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Vontae Davis misses practice again

Cornerback Vontae Davis is having a hard time staying healthy this season.

He was on the side and not practicing during the open media session today, strongly suggesting he would miss the second consecutive day of practice this week -- the only Miami player in that situation.

Davis has a hamstring injury.Still.

He's had it since the second week of the season, which was Sept. 18. He missed games versus Cleveland and San Diego but was back in action the past couple of weeks against the New York Jets and Denver. He was fine against the Jets because he missed three weeks (two games plus a bye week).

But last week he played despite being back on the injury report and missing practice time after tweaking the hamstring again.

His status is uncertain for Sunday's game against the New York Giants.

The rest of the Dolphins were back at practice. if even on a limited basis.

Marc Colombo (knee), Richie Incognito (ankle) and Daniel Thomas (hamstring) returned to practice at the minimum on a limited basis.

If Davis is unable to play, the Dolphins can use Nolan Carroll, Will Allen or Jimmy Wilson in his place. Carroll, however, is also nursing a hamstring injury despite not missing practice either of the past two days.

The irony of the troubles Davis is having so far is that Miami is playing the Giants, a team that wound up with a wide receiver Miami might have picked had it elected to instead of Davis. In 2009, the Dolphins needed help in both areas and elected to go with the player they considered the second-best corner in the draft ahead of receiver Hakeem Nicks.

"I’m not going to get into where we were with the rankings or any of those things but we thought of a lot of (Hakeem) Nicks," coach Tony Sparano said. "Obviously we thought a lot of Vontae (Davis). We went down, worked (Hakeem Nicks) out down there on their campus. There was a whole posse of them, I think four or five guys. They came out with, I believe three receivers. I think (Hakeem) Nicks came out with (Brandon) Tate and actually Brooks Foster who was here for a little while. The three of those guys came out and they had a tight end at the time. We spent some time down there. We obviously liked him and that’s what I’ll tell you."

Nicks this year has 32 receptions for 508 yards with three TDs. He's averaging 15.9 yards per catch. Last year Nicks had 79 catches for 1,052 yards and 11 TDs.

He also has suffered some injury issues as he missed three games in 2010.


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Miami Dolphins: Same circus, different clowns...

NOOOOO....Marc Columbo is back.

Columbo...one more thing...YOU SUCK.

great news! we have a better chance of losing with Carroll in the secondary!


Wo wo we need Colombo to continue our quest for Luck, so don't get all injured on us big guy.

Keep doing what you do best, allowing pass rushers to kill the QB's!

He's unlimately writing his ticket out of town. See Channing Crowder for how thinks went for a guy you can't count on, who's never healthy when you need him and is supposed to be one of your leaders. New coach won't put up with this crap....clock is ticking Vontae.

I've officially changed my blog name until this season is over.

Nolan Caroll could play with a bad hamstring and nobody would notice the difference.

The nack on Vontae coming out of college was, he never lived up to his potential and guess what he's doing right now?

I've never in my 35+ years of following the NFL seen so many hamstring injuries!
Dick Butkus NEVER sat out a game for a lame hamstring injury...these pre-madonna players need to suck it up and earn their paychecks.

Ok listen up coaches, because you do not seem to know; in order for a hamstring or similar injury to HEAL; the injured player has to rest and not do any running or lifting which engages the injured areas. Basically the injured players needs to lay in bed all day and not walk except for necessary things. If you allow Vontae and other players to do this, uninterrupted for one week to 10 days, then they will heal completely and be back on the field, ready for action. The key to the healing is non usage. Which allow these young guys to heal quickly!

So we get beat by 21 instead of 14....LOL

I've never in my 35+ years of following the NFL seen so many hamstring injuries!
Dick Butkus NEVER sat out a game for a lame hamstring injury...these pre-madonna players need to suck it up and earn their paychecks.

Posted by: Suck for Luck (AKA - NHFINSFAN

Defintitely don't forget the dreaded turf toe....

I'm sure Atlanta is looking down at Miami and sighing a big relief. "Whew...thank goodness Parcells rejected us and grabbed Jake Long so we could nab Matt Ryan. Thanks Bill!"

If Colombo is having problems with his knees (he wears two knee braces) maybe it's time to give him a rest.

On yesterday's topic about players refusing to play for the team that drafted them I have one that goes to that topic and also addresses what happens if the player doesn't sign with the team that drafts him. That player was Bo Jackson. Drafted number one by Tampa Bay and refused to play for them. He choose to go to the Kansas City Royals instead. After Tampa couldn't sign him and did NOT trade his rights his name was put back into the draft where the Raiders selected him in the seventh round.

SS has an article listing 25 Top Reasons why the Bill Parcells regime failed us.

One was choosing Jake Long over Matt Ryan.

This is not the first time I've heard that (from "experts", journalists or fans).

You guys can have your theories. Mine is this franchise (since Marino) hasn't understood that QB is the most important position on the field, bar none. And until they realize that (and ACT ON THAT REALIZATION), they'll never get back the glory of the past.

better sitting down than playing on one leg like he did last week.
he was jogging in pursuit of that denver wr last sunday: that costed us 40+ yards during the game tying drive

Okay DC i am in agreement with you but I don't believe you take a QB in the firt round just to take one. There has to be one worth it. This team has blown it on some (Ryan for one), but other than Luck who do you choose this year??

Depends on how Grifftn does against Oklahoma St. Its between Grifftn and Jones.

I am gonna get beat up on this but I don't think anyone other than Luck beats Henne for the starting position next year (assuming he is resigned) regardless of the new coach

Spidey...expected that from you...:)

Well they shouldnt they'll be rookie QB unless Luck. Henne will be a 5 year pro. That doesnt take away the fact that henne will never get the Dolphins to a playoff game.

I am sure with Colombo back in the line up Matt Moore is thrilled which basically means Losam will see the field a lot quicker.

Oh god, More Henne stuff.

I pray to god he signs somewhere else, I sometimes enjoy this blog, and if he does sign back I am not coming to this blog again.

This just in, Marc Columbo is now forced to be transported to facilities in the back of a Ford f-150. It is the only place he can fit staying in his 3 point stance.

Lighten up Francis....LOL....bored here so someone needs to argue....

Quite agree DC. Not easy to find one but it's like the lottery, if you don't play you can't win.
I like the Ron Wolfe theory. Draft a QB every year.

Good News. Sparano just moved out of his home to a Holiday Inn Express, he heard on TV that would make him a good coach.

Egreen, there are 4-6 highly touted QBs in the Draft next year. I would take any of them.

And you're ABSOLUTELY wrong, THIS team, at THIS stage, DOES take a 1st-round QB just to take one. They haven't done it in TWELVE YEARS.

People, are we watching the same sport? I mean, I can't believe there are so many Dolphins fans who aren't COMPLETELY UNDERSTANDING of the fact you CANNOT win without a franchise QB. YOU CANNOT! No if's, and's or but's. And please no one bring up the 2000 Ravens.

I'm talking TODAY! 2011. 2012. Henne won't do it. What makes it even more unbelievable is you have your proof in all the QBs selected last year. Newton, check. Dalton, check. Gabbert, check. Ponder, check. All these guys improved their team FIRST YEAR. AS ROOKIES. Not even experienced QBs yet. We're on year THREE with Henne and have 14 wins to show for it (out of a possible 48). FOURTEEN!

Look, let's just stop now. I'm starting to feel like Poizen and the Henne stuff. The facts are the facts. They are plain as day to me, but if you people feel otherwise, fine, doesn't matter, we're not making the decisions anyway.

If the last decade hasn't sold you on why you need a franchise QB (FROM THE FIRST-ROUND) then there isn't anything else I can say to you, you obviously only want to believe what you believe.

So be it. All I'll say is nothing but a franchise QB will be good enough. End of story. Let the next GM decide who makes more sense.

Egreen, for the record I agree with you. Oh hell, here it comes...

We should change our names to the Miami Pulled-Hamstrings.

We should put Jeff Ireland as QB, Let him take a couple of blows from Colombo's side.

DC, you are correct that we need to draft a QB IN THE FIRST ROUND NEXT YEAR. I do not think Egreen was saying we shouldn't.

I think he was just making a observation off of his opinion.

But as I said, I think it is time to move on and a QB neeeds to be drafted in round 1 by the MIAMI DOLPHINS.



DC... I did say except this year. This year I just don't know which to take after Luck. Personally, I like Jones and after that Tannehill of A&M. I know a lot of people like RG3, and I would back him, but like I stated earlier he doesn't beat the better clubs. (I know Spidey, we'll see in the Ok State game, which he will lose). I would absolutely stay away from Barkley because USC QB's aren't worth squat in the NFL.

Last three USC QB's drafted....

Sanchez...Hugely over rated (I'll keep Henne first)

Leinhart...Such a big hit, I couldn't even tell you where he is a back up at and not worth researching

Palmer...Talented, but never the same after getting hurt in Pittsburgh playoff game...3 picks including pick 6 for Raiders last week

Oh, I didn't see you say except this year Egreen. Let me step back from the ledge then.

We should count ourselves very lucky. This supposedly is the strongest QB Draft class in awhile. We'll see how they all turn out in the future, but we SHOULD be able to get a garner a great future leader of the team QB in the Top 5 picks.

That's why while I'm rooting for Luck, if we didn't get him I wouldn't put a gun to my head, because there are so many other highly-rated guys. Jones, Tannehill, RG3, Barkley, these guys are all grading out pretty well. I'm not a scout or a huge college football watcher (enough to know the in's and out's of every player), so I'll let the GM make the decision of who to get, but I'm expecting to see a talented player at the helm next year.

After that, whatever anyone wants to do I'm fine with. oline/dline, secondary, RB, BPA (best player available), I don't care. Just give me my QB and I promise to shut up.

By the way Egreen, I agree, Barkley is probably my least favorite choice out of them all for the exact reason you stated. The USC curse.

If RG3 has an outstanding passing game against Oklahoma State and puts up 35 but Baylor loses 45 to 35. Is it Rg3 fault or the defense?

LOL...RG3 is in a shoot out every week, are you kidding. I'll cheer for him if he is the choice believe me. He just wouldn't be my first choice after Luck.


By the way Spidey, I'll give you this...RG3 is probably the only one of the rated QB's that won't get absolutely killed behind the current line and that includes Luck.

If Colombo is still starting at RT the team better draft 3 or 4 QBs


Make sure you come back on this blog when RG3 throws for over 300 yards and 3 td with a 75 percent completion percentage against Oklahoma State. Jones would be my third choice but I always like dual threat QB who's first instance is too pass but can escape pressure. It gives the def a lot more to think about.

And dont give me this Tom Brady and Peyton Manning cant run non-sense becasue some of the greats can.

Warren Moon, Randall Cunnigham, Steve Young, Aaron Rodgers..

Oh yea Chad Henne, he led the league at one time in rushing yards for QBs!

Miss Thang, our Diva Miss Vontae has issues. I'm sure she also is well aware she is wasting her prime yrs on this Miami team that's going nowhere real fast. I'm sure if she could stay healthy, several different clubs would be interested in her services. Also her unbacked up boasting of her skills is hurting her stock.

I'll be here....

Not Delusional, just for you:

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Not Delusional, just for you part 2

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Great copy and paste homeboy...

We here try to accommodate all bloggers...even the morons!!!

Bills are dropping like flies. Merriman is out for the year and the fear is that Kyle Williams might be done too. This is good news for us as far as strength of schedule goes. No more wins for the Bills would be nice (except against us) but it also might be wishful thinking.

Vontae looked like a 50 year old man chasing down a receiver last week. Might as well put him on IR because if it hasn't healed by now it won't be right the rest of the year. No sense risking a worse injury for next year. Let Wilson play. He actually looks like he could improve with experience. Something no one else in that secondary seems to be capable of.


The word ham originally referred to the fat and muscle behind the knee. String refers to tendons, and thus, the hamstrings are the string-like tendons felt on either side of the back of the knee. Another commonly accepted origin is that legs of ham used to be hung by a hook through the space between the thighbone and the tendons behind the knee. Ham/pork used to be more common in England than beef and lamb.

The three muscles of the posterior thigh (semitendinosus, semimembranosus, biceps femoris long & short head) flex (bend) the knee, while all but the short head of biceps femoris extend (straighten) the hip. The three 'true' hamstrings cross both the hip and the knee joint and are therefore involved in knee flexion and hip extension. The short head of the biceps femoris crosses only one joint (knee) and is therefore not involved in hip extension. With its divergent origin and innervation it is sometimes excluded from the 'hamstring' characterization.

Safety Chris Harris (Chicago Bears) is available.

Do we jump at this pick-up or does it matter anymore?


No one cares....

GOOD NEWS!!!!!!!

Vontae is vastly over rated anyway but he is Miami's best corner. I don't want any Dolphins player to suffer anything catostrophic or any long term lingering injury but a hamstring is nothing. Miami players seem to be the least conditioned of all the teams they played this year. Just watch Miami fade every 4th qaurter and look at the injuries on Vontae, Daniel Thomas and the cramping they seem to keep getting at crucial times.

As far as I'm concerned let Miami's best CB sit and rest because this team SUCKS! They are going no where fast and each loss is a good Sunday for me so I can keep the dream alive of the #1 pick. Should we be so LUCKy

I agree with DC. Whether we pick #1 or not; we need to draft a QB in the first round in 2012. If not then I rate the draft a failure.

DC and Earl,

Agreed! If Miami doesn't get the #1 then the next best QB who fits the next Head Coaches style should be the pick. I would be happy and root just as hard for RG3, Jones or Barkley if we get a real HC and GM who we feel we can trust in their evaluation of next 3.

But with that aside I will pull for Indy hard vs Tennessee, checking the score as if it were Miami playing!

Ross take a chance on Luck. Trade everything if you have to.

People thought the Giants where crazy for trading everything for Eli.

Those people where obviously wrong.


If I were Ireland I'd get Chris Harris and T.O. now. They are both obvious upgrades. Yes not great but atleast he is doing something positive for the team. Trying is better than giving up

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