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Sparano house is for sale but he's not quitting

Coach Tony Sparano has a perfectly plausible explanation for putting his Davie, Fl. home on the real estate market.

"We're empty nesters," he said of he and his wife Jeanette. "When we moved into the house we had seven people living there. No it's only us two."

Understandable since his daughter Ryan Leigh, the youngest of the clan, moved away to college.

Sparano also says he and his wife love the water so, they're "moving to the beach."

But ...

Obviously the fact his home was put up for sale early this year, taken off the market, and then recently put back on the market suggests something deeper and more obvious than a desire to get closer to the water.

Tony Sparano isn't dumb. He knows his days as the Dolphins head coach are numbered. He's moving all right. He knows it. We know it.

It is starting to show more often. Remember his words to the game official during the overtime meeting with the Broncos on Sunday? A local CBS4 cameraman captured Sparano telling the game official he needed a replay on a touchdown and that if he didn't get one or an overturn of the call, "I'm getting fired."

So the writing is on the wall. Sparano has read it. And all that awaits is apparently when, not if, the shoe will drop.

Sad in many respects.

There has got to be another way. And there is. Look, Sparano has an agent. His name is Jimmy Sexton. He was at Sunday's game against Denver. He should be on the phone with the Dolphins, like, yesterday, trying to negotiate a buy-out for coach.

The fact is Sparano cannot quit because he would forfeit his salary due in 2012 and 2013 -- an estimated $4 million-plus. The truth is the Dolphins are going to be on the hook for that money regardless once owner Stephen Ross fires the coach -- be it during or after the season.

Why not try to negotiate an end to the charade and the embarrassment of a proud coach by doing a buy-out now? Why don't the Dolphins agree to pay most or all of Sparano's salary in exchange for the coach agreeing to step aside?

It would give Sparano a reprieve from the daily reports of which coach is next and when he's coming. It would give the Dolphins a chance to turn the page to someone and something new.

It probably will not happen. I know Sparano and he sees this idea as quitting. And he has no intention of quitting on his team. He has no intention of quitting on those he calls his "kids."

So into the next few weeks we will go -- no matter how painful they get.


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Spiderman, I'm definitely down. It works for Green Bay. They seem to always have good Coaching, always develop their players, always have decent teams (sure, they have off-years, but they come back strong usually). Obviously the billionaires in Miami don't have CLUE how to build a winning franchise anymore, so I think it's time we took the job away from them.

DC...Agreed its making the entire Dolphin organization the laughing stock of the NFL.
No one hold this organization in high regards and by keeping Tony on the sidelines makes the situation bordering on comical.

Our QB situation is as bad as its ever been in my lifetime...if Moore goes down, it will be impossible to ever win again this season with Losman coming off the couch with zero reps.

So, again my question to DC is: How important is it to win the Luck sweepstakes?

The Bears cut safety Chris Harris today. Go and sign him, he's better than anything we've got back there right now.

Incidentally, add finding a replacement for Bell to the list of needs for next season. This guy is done. All he's good for now is making tackles that are linebackers have missed. He brings nothing else to the table. He doesn't scare anybody back there and can't cover any more, nor does he make any game changing plays any more. Merriweather who got chopped by the Pats would have been better and younger. Regardless, time to move on...

Craig M,

Merriweather is no good, the few gmaes he started in Chi he got burnt all day. He's on the bench now. We should of paid more for Ryan Clark or Antrell Rolle. But FS is just one of the Dolphins MANY problems.

Why are WE not mentioning Parcels in this walk towards the gallows known as the regular season? He gripped about not being able to shop for the groceries.That the owners were meddlers.I thought a captain goes down with his ship!? Where is Bill? What does he think about the meal he ultimately cooked for Miami Dolphins fans?
Let Sparano keep walking towards the gallows.No quitting.No firing.

No one asked me but here's how important it is to win the Luck sweepstakes.

Win - 90% chance of being competative for the next 10 years.

Lose (and presumably draft Jones, Griffin at 2 or 3) - 50% chance of being competative for the next 10 years.

Pretty damn important.

NH, see Chris's post at 11:07am. I totally agree.

I'll go one step further and say I'd be willing to give up Jake Long and 2 future #1 picks to move up to grab Luck.

Chris...so then its in Ross's best interest to keep Sparano on the payroll and hope he continues his loosing ways.

And before anyone says I'm an idiot for trading away Long, please go look at the Colts. Jeff Saturday is a great center. With Peyton, he wins 10+ games every Season. Without Peyton, he goes 0-7.

Now call me an idiot!

Yes NH, I would agree with that.

Agreed DC. There is no price too high to get Andrew Luck. Whatever it takes.

Andrew Luck is like the morning after pill. He's there to erase any dumb mistake you may have made.


Yes, I did say Dansby specifically. Not only was it in print, but there was also a video posted of Dansby talking about Crowder, but that was preseason. Choose to believe it or not, but it was so. So here is another report saying how players appreciated his intelligence, it just isn't singling out anyone in particular. But think about it, who would have appreciated his intelligence the most, a RB? RG? WR? I'd say most likely those who played closest to him.

Porter hated Cam, and Crowder was tight with Porter. It looks to me they like Sparano too much, they know he has got their back, and somehow they just don't get it going for him.

Back in 2008 it was reported how the players always practiced harder when Parcells wheeled up on the golf cart. Well guess what? Parcells is gone and you have players like Taylor and Bush saying they don't practice well. They don't play well either.

Camerons team lost far more starters early on and yet to the best of my recollection, they played games closer, but that is a mute point. Trying to determine which was worse may be a toss up. This team is current so it seams worse.


You're probably right on Merriweather. I'm just sick of watching this defence every week. I want to see someone hit someone or make a play that makes a difference and we're seeing none of that.

DC, glad you're not the GM. LOVE Andrew Luck, but I'll settle for Landry Jones, Long and my next year's first. (And I'm not calling you an idiot). There are others on here that are better at that than me.


Can't disagree with anything you said in your earlier post. Lots of fine points.

Can this guy do anything right? That "move to the beach" is total BS. And Armando, it's funny how you have no problem spending other people's money - $4 million plus.

Craig, I hope in your situation Jones becomes that true franchise QB. I haven't heard anyone say he's a sure thing (the way Luck is said to be). Guessing wrong on the next best QB in the Draft will put the franchise back another decade.

The next FO can get a lot wrong and fix it. If they get THIS wrong (#1 pick QB), well, we'll have some more seasons like this to look forward to.

Not saying Landry won't be special. Not saying Long won't be missed. I guess I'm alluding to the fact that multiple FO's have been deadly wrong on this position for more than a decade here. I wish I could trust anyone as much as you do, unfortunately recent history doesn't allow that.

If we don't get Luck, I'm sh*tting in my pants all off-Season until I see the product on the field next Sept.

logic says take the sure point,not go for 2. with the later 16-0 lead the opponent has to get 2 TD's and convert both 2 pt conversions just to tie. no other coach in the NFL goes for 2 in that situation.

Posted by: greg z. | October 27, 2011 at 09:57 AM

Listen, my broder is a good man and if he felt like it was a good idea ta go for 2 then it was a good idea ta go for 2. Dat's it!

Oh, yeah. Fist pump!

I taught him dat.

Here's one I need comments on:

Say we secure the #1 Pick and our new HC takes Luck...Andrew & his Dad say, "No way we take our talent to Miami, the owner sucks"

Other than going back to Stanford for his last year of eligiblity which he will never do...what would Luck do?

When an NFL team "drafts" a player, what rights do they have to that player?

You know who could really use the coach. The San Diego Chargers! I'm ready to hire these guys, http://allstarmove.com , to pack him up and move him out to San Diego

The Chargers are tanking quick and need some help out here is San Diego.

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