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The Tuesday afternoon postscript on the secondary

To piggyback on the last post, let me update you with what coach Tony Sparano says about some members of the secondary and what seems likely to happen going forward.

Vontae Davis is back practicing after missing two starts. He seems ready to play and will start, barring an unfortunate setback between now and game night at New York. So Nolan Carroll's time as a starter -- an assignment borne of necessity that at times was bigger than him -- has apparently come to an end for now.

Carroll, by the way, seemed to be limited in practice today. So was safety Chris Clemons, which continues to be a frustration to everyone because the Dolphins can foster zero competition at free safety as long as the player who is supposed to be part of that competition is not healthy.

So it will continue to be Reshad Jones starting against the Jets next Monday night. Beyond that

"I hope there's competition at all places for as long as we can have it," Sparano said. "That being said, I've been pleased with what Reshad's done. Reshad missed a few of tackles in the ballgame the other day. That's not a secret. Reshad would tell you that. But this guy's made a lot of tackles. Too many.

"Both our safeties have made a lot of tackles right now. That being said, I've liked some of the things Reshad has done. I've liked most of the things he's done back there. I just wish he'd get his hands on more footballs but at the same time, the ball's got to come to you back there. He's a young player whose done some nice things.

"All that being said, if Chris comes back and gets himself healthy and can compete, that would be good."

So that covers the one cornerback spot and the free safety spot. What of the other cornerback spot manned by Sean Smith?

"I like to see him get his hands on more footballs," Sparano said. "Sometimes the ball's got to come your way to have those opportunities. Prior to the [San Diego] game is when the most balls went Sean's way. Overall, I think he's played three really good games. In the San Diego game I think Sean would tell you there was a play or two thre he wishes he had back. I don't think he played a bad game that game, I'm just saying there's a couple of plays he'd like to have back."

The Dolphins have the No. 31-ranked pass defense in the NFL.


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First John Bonamego got fired.
Then Paul Pasqualoni got canned.
Next Dan Henning got the axe.

Um, Tony, you are out of punching bags.

Do you have the capacity to imagine that maybe you are the problem?


I did think about it. Some suggested Harbaugh was Irelands call. I have no idea, but I'd think old man Ross would respect the opinion of old man Parcells, who was not officially done yet, more than the opinion of little boy Ireland. It's doubtful it was Ross's idea. I'd say if it wasn't Parcells idea, it was Petersons idea, but my initial point was to not give credit to Ross as though it was his idea. So I mean to say, I still don't trust Ross will make the right hire, I think he will go for one of the obvious retread choices rather than any surprise candidate.

Devils advocate, I don't feel that way, and I hope others don't. Do we have a shot at luck? Yes, but it's slim. And rg3 and Landry jones are not bad choices. I want to win games. I want to stop being laughed at. I want sparano and Ireland out first. But
If Moore wins games, the jets wouldn't be a bad place to start.

QB Robert Griffin the III's numbers are downright astonishing for any QB on any level.

This young man just happens to play for Baylor.

His numbers for week 3:

Robert Griffin III after hitting on 20 of his 22 passing attempts for 265 yards and three touchdowns, along with 78 yards on eight carries, in No. 17 Baylor's 48-0 win in Week 3.

His entire stat lines resemble this. He is a consumate double threat with accuracy beyond most any QB anywhere. Especially adept at throwing on the run.

Here is a clip: http://www.youtube.com/watch?NR=1&v=uO3QkCbt0ys

Hope for the Fins = Never being too early to salivate like a rabid pavilov dog over a talented signal caller to help bail us out of the multi-decade long funk.

Accuracy was why Pennington was a winner, this Griffin cat runs a 4.5 and is crazy accurate...even on the move! (OL helper right there) Accuracy, scheme and throwing a catchable ball worked for Montana as well.


And btw, with the proof given we need to stop faulting Ross for going after harbaugh. Proof shows it...Alex smith is horrendous and 'in' a short time he has changed smith, seemingly. What would henne have become? Better 'in' the fourth, more consistent. I can only imagine.

Devils @ 9:08. Yeah that is rough. I agree Moore is in a tough spot.

He has to battle the suspect play calling, OL turnstyle, lack of a run game and his own limitations. The deck is sorta stacked against him but I still think he will upstage Henne and win some games.


Devils @ 9:30.

I 300% would expect you to take a shine to your own stance. I know I would and most all do.

I was generally focusing on Harbaugh. I had heard similar rumors about Gruden and Coach Chin. Harbaugh was the only Coach I know of that he actually flew to meet face to face.

Anyways... How do I know that's not you Jay G? LOL



Without getting into boring statistics on change and stimulus, just the fact there is a change in QB will be a stimuli. Studies have shown, if you change the light bulbs in a factory to blue one day, simply that will stimulate productivity, at least for that day, but it won't last long. Same thing here. Although, it wouldn't surprise me if Moore brings out the better in these players. Henne just seems to be an energy killer.


I disagree about Parcells, but I feel the same as you on Ross going retread. A new name, or college coach at this point, would mean it's all Ross' fault if he fails, because Ross didn't go after the proven name (fans' choice). I was of the opinion we needed to go after the big name (Cowher, Gruden, Dungy), but I am thinking we should look real hard at some new names. Guys with enthusiasm and fresh ideas. One blogger brought up Michigan's coach (Brady Hoke). Now, I am not a Michigan man, in any way shape, or form (Ross is, though), but I knew nothing of this guy, si I googled him. All I can say is, he has a track record of turning college teams around. He is a motivator (must be) and this is exactly what this team needs. Now, his lack of NFL experience is worrisome, but if he ever gets a shot, I'm sure he's smart enough to bring a sharp NFL guy (or 2) in to help. This is just an example of the mindset I hope Ross has when he's looking for a new coach. Doesn't have to be a college guy like I mentioned above, just a smart and hungry up-and-coming, not someone who is resting on his reputation from years back. Sparano actually fits the above description, EXCEPT, no track record of turning programs around AT ANY LEVEL!


Agreed. Sometimes the act of change is what ushers in new effort, life and hope.

Whatever energy Henne creates with decent passing yardage when moving the team between the 20's early game seems to be stamped out when he throws the Ints, throws wild, settles for field goals and ends up leading the fins to another loss.

When I think energy I don't think Henne but you can't fault him for being him.

Hell I still marvel at dry as a popcorn fart Hoodie managing to get such motivation with his monotone Zzzzz speak. He gets it done though so I guess there is all types of communicado.

Based on your criteria, we change every light bulb in the Fins lockeroom and training facility everyday (after this regime is ushered out) until we get the inertia to have the Fins roll with no training wheels.



Too often, in all sports, they just swap coaches year after year, its a merry go round, it becomes and old boys club that rarely pays off, when in fact, there is no shortage of talent. Many just need a chance. Despite what many may think, football is not genius. Belichek is clever, yes, genius? Oh no. Genius are those guys that design the chips that allow wireless communications or can tune a piece of quartz to make your watch supremely accurate.

I would be totally fine with some fresh blood. Look how well McCarthy, Schwartz, Tomlin and others are doing. It's a new world. Everything progresses faster now. That includes new HC's, new QB's, and anything else. The tools of technology have enabled us to improve and learn faster than ever before.


Good post @ 10:07. I would agree.

It will end up being the fact that TS was a no name coach and failed that will steer the next coaching choice. I believe Ross will feel fan pressure (He seems to listen to fans with all the focus groups, changing kickoff time, orange carpet fan experience, etc) and go hunt biggest name he can lasso.



Mr. Hoodie is really not so dry and boring if you catch him being himself. He is intentionally dry and boring with the media for obvious reasons, not wanting to let the slightest sliver of info out that may help the other team. There is an impromptu clip of him talking to Ocho at the pro bowl a few years back, and he is very loose, showing a sense of humor. I think the Belichek the players see is far more hip than the press conference Belichek.

Now, every time I even see the name Belichek, I can't help but think how Sparano is as dumb as a rock.


True dat. Belichek is the man of many faces. He does have other sides to be sure.

I would not mind so much if he were our coach and not the arch rival Pats.


Now if Sparano was intentionally a complete incomprehensible buffoon with the media I would admire that. But its not intentional, he is that way by nature, and I don't admire it. Apparently neither do his players.

You said, "Many just need a chance." I agree 100% on that. I hope Ross doesn't cave into the safe choice of a retread, unless he is truly the best possible guy for the job.

Rob in OC,
Everything you said is what scares me about Ross' next choice. I hope the guy is smart enough to look at the current NFL success stories and take a chance on a guy with some promise. Honestly, is there any good, up-and-comer out there right now who could be doing a worse job (straight won-loss record) than what we have right now? I am so disappointed in this regime, it defies explanation. WORSE, than Camoron, or even Wanny. Wanny, that was the "good ole' days" compared to this festering sore we have now.

It appears Ross has agreed to let Tony S play out the string. He may be trying to "show a compassionate side" as some have suggested so that the next coach will be more assured of a fair shake.

I just wish we could know what Ross is thinking for his next team moves. I guess we will know later, rather than sooner.


Just lose baby!!

Rob in OC,
Final thought, hope you are right and Ross is playing chess. Most billionaires are not dumb-as.ses, so it stands to reason you called it.

The Anti-Davis slogan!

Most Excellent Committment to Petulance!.

R.I.P. Al...

Now maybe the Raiders won't draft the 10 fastest guys at the combine regardless of position or ranking. ;)

That's too soon...hat tip Al. You did play a super pivotal role in todays NFL.


Good posts gents.

I will catch y'all a bit later.


roB IN OC...

Good commentaries being posted tonight.

If you get nose to pu--y with blondes, you'll realize It's all the same thing.

Not firing Sparano after 0-4 shows patience and courtesy. After all, Ross did just extend his contract, even if it was a phantom gesture. Now though, I believe the next game will be more telling if it is a loss. At 0-4, some could argue the firing would be too soon, a fairer chance was in order, but at 0-5, after having a week off, rest, and two weeks to prepare, suddenly, the difference of one game is magnified. Ross won't look nearly as cruel or impatient firing Tony after 0-5, as opposed to 0-4.

Back to my guess work, really Nolan is the only logical candidate to step in mid-season. I think much of Ross's decision will be based on whether Nolan even want's to step into the HC gig. Maybe he does, and that would give Ross a chance to view a trial run, or maybe Nolan just wants out, in which case Ross will have to ride the bungee brain Sparano for the season.




I only counted 895 times. Not quite 1000 yet.

IT AMAZES ME HOW sparano continues this optimistic charade EVEN THOUGH HE KNOWS HE'S OUT THE DOOR AFTER THIS YEAR. He and ross and ireland are more like politicians now than football execs. THEY SPIN EVERYTHING NOW and refuse to admit what is reality - the team stinks and they made mistakes with personnel. THEY ARE JUST TAKING THE FANS FOR FOOLS.

It will be nice to get a win on Monday night,
But the only win of the season, don't want TS to screw this chance to get the number one pick overall, who ever QB that might be!

Keep up the good work Tony.

In 2010 I wrote under the pseudo "Yan" that Sparano was a bottom 10 coach in the NFL, and got plenty insults for that.

Now I think is a bottom 5 coach in this league (and the worst game/clock manager since Singletary is gone). Perhaps this time I get some applause?

Yep 49ers are 4-1 looks like Harbaugh is the real thing...

Fin Fans, I'm up in NJ and the talk radio shows locally, WFAN w/Boomer and Carten and Mike Francesca never EVER, EVER mention the Dolphins playing the Jets this Monday nite. It's a NON-ISSUE, NON-EVENT...WE are NOTHINGS anymore! They discuss the Jets problems, but any discussion on playing Miami is "WHO CARE"?
That's what we've become....Nothings!
For reasons I'm not convinced of, I see no reason to keep Sparno come Nov. 1...these players have to know they had something to do with a man losing his job...after all, he's not totally responsible but holds a lot of it.

Let me embelish on Sparano...he's responsible along with Ireland but players need to take some blame as well. Sparano is not the right coach-maybe not HC material ever...he tried but he couldn't do it... Ireland gave us crappy products, Sparano is not the right cook and Ross needs to re-do his kitchen staff...(he better get us a good coach bec. the stadium will be turned into the Miami morgue)

Why is Sparano so afraid to say Sean Smith had a bad game against San Diego? If that's not a bad game, I don't know what is.

Sparano would like to see Sean Smith get his hands on more footballs, well, coach Sparano , Id like to get my hands on more hot women too, but it aint gonna happen. BUT, which "would rather" would you bet on me getting, my hands on more footballs or hot women? just say'n....
Sparano must have ADDHD. He cant remember from one bad quote to another. I do hope Mr Ross puts us out of our missery after Monday, Monday nights loss to the JETS. Its gonna be a slaughter.
Jets 37 Dolphins 10.

DOLPHINS SUCK...Period!!! Same s..t every year...They spend more time recruiting singers to wow at halftime and be partial owners than they do investing in players...Dolphins are NOT a Football organization any longer, they are a joke...No Longer a Phin fan, Ive seen enough of that s..t to last a lifetime...I hope they lose every game and 65% end up with herpes by year end...F@#kin jokes!!!

Look, Sparano will never publicly throw a player under the bus. That's just not his style. It may be his only redeeming quality.

But don't think for one second that Sparano doesn't see the truth about the talent level of this team. It's not good to say the least.

But if he said that publicly, he would alienate and lose players. It would also sound like he was making excuses.

Sparano may not be a very good head coach, but he is a professional. He knows that his players suck and that he will probably lose his job as a result.

Stating that he doesn't see what we all (a bunch of amateurs) see is not accurate.

Canes fan, you make a valid point above. But he can show a bit more frustration and anger in the way his players execute...He can't go and say, hey, Chad, you stink as a QB-go get a day job! But we as fans would like to see more of a demonstrative coach as to his disappointment with these players. They all can do better, much, much better. Why don't we hear that...we hear that he likes some of the things so-and-so is doing...well, is it working to win games?? No. It may be getting him more YAC's and only improving his own stats, but heck, where's it getting the team? Just a total frustration for too many years. We shulda, shulda, shulda been where the Marlins stadium is now. THAT was our piece of the earth.

Chucky is a joke! Does'nt any body remember his post superbowl years? The ones where he picked his own players? He ran off RICH MC KAY and it all went to sh.. Dude can't pick his nose. Remember all his great qbs, Dilfer, Brad Johnson. Al Davis picked the players in Oakland. NEVER hire TV guy two words MATT MILLIN Get a young hungry OC

Do you guys really wanna fire TS? C'mon guys, think about it. They fire TS and say they promote Nolan. Then the team gets inspired and wins 4 or 5 games. Now what? They're 4-12 and outta the Luck sweepstakes.

They should do him the courtesy of letting TS coach the entire season and THEN fire him and get Gruden.

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