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Players should recognize they're auditioning for next administration

The Dolphins are 10 weeks from the kind of transformative change that will spin your head. There will be a new head coach. There probably will be a new personnel boss. And the players you see on your program on game days?

I would estimate that the coming change will sweep many of them out as well.

That simply is the truth of most changes in administration. The players this administration considered treasures may be trash to the next administration. I've seen it happen when Jimmy Johnson blew out Don Shula's players. I saw it when Nick Saban blew out Dave Wannstedt's players. I saw it when Randy Mueller blew out Nick Saban's players. I saw it when Bill Parcells blew out Randy Mueller's players.

Starting next January, somebody will begin blowing out Jeff Ireland and Tony Sparano's players.

(Note to the players on the current roster: This means you! And so if you're searching for motivation these next 10 weeks, consider you're on a job interview with your next boss.)

With that in mind, I want to look at at some of the players who will require decisions when the next administration takes over:


QB -- Chad Henne will not be Miami's starter anymore. He's unsigned next year and might not be re-signed at all by Miami. If he is re-signed, it'll be as a backup. Matt Moore? He's signed through next year. He's got to play better the next 10 weeks to be around.

RB -- Reggie Bush is being misused by this coaching staff, which is why his production is modest at best. The next staff might decide to use him differently and make him something of a specialty player. If not, he's gone ... Daniel Thomas is a rookie who suggests better days ahead. He'll likely be around at least next year.

OL -- Marc Colombo will be gone after this year. He should never have been signed but his ties to the current administration sealed that. He's not good and the next administration will probably recognize that ... Vernon Carey is in the final year of his contract. His fate depends on who is in charge but I wouldn't bet on his return ... Center Mike Pouncey will be here for years to come ... left guard Richie Incognito will likely be here barring some unforeseen circumstances ... Jake Long will be here with the next administration and probably the one after that as well ... A new administration may be a blessing for John Jerry because the current administration sees him as something of a disappointment, depending on who's opinion you ask.

TE: Charles Clay is only a rookie and has shown a flash of talent. He's too young to discard ... Anthony Fasano is a good soldier so most administrations like that. But ultimately his playing talents will determine his fate, which I would say looks good short term but nothing beyond that. Depends on what kind of offense the next coach runs ... Jeron Mastrud and Will Yeatman are guys. Impossible to predict how much they'll improve or not or how much next coach will like or loathe them.

WRs: Brandon Marshall is an acquired taste. Yes, he's talented. But yes, he's not productive to the heights of his contract. As the next administration is not tied to the decision to bring him here for two second-round picks, getting rid of him will be easier ... Davone Bess is dropping too many passes to be totally secure beyond this season. If he steps up his game, his spot seems much more secure ... Brian Hartline is a favorite of the current administration. No idea how the next administration will feel ... Clyde Gates has not been very productive as a rookie, but most later-round rookies are not. He will likely get next training camp to show he belongs ... Same with Marlon Moore ... Roberto Wallace has to prove he's healthy, improved and among the best five or six to stick around next year.


DL: Paul Soliai is expecting a big payday this offseason and I have serious doubts that payday will come from a new administration that has time to rebuild the entire team through the draft and won't be held hostage on money matters. So I'd say it's 60-40 against him returning under a new administration ... Jared Odrick is a young guy and relatively productive as a bacup so he's back ... Randy Starks is signed through 2012 so he's likely back ... Phillip Merling is unsigned and unproductive so he is gone ... The plan of this administration was to re-sign Kendall Langford but then the season began, the team stunk and owner Stephen Ross put the stop sign up on re-signing players that are only borderline productive. Langford has his best game Sunday, if he has 10 more like that he comes back. If he doesn't, his chances of returning are 50-50, depending on who is making the call ... Tony McDaniel is signed through 2012. He's not great and not terrible. He's a role player and so he's got a role player's chances of returning ... Igor Olshansky is unsigned after the season so his chances of returning are 50-50 at best. I do like him at the right price, but I can confirm I will not be running the team next year.

LBs: Jason Taylor is playing his final year with the Dolphins and likely his final year overall. A new administration is unlikely to bring back a 38-year-old player to start a new tenure in a new town ... Cameron Wake is signed through 2012 so he'll be back ... Karlos Dansby had perhaps his best game on Sunday. He's excellent against a downhill running offense. He's signed through 2014 so no use making an extra hole to fill when you've got a pretty solid player in the spot already ... Kevin Burnett is a curious guy. He's hurt the team more than he's helped. No idea what the next administration will decide there. He's obviously not a slam dunk to keep ... Koa Misi will likely be back, but unless his production increases, he cannot be assured that he would start for the next coach and general manager. Their commitment to him won't be like the current coach and GM ... Jason Trusnik is a role player. He's neither an absolute keeper or guy one gets rid of.

DBs: Please use your heads and not your hearts here. Don't shout kill Sean Smith or dump Vontae Davis just because ... Both are signed for next year. Both are young. Both will be back. But both will have to compete in training camp because I expect the next administration to look at CB as a need ... Both safeties are in the same boat. Strong safety Yeremiah Bell is starting to get up there in age. The free safety spot is probably the second-highest need on the team behind QB. This defense does not have a playmaker in the secondary. The free safety as that guy is a blessing -- just look at the teams like Pittsburgh and Baltimore for proof ... Jimmy Wilson is getting better and will be back no matter who the coach is, assuming he keeps his nose clean ... Nolan Carroll will have to win a job next preseason.


Kicker/Punter/LS/RET: Brandon Field might be in the Top 3 in the league and definitely in the Top 5 ... He'll be back ... Dan Carpenter is solid but I wouldn't be surprised if the next administration will bring competition to camp for him ... John Denney is still excellent, but just as he surprised Ed Perry many years ago under a new coach, he has to be vigilant to falling to a similar situation based on his salary ... The Dolphins will be searching for returners in 2012.


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DC...when I said "Patiently waiting"....I honestly didn't think I would be waiting this long.....

Oh well....I got nothing but time on my hands....

Right on target. This is what I have been saying about these players, including Bess, who up to this year had been my favorite receiver, and it's good to see it validated by a respected sports journalist.

Just so everyone knows, if the phins lose out they will have the number one pick of the draft. First off the Colts and the Rams will not lose them all. Colts will beat Jags one out of the two left and may beat Titans (play x2) or Carolina. As stated earlier Rams have a few teams left that they will compete against and will win at least one. Of the teams we have left I guess you could say a chance against Redskins (no way) or Oakland (only if they don't show for the game). Also it was reported on numerous sports site Dolphins win number one pick if tied with Rams or Colts. So with that said they'll draft Luck number 1 and only need 19 other competent starters (I give Pouncey benefit of doubt and include Long as competent) to compete next year

kris, put yourself in Matt Moore's shoes for a minute. You play on a team in 2010, and they get the #1 pick in the Draft, sign a QB, and dump you.

Then you get traded to another team in 2011, and looks like the same thing will occur.

What do you do in 2012? Do you use that as an attractive piece to your resume (look, sign me and I'll increase your chances to get the #1 pick next year)? Do you just retire and go work at Sports Authority? Do you blast your skull off with a hunting rifle?

What would you do if you were him?

To continue with my plans the following players will be let go:

1. Nolan Carrol
2. Jeron Mastrud
3. John Jerry
4. Marvin Mitchell
5. Matt Moore
6. Igor Olshasnky
7. Sage Rosenfels
8. Steve Slaton
9. Jason Trusnik
10. Will Yeatman
11. Tyorne Culver
12. Ike Francis
13. Gerald Alexander
14. Will Barker

Oh, forgot one option:

Do you become the QB Coach to a team where Sparano is the oline Coach somewhere deep in the Arctic, on a team of Eskimos?


Don't get me started on all our "postion" coaches working out of thier postion....lets not forget that....this was a disater in the making a long time comming....

the coaching is so bad we really don't know about the players. they all seem to regress when they come to miami. after witnessing many camps/practices in davie i started writing about cracks in our foundation. many took exception,claiming i wasnt a real fan. i saw alot of poor drafting/ talent acquistion,poor practices and poor coaching decisions. if one attended camp it was obvious we couldnt score no matter how many attempts we were given. mando was the only media member who asked the tough questions and demanded some accountibility from the secretive regime. usually people who are clueless tend to be secretive.

DC, I am in the same situation at work, The exact example you gave happened to me today.

Not only that, it was a female employee who is a Pats fan who thnks Brady is SOOO hot. That is who feels sorry for me now. OUCH.

DC, I think just be sheer luck there will be a team that takes us way to lightly, looks past us for the next week or something like that. Next thing you know we will be playing a team playing at our crap level, somhow a couple int's and fumble happens. Maybe Moore fumbles again and the D-lineman picks it up and runs the wrong way and scores for us.

who knows, but I think we will have 1-2 wins.

¿Do the players read this blog? ¿doesn't them feel shame of themselves?

It makes sense that Karl Dorrell or Todd Bowles will become interim coach after either the NYG or KC game assuming we lose.

A. Ross said Sparano needed to make the playoffs this year. If we lose 7 or 8 we're more of less officially eliminated from the playoffs so he will have kept his promise of giving TS that chance.

B. Ross needs to improve his reputation around the league and having an African American coach, even for a while, wouldn't hurt.

C. It might actually be seen as an act of mercy for Ross to fire Sparano at that point.

Armando doesn't have a clue.

In fact, we can name all the players that should be kept based on production or potential real easy... Henne, Long, Incognito, Pouncey, Bush, Thomas, Marshall, Gates, Dansby, Davis, Wilson, Wake, Starks.

Thats it. 13 guys. The Dolphins are basically starting from scratch.

Our offensive line can't block for the most part, they certainly can't pass protect, and our receivers drop every ball that is important.

Marshall is the best possession receiver we have and Gates is the only guy with speed. Thomas is promising but if we could trade Bush for a receiving TE, we should do so in a minute. Pouncey will be great, Long appears to be declining, and Incognito is just a workhorse. If we could trade Long for a high draft pick, we should do so as well. Henne is the ONLY QB we have with any potential and should be given a chance to compete next year (after we draft a QB.)

Our defensive line couldn't pressure a pee wee QB. Our corners can't catch or cover. Our linebackers can't tackle. Anybody thinking our grossly overpaid NG (who had one ok season to go with 4 bad ones) should be kept for any reason is clueless. This guy wants 10 million a year and isn't worth more than league minimum.

Lose all these bums and switch back to a 4-3.

Funny Chris.

I hate Sparano at this point, and I saw the article in the herald today. Saw the picture, and his comments. And get this. I actually felt bad for the guy.

I have no clue why, because in 3 years he could not even bring in a capable O-line for F-sake.

I almost feel like he should ask Ross to let him resign or something.

He is a terrible coach, no doubt about it, but he does not seem like a terrible person.


Got a hypothetical for you too. Let's say this female employee (so PC of you, I just call 'em chicks) says she will allow you to be Brady in her sex-fantasy.

You can do anything you want with her (within bounds, like no farm animals, etc.), BUT, you must wear Brady's jersey the whole time.

Would you do it?

Good morning fellas,

I for one can't wait until the offseason. It's the only optimism that I have when thinking of my Miami Dolphins.

I know about 99 percent of Miami fans are praying that we are the worst team in the NFL and get to draft Andrew Luck. At worst Miami gets no less then top 3 from what I see (Colts, Rams). So Miami doesn't get lucky and get Luck there still can be franchise QBs found in perhaps Robert Griffin III, Barkley if they declare and Landri Jones. That's my number 1 priority is to get a face for this once proud franchise and that face in todays NFL has to be a QB.

My second biggest concern and this can be tied altogether is front office/Head Coach. I have no idea what potential talent evaluators would work as long as it isn't Ireland. As a head coach I prefer an offensive minded coach to mold the young QB but the big names like Fisher and Cowher who are defensive guys with team identities a proven success with winning with a young QB works too.

As far as the guys who MUST go to me is:

Brandon Marshall: His contract and production don't quite match up and cutting him loose would be addition by subtraction to me. He drops so many crucial balls that a young QB shouldn't have to feel the need to get him the ball.

Paul Solia: It's clear he was a 1 year wonder playing for a contract. He has been invisible for most of the year. Yes, he is a NT and won't make a ton of plays but he clearly isn't playin at the same level as 2011.

Obvious guys to not resign or cut: Henne, Matt Moore, Marc Columbo, Vernon Carey, Fasano and his back ups who stink, Sean Smith, Yerimiah Bell, Burnett (stinks), Langford.

And I wish Miami would go back to a 4-3. I hate 3-4 defenses.

DC, I studied the roster & here is my complete list of keepers for 2012. Everyone else is a coin flip.

Davis, Long, Bess, Thomas, Dansby, Pouncey, Starks, Fasano(adequate #2 TE), Marshall, (only to prevent another hole to fill), Fields, Wake & Wilson (potential).

Aside from QB, I think the next biggest need is a FS. What say you?

TS = Wanny. Probably a nice guy, good neighbor or buddy but not a good NFL head coach.

Ugh, let's just say, not this one...

Putting a Brady Jersey on is well taboo for being a phin fan. But honestly, considering the respect I have gotten from this organization, if the girl was hot enough, I might actually do it.

But a Sanchez Jersey, not even if it is Cindy Crawford. :)

Although a Sanchez jersey is better than a Columbo jersey. Sanchez gives us a better chance to win a game playing against us than Columbo does playing for us.

If you believe the biggest need is a QB, you have to be stupid to not recognize the next biggest need is offensive linemen who can protect that QB.

If you want to improve the defense, you have to be stupid to not realize you must begin with the line.

You have to be stupid to not realize there is already to much $$$ invested in the oline already.

A common sense GM & coach will rely on veterans to protect a franchise QB & will likely procure them in FA. Not rookies learning on the job.

You have to be stupid to not realize this team desperately needs a playmaker in the secondary & there is too much money already invested in this dline.

Just sayin

LOL Poizen, understand fully man. Columbo, lol.

Joe, what if we did this (cause that's LOTS of holes to fill in one year just to field a team). What if we got rid of Bell, moved Reshad over to SS (just to see what we got there), and then go after a true FS. Keep Clemons as a backup. Keep Solia (but don't pay him, means he'll walk anyway, but hypothetically), keep Clay, maybe Odrick, Misi. Not saying all these guys will make the team in the end (or see the field), but we'll need some depth, and many are still young so maybe could be Coached up.

Yeah, I'm not really interested in seeing any new olinemen (other than a RG somewhere DOWN in the Draft) until we get players that the QB can pass to (or else why would we need olinemen). We have THREE FIRST-ROUNDERS on our line right now. How'd that work out for us?

DC, I called everyone else a coin flip. Obviously you can't rebuild it all in 1 year. Many of them will stay. Sadly, that's a given.

I am all for moving Jones to SS & acquiring a talented playmaking FS. I'm just tired of line acquisitions.

We have too much money invested in both of them & the rest of the roster has suffered because of it. It's time to start focuing on the rest of the roster.

Wanted to run something by you guys. I'm trying NOT to be a stodgy old man (almost 40). Times they are a changin'. My PC wife is telling me I can't use the word "gay" as an offensive slur to someone who's acting girlie (not for a homosexual, this is a heterosexual slur I'm talking about). And can't use the other slurs we used to use either: f*g, queer, etc.

So I've been thinking what to use instead. I always am in need of calling a heterosexual male something if they are exemplifying feminine behavior. Gay WAS perfect, but like I said, times are a changin.

Well, no worries, I'm in talks with Webster as we speak. My new suggestion: Miami Dolphin(s).

It could be used as such:

- To a man who's drinking a cup of something, and his pinkie is in the air, you could say, "you're holding that cup like a Miami Dolphin dude."

- To a man who is scared to ask his girlfriend if he can hang with the boys, they might say, "hey, grow a pair. Stop acting like a Miami Dolphin."

- To a guy who says he's too scared to see a scary movie, you could say, "oh my God, you're a Miami Dolphin."

Nice ring to it, no? I think it might work. I'll let you guys know what Webster's says.

You have to be stupid to say we have a big money line that sucks so lets keep with that. You have to be stupid to say we have a bunch of money invested in a defensive line that sucks so we keep that. We have a "common sense" GM & Coach right now relying on veterans... both lines suck.

Of the three 1st rounders on our offensive line, only 2 should have been 1st rounders. If there are 6 people rushing and you only have 2 people capable of blocking.... well, only a stupid person can't do that math.

Receivers mean absolutely nothing if they can't run 5 ft before the QB is planted in the ground or running for his life.

A free safety means absolutely nothing if the opposing team has all day to throw the ball because your DL can't rush the passer. NO ONE, NO ONE, NO ONE, can cover ANY receiver for 10 seconds.

EVERY INTELLIGENT PERSON knows it begins and starts with the lines and our lines suck. Quick... out of all draft picks, what positions are most likely to make an immediate impact? Hint: Only a stupid person thinks it is a wide receiver or free safety.

Stupid people spend too much time thinking their Madden skills transfer to real life.

Next, the entire coaching staff would be let go. No exceptions. The new coach that I hire will have full control over who he wants to bring in on his staff. Any head coach will tell you that he is only as good as the coaches around him and nowhere does that hold true more than with the current coaching staff of this team.

Honestly, I don't care how, but we really do need to address the o-line still. I know it is not popular. How we did not sign Mckinney is beyond me.

A new regime will have o-lineman follow either way. But a new QB with this line is not going to get anything amazing done at all.

I'd love some opinions on how much better Luck is than other top prospects - Landry Jones, etc. I wouldn't want a QB who didn't want to be a Dolphin. I'd take an enthused Jones over a reluctant Luck. Thoughts anyone?

DC....I hope you read the 11:35 post.....

(stirring the pot).....

I would be extremely happy if I hear Ireland gets the axe first. He is more to blame. The Dez Bryant fiasco comes to mind first. Then 24 hrs later Tony goes.

Only a complete IDIOT wouldn't look at the last few teams to win SB's, and see that's NOT what they did. Only a complete MORON would take the exact same philosophy of Bill Parcells and want to repeat it again. Only a freakin' BRAIN-DEAD JERKOFF thinks building a line will do ANYTHING for a team without a #1 WR, #1 TE, #1 FS, complimentary OLB, #1 CB.

Somehow, there are a handful of elite teams with less than elite lines. Somehow Green Bay found a way to win with a pedestrian line. Somehow, NE (who has probably the best line of them all), has stopped winning SBs (because they don't have the other pieces necessary to finish Seasons).

Only the most intelligence-deficient person wouldn't recognize that linemen are a dime a dozen, you can pick them up ANYWHERE. But the harder positions to fill are the ones we've been looking to fill for years and years. But let's not look at the elephants in the room. Let's pay our lines and see how we do with Brian Hartline as our #1 WR, and then wonder why he's not doing what Megatron can do, or Roddy White, or DeSean Jackson.

Yeah, great idea genius.

Joe, it is tough to just say Safety or DB for that matter. If we land Luck in the 1st that would mean we are picking 1st throughout. Early 2nd rnd I might try to parlay that into more picks and do the same with the first 3rd rounder. Then I take best available from a few positions. TE, DB and ILB/OLB which ever. We have way too may needs. I would say since we are ok at Dline, Oline and WR, after QB in the first I go best available at any of the other weak positions. When I say ok I mean just ok, not great. We have some good players there but need a whole lot more plus depth.

No one knows how much better Luck is than the other "top" prospects. None of them has played a single down in the NFL. Dan Marino wasn't a "top" prospect when we drafted him way down in the first round.

That said, I haven't seen ANY QB blow up a defender on a tackle the way Luck did. That fire and competitiveness alone encourages me to want him.

If knocking the snot out of someone makes you queasy - don't watch this video of Luck.


You have to be stupid not to like Luck. That said, if Luck doesn't want to play for the Dolphins, we still draft him and then trade him to a team for their 1st, 2nd, and number 1 next year. Someone will pay... and then we select Jones or Griffin.

Of course I look for more oline via FA and through the draft as it is a need but not as strong a need as other positions. I mean what do you do if Jeffery is there at our pick in the 2nd?

"Jared Odrick is relatively productive as a backup"...the guy is a first round pick for christ sake! Ireland should be ashamed.

There are 4 QB's that have all the ability toi be real good in the NFL, landing any one of them will be a positive. Next year brings a new light either way.

I just hate talking about next year AGAIN!


Addressing the oline is a need, just not a #1 Top Priority. Somehow MANY other elite teams find a way to address those positions later in their Draft and save the top spots to get PLAYMAKERS! Miami's HAD good lines last decade. We've HAD good linebackers. How many good secondaries have we had? How many good skill position players have we had?

It's time to change the ENTIRE philosophy of this team. Addressing needs through the Draft has been a proven FAILURE for this organization. It's time to get the BPA no matter if you need him or not. I'd rather have a Playmaker upgrade to a position we currently have filled rather than another olineman that will hurt his arse and sit out 1/2 the Season. Unless you're in a situation like Pouncey, where he was BPA since we weren't going to draft a QB, then fuggetaboutit. There's still 5 rounds after the 1st 2 where you can get all the olinemen you need.

With next year's #1 pick, Miami WILL choose a QB. With their #2 pick, they SHOULD choose a WR, OLB, FS, TE, depending on BPA, then if they want to play around on the lines, have at it. But a franchise QB wouldn't have any problem winning games EVEN with THIS line we have today. I don't remember seeing Henne have a problem between the 20's, ANYONE ELSE? I seem to remember way more drops and errant passes in the red zone being the reason we didn't come away with points rather than being sacked OUT OF the red zone.

Maybe some people are watching a different team, but I don't see a line that HASN'T given the QB time to win the game if he (and/or the WR/TE) had 1/2 the ability of a high-school player.

QB's, I wouldn't mind seeing if we can't land Luck.

Griffin III

Just say no to Jones.

Stupid people spend too much time thinking their Madden skills transfer to real life.

Posted by: New Coach Wanted | October 25, 2011 at 11:35 AM

I guess you forgot to look in the mirror this morning?

Only a complete and utter troglodyte would say "linemen are a dime a dozen, you can pick them up ANYWHERE" after watching the Dolphins cycle through dozens of linemen over the past 6 years and being unable to field a single decent line.

Only a complete buffoon thinks Green Bay's line is pedestrian.

Only a guy who has spent too much time participating in a cirle-jerk competition would think having skill players makes a difference if you can't get them the ball.

Only a half-witted poser thinks drafting a "name" in the first round gives you a number 1 receiver or FS or TE and ignores the statistics that shows those players don't contribute much until their 3rd year in the league.

New Coach wanted, see my name!

Texas-Dolfan said "I would say since we are ok at Dline, Oline and WR"...

You aren't allowed to post anymore. NO ONE in all of football thinks the Dolphins are ok at Dline, Oline, and WR. We have bodies there but what is their production...

Are you ok at Dline when they can't sack or pressure a QB? Are you ok at Dline when they can't stop the run? Are you ok at Oline when your RB is averaging 2.x yards? Are you ok at Oline when the opposing team is jogging through a turnstile and sacking your QB? Are you ok at Oline when your QB has 1 second to throw the ball? Are you ok at WR when they can't catch a TD pass? Are you ok at WR when they can't get open consistently? Are you ok at WR when they drop more balls than they gain 1st downs?


You don't have to convince me....We may differ in on our opinions in other places...but i believe we are in lock-step with the 1st rd QB thing....

I only stirred the pot...because for some reason New Coach Wanted seems to have it out for you....

I guess in order to be the best...you got to beat the best....and you DC....seem to have a Bullseye on your post....

I say better than even chance Indy beats Tenn this week. After the humiliating butt-kicking they just got on national tv, the Colts may be really fired up & snatch one from an average Tenn team.

Lets take a poll. How many of you "Madden" GM's who know everything ever played high school football? College football at a big name school? Won a championship? Played QB? Coached football?

I know. None of you.

Dc makes a valid point. We are pretty good between the 20's. If the oline was terrible, we'd struggle everywhere. It's in the red zone where we struggle most.

Bad throws, untimely drops, shoddy protection. Our oline isn't necessarily losing us games. We are just inconsistent in the red zone for many reasons.

A young QB could play well with this oline, but obviously the RT need to be upgraded immediately & RG in time.

For those who don't agree about FS being a major need, just ask the Steelers or Ravens what a good playmaking FS can do for your defense.

I don't have it out for DC Dolfan... he actually has a good idea about BPA. Some of his other ideas however...

New Coach may be going off on DC but in many ways he is RIGHT....I don't care who you are, you can't win if your lines suck!!!! Even Brady and Manning don't throw td's with their arse on the turf....There was plenty of talent for the lines and the skill positions available in free agency and this team did nothing (Bush as every down back SUCKS!!) to help themselves...Columbo, really????

New Coach Wanted....you bring up some good point/questions @ 1206PM.....

Questions I feel Texas Dolfan should answer....

However your delivery is harsher than mine...and thats hard to do.....

By the way, Henne was playing good period....freaking dropped passes killed him inside the redzone....To let him go would be a big mistake. He would be a suitable QB until whoever is drafted proves they are ready and a better than avaerage back up.

Are there really any Sparano supporters still left?


Now on to the players who will be competing for starting positions:

Offensive Line

Jake Long
Richie Incognito
Mike Pouncey

Running Backs

Daniel Thomas
Reggie Bush

Wide Receivers


Defensive Line

Randy Starks
Kendall Langford

Karlos Dansby
Kevin Burnett
Cameron Wake

Defensive Backs

Vontae Davis

All others will either be competing for special teams positions or as backups. There are no other players on this team that have the talent to be anything other than 2nd string players.

Next, on to the next draft:

Next to drafting the new franchise quarterback to lead the offense the offensive line would be the point of major focus. Solidifying an offensive line that can neither block for the run or the pass is a top priortiy. Therefore my 2nd pick would be:

Peter Konz, C, Wisconsin

Konz is a big center at 6' 5", 315 lbs. and is part of a huge Wisconsin offensive line that is the best in college football. Konz will help anchor the line with Mike Pouncey being moved to right guard, where he would be more valuable to this team.
Konz is a "plug n' play" type of guy who would be able to come in and contribute from day one. In order to land him in the draft it may be necessary to move back into the first round by using one of the other picks acquired thru player trades. That is alright because a player like Konz is that important a piece of the overall puzzle in the building process of the team.

More to come with the remainder of the moves to be made.

New Coach Wanted,

I agree with kris some of your points are valid, but you dont have to be an a hole about it. Both you and DC are right. I think the underlying arguement both of you are trying to make is we need upgrade at every single position. See problem solved!

Exclude LT, C, P

exactly. this is why the notion that there is any purposeful suck for luck is asinine. The players are playing for their own careers and can be cut for one bad play. ask benny sapp.

Any truth to the rumor that the stadium has been renamed again and is now known as "Some Lifeless Stadium"?

Do you think Jason Taylor will coach after he retires?


Its difficult to be nice when you have to endure season after season of the Dolphins failures.

I can be nice - albeit not that nice - but sometimes the ignorance on here is aggravating. I say ignorance because I believe some posters simply regurgitate what they are told or hear from the media rather than educate themselves.

This belief that runs rampant that every hyped rookie will come in and save the day. That is stupid.

I will (being nice now) say that even the dumbest poster on this board would do a better job of selecting draft picks or coaching than the two clowns we currently have.

I mean, really, who would have overlooked Dez Bryant? Who would have picked Misi or Odrick over the other choices that were available? Who would have picked Colombo as the answer at right tackle? Who would have picked Bush and said lets run him up the middle 80% of the time? Who would have picked a RT with one year of experience (Carey) when everyone said he was a better guard than tackle? Who would have picked Sean Smith at CB when draftniks pointed out he was better suited at safety?

The next player I would be targeting is:

Chris Polk, RB, Washington

This guy is another football player. He is a redshirt Junior so he can stay in college but I believe he will be coming out this year.
Polk is a nice combination of size (5'11", 220lbs) and speed (4.48-40). What I am doing with this offense is giving it big offensive linemen, where needed (at center) and big backs to pound the football. I believe one of the mistakes the current regime made in this year's draft was taking Daniel Thomas over DeMarco Murray but Thomas will get a chance to compete in 2012.

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