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Players should recognize they're auditioning for next administration

The Dolphins are 10 weeks from the kind of transformative change that will spin your head. There will be a new head coach. There probably will be a new personnel boss. And the players you see on your program on game days?

I would estimate that the coming change will sweep many of them out as well.

That simply is the truth of most changes in administration. The players this administration considered treasures may be trash to the next administration. I've seen it happen when Jimmy Johnson blew out Don Shula's players. I saw it when Nick Saban blew out Dave Wannstedt's players. I saw it when Randy Mueller blew out Nick Saban's players. I saw it when Bill Parcells blew out Randy Mueller's players.

Starting next January, somebody will begin blowing out Jeff Ireland and Tony Sparano's players.

(Note to the players on the current roster: This means you! And so if you're searching for motivation these next 10 weeks, consider you're on a job interview with your next boss.)

With that in mind, I want to look at at some of the players who will require decisions when the next administration takes over:


QB -- Chad Henne will not be Miami's starter anymore. He's unsigned next year and might not be re-signed at all by Miami. If he is re-signed, it'll be as a backup. Matt Moore? He's signed through next year. He's got to play better the next 10 weeks to be around.

RB -- Reggie Bush is being misused by this coaching staff, which is why his production is modest at best. The next staff might decide to use him differently and make him something of a specialty player. If not, he's gone ... Daniel Thomas is a rookie who suggests better days ahead. He'll likely be around at least next year.

OL -- Marc Colombo will be gone after this year. He should never have been signed but his ties to the current administration sealed that. He's not good and the next administration will probably recognize that ... Vernon Carey is in the final year of his contract. His fate depends on who is in charge but I wouldn't bet on his return ... Center Mike Pouncey will be here for years to come ... left guard Richie Incognito will likely be here barring some unforeseen circumstances ... Jake Long will be here with the next administration and probably the one after that as well ... A new administration may be a blessing for John Jerry because the current administration sees him as something of a disappointment, depending on who's opinion you ask.

TE: Charles Clay is only a rookie and has shown a flash of talent. He's too young to discard ... Anthony Fasano is a good soldier so most administrations like that. But ultimately his playing talents will determine his fate, which I would say looks good short term but nothing beyond that. Depends on what kind of offense the next coach runs ... Jeron Mastrud and Will Yeatman are guys. Impossible to predict how much they'll improve or not or how much next coach will like or loathe them.

WRs: Brandon Marshall is an acquired taste. Yes, he's talented. But yes, he's not productive to the heights of his contract. As the next administration is not tied to the decision to bring him here for two second-round picks, getting rid of him will be easier ... Davone Bess is dropping too many passes to be totally secure beyond this season. If he steps up his game, his spot seems much more secure ... Brian Hartline is a favorite of the current administration. No idea how the next administration will feel ... Clyde Gates has not been very productive as a rookie, but most later-round rookies are not. He will likely get next training camp to show he belongs ... Same with Marlon Moore ... Roberto Wallace has to prove he's healthy, improved and among the best five or six to stick around next year.


DL: Paul Soliai is expecting a big payday this offseason and I have serious doubts that payday will come from a new administration that has time to rebuild the entire team through the draft and won't be held hostage on money matters. So I'd say it's 60-40 against him returning under a new administration ... Jared Odrick is a young guy and relatively productive as a bacup so he's back ... Randy Starks is signed through 2012 so he's likely back ... Phillip Merling is unsigned and unproductive so he is gone ... The plan of this administration was to re-sign Kendall Langford but then the season began, the team stunk and owner Stephen Ross put the stop sign up on re-signing players that are only borderline productive. Langford has his best game Sunday, if he has 10 more like that he comes back. If he doesn't, his chances of returning are 50-50, depending on who is making the call ... Tony McDaniel is signed through 2012. He's not great and not terrible. He's a role player and so he's got a role player's chances of returning ... Igor Olshansky is unsigned after the season so his chances of returning are 50-50 at best. I do like him at the right price, but I can confirm I will not be running the team next year.

LBs: Jason Taylor is playing his final year with the Dolphins and likely his final year overall. A new administration is unlikely to bring back a 38-year-old player to start a new tenure in a new town ... Cameron Wake is signed through 2012 so he'll be back ... Karlos Dansby had perhaps his best game on Sunday. He's excellent against a downhill running offense. He's signed through 2014 so no use making an extra hole to fill when you've got a pretty solid player in the spot already ... Kevin Burnett is a curious guy. He's hurt the team more than he's helped. No idea what the next administration will decide there. He's obviously not a slam dunk to keep ... Koa Misi will likely be back, but unless his production increases, he cannot be assured that he would start for the next coach and general manager. Their commitment to him won't be like the current coach and GM ... Jason Trusnik is a role player. He's neither an absolute keeper or guy one gets rid of.

DBs: Please use your heads and not your hearts here. Don't shout kill Sean Smith or dump Vontae Davis just because ... Both are signed for next year. Both are young. Both will be back. But both will have to compete in training camp because I expect the next administration to look at CB as a need ... Both safeties are in the same boat. Strong safety Yeremiah Bell is starting to get up there in age. The free safety spot is probably the second-highest need on the team behind QB. This defense does not have a playmaker in the secondary. The free safety as that guy is a blessing -- just look at the teams like Pittsburgh and Baltimore for proof ... Jimmy Wilson is getting better and will be back no matter who the coach is, assuming he keeps his nose clean ... Nolan Carroll will have to win a job next preseason.


Kicker/Punter/LS/RET: Brandon Field might be in the Top 3 in the league and definitely in the Top 5 ... He'll be back ... Dan Carpenter is solid but I wouldn't be surprised if the next administration will bring competition to camp for him ... John Denney is still excellent, but just as he surprised Ed Perry many years ago under a new coach, he has to be vigilant to falling to a similar situation based on his salary ... The Dolphins will be searching for returners in 2012.


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See my post to Kris. Admit it though... while my delivery is harsh and I play the a hole role well, it does make the reading entertaining.

At this point in time, all I want is two things:

(1) That no team goes undefeated.

(2) To draft Andrew Luck (or Jones, or Moore, etc.)

Nightmare scenario:

(1) Green Bay goes 19-0.

(2) Dolphins go 0-16 AND lose out on Luck (or Jones, or Moore, etc.)

How crazy it would be if the Dolphins (remember 1972?) go win-less in the same year that another team went undefeated??

As regards our oline, it is ranked 14th in power blocking (less than 2 yards), 27th in open field blocking, and 30th in pass blocking.

Conclusion: Our Oline sucks no matter how much we spent on it and anyone wanting a QB needs to think about that pass block ranking.

Can someone tell me WTH happen to Steve Slaton is he still on the team?

New Coach Wanted...from here on out NCM.....that name is to long....

Notice I said "harsher than mine"....I agree whole heartedly....nothing pisses me off more than regurgited crap....

I understand we all have to get our limited info from somewhere...but once we read the article...or watch the news clip....think about it...form an opinion...then add YOUR 2 cents to it...versus word for word agreement with the latest "expert"....

However....I also agree direct deliveries and response make for better blog reading....but you were more insulting than either of the afore mentioned....

In any case....water under the bridge....(of course i can't speak for DC)....

Welcome to the blog....and I look forward to more post from you...

Gotta an appointment...later men....


Some of the young guys have potential to make our team next year, and with some coaching may develop into better players.

Wilson, Jones, Smith, Clay, Gates, Odrick and possibly Misi.

I'm sure that a new regime will keep several receivers as well.

That is nearly 50% of the 53.

They will have their work cut out for them.

kris, I don't care about NCW's tone. Doesn't affect me in the least. Everyone's entitled to their opinions.

Hey, New Coach, you asked everyone if they had previous experience, why don't you answer you're own question.

Are you a collegiate player? A former scout? Or were you a ball-boy once for a pro team and think that gives you extra insight others don't have?

Regardless, I DOUBT you have the experience Bill Parcells has in his pinky, how'd all that work out for the Dolphins? I tell you how, Parcells was probably the single-biggest reason we're where we are. So their goes your experience theory.

Truth is, you must have been looking at yourself in the mirror too long, but let me give you a history lesson. Until a couple of years ago, Aaron Rodgers was the most sacked QB in the NFL. What's that say about his line? But the HC in his ultimate wisdom got his QB, his receivers, let them gel together for a few years (because AS YOU ACCURATE STATED it takes awhile for receivers to mature and also to gel with a new QB), THEN, in the meantime, as they were perfecting their game, brought the oline along.

Then, PRESTO, they got a halfway decent defense and win the SB. Who woulda thunk it?

And that's my exact recipe for this team. Only a moron thinks we'll turn things around in a year (or even 2). So, get a QB. Get your skill position players. Let them build and learn together and gel. Then work on your lines, fill in the gaps as needed (our line is only 1/2 broke, on the right side, so it's not some mega project). Work on your defense all along, STARTING with the secondary and a compliment OLB to Wake (because if you can cover Welker and get pressure on Brady, how effective will NE be?). And 3-4 years down the road, you're ready to compete at any level.

In 1980, the rule of thumb was build from the lines out. Some haven't realized is 2011. In today's QB driven league, you get yourself a QB and weapons and work on the line after that.

The first pick I take for this team in the 3rd round is:

Kendall Wright, WR, Baylor
Wright is 5'10", 190lbs. His 40 time is 4.42.

The one Miami player of the past that Wright will remind you of is Mark Clayton. Wright has a rare combination of speed and quickness. He can make people miss in the open field but he can also flat out fly. He also catches everything that is thrown his way.

The second player I pick in the 3rd round is:

Jermaine Kearse, WR, Washington
6'1", 208lbs. 40 time:4.50

4th round:
1st pick:
Tony Dye, SS, UCLA
5'11", 216lbs. 40 time:4.52

Tony Dye is a "football player." Remember, this team needs football players and that is what you get with this guy. He is a tackling machine.

2nd pick:
Trenton Robinson, FS, Michigan State

The best is yet to come. This is a very solid four rounds of players so far and, unlike the drafts this team has had in the past, the later round picks will not be a total waste but will be complete with players who have the ability to make the team and contribute in a positive way. They will also give the team tremendous depth with players who are FOOTBALL PLAYERS. I cannot emphasis this more. This team needs FOOTBALL PLAYERS and that is what you are going to get with each and every one of these picks.

Next up: Late round picks.

I am not sure if my post got misconstrued.

We need a better line YES, I am saying that. How we get it I don't care. But I truly do not believe a QB like Luck does much more than Henne with this line. Luck is more talented, but go back and watch the games. 80% of the completions Henne had this year, he was being hit or a half step from getting clocked.

And he is familiar with the speed of the game, a rookie would be slower with decisions. Historically rookies are slower with decisions on the field, Even Peyton Manning mentioned that was a struggle the first year.

So my point, the line is really important. I am not saying draft a o-line over other positions. But I do agree that "most" teams go as far as the line allows them.

New England is a great example of that.

Lastly, let me say this, only a true imbecile thinks they'll come onto a blog and play pretend-GM and ANYONE WILL GIVE A DAMN! Sure, it's fun to think we have all the answers, or even that our opinions are better than anyone else's on here, but truth is, NO ONE IN THE NFL CARES!

This is a BLOG, where fans come on, discuss and debate (AMONGST THEMSELVES) and see what the team does next week and repeats the first step.

WHO CARES if people here have it right or wrong? The only people that matter (getting it right or wrong) are the Owner, the GM, the HC, the Coordinators/Coaches and the Players. If you're not one of them, YOU DON'T MATTER!

So go play "I-know-more-than-you" all you want New Coach, then go play ring-around-the-rosy. In the end, if you're not going to be the new GM/HC, no one will even notice!

To Hell with Suck for Luck..new motto Sparano must Go

" Sparano must Go ! "

Check out Al Golden's comments about the Dolphins honoring Florida on the Canes home field. The real ceremony is on Thursday night when the 2001 Canes are honored the real team.

DC, and I do not follow Green Bay enough, but it would sound by your example, they had a young line there, that took a couple years playing together to learn what each one is doing.

Rogers gets solid time in the pocket now, still he is an ELITE QB,

but I would think that line was better than you think.

the best o-lines have staple pieces and solid role players that come in. Usually does take a year or two to gel. so I think we may be ok in the future, just stop adding Columbo's and Jerry's. :)

To need or not need more lineman is not the issue. Ray Charles could see we need them. It's more of a practical question. How many more years, money & picks are we going to devote to to build the lines at the expense of the rest of the roster?

We HAVE been doing that for 4 years now & look at the results. Just look at them. ZERO WINS.

How much more cap room can we devote to each line than we already do? We have alot of other needs. How can we eventually address them all if so much of our cap space is devoted to the lines?

You can't have soo much cap space devoted to 1 area. When you do, the rest of the roster suffers. Perfect example? 2009-2011 Miami Dolphins.

Time to change strategies away from what HASN'T worked & try a new approach.

Change strategies or change the decision makers who fill those positions?

Poizen, both. What's done is done. We have too much invested in the lines. Should we invest 50% of our cap on 8 starting linemen & the other 50% on the other 14 starters?

If these bums can be cut or traded & we find cheaper alternatives, do it. I'm fine with that.

However, in our never ending pursiit to follow the 80's mantra, as DC put it so well, we have left the rest of the roster deprived of talent.

This can't happen anymore. Madden GM or die hard fan, it doesn't matter. We should all be able to realize that.

Many of the elite offenses run 3-5 step drops, get the ball out quick & let Playmakers make big plays. Not lineman.

Poizen, no one believes the oline is fine AS IS. I haven't heard ANYONE say that. What I think is being discussed is priorities. Of course, if there's a Jake Long RT out there available in the 2nd round when it's our turn, sure I'd get him. But let's say there's not. Let's say there's another Vernon Carey, and also there's a Julio Jones. Who do you get?

But, you guys should do some research, know how many sacks Henne's had? 11. Know how many Rodgers has? 16. Same with Alex Smith. Big Ben's had 20. Cutler 21. Ryan 18. Now I know that's not counting hurries and pressures and the like. But as far as sacks, Henne's nowhere NEAR the top of the list. There's plenty of QBs who've been knocking down more than him, and many who are on winning teams.

I know your love of Henne blinds you to the possible reality, that Henne might just not be great. Or elite. He might just be an ok QB. ESPECIALLY on 3rd downs and in the red zone (i.e. when it matters). Also, if Henne's RECEIVERS caught those passes, how many more TDs would Henne have? And how many games might have been won (or at least the game swinging in our favor)?

Also, how does a new system and new OC affect the line, the QB play, the offense?

It's not as cut and dry and some of you like to believe. 2 more Jake Longs WOULDN'T have turned Henne into Rodgers and Thomas into Frank Gore and Marshall into Megatron. Unfortunately, Henne ISN'T Rodgers, he's Henne. Thomas ISN'T Gore, he's a rookie. Marshall ISN'T Megatron, he's a good possession receiver.

The oline has been a problem, a big problem, it hasn't been the ONLY problem NOR has it LOST any game for us BY ITSELF!



Finally, the last three rounds.

Fifth round pick:
Andre Branch, LB, Clemson
Branch is 6'4", 260lbs and plays defensive end in college but will be converted to a rushing linebacker in the NFL, especially if I pick him. He has good size and strenght. As a 5th round pick he wouldn't be an every down OLB but will be in on passing downs as a pass rushing specialist opposite Cameron Wake. With the right coaching I believe Branch will become one of the most dominant pass rushers in the league and is a steal in the 5th round.

6th round:
Harrison Smith, SS, Notre Dame

Another football player. In on every play. Never gives up on a play and wraps up very well. Excellent tackling skills.

7th round:
Last, but not least, a player who can be one of the steals of the draft:

Terance Ganaway, RB, Baylor
Ganaway is 5'11", 240lbs. He doesn't have great speed but he is a punishing back that would be great in short yardage situations. Ganaway has proven he can get the tough yards by breaking tackles and he has the ability to bust the longer run once he reaches the 2nd level. I love this guy because he is another "football player." I know I keep harping on that but you can never have enough of these types on the team.

Other players to keep an eye on if they decide to come out this year:

Taimi Tutogi, FB, Arizona
This guy is one of my favorite college players right now and he knows how to make defenders pay for trying to tackle him. He also is a great lead blocker and can help this team tremendously in the run game. If he comes out I would be willing to pick him in the appropriate round.

DC Jefferson, TE, Rutgers
This guy doesn't get a lot of attention but he is a very athletic TE that can be had in a later round. The thing I like the best about his game is his blocking ability but he also has the ability to get open and has very good hands.

Every one of the players I have listed as a potential draft choice for this team can contribute in their first year. If you have another GM come in and do anything less for your team it will be another long year for Dolphin Fans. I'm positive each one of these players can be had in the rounds I picked them in and a couple I picked a round ahead of where they are projected to go because they are better than projected. Take a look for yourself and you will see that each one has an opportunity to be a major contributor in their first season. The building process has begun. Good Luck Dolphin Fans. I hope you get the winner you deserve.

DC @ 1:59 Well put!

Professor Lou,

Looks like you relly done your research, I'll be sure to look for these names in the upcoming draft. I doubt Dolphins pick anyone of them though, since the team is allergic to talent.

Get rid of Marshall, Bush, and COLUMBO. Please Retire JT and Will Allen. Resign Henne to help Luck or Landry get ready for the NFL, Draft at RT, FS, ILB, TE. Tell Ross to stay away from the stadium and watch the games on TV. Get Sean Smith and Vontae some lessons on how to play and not just talk.

By the way, build a real stadium downtown, with stands closer to the field. Get the flakey local "fans" to come out and root for the team, not the loser Jets, Pats, Steelers, etc...

I didn't need to say to fire Ireland and Sparano did I? No... I think that goes without saying. Get a young up and coming coach, not an old tyrant who will be just like..... The main idiot Parcells! Done.

Henne does not have the mobility of Luck, so anyone saying Luck will be average in his first year due to a weak O-line is fooling himself.
I watched Gabbert last night use his young/fresh legs to get out of trouble time after time and won beat a superior team.

We called him "Robo-Henne" for a reason...he lacks the high-level mobility needed in today's NFL.

IF....we are lucky enough to get Luck, then you'll see a gifted, mobile QB who will bring the Fins back to the promised land in a hurry.

By the way, Joe makes an excellent point I didn't even mention at 1:58pm. We have a cap in this league. That means limited resources. Teams decide how to spread those resources around to fill their needs. We have SO MUCH invested in this line, and SO MUCH invested in our lines in general, what do we have for everyone else? You know, the players who actually SCORE? This is exactly how teams lose before a game is ever played. Everytime we pay an Odrick (who as someone rightly said is a great backup), or a Vernon Carey, who else are we missing out on? Or who can't we keep next year? We need to use our resources more wisely. It hasn't served us well to activate 30 olinemen, at the expense of no dressing the receivers that might actually score on a play. And I know the linemen assist in scoring, you need them to score, but THEY DON'T ACTUALLY SCORE. When Henne had time (even if he was hurried), and threw catchable balls, was it Colombo's fault or Pouncey's fault Marshall didn't pull it in (or Fasano, or Bess or whomever)? It might be nice to have your best players be the QB and WR instead of the kicker and LT, just saying. Let's try it.

Dc, gotta say I agree with you. We think alike in this regard. The line has been poor, no question about it. But, it has not been the sole reason we are losing games. It's been a combo of things.

Drops, bad throws, shoddy protection, shoddy red zone play calling, horrid defense.

And it's also true that our skill position players are inferior to the good teams in the league. I didn't even say great teams, I said good teams.

Quick, name more than 2 starting Packer lineman? Or Pittsburgh? Or Baltimore?

I thought we called Henne Robo Henne because he locked onto his WR's and was swaggless.

My Love for Henne, hilarious... Ok then, that is about the end of that. Typical come back from someone in "attacking mode". Good luck with you on that one. Expected different from you, I learned.

My point of the o-line was the people fixing and making it are making insanly bad descisions. And a good offense needs a solid line with the solid role players.

Chad Henne is the most swaggless QB of all time. He is such a dweeb.

I work in a building of 3,000+ people. Many know I am a diehard Dolphins fan. The last couple of weeks, I can't WALK ANYWHERE without someone stopping me in the hall saying how sorry they are about my team. They look at me like a homeless kid, like they want to throw me a buck or something.

It's totally embarrassing. Here I am, trying to project testosterone and manliness, and I have to be the face of the franchise to all these people.

Ross OWES ME BIG! I think Andrew Luck should just about cover the debt!

Posted by: DC Dolfan | October 25, 2011 at 09:18 AM


Dude, I FEEL YOU out here in Northern Cal where I see all the fans psyched about their new coach that the Fins almost had! So True how you described it, I now just raise my hand before they open to talk to me to shut 'em up- I want no pity

This is the updated swagger/swaggless list of bloggers.

Swagger: Spiderman, DC Dolfan, Poizen, Home

Swaggless: Chad Henne, Joe Schmoe, ALoco, greg z

Like New Coach, I'm just sick of losing. And the WORST thing that could happen, IMO, is we get all these new people (GM/HC/Coordinators), and they do exactly what's been done before and lose in exactly the same way we've lost before.

I said it before, so if anyone wants to call me an effing IDIOT, please do. I'd rather lose games 48-42, 35-28, then lose how we're losing now. At least it would be different. Isn't anyone else tired of the same old offensive plays? How Miami can't run the slant play like all the other good teams for big yardage? Or actually score in 2-3 plays instead of 10-12? Is no one else fed up with nailbiter 21-17 games? Or FGs for 3 quarters than HOPE for a late TD?

At least my way, we'd lose differently if it didn't work. How refreshing would it be to lose and your QB has 400 yards (like Cam Newton)? How much hope would that bring to you? Reminds me of Indy before they got on a roll. Wouldn't you rather be on the incline than on the decline?

Also, how long do you think the Owner/Fan base will wait while we assemble the perfect line so our QB never gets touched and our RB doesn't need to do anything to gain any yardage? After this lost decade we've had here in Miami. Anyone think Ross will sit idly by with empty seats because the team can only put up 16 points/game?

Everything in our past points to us needing to dramatically improve our offense and the excitement of their play for the fan base to want to come back and support this team.


Jake Long
D Thomas
Maybe Gates
Discard the rest


Vontae Davis
Maybe Misi/Langford Pick em !
Discard the rest of the garbage
This team and owner is a joke!!!!!!!!!!!!!

New Coach,

So when you say "NO ONE in all of football thinks the Dolphins are ok at Dline, Oline, and WR" that means you know everyone in football? You are now the so called expert because you say you are??? Then you say people only repeat what they read and don't offer an original opinion of their own. Yet you read and say everyone in football says. Then you quote stats instead of watching what is going on with the offense. Seems to me you lack the original thoughts.

IMO we are extremely weak at DB and LB compared to Oline and Dline. IMO we are 6 out of 10 on the lines and probably a 2 at DB and a 4 at LB. So if you have 2 players, 1 at OL and another at LB or DB with equal draft grades you take the position of higher need. Just my humble fan opionion. Take it how you want, unlike you, I am no expert.

I agree with DC's post at 2:41 100%, Get some Offense going, this team is painful to watch, and I watch every game. This front office has made error after error, they can't evaluate at all, they trade good players for nothing, the signed loser players, they have missed and missed. Enough already! Moore isn't even an NFL QB, how are the Fins going to win a game? The effort is awful, the accountability is absent, how Sparano and Ireland still have their jobs is amazing? What does Ross need to see?

..I think it is real easy to say lets just release so and so because they stink blah blah blah. But there are some serviceable players on this roster. And who knows what the new regime is going to be looking for as far as it's "prototype" or "Role Player".

You see it a lot. Guys that played here that were released, that have some success with other teams. Not many have arrived here and had that same success after being abandoned. So what I'm saying is that we can make lists, we can guess, and give opinions as to who we should, and will release. But realistically, a lot of these guys will be on the roster next year. And perhaps there is the right coach that is out there that will be able to get something out of these players, that Sparano hasn't been able to do.

Mick, Ross is obviously waiting for a sign.

Sparano can be replaced today if he wanted.

Ireland will probably last all year since we need somebody to still sign & look for acorns.

Funny how we had all these transactions, cuts & signing frenzy early in the season. Now that the season is lost, all is silent.

Very telling!

Poizen, don't be like that. It wasn't attacking. Anyone on this blog for longer than 1 day knows you have an affection for Henne. Doesn't make you a bad person or anything. I just think it blinds you sometimes to his deficiencies. I think you want him to be better than he actually is.

You were actually right Pre-Season. You said Henne would be better this Season. HE WAS. I was a defender that Henne wasn't losing games himself. He had tons of help. But the flip side was Henne wasn't winning games either. And great QBs, elite QBs do that. They put the team on their shoulders and win games. Big Ben, Rodgers, Brees, they all do it.

Maybe Henne can be that one day, but he's not that today, and that's my point. Like Joe said, a better QB might have done more (than Henne) with the shots he got (that for one reason or another Henne didn't capitalize on).

The point of that post wasn't to say you love Henne (you just chose to make that the statement you remembered). The point was we need upgrades to the QB, who the QB throws to, who calls the play into the QB, AS MUCH IF NOT MORE than who protects the QB.

I mean, I like Daboll, but don't think he's proven he deserves another shot next year. Worst offensive team last year, then this year, does he share NO blame in that?

Marshall too. That's my "love" if I had one on this team. He doesn't escape my wrath. He's not a shoe-in if you ask me. I think they'll keep him and it would probably be wise to see what he can do with another offense here, but I wouldn't complain if they chose to get rid of him. I know there are upgrades to Brandon Marshall.

I'm just asking you to accept about Chad Henne, forget the chances he wasn't given, forget the horrible Coaching he was given, forget the Wildcat and Henning and all that, just based on his play alone, based on what he did as far as TDs, INTs, 3rd down completions, red zone efficiency, is he upgradeable? That's all I'm asking, can he be upgraded, or can THIS team realistically win consistently with him?

Solely based on his play, his past, this team's past, I respectfully (and I mean that in all sincerity Poizen, you're my man hundred grand) would say no, Henne's not that guy for this team at this time.

In my opinion, very accurate analysis of Players and their futures, Arrmando.

T.O. just finished his workout.

All together now......

NO TO T.O.!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Breaking news!!! Dolphins looking to bring in JP Losman as a back-up!!!

DC came back swinging...like i knew he would......

I knew you weren't going down that easy.....WNH......were are you at.....I told you DC was tough.....

I posted before.....There are a few guys on this blog that can who can make you look silly if you rattle their cage.....

DC Dolfan is one of them.....

Matt Moore is banged up..

I say we start JP Losman he cant be any worse than Moore.

JP Losman bringing us to the promise land 0 and 16!

Anyone think bringing in new backup QBs the week of the game is going to backfire one of these times when they actually have to play? Moore's not going to last if he takes many shots like 1 in particular I remember from Sunday.

Mick, Ross is obviously waiting for a sign.

Sparano can be replaced today if he wanted.

Ireland will probably last all year since we need somebody to still sign & look for acorns.

Funny how we had all these transactions, cuts & signing frenzy early in the season. Now that the season is lost, all is silent.

Very telling!

I was half kidding, He is waiting for a sign? Maybe like 0-6, the team isn't coached well, they aren't in shape, the effort level is poor, the personnel decisions have been bad, those type of signs? I am not getting on you at all, but really Ross what sign? What Ireland is doing, you can get an intern to do, fire them both asap.


Who cares anymore, season is in the dumps. Moore is going to be pissing blood real soon with the shots he's taking.

I was half kidding, He is waiting for a sign? Maybe like 0-6, the team isn't coached well, they aren't in shape, the effort level is poor, the personnel decisions have been bad, those type of signs? I am not getting on you at all, but really Ross what sign? What Ireland is doing, you can get an intern to do, fire them both asap.

Posted by: MickFins | October 25, 2011 at 03:15 PM

I was fully kidding. So, I got you by a half.

In all seriousness, this entire orginization is a joke. At this point, keep em both. It won't matter 1 way or the other.

LOL kris, but for the record, I wasn't trying to rattle Poizen's cage. He's one of my favorite posters on here, and has very good insight as well. He's sensitive when it comes to his...appreciation...of Henne, but we all have sensitivities.

People will know when I'm critiquing their points in a friendly way, and just being a plain a-hole. The other day, I was just an a-hole to oscar canosa. I feel bad about it. But he would tell you my ribbing today didn't rise to that level.

So just wanted to put that out there, don't want Poizen to be offended.

Also, why you tryin' to start stuff kris? I've been in enough wars last few weeks. Got nothing to be upset about.

If we all a new FO, then losing is the best way to get it. So I'm all smiles. Happy as a clown. Not even crying on the inside. Not trying to get all ignant on posters eating their own. I understand, as Dolphin fans, we're all in the same boat, watching this crap week after week. I think that's punishment enough for all of us. Time to circle the wagons. This is the only place I can come where folk feel what I feel.

DC, you really have yet to be an as*hole to me.

Oh how I long for the day!

You got me Joe.... Good one, I agree this has turned into a complete joke... I am just angry to have to watch what has become of my favorite pro team, in any sport. Somebody stop the embarrassment year after year.

Now that I broke the story about JP Losman coming to the Dolphins, Armando going to be putting up a blog real soon, like always.

trent richardson RB Alabama

Its not about being offended. the Henne reference was only showing the only QB we had that had some sort of talent was getting hammered. you choose to disagree with that I respect that. But I also am not sure you watched all the games if you truly did not see henne getting hit on the majority of throws. Most of them he completed. So the point of Henne was being a QB that plays at the NFL timing and understands it.

the second point to that was andrew Luck or any of the QB's we draft in that same scenario with this kind of line will naturally be slower and probably be worse sice there is a lag in learning the speed of the game for almost every rookie.

The post had nothing to do with Henne being good or not, but the time being provided for the QB. I would have used Moore as an example, but I think he completly stinks.

but somehow,"my love" for Henne was shown in that post... I don't get it.

I hope the Sparano punches Ireland in the face,
and then I hope Ireland then punches Stephan Ross in the face.
and then I hope Stephan Ross punches Mark Anthony in the face.
And then I hope Mark Anthony Gets Punched by Serena Williams,
and then Serena Williams Sh1ts on Fergie.

Everybody put on your big boy pants...if you are gonna post there will be times you are called to task....besides if you are still here and a true Dolphin fan with this team then you can handle a little controversy

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