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Players should recognize they're auditioning for next administration

The Dolphins are 10 weeks from the kind of transformative change that will spin your head. There will be a new head coach. There probably will be a new personnel boss. And the players you see on your program on game days?

I would estimate that the coming change will sweep many of them out as well.

That simply is the truth of most changes in administration. The players this administration considered treasures may be trash to the next administration. I've seen it happen when Jimmy Johnson blew out Don Shula's players. I saw it when Nick Saban blew out Dave Wannstedt's players. I saw it when Randy Mueller blew out Nick Saban's players. I saw it when Bill Parcells blew out Randy Mueller's players.

Starting next January, somebody will begin blowing out Jeff Ireland and Tony Sparano's players.

(Note to the players on the current roster: This means you! And so if you're searching for motivation these next 10 weeks, consider you're on a job interview with your next boss.)

With that in mind, I want to look at at some of the players who will require decisions when the next administration takes over:


QB -- Chad Henne will not be Miami's starter anymore. He's unsigned next year and might not be re-signed at all by Miami. If he is re-signed, it'll be as a backup. Matt Moore? He's signed through next year. He's got to play better the next 10 weeks to be around.

RB -- Reggie Bush is being misused by this coaching staff, which is why his production is modest at best. The next staff might decide to use him differently and make him something of a specialty player. If not, he's gone ... Daniel Thomas is a rookie who suggests better days ahead. He'll likely be around at least next year.

OL -- Marc Colombo will be gone after this year. He should never have been signed but his ties to the current administration sealed that. He's not good and the next administration will probably recognize that ... Vernon Carey is in the final year of his contract. His fate depends on who is in charge but I wouldn't bet on his return ... Center Mike Pouncey will be here for years to come ... left guard Richie Incognito will likely be here barring some unforeseen circumstances ... Jake Long will be here with the next administration and probably the one after that as well ... A new administration may be a blessing for John Jerry because the current administration sees him as something of a disappointment, depending on who's opinion you ask.

TE: Charles Clay is only a rookie and has shown a flash of talent. He's too young to discard ... Anthony Fasano is a good soldier so most administrations like that. But ultimately his playing talents will determine his fate, which I would say looks good short term but nothing beyond that. Depends on what kind of offense the next coach runs ... Jeron Mastrud and Will Yeatman are guys. Impossible to predict how much they'll improve or not or how much next coach will like or loathe them.

WRs: Brandon Marshall is an acquired taste. Yes, he's talented. But yes, he's not productive to the heights of his contract. As the next administration is not tied to the decision to bring him here for two second-round picks, getting rid of him will be easier ... Davone Bess is dropping too many passes to be totally secure beyond this season. If he steps up his game, his spot seems much more secure ... Brian Hartline is a favorite of the current administration. No idea how the next administration will feel ... Clyde Gates has not been very productive as a rookie, but most later-round rookies are not. He will likely get next training camp to show he belongs ... Same with Marlon Moore ... Roberto Wallace has to prove he's healthy, improved and among the best five or six to stick around next year.


DL: Paul Soliai is expecting a big payday this offseason and I have serious doubts that payday will come from a new administration that has time to rebuild the entire team through the draft and won't be held hostage on money matters. So I'd say it's 60-40 against him returning under a new administration ... Jared Odrick is a young guy and relatively productive as a bacup so he's back ... Randy Starks is signed through 2012 so he's likely back ... Phillip Merling is unsigned and unproductive so he is gone ... The plan of this administration was to re-sign Kendall Langford but then the season began, the team stunk and owner Stephen Ross put the stop sign up on re-signing players that are only borderline productive. Langford has his best game Sunday, if he has 10 more like that he comes back. If he doesn't, his chances of returning are 50-50, depending on who is making the call ... Tony McDaniel is signed through 2012. He's not great and not terrible. He's a role player and so he's got a role player's chances of returning ... Igor Olshansky is unsigned after the season so his chances of returning are 50-50 at best. I do like him at the right price, but I can confirm I will not be running the team next year.

LBs: Jason Taylor is playing his final year with the Dolphins and likely his final year overall. A new administration is unlikely to bring back a 38-year-old player to start a new tenure in a new town ... Cameron Wake is signed through 2012 so he'll be back ... Karlos Dansby had perhaps his best game on Sunday. He's excellent against a downhill running offense. He's signed through 2014 so no use making an extra hole to fill when you've got a pretty solid player in the spot already ... Kevin Burnett is a curious guy. He's hurt the team more than he's helped. No idea what the next administration will decide there. He's obviously not a slam dunk to keep ... Koa Misi will likely be back, but unless his production increases, he cannot be assured that he would start for the next coach and general manager. Their commitment to him won't be like the current coach and GM ... Jason Trusnik is a role player. He's neither an absolute keeper or guy one gets rid of.

DBs: Please use your heads and not your hearts here. Don't shout kill Sean Smith or dump Vontae Davis just because ... Both are signed for next year. Both are young. Both will be back. But both will have to compete in training camp because I expect the next administration to look at CB as a need ... Both safeties are in the same boat. Strong safety Yeremiah Bell is starting to get up there in age. The free safety spot is probably the second-highest need on the team behind QB. This defense does not have a playmaker in the secondary. The free safety as that guy is a blessing -- just look at the teams like Pittsburgh and Baltimore for proof ... Jimmy Wilson is getting better and will be back no matter who the coach is, assuming he keeps his nose clean ... Nolan Carroll will have to win a job next preseason.


Kicker/Punter/LS/RET: Brandon Field might be in the Top 3 in the league and definitely in the Top 5 ... He'll be back ... Dan Carpenter is solid but I wouldn't be surprised if the next administration will bring competition to camp for him ... John Denney is still excellent, but just as he surprised Ed Perry many years ago under a new coach, he has to be vigilant to falling to a similar situation based on his salary ... The Dolphins will be searching for returners in 2012.


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One could make a strong argument that Chad Henne was the 2nd best QB drafted out of the 2008 class. There, I said it.

I get more grief on this blog than I do in NJ from Jet fans. Even they are sympethetic to our plight.

Go figure.

Good practice Armando, safe for you, but sound. Nice production, nice delivery, good execution. I think if you can deliver like this after a game situation, you just might help turn this thing around.

ATTA BOY MANDO! Heck, I'll even go for the Corinthian Leather!

Chris in 623.....please make that argument.....

DC.....I was actually talking about New Head Coach Wanted......

Not Poizen.....

I didn't see where Poizen said anything controversial....

Anyone who has watched the games can not really argue the maturity and growth of chad henne.. look around at the other young qbs, flacco,ryan,freeman and tell me who is doing all that well. and then look at kolb,palmer, etc. the truth is HENNE is and will be a good nfl qb. if we get luck i feel sorry for him one mistake and the fan base will be all over him.

Joe, you're day's coming, lol.

Poizen, how about this? Forget the love thing. Let's start again. You said Henne was negatively-affected by the oline. I agree. Discount those plays. WE BOTH said drops were a huge factor in redzone efficiency, so we agree there too. Discount those plays too.

Someone brought up Robo-Henne, I disagree. Maybe he locked on to receivers more than we would have liked, but next to Moore Henne looks like freakin' Rodgers. AND compared to 2010 Henne, 2011 Henne was Mike Vick, so I give him those positive plays he created himself with his feet.

I give you all those plays that I'm not considering and ask you not to consider either. All we have left is the plays where Henne had time and receivers were open, yet the play wasn't successful. Just those plays alone. Would an Andrew Luck or another franchise-caliber QB take advantage of those plays and make them successful purely based on their own talents in your humble opinion?

Overthrows, not leading the receiver, errant passes, etc. I know there's lots of factors, but I'm just trying to focus in on what a QB can affect. Those other things are kinda out of his realm, but strictly on what a QB can affect, was Henne elite, or do you think that can be improved on?

My opinion is there are QBs I see in the league today, or on the horizon, who might (should) be able to do more with those areas that are in their control than Henne has been able to.

Is that a fair assessment to you?

Speaking of Controversy....


I'm still waiting....and less patiently now....

You a self-proclaimed internet TOUGH GUY....

Thought you would have dusted yourself off by now....

I'm leaving soon.....then you can come out and post again.....got it......

I've never been a Henne guy but if you take a look at the 2008 QBs after Matt Ryan there's Joe Flacco, a few backups and a couple 3rd stringers or guys out of the league. Flacco isn't completing 50% of his passes in his fourth year. Not good. He has an elite defense and talent around him. He doesn't elevate the team in my opinion. Matt Flynn is an unknown in large part. Who am I missing?

See what 0-6 does?

Now we've got to stop this cyber bullying!

I knew it was a matter of time before we all started turning on ourselves!

This was all in the plan for Ireland and Sparano, let them suffer, no one quits, soon enough they'll start calling for each other to leave and we'll still be here!

Bwahahaa! And I bet we would've gotten away with it too if it wasn't for those kids and that damn dog!

DC, I have already agreed multiple times to draft andrew Luck, or any of the top 4 QB's this year in the 1st round. we need to get a kid in here that has all the tools that is not shaken.

In the examples you made would Luck hit those throws. I think so.

I did not defend Henne as being an elite talent at any time. I did say he CAN be a top 10 QB and I believe that, still do. His maturity and improvement in just 4 games this year have been GREAT. the next thing that possibly would have come this year is 3rd down effeciency, 4th Q performance and Red zone quality. He was an improving QB.

I do not remember him missing wide open guys getting a lot of time to throw the ball all that often, not any more than any other QB.

that being said, even if he did not get hurt and he did break the top 10, drafting a NEW young QB needs to be done. Henne has shitlag from the 2 years with Henning. All of the sh*t he had to go through is still there in his game at least a little bit and he MAY never lose it. so drafting a new QB is necessary.

I defended him on here because I think there were far more people to blame instead of him. Not because I like him. I dont own a Jersey of him, and dont like Michigan. I could care less if he is here next year.

I think he will be good, I just think his chances in a Dolphin uniform are slim. A new coaching regime will want their guy, and quite frankly most of the fan base hates him.

I thought we agreed weeks ago that we thought a new QB needs to be brought to Miami. I was in that same boat, maybe different reasons, but same boat.

How long have you guys been waiting for this....

6 games into an NFL season and a few of the next level QBs (not elite...next level).....are struggling a bit (according to the media).....

Bucs 4-3
Falcon 4-3
Ravens 4-2

Dolphins when Henne went out....0-3

Has Henne ever been 4 and 3....i doubt it.....I am positive he has NEVER BEEN 4 and 2....

Whats the most hilliarious from you donks is this.....Henne struggles and you blame everone BUT Henne....

Random QB struggles....and RANDOM QB gets all the blame.....

How Ironic.....

As for the Henne comments, I do think he is going to be a nice steady QB in this league. When he has an offensive philosophy and a system he will know what is expected of him. He NEVER had that in Miami, never...
What many seem to dismiss is that Henne wasn't anywhere close to "the problem" as many were skeptical this preseason. He was one of the few bright spots.
Without proclaiming the kind of career that Phil Simms had, I would say he has a similar QB style to Simms. Now like I said, right coach, right system, I definitely think he can be a very productive QB for a team...

Dolphins apparently had a front office meeting...

Check it out:


What do you guys think?

Kris, Henne gets his fair share of the blame, c'mon man.

I can not wait for him to be off this team, that way this same ol' crap ends.

Penny o-3 when Henne took over. Three QB's hurt so what do you think the problem might be????

I was a college player - indeed I was a QB.

Your analysis is flawed even if you thought it clever. Aaron Rodgers sat the bench for three years - the best QB in the draft - learning how to play. His first couple seasons he held the ball too long and was sacked; he was indecisive.

That line you want to blame was the line that had protected Favre previously when they almost went to the Superbowl the previous year. Your posts contradict your own statements - the Oline didn't lose games all by themselves so we don't need to get better players. But Henne didn't lose games by himself or Jones didn't lose games by himself yet you think we need to make those positions a priority.

Nice try.

You offer a straw man and then attempt to blow it down. That is disingenious. No one has said spend all the focus on the offensive line. No one has said draft an entire line. What has been offered is a QB should be the first pick. The line is then the next priority. Be it through the draft, FA, or trade, you must have a bonafide good line. Perhaps the word priority threw you off a bit. I could refer you to Websters but let me try being more tactful.

Let me explain this in simple terms. We need a right guard and right tackle. After we select a QB in the first round, when we are getting ready to select in the second, we say we need a guard... is this guard the BPA or is there a WR/RB/FS/CB etc that is a superstar... you take the BPA. It isn't a draft by need or draft by BPA, they aren't mutually exclusive terms. If that isn't understandable, I could try drawing you a picture in crayon.

No one is on this blog believing they influence the Dolphins - other than Armando; they are on here to vent about the Dolphins, throw ideas out there, and try to make themselves feel better about the current situation. Some ideas are dumber than others and we should educate those people and point out the errors of their ways.

As far as the other poster, you will have to do better than that. We all rely on information from external sources - including stats. You then analyze the information. Simply regurgitating someone else's ideas or information contributes little.

All in good fun.

would you do a piece on who the fins can realistically sign as head coach and GM? Even though Ross has talked with Cower, seems he has his hopes on coaching the Giants - Dungy has already stated in an interview he will not return to coaching - Fisher, I haven't read anything about him but I am tired of this revolving door mentality - lets try this guy - he sucks, lets try this other guy for all of the 21st century - do you realize that the entire 21st century so far has been one coach and one QB after another and none have worked out. How is it that other teams can sign a coach and keep him there for several years - someone who can spot talent and charge up a team? I want to know the secret because this organization does not seem to know either. Hate to say it but this season 0-16 - don't think Luck will come here so I think the suck for Luck thing has run it's course - how do you think he feels hearing all that crap? Landry Jones would be a good pick if the fins could get him - if Luck stays in school or pulls an Eli Manning punk thing Jones will probably be the number one pick. THE FINS NEED A WINNING COACHING STAFF, NOT A STOP GAP FOR A YEAR OR TWO OR SOMEONE WHO IS FLYING BY THE SEAT OF HIS PANTS. COME ON GET YOUR HEADS OUR OF YOUR A......SAND.

What I saw Sunday was a defense that looked hungry, motivated and ready to win, but our offense looked like they were going through the motions with no fire, no drive, no competitiveness!

Had our offense given half the effort the defense did early on in the game I fully expect that our defense would have sucked it up at the end and delivered us a victory.

Matt Moore was the only guy on offense that looked like he wanted to tear it up, but too often he was the only player on the field for our O. Too many other O players were sleepwalking all game long, B-Marsh the dropper, once again put us behind the 8ball when it counted most, he is not clutch, he's not even throw-out bearing!

But our offense was so lame all day long, they took the life out of the defense. Plain and simple it wasn't the lefty that beat us, we beat ourselves!

Did the offense get beat for 15 points in three minutes?

This team wants to win; they aren't coached to win. They certainly are handicapped by the talent deficit.

Armando, that's a ridiculous article. The way you write it, 80% of our starters will be back. Makes no damn sense.

Let me rewrite for you:

WRs - ALL GONE except for Marshall, Bess (maybe Gates but he strikes me as a bust)
TEs - ALL GONE except for Clay
DLs - Soliai, Merling, McDaniel GONE (pretty please Langford stays), Odrick on thin ice
LBs - ALL GONE except for Dansby, Wake (if JT wants to keep wearing a Fins jersey, damnit whoever is coaching should let him. He's been here way longer than any of the idiot coaches we've had over the past decade +, and means way more to me as a Fins fan than anyone ownership brings in. I soured on this administration as soon as they mistreated him - it's about the fans, and they never realized that/were too smug in their talents. Guess who was right and who was wrong on that one?)
CBs - only Smith, Davis, Wilson stay
OL - keep Long, Pouncey, Carey. Everyone else GONE

This team is 0-6 and headed towards 1-16 (if we're lucky to even get 1 damn win). Next administration is going to CLEAN HOUSE.

But the most important cut? JEFF IRELAND.

*1-15. My math skills go to crap when I get in a rage.

DC Dolfan and others, I work in NJ with mostly Jet fans, even the Jet fans are coming up to me and saying how badly they feel for me!! How much more pathetic can it get? The only win I see possible is either KC or Wash. and I don't care if we even win one this year. I'm numb at this point. If we could change the owner, that would help but we're stuck with the idiot and hope he makes the right choice for HC. We need instant credibility when a HC is announced that will put this team in rebuild mode immediately. I believe fans are so hungry to see this team resurge that they will come back and fill the stands...but the HC and GM are keys.

I think we need a better offensive line to protect the QB . I also think Henne will be good but needs time to develop and i think he wont develop fast enough for the dolphins to keep him around. The dolphins need a QB coach that can help the next QB get ready faster and I think luck would be the best fit for the dolphins , now there's a good chance we don't get him so the dolphins need to i think trade up to get him and or trade for a elite QB and stop getting these patch job QBs or draft a QB in the 2nd rd and expect that he will be good in 2 yrs in a system that has no veteran QB for him to sit behind and learn . we need a good QB coach and i think Marino should be that QB coach . Without a good offensive line the QB has no chance so we need that to so I would trade not the coming yrs 1st but the following yrs 1st and 2nd for Pouncey in pit as hes young and proven and that would give you a solid start for a line at least protect the QB's blind side . We also need to either use bush the way he should be used or trade him . Either way we need a good RB to carry the load until the QB is ready to throw alot of passes to open the run up . We also need a good WR to help Marshall out and im thinking we can get that WR in the 2nd rd of the upcoming draft . We also need a good FS and a DL so until we can draft sum we need to find cheap but effective patch work and use our LB's to help out our DL and we have to hope our secondary can hold down the back end and not give alot of yards i mean our CB's are young and talented but need to develop more. But there is no ways for us to fix our team in one season . so you have time to develop Luck if we get him . and Id rather have a young QB to develop a few yrs until we get all our needs filled then go out and get an elite QB and have less to work with and not be able to build the team up right. the elite QB will help to lead u to a maybe 8-8 season but when you have as many needs as the dolphins then a elite QB at this stage makes no since really. Bottom Line Dolphins need to build though the draft and stop getting patch work guys once u fill ur needs through the drafts then u can get the veterans to help your team to make that push to win and build that dynasty .

I also think we have to have a new coaching staff that will build this team up from the ground up and not leave . both the staff and Ross would have to understand this is not a 2 yr build and compete for the Superbowl . This is a complete rebuild to build a dynasty so bout 4-5 yrs rebuild will need to take place so they both will have to be able to understand that and be able to coexist and work together.We need a prove coaching staff maybe Charlie Weis as OC (he works with what he has and finds ways to produce ) and for HC i think Bill Cowher and QB Coach Dan Marino , DC id say try to get one of Dick LeBeau ,Mike Nolan,Jim Bates if possible

what do you guys think of a new uniform change?

the one we have is kinda gay..i mean aqua , and whats with the funny dolphin with a helmet on the top going thru a hulu hoop ?

i say change it to a darker green and just the face of a meaner dolphin

I like the Classic uniforms, reminds me of the dolphins tradition and the old days

Why do you guys post with all caps? I just skip over any post in caps.........it's annoying!!

The Dulfins have more problems than a math book. Ala Deon.







Shaun Smith sucks, Davies is an under achiever, Bell is the only keeper of all of the safeties, Bess and Bush would be stars in a team like New England. Bellicheck would jump on Bess in a heartbeat if available. When this defense playcalling is an agreessive one, they excell, when they sit back, they bocome one of the worse as we have seen many times so the jury is out.
The GM is going to make most of the difference in the future but after seeing how this buffoon owner makes an arse of himself and the team, I do not trust him as far as I can throw him in having the foresight to make the right personel call.

To the idiot that blamed our poor record on the fans.......bring in a belechek and get this franchise turned around and you will see the greatest fans in the world going nuts......Dolphin fans are hungry for a good caoch and scouting.

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