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The plan if the Dolphins don't recover

Dolphins owner Stephen Ross will be at tonight's game between the Dolphins and Jets. He will attend with hopes his team can win its first game of the season.

But if the Dolphins don't win and continue to struggle though the season, sources are telling me Ross has a plan for his team that will take effect as early as January. The plan includes a new coach, a new quarterback and probably a new general manager, accofrding to a source familiar with Ross's thinking.

So if you want to know what the plan is for the quarterback spot click here.

If you want to know what the plan is for the coach, click here.

If you want to know if general manager's status with the team is secure or not, click here.

And come back later today and tonight for the live blog of the Dolphins at Jets game.


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I have come around. I'm man enough to admit you guys were right. As to my above post, I'm not ready to throw in the towel on Ireland yet but it may not matter. The new head coach may decide he wants his own personnel guy. I'm fine if that's how things shake done too.

Good call Mark in Toronto. I'll say it again...PLEASE no "Act II" big names. I get the allure of Fisher, Gruden and Cowher, I really do. But we went there with Jimmy Johnson. We went there with Nick Saban. We went there with Bill Parcells. To some extent we even went there with Dave Wannstedt (remember when he was named coach of the year in '94 for the Bears?) Do we really want to risk going there again?

Look at how much the game has changed in just in the past few seasons. Would you rather roll the dice on someone who has been away, or someone with current success, and the energy needed to take on a major rebuilding project?

Why not gamble the way Detroit did with Jim Schwartz, or Atlanta with Mike Smith, or Baltimore with John Harbaugh? They brought fresh coaches in - AND paired them with new, bright, up and coming GM's. Now these organizations acquire good talent, hit more than miss, win more than lose, and coach them up in TODAY'S NFL, not that of a few years ago. And now those teams mirror the men brought in - up and coming, energized, bright futures.


After watching some of the action on the weekend, I am now convinced we're going to get some real competition for that number one pick. The Colts, Rams, Vikings, Jaguars and likely Seahawks are at least our equals as far as ineptitude goes. I'd be shocked if the Rams and Colts are able to win a game this year. Only consolation is they play in bad divisions. We may be faced with the reality that we only have a top 5 pick. Rams would likely deal the first pick if they have it. They have too much invested in Bradford. I'm now convinced that it's going to be hard to get that number one pick. We may be looking at Landry Jones as a good consolation prize or we may need to trade up to get the first pick. I would think an exchange of firsts, Marshall and 2013's first might be enough to get it done. I would do it if we're going to miss out of Luck or Jones.

I'm sorry, I love the Dolphins as much as the next person but, it's because I love this team, I would rather see them continue to lose as many games as possible this year. I'm not saying they should lay down and lose on purpose but, if losing more games means the end of Sparano and Ireland and the possibility of getting the franchise quarterback, I can't think of a better scenario.
I would love to see this team make the playoffs and become a perrenial powerhouse but it's not going to happen with the current regime. That much is obvious. So, if Ross is serious about making the changes that will make a difference and aggressively going after a head coach/gm that could help turn things around I hope they continue to lose to ensure the eventual firing of the current coach and gm.

If I'm Miami picking in the top 5 and the rams have that top pick, I offer my entire draft to pick 1. I wouldn't settle for 2nd or 3rd best.

R.BUSH...................... 5 MILLION A YEAR AND WHAT DID HE DO SO FAR ?

2 YARDS A GAME /////////////////




GATES...SAME THING............


"We can’t afford to take that gamble,” the source said. “The guy we hire to run this team won’t be learning on the job.”

Hallelujah Ross does have a brain. This is exactly what I've been calling for. No more assistants trying to learn on the job. Time for someone who's been there and done it. No it doesn't guarantee a super bowl, but which move does? What this guarantees us is that someone is going to come in who will command respect immediately from the players. He will have more experience then the veterans and there will be no second guessing from the players about his coaching. No more kissing the a%&es of the players and telling them they're doing well when they obviously are not.


Not so sure I'm liking the sound of the football czar thing. Just because Parcells didn't work out in that role doesn't mean the next guy will; fail but who is really out there to be had? It makes me think he's lining up Petersen for that job and that scares me because at the end of Petersens stay in KC that team went downhill fast and they never were really at the top while he was there as far as I remember.

Rob Ryan!!! Got the guts, (and the gut), the right attitude, right DNA and players will put themselves in front of a moving train for this guy! Forget the coaches who are now in the booth, they like the hours and the pay. Put Rob Ryan on the sidelines and fans should come out in long haired gray wigs in support of Ryan! You have to love what he can bring to this city! Attitude and swagger....you've got to love that for the "new" Dolphins! And let's get new uni's that have some darker aqua and orange...let's start his whole thing off right!

We all need to hope that this team lands the number 1 spot in the draft. Trading up to get the number 1 will make it only more difficult to rebuild. Even if they land Luck at #1 they may end up giving away a future #1 and maybe a current #2. The perfect scenario would be for them to be able to get that franchise qb and be able to trade back into the first rd and also get either right guard like DeCastro or a right tackle. A franchise quarterback is a start but this offensive line sucks so bad that even if they get a franchise quarterback he may not be able to do much with the current cast of characters on the line; other than long and pouncey.
A pulling right guard needs to be a strong 2nd priortiy followed by the right tackle. They need to get someone to run this team who will be extremely aggressive at going after players. Otherwise, it will be another wait and see situation. jmho

I agree Craig. I was initially thinking we're so dysfunctional that it wouldn't matter, but now I see there are truly horrible teams (and yes, probably worse than us) out there. Indy is NOT good. Minnesota is NOT good (also shows you the importance of RB since they have the best RB in the league, but that doesn't equal wins).

We'll have to truly SUCK if we get in a position to draft LUCK. I don't know if we can be that bad ALL Season. Even with a backup QB, albeit one who is very experienced in taking a team over mid-season.

Harbaugh's (initial) success in SF makes Ross look a little smarter than just another "know nothing".

Mark in Toronto,

It's an interesting dilemna. I think there's one guy who stands above everyone else in Andrew Luck and there's another guy who is going to be a good NFL QB too, in Landry Jones. I don't know which way I'd lean right now. I think you and I are in the same camp in terms of having to replace Marshall. If we do that, then we're going to have to come up with a number one WR also. We might need to hang on to some of those picks.

Craig M,

Dont forget to mention RG3, he's has potential to be a good one. I'll take him over Landry Jones.

So Vince Young enters the game and.............
THROWS AND INTERCEPTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Then he leaves.................................

Donovan McDRABB gets benched for a rookie!!!!!!!

So glad the Dolphins did not after these two bozos.

"Why not gamble the way Detroit did with Jim Schwartz, or Atlanta with Mike Smith, or Baltimore with John Harbaugh? They brought fresh coaches in - AND paired them with new, bright, up and coming GM's"

Jam with all due respect I disagree. The Dolphins have not had a real NFL head coach since Jimmy Johnson and not ironically we haven't been relevant since then.

Saban,Cameron,Sparano what they all have in common is that they never head coached and NFL team. Wanny was never coach of the year as you stated. He was with the Bears for 6 years and only made it to the playoffs once. His last two seasons the team went 4-12 both times and the Bears fired Wanny the day after the 6th season ended. The Dolphins making him head coach after Jimmy was a huge mistake seeing how many had already pegged him a lifetime college coach or NFL assistant because of his failures as a head coach.

So basically we have had 4 assistants as coaches for over a decade. Saban was a college coach and I equate that as NFL assistant because he had never coached a pro team and it showed. We have been an epic failure since the assistant coach train pulled into Miami and the last time we had a shot at the big game was with Johnson and Shula, two real NFL coaches.

So imo you don't keep doing something that hasn't worked. Don't throw another assistant at us and tell us to be patient while he learns the ins and outs of NFL head coaching.

An interesting story now playing out in Oakland. I believe they have a playoff team but it looks like they are going to lose Campbell for the season. Do they try and trade for Orton or maybe McNabb by tomorrows deadline? If so, how do Denver and Minnesota perform for the rest of the year? I can see both teams really struggling for the rest of the season. So, throw Denver into the discussion for the first overall pick because I don't think anyone there is sold on Tebow. Vikes may struggle the rest of the year if Ponder takes over. These teams need to know what they've got with so many good QBs available in April.

Rob Ryan is a nincompoop. He's like Tony Sparano on steroids. Just what we need, another run first fist pumping jackass cheerleader.

Amazing. The article clearly states the Dolphins are done trusting assistants and will be going after a proven coach yet people are talking about assistants. It's not happening guys, no assistants will be Miamis next head coach so talking about it for the next 3 months will be a monumental waste of time. Perhaps you should start thinking about who you would accept as the new coach from the experienced coaching side of the paper.

If we pick top 10 in the draft we can get a decent QB.

PHINS78............... AGREE ON YOUR POST @ 10;27 AM


I haven't forgotten RG3. Just haven't seen enough of him to be convinced yet. I hear the hype but haven't seen enough of him yet.

Glad you see it too Aloco.

24 to 9 tonite boy's, Three Fist pumps from Fisty...........0 and 5..

Craig, personally I'm fed up playing Granada and pussyfooting around with this franchise. Go out there and get the best. I like Landry Jones too but he is clearly Maryanne to ginger right now. In time Maryanne may age better but right now ginger is clearly the horrid you want.

Craig M,

If you get a chance watch a Baylor game. His best attribute is his accuracy. I think he's 79 or 80 percent on the season. He's a pocket passer first who can run, won the 400 meters hurdle as a freshman. He can def make all the throws, his team got blown out last game like 56 - 35 but Baylor defense is terrible. I encourage you to watch at least a game.

Thank God we didnt take Orton. But he will probably trade for Tebow. What an idiot! By the way. I hope all the Canes fans at the game on Sunday walk out on the UF halftime celebration. What a joke by the biggest joke of an owner in the NFL.

Suck for Luck!!

Craig M.....I respect that you stepped up to the plate...

A lot of others just would have changed their names......

I was all in with Ireland as well.....Like i have said many times...the Cowboys are stocked with talent.....

But as I look again.....maybe Ireland wasn't the trigger man......maybe he was just holding the tail.....

In any case.....I defened Ireland on many an occasion....NO MORE....imo...he must go to.....


I will. I read Armando's comments about him on the weekend and I know he is now a fan.

Kark in Toronto, I was always more attracted to to Maryanne in the first place. Little hottie...

That should have said MARK....

Dolfan66r....I have been meaning to post something very similiar.....

I'm so busy pointing out Craig M's error's in judgement that I haven't had time to admit that I WAS DRINKING THE KYLE ORTON KOOL-AID.....

How silly does that look now......what a donk.....

at least I am only embarrassed.....Orton is not only embarrasses....but also lost out on a butt -load of money....

Talk about foolish pride......

Phins78, we've had "experienced coaches"...how did that work out for us? Yeah, that's how it worked out. I want a coach that is going to stand up and be the face of this team. That is happening in Detroit and San Fran. We need to be driven by a coach that can command and demand the respect of the team, media and more important than media, the fans. Who ever heard of the Detroit coach up until they've been winning? Most people haven't.
A good assistant has been around long enough to know what he wants to do as head coach. I'm not sold on Gruden coming off his stool because life is too good in the booth. Cowher's been out a while and may not miss the stress...who's on your top list!


You may well be right about Ireland, I'm just saying I'm not there yet. There no perfect GMs out there and I'm not about getting rid of a guy just for the sake of getting rid of a guy. I need to see who else is available and who is going to make this team better. I don't see that guy out there. You can take ANY team out there and there will be mistakes made all over the place.

Incidentally, it's interesting that the 49ers replace their head coach and all of a sudden Alex Smith looks like the winning team he was drafted to be. Amazing what a change can do. The Niners have gone from being 0-6 this time last year to 5-1 this year, with pretty much the same team. I'm not advocating keeping Henne to be the starter next year, I'm just saying it's amazing what can happen when all 53 players buy in.

Fukkin phone!!. That should read grabass not Granada and hottie not horrid!

I'm going to throw this Fukkin phone out the window!!


Craig M....good stuff...nothing in there that I disagree with...that foes for both post....

Mark in Toronto....

Thanks for clearing that up....I was wondering if hottid translated to smothing else in Canadian....

I would like to see Sparano go after Rex Ryan ala Schwartz - Harbaugh.

The only difference being that Sparano connects on a right hook and knocks the fat-asss into next week.




Lol, Kris. I've had 5 hours sleep in the last 2 days and combined with this autocorrect feature, not a good combo.


At least that would make for an entertaining season vs watching the actual product on the field.

Aloco.....I have claimed nothing....I merley am commenting on the QUOTE i posted fro Mr. Ross himself......

My post to Craig M and others just states that Mr, Ross and my thoughts on the Dolphins are similiar.....just like many others on here....

nothing more and nothing less

Ross should do the same as Ford and step out of the way , hire a football czar that is committed to the long term and build from the top down . To hire any of the big name coaches and give them control is a massive mistake. They will be like Parcells and move on . Why not give a talented coordinator the job . Would you be upset with Schwartz as the coach or Morris from Tampa Bay .Would a former player like Mayhew be a bad GM.Draft Luck , great who is he going to throw to . Bottom line seats in Detroit are full , the team is winning and certainly you have to like there future. If the Lions miss the playoffs whose management do you feel more comfortable with to make decisions them or the Dolphins .Give me back my team that at least had a shot to win any game they were in . We cant win the Super Bowl every year , but for over 20 years we were always the upper echelon of the league and looked forward to every game , now I just wait for the season to end

ALoco - the Dolphins are 0-4.

You need apologize to the gang of defeat.


Jeez is anyone pump for the game tonight?

Frankly, that is great news, albeit one year too late! But really, what else can Stephen Ross do at this point? Jeff Ireland is a MUST to go. This is non-negotiable with the fan base!


I am dying to see Daniel Thomas rack up 100 yards or more.

anyone rady for a heavy does of 3 point fist
pumps tonight? It sio the Fort Lauderdale Strikers, oops Miami Dolphins against the NY Jets tonight. Maybe they should put a goalie and a soccer goal at the end of the field the dolphins are driving towards, Tony would feel really good about his chances

Daboll throw the ball deep on every play
WTF not..... Nthing to loose mentallity
sad part is we suck

Daboll throw the ball deep on every play
WTF not..... Nthing to loose mentallity
said part is we suck


DT reminds me of a younge Larry Johnson, once he gets more experience he'll be a stud!

suck for luck
suck for luck suck for luck
suck for luck suck for luck suck for luck
suck for luck suck for luck suck for luck suck for luck

F that "suck for luck" if we lose so be it, just put up a fight. I will never understand that thinking.

I too echo the sentiments of the "NO ACT TWO" coaches. However, I do believe Jeff Fisher might be the exception. He's taken a year off and was a heck of coach with the Titans. With subpar QBs during his tenure, it always seemed that his teams we're in contention.

Even with that said, I'd rather the Dolphins hire that "next great coach and that next great GM." No more retreads. Let's get some fresh blood and let's BUILD A TEAM from the ground up.

Phins78 - You make some good points. But all I am suggesting is that the decision makers should not get enamored with a name and past success. Hiring is a gamble either way. What disturbed me about this article was that it seems like the profile has been set in stone. I would rather see an interview process that includes strong candidates, not strong names.

I liked Cowher in his time. Great coach. But he was 1/3 of the success Pittsburgh had. He also had a rock-solid front office and one of the best ownership situations in the league. Sadly we cannot offer him the same. One fear is that we get so ga-ga over a name like his that we give him they keys to everything. And then learn we have another JJ, another Wanny (who was indeed NFC coach of the Year in '94), another Saban, another Parcells. Another attempt to bring a name in. And this one won't likely be looking to share with a GM.

You are right - we've swung and missed on assistants for a decade. Because we hired the wrong ones, while missing on countless other assistants who were ready. Listen to Mike Tomlin speak for just a few minutes. To interview someone like that (which we did) and not see him as a leader ready to take control of your team - experienced or not - is a complete failure to interview.

And I don't see a problem in debating this, even after what Ross has said. This is a forum for fans to toss ideas around. Ross had his say. As a lifelong fan / customer, I see no problem with having mine. I want him to interview based on promise AND credentials AND experience. NOT rule out the next great coach and GM because of who they aren't.

Every single one of the quarterbacks you people wanted Miami to sign in the offseason looks awful.

Every. Single. One.

I know you are unable to admit the obvious so I'll say it for you: You people are CLUELESS. What you guys know about fttoball would fit into a thimble, yet ever admitting it is impossible for you to do.

Yeah, Miami would be sailing along at full steam today had only we signed Orton, McNabb, Kolb, Young (did you see his bonehead play yesterday?), or any of the other names you mentally-deficient wonders touted.

Stick to paint-by-the-numbers and coloring books, kids. Anything more challenging is beyond your grasp.

Oh, and please spare me your "expert analysis" of who the next coach should be, as well. I'd sooner take the recommendation of a blindfolded cat than listen to this uninformed prattle.

Everything I consider about this game makes me believe it's gonna be a Miami win:

-If not for a pair of Romo 4th quarter blunders, Jets would be 1-4. Not much better than us
-Soliai dominates Mangold
-Stopping their run makes Sanchez more prone to errors
-Miami has won 4 of 5 vs the Jets lately & 3 in a rown in NY
-Teams usually respond well to coaching or QB changes
-The jets are probably overlooking Miami this week

Prediction - Miami 17 Jets 16 I wouldn't bet money on it but feel good about it. At worst, I don't think the Jets cover the -6.5

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