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Stephen Ross: No coaching change now

Another Dolphins game.

Another loss -- this one a 20-17 loss to the New York Giants.

Following the game, Miami Herald report Barry Jackson asked owner Stephen Ross if a change is coming. It is a weekly post-game ritual now as the Dolphins are 0-7 on the season.

"No,' Ross replied.

So into next week the Dolphins go. They travel to Kansas City next week.


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Stephen Ross,

Why was getting rid of Beck a "glimmer of hope"? Should have kept him to compete and if he ended up the backup (probably would have), so be it. We have signed almost every available journeyman QB out there since we unloaded Beck. NOTHING this regime has done could be defined as a "glimmer of hope"!

Sparano, talking to the sportswriters said defensively

I hope Mike Nolan kicks Sean Smith in the nutsack!


I honestly believe we get at least 1 victory if this team contiues to play with heart and conviction. If not we're already 0-16.

If we continue to play with heart and conviction. I dont believe even the football gods will deny us at least 1 win. In spite of Irelamd's horrible personel decisions!

I hope Brian Daboll kicks Marc Colombo in the nutsack!

Sparano, talking to the sportswriters said defensively

yesterday's gone,

I have to diasagree with you on all of this being Ireland's fault. I am with you 100% on he sucks, as far as personnel decisions, but the gameday coaching is atrocious and not only Sparana, but O and D coordinators AND position coaching. Sparano mismanages the clock worse than any Dolphins coach I have ever witnessed and that is only one of my gameday gripes. He is in over his head? Isn't that evident?

Keep getting cut off....dang it!

Okay...let's get real.

First..no way Tony S is still here next year...

2nd...Yes..he's a nice guy...but he was overmatched from the start...his only HC credentials being New Haven College
....and THAT is definitely on Parcels...

Next...Gabol was OC for the WORST team in the league last year...so now he's in Miami....and we are what ?....possibly the worst team in the league...do you think there is a correlation there?....

Finally...we don't have to suck for Luck....or Landry Jones..or anyone else..because as long as Steve Ross is the owner....this organization will make decisions based on MONEY...and not football savvy....

..so good luck getting a quality HC or GM to join this circus..

....in short..we are screwed three ways from Sunday !!

If this team gets 1 victory this year. I will hold it 2nd to the 17-0 season. Personel wise this team matbe even more horrible than our last 1-13 team in most areas.

Keep getting cut off....dang it!

Posted by: redsky | October 30, 2011 at 06:16 PM



It's Sean Smith and Marc Colombo's fault.

Greetings from snowy New Jersey dolfans. That was too close for comfort, but I knew my team would come through with the L in the end.

Not sure how it looked from home, but live and in person here's what I saw:

- Miami basically packed it in starting the 2nd-half. The Giants fans were depressed, quiet, not supportive of their team. Miami could have capitalized and kept the pedal to the medal. In true Sparano fashion, they got conservative, went into Prevent offense/defense, and gave the game away.

- Marc Colombo is WORSE in person. HE SUCKS!! Shouldn't be a player in this league. Those last 2 drives, WITH Fasano's help, ALL sacks came from Colombo's side. He's a loser, and Sparano/Ireland are losers for bringing him in.

- I can't really blame Matt Moore. He did what he could. He's nothing to write home about. Only way he can win is with an aggressive game plan, and that's not happening with this idiotic coaching staff.

- Nolan's game plan was better (1st half), but the secondary is WORSE than I thought. Receivers were open ALL OVER THE FIELD.

- Solia is a big boy, takes up a lot of space in the middle there.

- Giants and every team that runs on us is doing us a favor. If I played Miami, I'd throw every play. Only throws that didn't work were misthrows by Eli.

- Bad tackling on that Cruz TD (obvious).

- Sparano's timeout decisions left EVERYONE in my section shaking their heads and asking me what's up with my Coach (I said he wanted to make sure the team knew he'd be gone soon, so don't let him down). That last TO before the last punt was COMPLETELY IDIOTIC.

In the end, they are what they seem to be. A joke of a professional team. Even up 14-3, me (AND THE GIANTS PLAYERS) knew NY would come back and take the lead, it was just a matter of time. Sparano is a joke. Daboll is a joke. Nolan is a joke. The team should be dismantled after the Season for the good of the World.

Lastly, best play of the game was when the scoreboard showed the Rams WON! One down, one to go!

P.S. Luck looked great last night. THAT'S how you head up a comeback victory. We don't have anyone on our team that could do that.

Next road game, Sean Smith and Marc Colombo need to be roommates.

That way they can fu]k each other the way they fu]k the Dolphins.


Sparano has 2 most glaring deficiencies:

1. Very untimely use of timeouts
2. Never being a coordinator on either side of the ball, he just too inexperienced to be truly qualified as a hc.

Ireland doing such a terrible job in the personel dept just makes Tony's experience issues even more glaring. Had Ireland correctly done his job, Sparano's weaknesses would be far less revealing.

Im with Armando on one of his previous blogs:

With a franchise qb and better personel on both sides of the ball Sparano really isnt that terrible of a hc. Ireland really f..ucked Sparano in the personel dept.

Are we living in Bizarro World? I thought that performance was the beloved metric of capitalist CEOs. If so why is Sparano and the Dolphins front office still employed?

Good post DC, thx!

Charles Clay is beginning to look more of a keeper. Still dont know why Gates isnt getting more playing time for the good or bad of it.

I would like to know exactly what we have in Gates before the new regime takes over.

Down to us and Indy ... Too bad Indy is trying so hard to lose also ... You can see the differences between Luck vs Matt Barkley ... So how good is Landry Jones coming from a spread off? ... Another example that Sparano is not a good coach ... No challenge on the incompletion

Lol at Tim in Tampa!

yg, that's a joke if you think Sparano's "not that bad of a head coach." You're kidding yourself. Sounds like Craig M who said, "Matt Moore's not that bad of a QB."

BOTH OF YOU ARE NUTS! Yes, compared to a corpse, both aren't that bad. Compared to OTHER HCs/QBs in this league, they are HORRIBLE!

What does Sparano do well? Where is he a star? What's his strong suit?

You have no answers to any of those questions because there are NO ANSWERS!

Sparano's a complete joke. The sign I'm right, he'll be out of this league come Dec (won't even be a line Coach).

Taking about Hamstring injuries being up League wide, Lammar Woodley just left the game Vs. N.E. with a pull in his left hammie, big blow for the Pitt. pass rush. Brady by the way just got over 100 yards passing at the 5:05 mark in the 3rd under a heavy Pitt. rush holdng true to form regarding his performances were he`s under heavy pressure. Ohhhh!! N.E. just missed a gimmie F.G. while they were at it !!

Sparano, talking to the sportswriters said defensively:

"....You guys are going to write it however you wanna write it, but those guys in THAT locker room, they have GUTS!!!!"

I agree, they do have a lot of guts! But it takes more than guts to win a ball game!

DC @6:19,

That was a better more in depth assesment of the game than any I`ve read from local sports writers, good stuff Bro !!


I see it the same way, what a stupid thing to say by the king of backwards talk but gotta tell you I honestly felt bad for alot of our players who really played there butts off today

I just want to win a game. The suck for Luck stuff is stupid. It's almost as dumb as thinking Bill Cowher is the answer. Look at Cowher's record - he was an AVERAGE coach that took 15 seasons to win a Superbowl. Tony Sparano could probably win one, too, in 15 seasons. The team needs somebody on the up and up - not Bill Cowher whose best days are behind him.

The sad truth is that with Chad Henne, the Dolphins probably would have won the last three games.


Minus the insults I have a question for you:

Do you think Don Shula would have done remarkedly better with this present roster with everything being the same?

If so, maybe you might wanna reconsider who's more nuts. Sure Sparano cant hold Shula's jockstrap. But not even a hof hc could be sucessful with this current dolphins roster.

Jeff Ireland is clearly the greatest villain in our present situation. Not Sparano. Even under Sparano, I believe we could b3 3-4 to 4-3 right now with better personel.


Were you by any chance in a Zach #54 jersey?? They showed somebody wearing one a few times on TV and it was the only Fin jersey in the stands that I saw.

We just need to get rid of the entire coaching staff and Ireland. If Ireland remains with this team you can bank on the fact we ain't got no Luck. He'll pick ups D player come draft day. Ross sucks as much as this organization. It's hard going from the top of the AFC to the bottom. Nobody wants to coach here with these guys and as for Luck? We'll need a ton of luck just to get him to come here with these blowhards!!!

even if the colts get the #1 pick they will not take luck. They have huge needs on the defensive side of the ball and they could trade that pick for at least 2 firsts and a 2nd. they would be able to fill more than one need and still have one of the best QB'S in the game returning


The answer is getting a franchise qb. Then a competent personel guy. Without these two most critical things it never matter who the hc is because he aint winning nothing.

You guys are crazy that say Ireland wouldnt draft Luck. Its a no-brainer. Its just what Ireland would do after he drafts Luck that will continue to suck.

Ireland would draft Luck. He would only surround him suspect talent. That's the greatest problem with keeping Ireland.


Who have the fins drafted in the first round? Mostly big D or O lineman. That's a Parcells philosophy. With Ireland the go boy, he'll what Parcells taught em. Where Pat White a second rounder?

I would rather have a franchise qb, competent gm, and average hc. Than have a great hc, slightly better than average qb, and incompetent gm.

With a franchise qb, and competent gm, I would be willing to keep even Tony Sparano.

Fin4, they played a great, aggressive 1st half, then it seemed like they (coaches) went conservative. I do think they played their best! But sometimes that's not good enough...sad to say...


Any gm, including Ireland, that didnt draft Luck when he had chance. Not only would lose his job, but, would in all probabilty may also olose his life.

No way if Ireland didnt draft an Andrew Luck, would a crazed dolfan not take his life!

yg, didn't mean the insults, but I just can't stand fans giving this team a pass (whether it's a player or Coach).

ABSOLUTELY any other HC could get more out of this team. This game could have been won I tell you. The Giants fans were STUNNED. The guy behind me was saying Moore looked like a good QB and how were we doing so bad. Sparano LOST this game, not the players. The game plan of the 2nd-half was "don't do anything, because I don't trust you can play as well as you did in the first half." Is that a good HC?

On the last punt, the team was on the field, there was NO REASON to take a timeout. Fans were laughing, saying Sparano knows he's fired after the Season. Bush was already back there and waiting for the ball. Had to run up to the huddle once TO was called. No reason for it.

These are the Coach's fault. These aren't faults of the players. Sparano has done NOTHING for this team. They'd play exactly the same with no HC at all.

why does everyone think if we get luck that we'll win games? we had marino and what we get? NOTHING.

fin4life, not me, I was wearing a 19 Marshall (to keep the streak going, I've worn in all year and we've lost, so I can't stop now or we might win, lol).

But, there were LOTS of Dolphins fans at the game. I was surprised. And Giants fans are cupcakes, everyone was smiles (probably because we're not a threat).

yesterday`s gone,

Happen to agree regarding Ireland who Ross shoud fire 1st IMO in order to start the search for a new G.M. ASAP, something he can do now before Seasons end and is important given it`s a harder post to replace with an adequate person but Sparano still makes alot of Rookie Coaching mistakes. He finally opens it up today even going on 4th down to take the 14-3 lead in the 1st half and then in most unexplainable fashion after the 1st posession of the 2nd half reverts back into a lets play not to loose mentallity while only sitting on a 7 point lead. IMHO he let the players down in a big way after one hell of a performance and if you take into account the blunders Vs. Cleveland and Denver then I say yes, Shula and a group of others would be at least 3-4 at this point.


Might think so, but him and Parcells draft proto-typical players. Whatever that means? To me it means big guys. I don't think Ireland will be here next year and that's probably best for everyone.

i have never seen sean smith make a play...seriously. not a breakup, not a tackle, and no picks. what is with that guy??...and why is he in the nfl?? i don't get it at all.

Matt Moore makes twice the money Henne does and he needs to be held responsible for his horrific production.

even if we get luck who is going to protect him with this o line we have


Pouncey went out, Davis and Thomas did not play, and to make matters worse we had the huge pass interference call against Marshall. A bad team can only overcome so much.

I just cant understand what you mean by a better hc would get more out of this team. Are you really paying attention to our current personel and injury complications issues?

Too be perfectly honest I cant see Don Shula doing much more with the current situation. What more could Shula do with this current outfit. Waste less timeouts?

I guess that maybe worth 1-6 with the current huge lack of talent!

The End the fed comments and the fake Occupy Miami comments have nothing to do with the movement. There is no anti semitic or racist platform associated with Occupy Miami.

Posted by: Joe T | October 30, 2011 at 05:28 PM

You don't speak for all of us, pal. The Jews are running things here, we all know it. Don't try to deny it. Zionists run the Fed, the big banks, the insurance company, everything to do with money.

Matt Moore has responsibility to elevate this team from horrible to mediocre.
He is not doing it.

The Jews run Wall Street! Join Occupy Miami today! Down with Zionism!!!

Colts & Miami to have a one game playoff the day before the Super Bowl to determine the #1 pick.


Ireland's well aware Sparano's an inexperienced hc. Which is exactly why Ireland deserves 90% of the blame.

Its Ireland that saddled our inexperienced hc(horse) with suck a sad sack of talent. At most Shula wins 2 out 7 games this season given the exact same lack of talent.

The End the fed comments and the fake Occupy Miami comments have nothing to do with the movement. There is no anti semitic or racist platform associated with Occupy Miami.

Posted by: Joe T | October 30, 2011 at 05:28 PM

You don't speak for all of us, pal. The Jews are running things here, we all know it. Don't try to deny it. Zionists run the Fed, the big banks, the insurance companies, everything to do with money.

Let me start by stating the obvious. Regardless of what you think of Stephen Ross, there's no questioning that he's a smart buiseness man. He didn't make his billions by being a dummy. With that said, I think he's all for letting this ship sink this year (ofcourse with Sporano and hopefully with Ireland on it). Think about it from a buisiness perspective. The best thing for Ross and this franchise this year is lock down that first pick (Andrew Luck). Not only would this be an attractive lure for hiring the next GM & head coach, but it would also bring the energy back to our sorry franchise. I personally think this would give fans hope and they would start lining up for season tickets again. Remember the crowds back in the Marino days? Also think about all the money Ross and the Dolphins would make from the merchandising over the next 10-15 years. To me it's a no-brainer...

Where is the Occupy Miami rally?
I'll be the one holding a paint bucket of mis-matched tools in one hand and a 40 in the other.

The guy behind you was obviously an idiot. Moore threw no TDs and one interception and disappeared in the second half. How pathetic does our team have to be before everyone admits it. Some of you need psychiatric intervention.


Keep wearing that #19 then it might be a lucky charm in the Luck sweepstakes because neither Landry nor RG111 really impress me both have tons of time to throw and one got run off the field yesterday, although I did like what I saw out of Barkley (USC) yesterday for what it`s worth. I have never been a fan of throwing games for anybody there for I liked todays effort and was keeping tabs on the Colts as I have through out and you can call me crazy but I`m really beginning to buy into Irsay mandatng his Coaching staff to actually put them in position to loose because even without Manning there not this bad and somebody explain what Painter is still doing on the field can`t they at least resign Sorgi, sarcastic laughter!!!!

Problem was having Parcells, who wasnt a gm guru, picking who our gm guru would be.

Shows just how much Parcells knows. He stuck us with a glorified ball boy as gm and a totally inexperienced hc who had never been a coordinator on either side of the ball.

Thus we have one of the worst talent evaluators in the nfl and are less than average on both sides of the ball.

Tim in Tampa said:

"Those last 2 drives, WITH Fasano's help, ALL sacks came from Colombo's side."

You must have been at the beer stand on 1st and 10 on our last series. Long gave up a sack (his 2nd sack of the day). Then Colombo gave up a sack on the very next play. Then a screen on 3rd and 30. Then an interception on 4th and 23.

Hey DC how about the blunder Sparano made by not calling for a replay when he had a tv timeout to see that the Giants WR had actually dropped the pass. Had a whole 2 minutes to watch the replay and see that it was clearly not a catch! That would have made it 3rd and 16, instead it was 3rd and 8 because Sparano is just about the dumbest coach I have ever watched in my 30 or more years of watching/playing football.

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