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Vontae Davis misses practice again

Cornerback Vontae Davis is having a hard time staying healthy this season.

He was on the side and not practicing during the open media session today, strongly suggesting he would miss the second consecutive day of practice this week -- the only Miami player in that situation.

Davis has a hamstring injury.Still.

He's had it since the second week of the season, which was Sept. 18. He missed games versus Cleveland and San Diego but was back in action the past couple of weeks against the New York Jets and Denver. He was fine against the Jets because he missed three weeks (two games plus a bye week).

But last week he played despite being back on the injury report and missing practice time after tweaking the hamstring again.

His status is uncertain for Sunday's game against the New York Giants.

The rest of the Dolphins were back at practice. if even on a limited basis.

Marc Colombo (knee), Richie Incognito (ankle) and Daniel Thomas (hamstring) returned to practice at the minimum on a limited basis.

If Davis is unable to play, the Dolphins can use Nolan Carroll, Will Allen or Jimmy Wilson in his place. Carroll, however, is also nursing a hamstring injury despite not missing practice either of the past two days.

The irony of the troubles Davis is having so far is that Miami is playing the Giants, a team that wound up with a wide receiver Miami might have picked had it elected to instead of Davis. In 2009, the Dolphins needed help in both areas and elected to go with the player they considered the second-best corner in the draft ahead of receiver Hakeem Nicks.

"I’m not going to get into where we were with the rankings or any of those things but we thought of a lot of (Hakeem) Nicks," coach Tony Sparano said. "Obviously we thought a lot of Vontae (Davis). We went down, worked (Hakeem Nicks) out down there on their campus. There was a whole posse of them, I think four or five guys. They came out with, I believe three receivers. I think (Hakeem) Nicks came out with (Brandon) Tate and actually Brooks Foster who was here for a little while. The three of those guys came out and they had a tight end at the time. We spent some time down there. We obviously liked him and that’s what I’ll tell you."

Nicks this year has 32 receptions for 508 yards with three TDs. He's averaging 15.9 yards per catch. Last year Nicks had 79 catches for 1,052 yards and 11 TDs.

He also has suffered some injury issues as he missed three games in 2010.


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If the dolphins don't draft a qb in the 1st round next year, I'm turning a shotgun on my TV. Next, I will be heading to davie with said shotgun.

great news the dolphins are gonna lose again, in other news I just saved a whole lot of money... ahhh forget it

ahhh i hear the wind breaking everywhere

How about this theory?

Miami finishes their last 2, @ New England and home vs Jets.

What if New England has the 1st seed in the bag with 2 to play does anyone think it's possible they rest their starters or purposely come up with a flawed game plan to let Miami win so they can't get Andrew Luck and have to face him twice a year for the next decade plus.

What if Jets are completely out of the playoff race and they decide the same thing why play Luck twice a year when they are already eliminated from playoffs there is no point in winning a meaningless game where Sparano will want to finish with at a win.

Does anyone see the possibility in this? We say SUCK FOR LUCK. The division rivals may say no way they get Luck. They won't tell the players or anything but they may just come up with a weak game plan. I say New England and Belichick and Brady wouldn't worry about such a possibility but Rex Ryan absolutely

Any thoughts?

Please name me five guys on each side of the ball you guys think the next regime should keep ? (excluding kicker/punter)

Andy, that's bringing suck conspiracy to a whole new level!!

Mark in Toronto,

Right, lol. I doubt but just saying bro.

Earl, odrick, starks, dansby, Davis, and yes Sean Smith (sorry home)

Thomas, long, pouncey, bess, and either Marshall/fasano

I hear you but remember the pats backup is Ryan mallet. He may have a chip on his shoulder regarding Miami.


I hope everyone has a chip on their shoulder against Miami. Giants and Hakeen Nicks if he even cares, Chiefs and Pioli sticking it to his father in laws former team, Beck in Washington, Dez Bryant saying F U to Ireland on Thanksgiving, possibly Mallet and Rex sticking to Miami for the season sweep which would be a first for him

I have never wanted Miami to lose as badly as I do now. Even if not for Andrew Luck to get the 2nd best guy or 3rd best whatever it ends up being but I want them to go down in flames. I have been a Dolphins fan since 1989 and I am tired of this.

I want a QB, Head Coach and a real rebuilding job to take place.

Yeah, Andy, I can only hold one conspiracy theory (Suck for Luck) in my head at one time. I'll have to consider that one in Dec. bro.

However, Phil Simms & Mike Golic both believe if Peyton is coming back, and has anything to say about it (and apparently his word is STRONGLY considered), Colts won't draft Luck.

So out of the worst 3 teams in the league (Miami, Colts, Rams), we're the only TRUE team that MUST HAVE a QB. That bodes well for us. I really can't see another team out-bidding us to get the guy.

But still I'd just like to be #1 and not have to give up anything to move up.

I want world peace...and a new coach/GM...and not necessarily in that order.

Draft a QB with our first pick, fix the right side of the line, a cover corner, and an NT that can collapse the pocket.

I'm talking 5 or 6 players, seriously.


yeah I hear you on the 1 conspiracy theory at a time thing lol. I have a lot of time to kill here at work from about 345 to 5 to it made me think.

Arizona looks awful too and so does Kolb. I wonder if it's the o-line play or what but I hope they dont crawl out from under a rock and fall in the mix. Minnesota I see winning a few. They were in a few that they lost with Chunky Soup at QB and seem to at least have life with Ponder.

Can we just put LONG, DAVIS, AND WAKE on IR indefinately already......I mean why risk so much for a season thats not worth a damn and with so much Staff changes coming fast and furious next year, whats the point of it???!!!

So, Vontae Davis sprained his bone and now he can't play. His problem is he is too busy running off at the mouth instead of playing his game.
It's time to stop actin' like a puzzy and play some football you overpaid pile sssshiiit!
Vontae and his main squeeze Brandon need to go find a place together in New York and join the rejects on the Jets along with Burress, who's under duress, Marky Mark and his funky bunch and Rex the fuggin' riot.

I have no clue except that Armando needs to blog post about something he feels is important. Hey, it's his place so he can post what he wants just as I can most of the time.

My post is as follows.

WHO really gives a rats ass about Vontae anyway? I sure as hell don't. He is just another of Ireland's ACORN and value pick. It's all you out there that prop this kid up like he's the next Sam Madison or something.

He's an average cover and at best does what is expected of him. No more and no less. Over rated and over paid.

Is there ANYONE really good in our secondary?? HELL NO.. WE SUCK and ALWAYS get burned in the secondary. We have a SOS out there on that which is just as bad or worse then the SOS we have out for QB.

WE SUCK all around. Players, I mean Millionaires who are all freaking spoiled cry babies.

If I was the GM and new HC I would tell em all.. PUT THE F UP OR GET THE F OUT.


We are def on same page! The next time Jake Long, Pouncey, Wake, Davis feel a tired they should just all go on IR for fatigue

Looks like Vonte Davis & Sean Smith ARE the best tandem in the nfl!!! MORE LIKE BUSTS!!! Time to clean the house Ross & PLEASE spend some money in 2012 for some talent!!!


I been requesting that you post about the Dolphin POS Scouts for 4 months now and you are not biting.

POST about the great Dolphin Scouts that have scouted nothing worthy for many years now.

Tell us about the scouts Armando. Pretty Please!!!

Scouts Armando, SCOUTS not the Boy or Cub Scouts the billion dollar high caliber Miami Dolphin Scouts that suck.

What about their accountability? Who holds them accountable. Are the Dolphin scouts on the NFL East conference roster. Are the pats, Jets and Bills paying them off that we suck in drafting talent?

Right now AndyNJ,

we just need to replace our players(as few as they are) that have a future with the next regime with dolphins practice squad cheerleaders at this point....that could still sell some tickets*wink*....just sayin!!!

How to Become an NFL Scout

Can you make it as an NFL scout?

Some football fans wish to do more than watch games and cheer on their favorite teams.

Acquiring a job in the NFL is the dream of many people who have enjoyed the game their entire lives. The fact remains, though, that you can't simply call up any NFL team and get hired. As with any corporate job, you must work your way up the ladder.


1- Learn the game of football intimately.

2- Take a college or online management and/or scouting course to learn what to look for when scouting football players, how to study the game both on the field and on paper and what NFL teams are looking for from their scouts.

3- Go to local high school and college games and practice scouting different players. Take a digital camera and record some of the game; bring a notepad and a pen and take plenty of notes. Write down specific things about players, such as the ability of a quarterback to hit the open man down field or a linebacker's ability to break through the offensive line. Be aware of more than basic statistics.

4 Obtain a job or internship at a local high school or college working for one of their scouts. Hone your skills as a scout and learn what NFL teams are looking for from their scouts.

5- Work through the ranks, and send your resume and some scouting tapes to higher lever colleges. Eventually, send your resume to NFL teams

Dammit NY *G*,

now you've just proven miamis scouts were hired on false pretenses.....I demand you quit spreading the *truth* around and continue to think that all is well with the talent in which this team's scouting is responsible for....

I don`t see any other Team in NFL with hamstrings problems?????

superPHIN... lol...

Mondo wont do anything on the scouts...

Perhaps the new HC and GM will steel away the Pats scouts. It's seems that they dont get many draft busts like we do which probably hovers at 48 SUCK BUSTS out of 50 picks.

My numbers are probably being to generous on the suck bust side.


Do any of the reporters ever ask the tough questions? Or just the safe, obvious questions?

Here is a sample of what I'd ask Sparangolini

1. What do you feel has been your greatest contribution to this team over the last 3 losing seasons?

2. As the proud owner of the leagues longest losing streak, what would be your top three reasons why any owner should keep you on the job?

3. Do you blame the long string of losses on bad coaching, bad players, or both?

4. During your emphatic preseason luncheon speech, what exactly did you mean when you told the crowd 'This team will win, okaaayyy'?

5. If so many players have improved, as you say, 'tremendously', why doesn't anybody else see it?

6. Who would you say on this team, if anybody, has been the most valuable acorn?

7. Why do you suppose penguins can't fly? And would you be open to renaming the Dolphins to the Penguins before the seasons end?

The team needs to go after Asante Samuel next year

Hamstring questions?

Please consult Darren Krein and Dave Puloka.

These are your strength and conditioning coaches.

That's Darren Krein and Dave Puloka.

Darren Krein and Dave Puloka.

Miami has 2 ints. And one was by Odrick.

"That's just terrabal" as Charles Barkley would say.

It all goes back to this regime's terrible draft record. Only 2 surefire picks(Long/Pouncey) in 4yrs of drafting.

Hartline wouldnt be a starter on close to half of nfl teams. Daniel Thomas will prove to be either better than average or borderline star. However I still wouldnt be surprised if D Thomas could also eventually be a bottom thirds top 10 nfl rb.

Just need to see where injury and fumble proness leads him.

The whole hamstring thing reminds me of when I was younger. I use to call into work claiming I had the flu. It was a lie.

I just don't understand how they pay folks millions of dollars a year but can't teach them to stretch out their hamstrings before a game.

Goodell is so worried about concussions but hamstrings appear to be the biggest problem in the NFL.


It doesn't even make sense to me. I know you and I have played ball in our lifetimes.

The only way to have a hamstring issue is two ways.

One, you don't stretch it out before the game.
Two, you hyper extend your leg during the game.

If you stretch it out then you should have no problems. If you hyper extend your leg then you will probably end up with hammy issues and other issues.


If he didn't, then these overpaid nimrods don't even know how to stretch out their hammies before a game. I find that hard to believe unless they are simply lying about it.

You go ask any doctor if I'm right about that.

It appears to me Vontae is another punk arse scared to play in the big leagues.

Latest line has the G-Men at -10.

Giants appear to be getting healthy.

Just a guess here but:

Giants 30
Dolphins 19

Miami won't cover the spread.


LMAO... My fav is 6 and 7...

Ohhhhhhhhhh, Where oh Where has our Armando gone oh where oh where can he beeeeeeeee..

ARMANDO... I'm looking for your insight on SCOUTS, not the boy or Cub or Girl scouts the ass wipe Billion dollar Team Miami Dolphins Scouts who haven't gotten anything right for many, many years.

How about a blog on THAT Armando???


On yesterday's topic about players refusing to play for the team that drafted them I have one that goes to that topic and also addresses what happens if the player doesn't sign with the team that drafts him. That player was Bo Jackson. Drafted number one by Tampa Bay and refused to play for them. He choose to go to the Kansas City Royals instead. After Tampa couldn't sign him and did NOT trade his rights his name was put back into the draft where the Raiders selected him in the seventh round.

Posted by: Egreen13 | October 27, 2011 at 01:43 PM

While the facts on Bo are true in 1993 when the new CBA was signed ushering in the FA era the rule was changed. Bo wasn`t the only one in the 80`s who pulled that stunt, Elway also told the Colts who drafted him #1 overall that he would go play for the NY Yankees and re-enter the draft in 84, Melvin Bratton did it to Denver before we would draft him in 88 ect..

In the 93 CBA the new rule became that the team that drafted you owned your rights for 4 Seasos before you could become a FA in year 5. I have another take on that article and it`s that somebody should go down to the radio station that invented the SUCK FOR LUCK campaign and take a Baseball bat to the equipment because if your Andrew uck and it`s Miami drafting you then you try and force the trade, who in there right mind wants to play for such a pathetic org. that on local talk radio there actually discussing throwing every game.

You then take all of the fiascos going back to the attempt to hire Harbaugh after the Super Bowl something Luck knows well given he was his Coach and you have to ask yourself the question of if you would play for Miami if your him. A Team with a supposed Coaching guru of OL`s who`s lines have gotten progressively worse with time and a GM who can`t find either a WR or RB who can truely dominate and it`s human nature to 2nd guess it if your Luck but that radio stunt with everybody talking the obvious because we all know if given the chance we draft Luck and you start to see what they started something that really makes us look pathetic and any and all elite players will wonder about playing for Miami.

It's really amusing to see people here so worried about us winning a game. DID YOU SEE THE FACES OF THE OFFENSIVE PLAYERS WHEN THEY SCORED A TD SUNDAY? It was sheer uniqueness. They were STUNNED they got in.

This team is going nowhere. I don't care how sick, how healthy, who's up, who's down, the competition. If this team played itself it would lose.

Please folks, DON'T WORRY. Miami WILL be 0-16 (1-15 is the very best they can do).

All we need to worry about is a couple of the other teams. But we've got one of the top 3 picks ON LOCK! I'm willing to bet my wife on it!

Want to sum up the last three months of generally agreed upon blogger comments?

The SS hit it a bullseye with this:

Top 25 reasons the Bill Parcells regime failed



I think Miami "is" actually Sucking for Luck.

Ain't a damn thing wrong with Vontae. I can't be the only one who knows hamstrings are never an issue in college. Vontae never had a hammy issue at Illinois.

Why now?

DC Dolfan said >>> If this team played itself it would lose.

LMAO.. How freaking true that is...

Thanks DC..


Did They Fire the Fist Pumper?????????????????

My Crystal Ball says NYG 27 Miami 3 fist pumps..........

DC @6:20,

Good post agree with your assesment, I thought it more telling in the game at S.D. when in the last couple of minutes they showed our sideline and you had players with towels over their heads and they were all looking defeated like they just got bounced from the playoffs or something and it really looked to me like the writing was on the wall then and there with this team. They may talk a good game and promise not to quit on Sparano but there was such a look of defeat on their faces that to me it truely looked like they called it a season that afternoon.

Tony Soprano See's something fishy on his property as he leaves his home for the office this morning... Is it a message or Ireland...





This game on Sunday looks like a massacre if the G-Men come to play. They have the deepest and most talented DL I`ve seen in some time. I hope Moore takes plenty of pain killers before this one cause they are gonna come for his head. You couple that with their ability to run the ball and our LB`s seem to have forgotten how to tackle and the play action will be there for Manning. I hate to say it but this one will be ugly!!!

Vontae Davis healthy= top 10 CB in the league already... The kid is young and has tons of potential lay off him. Honestly that pick was the right one that year seeing how we badly need DB help and yes I liked Clay Matthews and Hakeem Nicks at that spot but that was because Vontae Davis was supposed to be gone by 15... Give the kid a break next season he will definitely be ready to step up.

They Lost in a new way last week, A blow-out is on the Horizon, It just might be Sunday..

Tony Soprano See's something fishy on his property as he leaves his home for the office this morning... Is it a message or Ireland...




Publicado por: NY "G" | October 27, 2011 at 06:37 PM

It`s a Sicillian message, he will join Luca Brassi and sleep with the fishes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

beerphin says > Give the kid (Vontae) a break next season he will definitely be ready to step up.

I hope you are right but That's what they said about the entire team for the past 36 games...

fin4life.. LMAO..

true but Vontae Davis has shown me enough to know that he is a really good player and can compete with the best CBs in the league IMO drafting Sean Smith after him and Pat White to play QB were bad picks. Smith to me has been a bust cuz all the dropped ints. He was supposed to have crazy ball skills and great hands. I think they should try him at FS and Allen should start. Allen was always solid he just has bad hands.

anyone remember that sick INT catch made by SMith in the preseason his rookie year? That is what we have been missing from him.


Which leads me back to ARMANDO and him doing an investigation and posting about how pathetic the Dolphin Scouts are.


SCOUTS PLEASE... Not Boy, cub or girl scouts, DOLPHIN Scouts.. How about a post on those high pollutants who haven't gotten much right for us in many, many, many years.

SCOUTS SUCK and we need to also FIRE them and go out and let the next HC and GM make an offer to the PATS Scouts that they cant refuse.

I don't think that would be considered tampering...

Beerphin, You do know the Mighty Air-breathers are 0 and 5 right????, Your last few posts make me believe you been drinking Kool-aide instead of beer... Just saying...

beerphin @6:51,

I don`t doubt Vontae is a baller but he`s been down right inconsistent since beginning his NFL Career. He`ll have a game like that doozy he put up in Minnisota last year and then vanish the next. It was the reason he slides in his draft remember his Coach at Illi. Ron Zook benched him a few games for it. There is no doubtng his potential but he has to be more consistent week to week.

Smith who I thought was a monster in the 09 Sugar Bowl a big physical corner really seems to lack it upstairs ever since he got beat a few times in last seasons pre-season and got benched he`s really leveled off and this from somebody who was completely on board when we drafted both. I really thought Smith was a steal in Rd.2 and loved the Vontea pick, who knows maybe the next Coaching staff will have better coaches back there because say what you will of Satan he really got alot more from less talent in 05/06 with the likes of Travis Daniels back there.

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