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Stephen Ross: No coaching change now

Another Dolphins game.

Another loss -- this one a 20-17 loss to the New York Giants.

Following the game, Miami Herald report Barry Jackson asked owner Stephen Ross if a change is coming. It is a weekly post-game ritual now as the Dolphins are 0-7 on the season.

"No,' Ross replied.

So into next week the Dolphins go. They travel to Kansas City next week.


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I'll believe cohwer when he is still sitting in the CBS studio next year.....right now the season is only halfway over.....THINGS CAN CHANGE ABRUBTLY IN THIS LEAGUE!!....

it would not surprise me one bit if ross keeps these jokers around again.
Posted by: dolphin 77

Well I think you are in the tiny minority then man.


I'm with you on that. I look forward to the days when the Fins can be competitive and hope that the fins can overcome a huge learning curve and learn how to close as winners vs what they are and been.


Yes Chris-

Luck has some quality TE's at Stanford. Probably better than the Fins' group at TE.

You can say anything you want about the coaching staff. The guys deserve it for the job, or lack of job, they are doing. You can call for the head of Irelan. You can do the same for Parcells because of the mess he created and you can call Ross an idiot for all of his mistakes. However, when the team plays like it did today, whether they won or lost, and you act like an idiot you don't deserve to have a winning NFL franchise.


Ok folks..

Sayonara さようなら for now.

Got to watch real teams and QB's.



Ross keeps Sparano for what? I will admit the pass interence call on Marshall was terrible
but the play calling is just horrendous. You have the ball at almost midfield and you run on 2nd and 10 just to set up 3rd and long. Can anyone on this defense tackle the last touchdown was a square dance just spin the WR in the endzone.



I disagree....I think the Mallett talk is very relevant....

Did we draft John Beck to keep him....

Pat white
AJ Edds
Ted Ginn

Teams change directions all the tiime....the Patriots can/will also...if the price is right....

Your opinopn is that Mallett is that good....well you have a right to that opinion...

but your rational of "he's on another team...so we shoudn't talk about him"......well...thats kinda silly.....

Talking about ways to get Mallett is no more silly than hoping for Luck with 9 games to go in a regular season.....


Ross says he won't fire Sporano now. Do any of you out there realize this a-- hole could give a DAMN about the fans or the history of our team. He should make some kind of move just to show he gives a crap!!! I guess low ticket sales and low concession sales are'nt enough! Maybe Obama will bail Ross out along with the banks and wallstreet!!!

oh i remember when the jets and pats had bad teams lighten up MIAMI 5 SUPER BOWL APPEARANCES J-E-T-S 1

For those in the "Suck for Luck" group, you got your desired loss.

Posted by: Ray | October 30, 2011 at 04:57 PM


I said it at preseason. Hartline and Bess are 4th and 5th receivers. Just ssying. we got to get more weapons. Hey Stop using the freaking timeouts early in the second half. Also Moore must learn to hold the snap count teams time the snaps to well for my liking.

I think Sparano needs to teach the team in practice that there are actually 4 quarters in a football game!!!!


Dont hate on anybody hoping for BIG changes coming, i wont hate on u for holding out hope this team is still good at where they are....

Its a blog of Opinionated JABBER, but even you have to admit miamis playing into the hands of fans that are wishing to suck for luck then playing hard to win right now...

Making your case hard to prove week in and week out....

Brady feeling the HEAT....

Steelers looking good against NE!

The Dolphins must be a tax rightoff for Ross why would he let Sparano coach if you are going to fire him anyway.

Very simple her ladies and gents. Miami has not had a QB since Marino. Allot of good coaches have came by since Shula and all apperantly thought they could win with a second string QB. Time to wake up. New QB and new GM and Coach. Unreal. It is time to get the phins back. Shula was the best. All the others so far have ruined this franchise.

dolphins fans.....look, change and improvement is coming, Luck would be great (Colts are gonna have that #1 pick) but Landry and/or Barkley would be ok too, certainly an upgrade and a young QB who has potential to be a good long term answer--seasons done obviously so we're just waiting it out.....stinks, yes, but a new coach, QB and likely GM is not far down the road--now go to the beach.

Best 3 qtr team I know

The Jews control Wall Street! Google it! Google Wall Street Jews!

Having a plan A B C D E F....and so on is called planning.....

exploring ALL options is called planning.....

Comming in to this season with no competition for Henne....and then no true back-up is called LACK OF planning....

We deserve a FO that plans.....not reacts.......

Mallett should be somewhere in those plans......whether it is Plan A....or Plan Z.....

I'm all for getting Luck or another top QB prospect - but this team has a lot of holes.

Need an upgrade at CB, RT, RG, TE, WR, MLB and FS.

What a mess!! Not even Ron Paul could save the Fins

Im wondering if manning wishes he didnt redo his contract b4 the season started......Im guessing he is teetering on borderline personality syndrome right about now......Sorry Marshall!!

we suck

Oh, we all know that rebuilding is going to take a year or two with this team blown up again....but now we REALLY can expect it, with real HOPE for the future...just sayin!!!

END THE FED guy ----get the hell out of here , this isnt politics blog ...you troll . Go protest somewhere with a flag you moron

Come on....they should fire not only the coach but also the whole team....Confirmed we have the worst team in the league....

Don't worry fans deez guys are playin really hard for me. Dey're doin good tings out dere. dey're improving. Dey came up a little short today, but we're gonna look at da film and make adjustments......Tony Sparano

The Colts, a team with many holes, are holding a roster spot open for Manning. Don't be shocked if he comes back for a last few games of the season and takes them out of the "sweepstakes".

There are only four teams left without at least two wins. Meaning it's a virtual certainty we'll be picking in the top four.

Come on....they should fire not only the coach but also the whole team....Confirmed we have the worst team in the league....

Posted by: MariaB | October 30, 2011 at 05:16 PM

No, Im afriad we are the 2nd Bubonic plague in Americas game of football......that dubious honor goes to indy right now!!!

END THE FED guy ----get the hell out of here , this isnt politics blog ...you troll . Go protest somewhere with a flag you moron

Posted by: Alex | October 30, 2011 at 05:15 PM


The End the fed comments and the fake Occupy Miami comments have nothing to do with the movement. There is no anti semitic or racist platform associated with Occupy Miami.

Meanwhile Harbaugh continues to kick ass in San francisco against a team we lost to

This is gonna be a GUT CHECK for Brady.....

He usually loses a game like this one.....when he is getting hit in the mouth....lets see if Brady has any guts.....

Please get rid of Shaun Smith he is the worst tackler I have ever seen. His coverage skills are no better what a joke that he was a 2nd round pick.


WHo is the last SMASH-MOUTH team to win a Super Bowl.....

the Raven's in 2000 Maybe.....

SUre there is more than one way to skin a cat.......

The REAL question should be....WHAT IS THE MOST EFFICIENT WAY to skin the cat.....

all i can say is if ross want's to put fans in the seats then he needs to make a change. nobody is gonna go see a sporana coached team anymore. i like the coach but he makes to many coaching mistakes during a game. he really helped to lose this game. just bad coaching.

How did the Bills climb out of the Cellar.....what was our FO doing when they climed out of the Cellar....

BILLS 19...SKINS 0......


After listening to Tony Sparano's presser Im now fully convinced of one thing:

"We maybe the best worstest team in nfl history"!

Coaching change or not, the city of Miami isnt coming to games to watch the team go 0-16.

What planet are some of you from?

Tim in Tampa:

I am not a Sean Smith fan AT ALL, but no cornerback will thrive in this zone pass defense of Nolan's. He only uses it though, to cover up for hiss lack of player skill, namely the inability of our CBs' to be used in press, man-to-man coverage.

0-7 Thats what i said, And no one lost there job.

Mr Ross, YOU SUCK.

If people STOPPED going to the games, Ross would have no choice but to make some changes. Ross loves money more than he actually cares about the team.

You maybe able to make an in season coaching change but you cant change the personel. We're more outgunned personel wise than coaching wise.

Ireland's most responsible for this. At seasons end he should be given his pink slip at least a week before Sparano!

bad play calling on third down.

Hey tonestar, you are wrong twice. First, Jeff Ireland had nothing to do with any coaching decisions when he was in Dallas. He was a scout. And on your list of quarterbacks, John Beck was a gift from the Cam Cameron. If anything, Ireland and Parcells showed a glimmer of hope by getting rid of him. Get your facts straight before you say things.

This regime's responsible for this crap team. They shouldnt be let of the hook "with pay". This should be made to "sit in" this stinky crap until seasons end.

Firing any of them(with full pay) right now would be rewarding atrocious performance. The right thing to do is to make them sit in thier crap until the bitter end. Ross is dead on with this decision thus far!


Snap out of it buddy. Fans arent returning to the games until we draft a franchise qb(hopefully Luck) and have a new regime in place.

However, if we're 0-15 and game 16 is at home, 77,000 fans may show up just to applaud the exit of the present regime and cheer for 1st overall pick(Luck)!

Welcome to reality!

If we're fortunate to draft Luck, not the suck for luck mismanaged campaign, we will sellout 2012's 1st regular season game!

yesterday's gone,

Very interesting observation and I tend to agree. Make them suffer through this season's debacle. wait a minute, season's debacle? We sucked in '09 and '10 and now '11. Make them stay until the bitter end is a good call. I had only wanted Sparano to stay so we would lose out and get the 1st pick, but now I want him to stay so he earns his pay. I only hope we win 1 game so our team never goes to both ends of the spectrum on perfect seasons.

As Chris Berman says.....

"Nobody circles the wagons....like the Buffallo Bills"......

I wonder if there is room on the band wagon for me.....

With luck and Andrew Luck we will become revelant again. But in no way do I approve the intentionally suck for luck debacle.

Just paly hard with lots of heart and let the chips fall where they may. Then if we still got Andrew Luck. As a diehard fin fan I'll feel extremely proud!

IMO, we have a much better chance of Luck not balking to come here if he sees this a team that plays with lots of heart though seriously undermanned. Wouldnt you if you were Andrew Luck?

luck will bail us out down the road, this guy is the real deal since Marino

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