell the truth.
Your comments are disapointing.
Or is it players' fault to waste the remaining minute of half time when you're losing and when you're 0-4 ?
Gizz, Sparano's decisions are terrible my friend.
He's a bad coach period, if you're afraid to call it terrible or worst.

Salguero, I'm glad you're not the owner of the Dolphins. You'd keep Sparano forever and Ireland too. Poor family guys. He earns millions but poor guy, the fans don't love him.He's just the object of insults, come here baby I'll give you a kiss. Don't worry the fans know nothing. They're rich, they got money to pay the ticket. They got a HD TV. They can even pay a newspaper.
Be happy, you'll keep your job. I'll protect you from the unfair criticisms. I know you picked the right players but they betrayed you. What a bastards.
Come here baby Sparano, don't cry, please don't cry.

What a pathetic piece of "journalism".

You are writing with your heart not your head. Our coaching staff is one of the main reasons we are bad. From the stupid play calls they make to the way we practice. If you look at the bills and bengals and some of the other teams that have 3 or 4 wins we have just as much talent as those teams. The coaching staff must go!

Mando that is a horrible group of words u just wrote. It's an old blog, but I
Had to say something. Just awful. In this economy, that man is a millionaire. He will get paid for games he doesn't coach, and if any one of us failed at our jobs as he has, then we wouldve been fired three years ago. The year we went 11-5 Cameron could have done it with that team and that schedule and Brady out, and if u are so close and can't see that 'in' almost EVERY GAME sparano hurts more than helps, his play not to lose mentality is cancer? Then maybe u need replaced.

I agree! Keep Sporano for the rest of the season. That way, our chances of drafting Andrey Luck will be guaranteed!

The moment people start to mention your HC is a "good guy, player's coach, etc." is the moment he needs to be let go. That, therein, is the problem. He's not there to make friends. I want our coach to jump in someone's ass when they drop a TD, false start, overlook the 1st down (or TD) throw to a wide open receiver and throw into coverage. Ireland, Sparano, and Parcells are all to blame for the product on the field, but it's TS's job to coach his players and assistants up and manage the game. He has failed at all of this.

You will NEVER hear Belichik, Cowher, or Gruden be called a great guy while coaching a team. These guys hold their personnel accountable when they screw up. You're not supposed to love your boss, just respect him.

I hate the Pats, but look at what they do every year. Belichik goes for the opponent's throat for 60 full minutes. He doesn't need to watch the scoreboard or the clock. He gameplans to destroy you. AND I LOVE THAT!
The Phins seem to wait around for a turnover instead of creating one. They wait for the other team to make mental mistakes and turn the ball over instead of making the other team make those mistakes. Why are we down 7-6 in the 2nd? We should've been up at least 17-7!!

Top to bottom, our roster has as much talent (or more) than the Pats, yet they are world's ahead of us on and off the field. Watch another season of 12-4 Patriots and another off season of dumping players out of their prime, NEVER overpaying, stockpiling draft picks, and moving right along with a winning culture with subpar talent on the roster.

This trifecta experiment has failed epically and it's time to move on, before the last few remaining fans do. If not, I will shut off the light on my way out.

I can't believe the coach AND players couldn't get pumped enough to beat the over rated clowns from New York. This whole organization stinks, a total house cleaning needs done, starting with the GM, coach and #19, the defense doesn't wrap up they just throw themselves into a guy hoping he goes down. The offense is vanilla and inept. As soon as I saw how our offense collapse in the redzone I knew it was over, it was just a matter of time. We are a great team, if games were only 15-20 mins long, no player on this team is a 60 min player. Our guys don't even know the meaning of the word heart, determination, intensity, or 100%. I heard Dansby say that our confidence won't falter, we have to many players here, HAH! What a joke, what we have are a bunch of overrated, over paid divas, that forgot how to play hard and put it all on the field, I see more spirt and desire and heart from my local high school team. I've been a dedicated finfan since 1970 but this is almost too much to bear, I thought this rebuilding crap was done, that we had the pieces, guess I was wrong. An earlier writer said tony led us to an 11-5 record in 2008 and the division title, big deal, we had one of the easiest schedules that yr, not to mention the Patriots were without Brady. Show me some heart and spirit now fins, at least look like you want to win, at least look like you have talent.

Armando..check your estrogen dude...this guy is terrible..yes back in 1983 his high school team went undefeated...he's a good coach..come on man...be objective...the parcel's experiment failed and continues to fail...a waste of time and a waste of money...the tuna stinks and so does sparano and the dolphins...

From Belgium. From a dolphan. I fully understand what you say, Armando. You' re a good guy, so is Tony. You're a good reporter. Very good, with a soul, a gentleman. Tony as to go, one day or another. With style. Nothing to cheer about. That's life and let's hope for a bright future for you, the Dolphins and Tony.
Hat's off for you.


You think that Sparano is a "good coach"?



No respect for you anymore.

You know what, IWE, the FANS don't want to hear any excuses about Sparano being a person with a family because the bottom line is is that he has a JOB to do and when you aren't performing then you get fired. It's the way the corporate world is and football is no different. What happened to all those players (veteran) they cut, who also are humans and have families to feed.............when Sparano didn't feel like they were performing did he not cut them fom the team? There is no doubt that he is gone and I agree with many of the other comments that the whole Admin has to go. From Ireland down. We need to do what Detroit did with Matt Millen and gut this team and start fresh. Marshall needs to be traded or bring in T.J. Houzmanadah or TO to take some of the pressure off him and alleviate the double teams. Give them another big target in the red zone who would actually catch the ball. Sems that every year we the FANS settle for mediocrity from these Dolphin owners and GM because they NEVER want to spend any money to UPGRADE the team...meanwhile Every other team in our Division continues to upgrade and improve. We just suck! I hope we get Luck or even that QB from Baylor, who is a pretty good athlete too but Luck is by far the better FRANCHISE QB we need......We couldve used Mallet but we chose to draft Thomas (RB) instead of inking Ronnie or Ricky for one more year and target a RB in the upcoming draft. Sad thing is that the owner nor the GM listens to the fans or adheres to some good advice...........RONNIE is now a LION! Figure that out

You know your team sucks when Jake Delhomme rather stay retire than play for you. Carson Palmer is now a Raider so where do we go for this season? I hate pulling for Miami!

I read an article elsewhere with a very different take on what ails Miami. The two worst teams in the NFL from a how-well-do-they-play standpoint are the Dolphins and the Chiefs. Both franchises have one thing in common: they were both supposedly "saved" by Bill Parcells, either by him personally (Miami) or by using his proteges (Kansas City). Maybe it's time people stop looking at Parcells as some kind of football demigod and start seeing him as the man who couldn't win ANYTHING without Bill Belichick (who's probably the REAL demigod between the two of them) running his defense.

That being said, I can't believe I just saw the head coach of an 0-4 team allow over a full minute and two time-outs elapse in favor of heading into the locker room before the half instead of at least TRYING for a field goal. If that didn't scream "I GIVE UP!!" to Dolphins fans everywhere, I don't know what does.

As for our 11-5 record and AFC East title in 2008, remember that we weren't all that good then, either. We won the turnover battle in every game we played, and we were using an offense nobody had seen since the 1930s, so nobody remembered how to stop it (that's how you beat the defending AFC champions by 17 points with an inferior team). Once people caught on to the "wildcat" offense, Miami started backsliding into what we are now.

Sorry Mando, dont mean to rip u apart here but Sparano was never made to be a head coach, it takes more than emotion to lead a team to victory and sparano is anything but.....

The guy will be alright financially but even he knows in all likelyhood he will be asked to leave office sooner rather than later this year(THIS TEAM IS DONE FOR THE YEAR)....he is just too damn stubborn to just resign

Ross needs to just put his plans in motion now and make the change just to save face with the media speculation at this point....

It will happen!!!

Dude, no one is talking about Coach Sporadic being a bad man or father. We are talking about his inability to lead a team in the NFL. We all saw the drops by our receivers, Moore taking sacks instead of getting rid of the ball, and the humerous play of our DB's who bragged before the season started.This team has no character, no identity and worst of all no heart. My kid's Pop Warner team shows more heart at practice. The truth is our Dolphins need to take a deep look inside themselves. Good coaches inspire, our players have no inspiration. I love the Dolphins, I have since I was 6 and they arrived in the NFL.

If you are a player reading this, I say screw Ross and Sporadic, take a good look into the stands at that 10 year old that wears your jersey and cries like I did when I was 10 and we lost, and know you are playing for much more than money. Don't play for the dipstick coaches, or the garbage king, play for fans who dream of being you. Play for respect. It's time to stop being individuals and talking crap, and time for to punch somebody in the mouth. Start with Denver.

Armando, were you watching the last minute and fifteen seconds of the first half? Did you see how we punted with fourth down and inches to go? Did you notice how conservative the play calling was even though we were 0 and 4? Did you notice how ragged the team looked even though they had two weeks to prepare? Please do not tell us that Sparano is a good coach. Don't piss on our feet and tell us it's raining!!

Football is a business. And as such it should be treated that way. When you work for a company and your performance evaluation is poor sometimes you are afforded the opportunity to work on it. Given a growth plan so to speak. Sporano has been on a growth plan for too long. It's time for him to be fired. He is not performing or inspiring his team to perform.
As I said it's business and not personal. I wonder if the stands become empty and revenues begin to dry out will we then take action?
I no longer reside in Fl but I follow the Dolphins faithfully and I am so tired of coming in to work and being told how pathetic our team is. So let's hope in 2012 Sporano will heave left the building!!

Armando: You are either stupid or as blind as Ray Charles. Are you kidding me saying that he is a good coach? You have to be as dumb as the Dolphins front office. This guy sucks and is in way over his head. Parcells destroyed this team and as we can all see, the game has passed by for the Parcells regime. Get rid of Jeff Ireland who is the biggest joke for a Gm next to Rick Speilman. Oh by the way how is Minnesota doing? We keep getting everyones elses castoffs for players and coaches. Start with drafting a quarterback and build the franchise around the most important position on the field. But first things first: Look long and hard and take your time Mr. Ross and forget about your celebrity friends and build a quality front office. Get rid of Mike Dee to start who is as stupid as the whole regime with this weekends halftime redneck ceremony. Wake up Mr. Ross or you will end up like the Florida Marlins with a huge crowd of 325 people.

You have lot's of class Armando, I respect you tremendously!

Daboll had a great game plan. The problem is the quaterback needs throw the ball to the open receiver. The jets employ a great mix up on Defense. Moore had no shot of understanding the game plan! The Guy had no time to leran the playbook in three months. Daboll is the man and knows how to win . Get him Quarterback and Sparano will win a lot wins

Suck for Luck, then dump the schmucks. Ireland and Tony Baloney must go. Theirs is an atrocious litany of failure. Hire Mike Leach, someone who knows how to win and with something to prove, who having to recruit against two of the most highly funded programs in the country managed to
evaluate and recruit enough talent to beat them (Texas and Oklahoma).

A life long dolphin fan is in dire need of a dolphin team who actually wants to win a football game. That requires the replacement of management. Obviously, Ross doesn't care about me. It started with Wayne Hysienga(spell), and hasn't changed. 27 years, I have spent with the dolphins, I am just not sure I can stomach another. College football is just more fun. At least these players and coaches want to win.

Explain to me like I am two years old, how a supposed NFL caliber Coach, who's team was 0-4, (now 0-5), and had a bye, tells his players to take said bye off and go on vacation. This, as well as many other factors, are sadder to me than a losing season. However in my despair I would like to sincerely extend a huge thanks to Team Owner Stephen Ross, for completely decimating a once proud franchise, with his lack of knowledge, lack of care, and complete blatant disregard for the Team in which I chose to devote a lifetime to.

Salguero, get it together. Sparano has been an offensive line coach most (if not all) of his career. Dolphins have spent two 1st round draft picks on offensive linemen. You'd think the offensive line would be solid, right? Think again. Sparano can't even get his specialty right.

George W. Bush seemed like a nice guy with a family, the kind of dude you'd laugh with over a couple beers. Look where that got us. Let's get rid of Sparano before we have an irreversible recession.


Your empathy for Tony Sparano (the person) is touching, but Tony Sparano (the coach) is extremely poor at his job. I won't repeat what has eloquently been stated by others ahead of me in this thread, but I do wonder what it is that Sparano has done throughout his Dolphins career that makes you think he is anything more than a mediocre-to-poor coach. You point to the 11-5 season, which gave us all so much hope. But I think of two things that helped us there -- first, a relatively soft, last-place schedule, and second, the on-field leadership of one Chad Pennington. Pennington's poise, experience and leadership at the QB position made up for the lack of experience (or skill) at the head coach position. Bill Parcells was clearly much more hands-on that season, and as soon as he pulled away, everything from the personnel decisions to the play calling suffered as a result. Pennington is the closest thing we've had to a franchise QB since Marino, and if it weren't for his bum shoulder, he could still be on the field, gutting out wins, despite a real lack of leadership from the sidelines.

Look, I view Sparano as a good person. He's a great guy, and I respect him. However, he hasn't produced much in his high pressure job, and after all, this is the NFL. I like the guy, but we probably need a replacement. I say that Ross should let him finish the season, however.


For those of us who don't live in Miami, pretty much like Ross, whats the vibe or feeling about Ross in South Florida.
From those who know him or have the inside scoop. Do they believe in him and think he can or will get done what he is saying. Getting a superstar coach and superstar Franchise QB to build around.
For what its worth, the posts here are interesting, some good opinions, but the fact is, none of us has a clue what Ross is thinking or will do. Doubt that he spends much time if any reading these sites. From reading this during preseason, seems like all predictions and what "should" be done according to a plethora of arm chair Gm's, nobody was right. Just saying. Will just sit back and hope Ross really wants to accomplish what he says, and knows who to get so the Phins get back to winning....

Send coach Sparano packing, and have him take Marshall with him! Brandon Marshal and the Jets HOME referees took that game from us in the 1st quarter. Our guys simply gave up. As a life long fan, I can't take this anymore. I'm almost glad my mother is no longer with us, surely this woulda killed her!!

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