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The plan if the Dolphins don't recover

Dolphins owner Stephen Ross will be at tonight's game between the Dolphins and Jets. He will attend with hopes his team can win its first game of the season.

But if the Dolphins don't win and continue to struggle though the season, sources are telling me Ross has a plan for his team that will take effect as early as January. The plan includes a new coach, a new quarterback and probably a new general manager, accofrding to a source familiar with Ross's thinking.

So if you want to know what the plan is for the quarterback spot click here.

If you want to know what the plan is for the coach, click here.

If you want to know if general manager's status with the team is secure or not, click here.

And come back later today and tonight for the live blog of the Dolphins at Jets game.


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I explained exactly how Yeah! was posting first weeks ago. Everyone kept thinking it was Salguero. As a programmer myself, I knew better.

Posted by: Frequent eater at the Buffett of Knowledge | October 17, 2011 at 09:52 AM

Bob Stoopes for HC...have him bring the Oklahoma Offensive system to the NFL. You want innovation, change the landscape, be the forerunner for once. 4-5 WR sets, create something new and lasting. Challenge defenses to put the spotlight on their #4 CB or #3 Safety. Think about how we've suffered with our #4 CB Carroll and #3 S Jones, now extrapolate that out to a full NFL season.
That would also relieve the sadness at missing out on Andrew Luck (with the patented Dolphin luck) by picking #3 or 4 and picking up Landry Jones as our franchise QB.
Think before you flame

Posted by: Frequent eater at the Buffett of Knowledge | October 17, 2011 at 09:52 AM

I agree with Bob Stoops, or maybe Chris Petersen (Boise), Brian Shottenheimer, Cowher, Dungy. Wouldn't mind seeing Leach as an OC.

Even bigger question would be the GM.

dirty trick...all links go to same article. Way to use your fan base to get hits. not nice.

For those of you watching QB's for next year take a look at Nick Foles from Arizona. They play UCLA Thursday night on ESPN. BUT keep in mind their HC was just fired so I have no idea what style offense they will run. I am still on the Luck sweepstakes bandwagon but in case we finish 2nd or 3rd, I like Foles for a fall back plan to Luck.

Football Expert Because It's On TV,

I guess your the expert football analyst, please tell us your football expertise since you know so much. You douchebag!

Football Expert - whoa, calm down friend. I doubt anyone here claimed their analysis was "expert". Just fans having fun talking Dolphins. That's what fans do. And unless you work for the Dolphins in some capacity, I doubt you have to take any recommendations here. So - if you'd REALLY prefer - you are free to go listen to those blindfolded cats instead.

Yes I agree, a good coach has made a world of difference with the formerly putrid Alex Smith and the rest of that team which has now won 4 games outside their lame division, including one of the last unbeaten teams.

It will be interesting to watch what happens with them the rest of season. Especially when you consider that they have 7 games left against the worst division in football. They are probably well on their way to a bye on wildcard weekend and a home divisional playoff game, at the least.

Amazing what a good coach can do.


I remember you stating all that "mumba jumbo" about Yeah! and the geek talk you programmer do. Well you right, what do you want your props there you go.

Is it really necessary for someone to tell us what we all already knew?

We know we aren't GM's. Way to contribute to the blog dopus maximus.

The Niners this year look like the Dolphins of '08. New coach, ball control offence with the emphasis on Smith not to make mistakes and a defence that are playing very well. Smith has only thrown for 1,000 yards in SIX games, with 8TDs and 2INTs. Looks to be on his way to the same type of season that Pennington had in '08. Can you win a championship playing that way? Doubtful! It'll be interesting to see what happens to the team if they meet the Packers or Saints or Falcons in the playoffs.

Blog Fodder,

you have to wonder what Harbaugh could have done with Henne.

Did I ever claim to be an "expert" myself? NO.

But I sure as hell don't share the delusions of some here that they actually know anything. Because the fact of the matter is they DON'T.

I mean it. These are people who display all kinds of righteous indignation when the team doesn't sign or draft players THEY have decided will help, and then when those same players fall flat on their faces they go mute as if they never really meant it.

I'm just calling it out, that's all. No problem with people criticizing Ireland or whoever but the dopes right hwere who prove over and over ad nauseum they are clueless are fair game as well.

Sorry if that stings some folks but it's true.

LMFAO Mark in Toronto

THANK YOU SPIDERMAN!!!! I was gonna say the same thing. Who are you taking your "expertise" from then Football Expert? Sparano? Ireland? PARCELLS? Those idiots sure are proving that they are the knowledgeable ones, right?

Point was, Henne WAS NEVER going to turn this team (franchise) around. That's the point everyone made. That we needed a FRANCHISE QB here, and at the very least a QB that would compete with Henne for the starting job. Not that I'm blaming Henne for this year, but he's been more part of the problem in the past 3 years than part of the solution (which he started being this year).

So people wanted another QB here. And to say those QBs would have played exactly like they are now if they were on this team is the height of stupidity.

So look in the mirror expert. NO ONE here is an expert, we're all FANS you RETARD. We're giving opinions based on OUR ARMCHAIR Coaching. I don't expect the franchise to take everything we say as facts, BUT, WE HAVE been saying a lot of these things last few years (need a new HC, need better talent evaluation, need a franchise QB) and it seemed to fall on deaf ears.

So why don't you go back and listen to Tony Sparano tell you how he'll fix everything ingrate, and see what that does to the team.

Some good points in Peter King's article this morning and stuff from Ernie Accorsi when he was GM of the Colts, back when they drafted Elway. He had a price tag of three first round picks and two seconds for the pick. He never got what he wanted but I think it's fair to say that the price to pick Luck will probably start with THREE first round picks. There will be competition for this pick.

Figured I'd hit a nerve with some of you.

Hey, go on patting each other on the back about how much 'football knowledge' you have when the reality is that any one of you (and myself) would be laughed out of ANY pro football coaching, personnell or scouting meeting the minute you opened your mouths and offerend an opinion.

But if Alice in Wonderland works for you, go for it.

DC, it can actually be argued that some people here were pretty spot on in their assesment of this team over the last couple of seasons.

Everything from it's flaws, it's eventual course & it's eventual crash.

We may not be experts, but, some of us sadly have a better pules on the NFL & this team than the people running it.

We may not be experts, but, some of us sadly have a better pules on the NFL & this team than the people running it.

Posted by: Joe Schmoe | October 17, 2011 at 12:32 PM


Sadly, you actually believe that.

Sadly, you exist :(

Point is, Football Expert, why do you come onto THIS site then? I come here to speak to other fans (like Joe Schmoe) who watch the team and have opinions and see what they think. I don't ever remember Joe (or anyone else) saying they DEFINITELY are the only ones who know anything (or everything, or have a expert opinion of) this team or football in general. So it's you who is misreading people's passionate posts and them believing they are experts. That's on you, not on anyone else.

Again, I ask, why do you come here? Why don't you go to nfl.com or espn.com or any "official" site to get so-called "expert" opinion? I think you might appreciate those sites more, since obviously you have no desire to talk to us lowly fans about the Dolphins.

That's what I don't understand with you or Rocko (the lesbian guy). Why do you come here if you don't appreciate what you get from this site? Believe me bro, no one will miss either of you if you didn't come (trust me, I think I'm right about that without asking everyone else).

Mike Leach as OC...now that's a new and interesting idea. That could be fun.

I loved his offense at Texas Tech. It's mind boggling to me that he's still unemployed.

Agreed Joe, I've learned LOTS of interesting and important things from posters on this site. Some has been off-base, but some has been pretty spot on. Even with drafting. Lots of posters here take the time to evaluate (as best they can) college players. Dunno if they're as good as NFL talent scouts, but if you tell me a good one is right half the time, I'd be willing to take that bet. And that's without them doing this full-time and getting paid for it (imagine how good they'd be if that was the case).

My point is I like to discuss/debate with MOST posters on here. I find their analysis refreshing. Allows me to pin down what I really think by comparing/contrasting with other views.

I guess some people only come here to complain about others though. Sad for them.

fin72, Leach was in the running for HC of Maryland. I wanted him instead of this guy they finally got (that players are already starting to grumble about). I thought he was a GREAT College Coach.

I brought that up once (about him coming to the NFL) and some former players (not NFL, high school, college) said his system might not be applicable in the NFL. But it would definitely be interesting to see if he can transfer that system to the pro's, would definitely change the game.

One last thing Expert. It takes a lot to put yourself out there and take a side on an issue. To have an opinion. Believe me, any idiot can just shoot every opinion down as bad. That takes NO intelligence whatsoever. Don't think you're any smarter than anyone because you can shoot down an opinion. Also, you get NO RESPECT like that.

For a guy like Joe, or dusty bottoms, or Craig M, or anyone else to go out on a limb having an opinion (which they all have) and get clobbered for it (which they all have) takes a lot of guts. That's why I respect posters like THEM and have no respect for posters like YOU. Whether they are right or wrong. At least they take a stand and back-up why they believe something.

You could learn a lot about being a respectable (and respected) person from posters like them. Seriously.

Kris, From this article you think there is some magical paragraph that makes me a non - "realist"? By the way I also never called any one a No-real fan in these blogs.

And here is the funniest part of your first post. You went out of your way to point me out... with a comment from ROSS.

You have claimed he is a clueless owner if I am not mistaken, and all the coaches and Ireland are useless. Now that there is a paragraph that Ross says, that looks like it agrees with your opinion, he sounds like a genious?

I don't think I need to respond any more to that...

Nothing said theree is any more proof that Henne is good or bad, it is an opinion. I still have mine that Henne can and might be a VERY good pro.

I also have said it is time to move on from Henne multiple times. So if it makes your pants tingle to call people out, I am happy you are tingly.

Poizen, don't take offense, I think kris was pointing out posters who in the past defended either Henne and/or this FO.

But both you AND Craig have stated many times since you're on board with changing things since you guys realize what's happening now isn't working.

I really don't hear too many posters (as far as the usuals) on here saying everything is fine as is. Pretty much everyone wants some sort of change (some want more than others).

Ross' intentially leaking news fans want to hear to sell tickets for the remaining home games. The news may not pack out the home stadium, but it will definitely increase ticket sales when fans know serious change will be met by by serious contenders for the forth coming available positions.

We may not be experts, but, some of us sadly have a better pules on the NFL & this team than the people running it.

Posted by: Joe Schmoe | October 17, 2011 at 12:32 PM


Sadly, you actually believe that.

Posted by: Football Expert Because It's On TV | October 17, 2011 at 12:35 PM

Football Expert,
Sadly, it is the truth. I always hated the condescending tone of ex players turned announcer who talk down to the fan during the game and make it sound like we don't know anything about the game. Matt Millen proves that just because you played the game it doesn't mean you can run a franchise. Tony Sparano proves every week that he is incapable of coaching an NFL team and Jeff Ireland has proven is not GM material.
I'm not saying any fan can do it but I would tend to believe there are some fans who would do more justice to this franchise than the circus clowns running things at this time.

It's kind of like saying that our Congressmen, Senators and President are the best choices available and no one else is capable of doing their jobs better. Pleeeaase.

Can we get some Yeah! t-shirts made? :-)

Did Ross say where he will be in January? Don't be surprise if he sells the team. The man does not know football and operation as who would continue to keep a losing produce and wait for sometime to happen to come his way to help. This team is in trouble all around and how can anyone continue to paint a pretty picture.

Fellow FinFans, I'm up in NJ with all the crazed Jet fans-there is nothing I would like to see more than to have the attitude that TRex brings to the his team for us. They're likely going to win tonight because TRex has them pumped and ready to roll. The fans will be pumped and ready to roll. WE HAVE NOTHING to get us started. I'm sick and tired of the line of coaches we've had in and out of Miami. Have we EVER had a Ryan-like attitude loaded, blue collar type coach? Not that I recall. We need a "New Attitude" like the old disco song!DC Dolfan, I'm with you!

Rob Ryan should be the next coach. Gruden signed an extension with ESPN and Cowher won't come here. Ryan frustrates Tom Brady did it with Cleveland and again yesterday the only reason the Pats won is because Garrett did not try to win the game sound familiar (Sparano). Must be a Cowboy trait.

Football isn't rocket science :)

Only a hand full of coaches are innovative and can think for themselves. Most of them are copy cats, who use and update systems that have been around for decades.

They put in long hours of hard work and most can only excel when they have the premier talent on the field.

Needed: innovation, motivator and game day planner. Must be flexible enough to think on the fly and smart enough to evaluate field talent.

Anyone else need not apply :)

ralph ortega, not only do I wonder what Harbaugh COULD have done with Henne, I wonder how much he HAS had to do with Andrew Luck?

Know what I'm saying?

Even Tiger Woods fell off his throne, after a coaching change...

Also, what has Bill/Brady won since they were revealed as cheaters? Not ONE super bowl, that's for damn sure!!!!

Where dat Odin at? I miss your posts & the idiots always trying to diss you. Didn't change your name to greth did you?

I've been here for several years. I read everything and I only post 15-20 times per year.

Sorry. I'm greth not odin :)

Just say no to "Superstar Coaches"!!!!! Get that hotshot coordinator that has fresh ideas, who can get the players to buy into what he's doing, to be the next HC. Cowher or Gruden??? Nope. Not even Fisher... Get that hungry OC or DC who has his finger on the pulse of his players to come in and turn this thing around...

Perhaps the organization should leave Sparano in New York after the game. Maybe he can get a job as a cabbie or something. Matt Moore can be his oil checker.

I forgot, take BM as well - he can check the air pressure in the tires.

Every single time the Dolphins have gone out and hired a head coach in the past 10 years, it's almost as if they were trying to stack the odds agains them. O/L coaches, college coaches etc. People, there are some winners out there, especially now

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