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The plan if the Dolphins don't recover

Dolphins owner Stephen Ross will be at tonight's game between the Dolphins and Jets. He will attend with hopes his team can win its first game of the season.

But if the Dolphins don't win and continue to struggle though the season, sources are telling me Ross has a plan for his team that will take effect as early as January. The plan includes a new coach, a new quarterback and probably a new general manager, accofrding to a source familiar with Ross's thinking.

So if you want to know what the plan is for the quarterback spot click here.

If you want to know what the plan is for the coach, click here.

If you want to know if general manager's status with the team is secure or not, click here.

And come back later today and tonight for the live blog of the Dolphins at Jets game.


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That could happen.

ross is boss

LOL!!! What a nerd.

Anyway, Ross is planning on attending the game tonight? Why wouldn't he attend the game? Its like a father not attending his daughters wedding.

January is a long time to wait to get rid of this buffoonish regime. They should be gone as soon as they lose tomorrow.

ross is boss

I think Ross is telling that kind of stories only to calm down the fans.
Too much talk from Dolphins' owner and staff. Let's see actions not promises and false hopes.

In any case, if Sparano and Ireland had some kind of self respect they should resign before getting fired if those rumors turned to be true.

The stakes: which team is going to win first: Colts, Rams, or Dolphins ?
Who are the 3 best QB's in College right now and the most talented ?

I think Ross is telling that kind of stories only to calm down the fans.
Too much talk from Dolphins' owner and staff. Let's see actions not promises and false hopes.

In any case, if Sparano and Ireland had some kind of self respect they should resign before getting fired if those rumors turned to be true.

The stakes: which team is going to win first: Colts, Rams, or Dolphins ?
Who are the 3 best QB's in College right now and the most talented ?

This is the best news in a long time! I particularly like the last quote in the article: “The guy we hire to run this team won’t be learning on the job.”

Did you hear that Ireland and Sparano?

Nothing surprising in this article.
Even someone with limited football knowledge (like Ross) can see Sparano and Ireland are not up to their tasks.

????? NO REALLY!!!!

WTF is up with this Article talk about stating the obvious!!!

Ross is boss. Hey ross toss that regime to the curve. And open your deep wallet to intice a real coach and gm to bringt here talents to south beach ya cheap penny gripping yahoo.

If I know Steven(Hollywood)Ross this is how it will come to pass., New Head Coach..... Al Pacino, Why not, He took was a pretty good coach for the Miami Sharks.., New QB, Adam Sandler, He did a great job for "The Mean Machine" against the gaurds in "The Longest Yard", And GM will be Camaron Diaz, She ruled with a Iron fist in "Any given Sunday..... These are "Any and all" Possible replacements in Mr. Hollywood's mind...

Cuban Menace, your mother and I are very proud of your grades this semester, sweetheart, and we were delighted to see your ballet performance. You looked so pretty and elegant in your dress!

You are turning into such a charming young lady and we could not be happier as your parents, our little princess!

Thank You Papi........

De nada, mi amor.

Ross ya yella belly guttless snake why don't ya fork out da money on getting a winnner on the field buy the best coaches and gm money can buy if you are really interested in providing a winner which I highly dought youz all about business . Funny thing is you can't succeed as an nfl owner so just do us fans and yourself a favour and sell the team to someonethat know what he is doing ya dumb yahoo.

This article is overstating the obvious. But wasn't Parcells a proven star? And what did that turd leave us with? Tweedle dee and tweedle dumber. There is no proof a star will win. We need a guy that is good at picking football players and a coach that is good at making them better. We haven't had a good judge of talent since JJ. While JJ was good a talent judging he was a little loopy. So, I go back to Shula and wish they could clone him.

Sparano whilst he wants his boys to play hard, he doesn't teach them how to win. So while they are running after everyone, they are never leading. You can't play defense and offense against someone. You have to play offensively on both sides of the ball. He doesn't have the qb or the smarts the do either.

When Henne started they basically took the ball out of his hands with dink and dunk bs. It destroyed him as a football player. He wasn't Pennington, so why did they try to make him Pennington?

Of course Ireland is a gonna, Even Idiot Ross knows that this dullard is'nt to be trusted with a first or second pick, He'd pick a 350 LB Offensive lineman..... Bye Bye Jeff.....

Ross you are an idiot.

Please NO "stars". Guys coming out from behind a TV desk (Gruden, Cowher) or off of a long tenure elsewhere (Fisher) are unlikely to have the drive or energy to rebuild and turn a franchise around. Their motivation is a big paycheck to reward their past accomplishments. An "Act II" rarely works as hoped. Don Shula was an "Act II" but he was young and on the rise when he came here from Baltimore. I would MUCH rather see people who are "up an comers". Consider someone like Joe Philbin (OC from Green Bay) as head coach, and Eric DeCosta (Dir. of Player Personnel) from Baltimore. Phlbin is part of a historically good offense. DeCosta is part of a front office that ROUTINELY finds great talent. Any hire is a gamble. But recent success seems less risky that success from a decade ago.

What a non reportable article. Nothing new here except maybe a new anonymous source. Three links to the same article, three strikes your out.

Two points if I may:

1) Ross should have made this move last year if not the previous year.

2) To yeah: remember what the good book said: "Those who will be first will be last and those last will be first."

Joe Robbie's corpse

Jam, like you, I'm on board with dacosta. I mentioned him on this blog last year too. I want up and comers not guys with full bellies looking to ride into the sunset.

Here we go again! another rebuilding era for Miami, 3years of 6-10.

Joe Robbie

So you are saying

1. They should have done it last year so we would have a better chance at being first
2. We shouldn't strive to be first.

You make no sense.

As far as that good book goes, don't forget there were many thousands of years of civilization before all versions of that book were even written, and nobody missed it.

Very funny, Armando, Three links to the same page. I fell even if I saw it coming. Shall I laugh or shall I cry?

I say, let's go for Fisher. He hasn't win a SB and he will want it.

My guess is Bill Cowher will be the next head coach. It appears he likes miami and is the type of coach Miami needs. No nonsense. Cowher built a good steeler franchise, and I'd love to see him do the same at Miami. The question is who has Ross' ear on football matters.

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But thats just me

Soiled :)

I like Gruden as the next coach.

Just read the article....and imo....this was the best part....

"Ross wants a franchise quarterback at the helm in 2012. He is said to be committed to veer away from any attempt that would add a “caretaker” quarterback as a potential starter. He is said to be tired of watching the Dolphins field backups disguised as starters".

Those of you who considered yoursel "true fans"....need to read that TWICE....

because it's obvious that Mr. Ross and his staff clearly agree with us realist......you got that Odin....

No more blinders....Mr. Ross has given all of you permission to take them off with out consequence or fear of being labeled a "bad fan"....

C'mon over Craig M....Poizen....and many other others....the water is fine....

Well I don't blame Ross that much, except he should have cleaned house at the end of last year, he inherited these guys and in the beginning and they weren't all that terrible at first, but it has been a steady decline the last few years and it should be clear to anyone that Tony is not a good head coach and Ireland has not brought enough talent to this team,and both of these guys had no experience, and this is not say someone with no experience can't be successful because it does happen it just doesn't happen right away most of the time and in this business you have to win right away and be good.Tony and Jeff had their shot they were just not up to it, had we not had Pennington in 08, 11-5 would have never happened.Tony in my opinion is a terrible coach, Jeff the GM, it is hard to tell sometimes because players do take time to develop but I think if he was good you would have seen at least one impact player from his drafting in 4 years and I am not talking about a linemen, I am talking about a game changer like maybe Dez Bryant or someone, Koa Misi, Ordick these guys are high draft picks and give us nothing and that hurts, the problem is most of these gm guys like Ireland want to be a genius a pick players nobody heard of or not highly rated on anyone's board and hope they turn into All Pro's, when you look around the league you see alot of young impact players that we could have drafted this is what I am talking about, and Jeff just doesn't get it he should go right away.

While I agree the coach and GM need to go now, I still don't think the attitude will change for our team, these players don't have the determination to win no matter the odds, I live in PA and watched the eagles play inspired ball for thier coach, who was being torn apart by the fans and media. I've been a dolphin fan since 1970 when i was 6, and I can't believe how bad we have become on the field and off, this team stinks and I fear we are destined to be the next long term loser franchise, I mean look at us we already have a good head start on everyone else in the league. No we need to stay away from Cowher it took him years to create a winner, and I remember the media and fans here wanted him out. Gruden walked into a perfect situation from Dungy, and Fisher never got it done. I dont know who the answer is but I don't get paid for that, hopefully Ross will find someone. Also what's up with all these stars owning our team, what a joke, the day he sold a minority share to some celeb that doesn't know anything about ball, I almost walked away, but couldn't abandon my team, Ross is turning a once proud franchise into a circus. Look at other teams, that were rebuilding when we were, and where are they now, Atlanta has made the playoffs numerous times, Detroit enough said, Oakland improved, even Carolina is competeing regularly. I'm afraid fellow finfans we are in for another long haul of subpar play and rebuilding with no end in sight. But let's do it right this time, get rid of all players that don't put forth 110% and hire quality mgmt and coach. I'll never give up on the fins, but I must admit my resolve is waivering. Someday I hope to get to Miami to see a game in the hallowed grounds of our home field and enjoy the atmosphere, but I'll wait till the rebuilding is over, just hope I'm still young enough to enjoy it. Go Miami.

Bad GM's result in bad teams.
Fire Ireland.
By the way, it looks like Rich Spielman has worked his magic with the Vikings. Didn't take long, did it?

Cowher will not stick it out for the long haul! I don't want to waste another 4 years for a retread coach and be back to 2011.

Dear Mr. Salguero

So are you saying NO MORE ACORNS ?

are theys NUTS !

Anywhoooo here's to the new G.M......bring on the prostituts.

Soiled :)

I really hate when I read a post that say's

"In any case, if Sparano and Ireland had some kind of self respect they should resign before getting fired if those rumors turned to be true"

First, they are not going to resign!
Second, if they did resign, they would forfeit the rest of their contract and money they are owed. No coach resigns because if he gets fired he is paid anyway!

Further more if this story holds true then Ross will be the type of owner everyone wants.


kris, I HAVE to believe the guys you mentioned (odin/Craig/Poizen) understand Chad Henne is NOT a franchise QB. He's possibly a serviceable QB in this league, a caretaker, like a Rex Grossman, like a Jason Campbell, like a Matt Hassellbeck. And don't get me wrong, those types of QBs CAN lead teams to SBs. Maybe even win one every now and then. What those types of QBs WON'T do (consistently), is lead dynasties (elite teams) for consecutive years. Sometimes, but so much else needs to happen that most teams don't hit on all the other necessary things enough to make it happen.

With that said, it should only surprise a rock deep inside a cave that the NFL elite teams today have elite (or bordering on elite) QBs. QBs that can make things happen EVEN WITHOUT help from the rest of the team. Indy should show everyone what ONE PLAYER can do for a team. Or the Pats. Worst defense in the league and still winning. Who wants to defend the old adage that defense wins championships? All you people living in the past need to wake up to the changes in football nowadays.

I'm happy Ross gets it. I'm happy we're FINALLY going to get a FIRST-ROUND QB, which doesn't guarantee anything, but makes it SO MUCH more likely you'll find a franchise QB than not. And once you have that QB, you can build a team around him (instead of the other way around). This is a much more intelligent (and likely to succeed) strategy than we've tried here in the past.

Add to that a HC with a brain and a GM who can hit on talent acquisition more than this current GM (especially in the upper rounds as opposed to later rounds) and you might have a recipe for success.

Ross takes a lot of heat, but he aggressively went after Harbaugh! Look what he has done in SF with the same players Singletary had! A good coach will get his players to play well. I don't think anyone would be whining about winning games if he got him. NOr do I think people would be sobbing for Sparano's feelings.

Also, I'm COMPLETELY unfazed today. I'm very laid back and don't have strayed nerves (like normal game days). For me, tonight (and rest of Season honestly) is a win-win. If we win, we (fans) win. If we lose, we (fans) win too. How do you win by subtraction. By understanding the goal isn't to win A GAME, but build A DYNASTY to win lots of games over the course of many years (hopefully including a championship or four). That's how you can accept losing the battle (if you know you're on track to win the war).

Yeah! - you rock! Good show, man! I can hear the collective sighs from the Herald IT department.


no more;


DC has got it right again.
I watched the Pats/Cowboys game yesterday and the Pats won again.
That win tied Belichick & Brady with Shula & Marino as the best HC/QB combo in NFL history.

Us Dolphins fans had such a long run at winning it became second nature...we started every season at 7-0 then folded down the stretch.

We need that HC/QB combo again, that's why I am 100% behind the Cowher/Luck combo for next year.

Yea, Cowher is retired and is long in the tooth, but his wife passed away last summer and his children are almost done with college...he is hungry and ready to for a return to the NFL.

PS - Mr. Ross.......Please do not put Gruden in the same category as Cowher when you make your new HC decision next Jan.

Dear Mr. Salguero

Can you or anyone of the other fellow Phin fans tell us how much money Bill Parcells and Jeff Ireland spent on the groceries over the last few years.

Buying out of date food or just items on sale with coupons then having a fry cook turned executive chef = worst dinner party ever.

Dinner for smucks

Soiled :)


ALL of your posts are lame posts.



Marino/Shula won their games in an era where the Defense was allowed to play football too

ALoco.... winning percentage, that was all I was trying to say.
I'm painfully aware that Shula/Marino never won the SB.


DC.....I know Craig M and Poizen have come around....you know me...I gotta stir the pot....

Odin....well thats another story....you can throw Price Master into that list as well.


You are such a geek, please don't send my computer a virus, I'm just stating the obvious.

Anyways, guys I hope we win tonight, but we'll probably lose and as far as the "suck for luck" Indy and St Louis IMO are worst than us.

I spent this weekend watching college QB and I'm offically on the RG3 bandwagon, even with a crappy OL this guy is deadly accurate when given time and he can flat out run. The only issue is I don't think he takes as much snaps under center as a NFL team would like. Never the less he's a good one, guys please watch this guy at least once and get on the RG3 bandwagon!

Bob Stoopes for HC...have him bring the Oklahoma Offensive system to the NFL. You want innovation, change the landscape, be the forerunner for once. 4-5 WR sets, create something new and lasting. Challenge defenses to put the spotlight on their #4 CB or #3 Safety. Think about how we've suffered with our #4 CB Carroll and #3 S Jones, now extrapolate that out to a full NFL season.
That would also relieve the sadness at missing out on Andrew Luck (with the patented Dolphin luck) by picking #3 or 4 and picking up Landry Jones as our franchise QB.
Think before you flame

All I got to say is, don't wait for January Mr. Ross


I'm not sure what you're referring to. I've been in the camp of replacing Henne and Sparano for a little while now. I might like them as people but the results aren't there. I'm not quite ready to push Ireland out the door but it's not because I'm a staunch supporter. I'm more on the fence on him. I need to think that one over more. Guys are quick to point out his mistakes but none of us know whether those mistakes are his or the fact Sparano and the coaching staff can't get the players to play better. I think we've got a lot of guys not playing full out and that's not on Ireland. People can talk of all his mistakes but there's two things with that. He's only had full control of this team for about a year now. We can only REALLY judge what he's done in the last year or so. Also, there are mistakes all over the league, it's not just Ireland. Pats miss on Ocho and Haynesworth and a number of draft picks. Jets miss on Gholston and Mason. Bills miss on Spiller and Maybin. There's mistakes everywhere. How's Sam Bradford looking as a franchise QB this year? How's Braylon Edwards looking? I keep hearing 'Ireland was a fool to pass on Dez Bryant?'. Really? 78 yards receiving yesterday against a mediocre Pats defence and 249 yards receiving for the season. Not great numbers! 561 yards receiving last year. Headcase off the field. I'd say this story hasn't been written yet. Looks like he was right to stay away from drafting Mark Ingram in the first and guys like Demarco Murray. There were many of us who wanted these moves. Maybe he's not as dumb as everyone would have us believe. Give me someone who's clearly better and I'll listen. Otherwise, I think I want to see what Ireland can do with a better head coach.

aloco,cook up some ox tail.

So, we hope things change for the better. We'll have to wait and see. Got it.

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