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Stephen Ross: No coaching change now

Another Dolphins game.

Another loss -- this one a 20-17 loss to the New York Giants.

Following the game, Miami Herald report Barry Jackson asked owner Stephen Ross if a change is coming. It is a weekly post-game ritual now as the Dolphins are 0-7 on the season.

"No,' Ross replied.

So into next week the Dolphins go. They travel to Kansas City next week.


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YouWeUs are all good, whatever.

I`ve been monitoring the Colts and am seriously buying that the Coaches indeed have a mandate from owner Jim Irsay to game plan and prepare in a way that hurts the teams chances of success. I also can`t understand how Painter is still starting and they`re D which is always very steady is on pace to give up the most points this year it really all points to them not saying it but actually sucking for Luck with the owner and FO behind it.

We have to start looking beyond luck bc im convinced that indy will get the first pick and take luck. Do we take a chance on landry jones or matt barkley who r kind of unproven. Jones is a product of a system and barkley seems really aloof and doesn't have that intensity that a truly successful qb must have he reminds me of a less talented mark sanchez. Who's beyond them? Is there an ed reed type safety out there that could solidify our secondary for a decade? A can't miss suh type d-lineman? Justin blackmon maybe? Beyond andrew luck the draft is a crap shoot. Firing jeff ireland would make me feel better thow.

Sure we are watching you. But I can't tell you what I am, I don't know.

The problem is quite simple really; for whatever reason it's obvious the players don't trust the quarterback, the coach or each other. The coach doesn't trust the owner or the GM. Once players can trust each other and the coaches can trust their immediate circle, the team will start to play with confidence and poise. Easier said than done of course.

There are infinite Trees.

Okay, for all the folks who have been clamoring for Rob Ryan as the next HC...I hope you were watching Andy Reid (the guy I'd stack money in front of to leave Philadelphia to be the next HC) dismantle the Cowboys from start to finish.

No, I'm not. Good and Evil is an ideation.

You have to learn

It's not paranoia if they're really out to get you!

ROSS IS NOT CHANGING THE HEAD COACH JOB this year and if he does it will be a mistake!! Leave spars no in Til the end of the season!!! There IS NOT A GOOD ENOUGH INTERIM COACH THERE AND NO ONE DESERVES HIS JOB!!!! Now after saying that it goes back to the reAson why we lose I think it's because of our defensive backs !!! They get torn up every game and every team knows and capitalizes on it!!!! We lose because of our corner and safety play I am convinced of it!!!! There are a lot of reasons but one most important is we can't finish because those guys are not good enough!!! Sean smith is a second string player at best!!!

I can care less if Miami gets the 1st pick for 2012, I want Miami to get the QB that will win a Super Bowl FIRST! And IMO, I just have a sneaky suspicion that it will be the Kellen Moore kid out of BSU...

the colts are ridiculous.

Bizarre numbers after 8 weeks....
The Dolphins and Cleveland are tied for 28th in the league with 107 points scored. But Cleveland has two wins.
KC is 30th with 105 points (in 6 games). But they have THREE wins.
Jacksonville is 31st with 98 points in 8 games). They have two wins.
And now even St. Louis who has struggled mightily to find the end zone and after today's outburst they STILL have 20 fewer points this season than Miami, but now, even the lowly Rams have a W.

FinFan, I've been researching Kellen Moore, he is grossly underestimated! Could be a great pick!

T. Martin, that's great stuff, interesting.

I would say indy is a more likely spot for cowher. #1 overall pick plus peyton manning back, plus not much divisional competition unlike afc east.

Most NFL scouts don't like Kellen Moore because of his size (6' 190 lbs?) but he is a winner and has beautiful touch on his throws.

With 9 games left, there are too many variables and imponderables to hazard an educated guess as far as a coach and QB. But it is fun to speculate! Good point SOD, Colts, Cowher, Manning and Luck=SB!


will luck be willing to sit behind manning for a few years

btw, for all people who don,t think luck will play for fins because of ross, irsays are not much better. terrible owners fortunate to have one of best all-time qbs. if ross tweeted like irsay, he would be crucified in miami.

Our Fins battled today. Yeah they made a bunch of mistakes and came up short yet another time but, they have not quit.

They had the Giants on the ropes at their house most of the game. Just like the Tebow's divine intervention from a week ago the Giants came on like gangbusters at the end and did in the last few minutes what most pundits and fans thought they would do all game.

I was quite shocked they played that hard and were making headway in winning the game vs Eli and the Giants pass rush.

I have get the cheering for the Luck sweepstakes but, I was hooting and hollering at the TV when push came to shove. At the end of the day I am too competitive, I can't root against the Fins during games. I can quickly point to the nice silver linning if they do continue to drop games.



I'm out! Goodnight all!

Christian Bader and Tim in Tampa,

That was a super lame PI call on Brandon Marshall. I have watched a lot of football and much worse has gone uncalled. Travesty as that is another first down for Moore and more cnfidence.

Moore played rather well today. Under duress, in a hostile environment Moore actually shined at times. I think his escapability really showed up well today. Avoided some would be sacks and got first downs with his legs.

It seems that QB Moore is showing that he is at least on par with what Henne can generate. Coupled with better mobility, seemingly more leadership, and more first team reps I see Moore continuing to get better as the year marches on. It's still early for Moore so we will have to see what he has down the stretch.

Moore over Henne...you bet. Guy can shift in the pocket and has his eyes downfield for throws. The Fins will draft a QB in the 1st regardless if they can draft Luck or not.


nite redsky!

First round pick. QB. Second round Safety.

For those keeping track at home...

Fabulous RB Mark Ingram that many said the Fins HAD to draft in the 1st round...

He has a 3.87 yards per attempt average with ONLY 3 total TDs??? He had a paltry 3.3 yards per carry average until the 62 point blasting of the Colts last Monday nite. How is that world class 10 yard split time doing for him in New Orleans?

Daniel Thomas seems like he has some juice but it won't matter if he is always nicked. Could end up being a John Offerdahl type. Plays so hard he hurts himself.

I was a Mallet for QB guy. He showed some nice flashes during the preseason. He is now buried on New England's depth chart and that won't change until QB Tom Brady steps down. Unless there is a trade that will not be very soon it appears.


Another loss, another week of the three ring circus.


Good call on your post.

The second rounder just may be a Safety or Corner. Lord knows we need better coverage all over the place. Sean Smith is just too big and slow to hang with the shifty, fast WRs. I don't know if Will Allen will be back. Jimmy Wilson seems like he may need a ton of training before he can do it regularly. Vontae should be able to man one CB spot.

No limb here but, I FULLY expect the first pick will be a QB.

Besides Luck sucking up all the kudos the list has a number of interesting QB types...

Landry Jones

Matt Barclay

Robert Griffin III

Kellen Moore

Depending how things fall with the rest of the college season I believe we could see 3-5 QBs go in the 2012 1st round.



True dat...

At least they competed vs a team that was suppose to cruch us a lot to a little.

Little solace I know.

We as fans just have to bide time as best we can even if the bullet we clamp down on is sour.


Whelp, I'm out.

Catch you later


Heart not enough

“We swung hard, we didn’t win, it’s not acceptable, we’re still where we were before we started this thing but that group in that locker room has a lot of guts,” Sparano insisted.

Sparano is diliusional.If they "Played with a lot of guts" They'd have won, This is this guys biggest problem, He Thinks if his team plays"Hard" and lose's its ok., I think hes taking the same "Idiot" Pills as Idiot Ross.

Well, the regime did one thing right... dumped John Beck.
Too bad we suck worse.

Hey Ireland and Sparano...don't let the door hti your arse on the way out!

2012 Dolphins draft Wish List: 1st 4 RDS

1. Andrew Luck(QB) -1st Overall pick
2. TJ McDonald (FS)- Gosh I hope he slips top of 2nd rd.
3. La Michael James(RB) - Size may cause slip to 3rd rd.
4. Cory Fleener(TE) -Luck's favorite college TE

Lets Fire him for a Win!!!

Despite a 6-for-6 start, Matt Moore finished with a dismal 58.6 rating, with one interception and a modest 138 yards on 13-for-22 accuracy.

“The guy played a good game,” Sparano said.

Apparently in Tonys world this is acceptable. More evedence that Tony has taken some of Idiot Rosses Idiot Pills.

Guys (And Girls) Down there in So. Fla, Who are the 10 most hated people in Miami-Dade county?

Coach Tony Sparano said the result is “not acceptable” but again defended his players: “That group has a lot of guts and a lot of courage. If my team plays like that, we’re going to win games, OK?”

When?, Tomy do us a favor, QUIT, Your team has.

Yesterday`s gone @2:58,

If we can hit that list in the draft I`ll do back flips!!!

In 2004 after a terrible start to the season wannstedt was fired and replaced and the team won a few games in the second half of the season. In 2007 they left cam cameron in charge for way too long and they only got one win all season. If we don't want to win any games then keep sparano, but if you actually want to try to win some games and not be quitters then get another coach to finish the season.

Don't you think this is all stupid of chasing a owner around after every lost and asking the same question? How do you think this looks too other coaches? What a joke this team is all around.


You people who think Miami is going to get Luck are dreaming. Luck's father will never let him come to the Dolphins. It will be just like Archie Manning keeping Eli away from San Diego a few years ago. He wanted Eli at the Giants and lookee where he is.

SPARANO: You guys are going to write whatever you want but dere is alot a heart in dat locker room. We cant cover my grandmother but dere is alot a heart in back dere. You guys just dont know what it takes to lose 7 games in a row. Its not that easy to make it look close. We did a good job out dere. That Carpenter field goal was my favorite ting. I hate those touchdowns!!!

Bring in a coach who knows how to build a team. I don't want a coach who won by inheriting good teams. Gruden and Mariucchi inherited good teams. Billick built a great defense, but his teams were horrible on offense! We need offense! I say try to get Tony Dungy. He built two great teams that ended up winning superbowls at the hands of the coaches that followed him. Let him build Miami. They will be well coached and play at the level they should play. Regardless cheerleader coaches don't work. They make good position coaches, thats it!

there isn't one REAL fan amoung you. Nough said! Go beat your wives if you're still not living in your mommies basement

Dolfnman the coach didn't build this team!!!! IRELAND DID SPARANO JUST MAKES THE ATTEMPT TO COACH THESE MEDIOCER GUYS!!!! IRELAND SHOULD BE THE FIRST TO GO!!!! And let the rest of them follow HIM OUT!!!!IRELAND IS TERRIBLE!!!

It is time the owner starts to listen to the fans...or sell the team
Boycott any Dolphins related merchandise, do not go to the games, do not watch it on TV.
Once we start hurting his pocket he will has to listen. Ross, go back to New York and peddle office space...
My heart goes to the players, but they are out of shape and are badly coached (always losing at the 4th quarter)

Geronimo!!!! There not gonna make any changes during the season. Geezzz!!! IT WON'T MATTER LET THE SEASON FINISH AND IF ROSS DOEANT CHANGE THINGS THEN YOU CAN BLAME HIM!!! He is the owner you want he stays away from the football aspects so he needs to hire ONE SMART FOOTBALL GUY AFTER THE SEASON AND THEN THAT GUY DO THE BUILDING!!!! Ross doesn't know football and HE KNOWS IT!!!! Parcels put this crew together!!! God you people!!!!!

@ johnsdolphins True Ross did not build this team, he just undermined it back in January.

"Geronimo!!!! There not gonna make any changes during the season. Geezzz!!! IT WON'T MATTER LET THE SEASON FINISH AND IF ROSS DOEANT CHANGE THINGS THEN YOU CAN BLAME HIM!!!"

I concur!

Is anybody awake at the Miami Herald?*********

How about deleting all the moronic comments from END THE FED and his buddies.
This is a sports column and not a political soapbox for idiots' opinions.

Sparano has time to turn things around...9-7 still makes the playoffs...playoffs..teah i am talking playoffs.I BELIEVE TONY and MOORE can get us there


Sparano would have been packing his bags last Monday after "going for 2" with the other team having 0 points. Which ultimately lost the game. And that's just one of a hundred reasons to send this COACH down the road. Pay him and buy him a bus ticket.
Doug in Ellenton

Jests are turds... some things just dont change. LOSERS!

Ross is a disgrace as owner. I understand that firing Sparano won't change things in this team right now, nevertheless by changing the coach, Ross would send a clear message to the staff and the fans.
Yet his languid and squalid attitude is the same. Ross doesn't give a damm for this team. He's as mediocre as the team itself. The team is the mirror image of him.
Concerning Sparano, theres is nothing much to say that thousends of fans haven't said already.
I'm however still surprised that this guy hasn't resigned. What in the world is he waiting for ?!!!!
He doesn't have any self respect. He is simply not a head coach. Leave the team Sparano !!!!

The Mullets were going to lose the NYG game no matter what happened. The Mulets are just that bad and dont listen to Ross, he's as bad as SParano.

I don't Bill can help this teem.

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