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Vontae Davis misses practice again

Cornerback Vontae Davis is having a hard time staying healthy this season.

He was on the side and not practicing during the open media session today, strongly suggesting he would miss the second consecutive day of practice this week -- the only Miami player in that situation.

Davis has a hamstring injury.Still.

He's had it since the second week of the season, which was Sept. 18. He missed games versus Cleveland and San Diego but was back in action the past couple of weeks against the New York Jets and Denver. He was fine against the Jets because he missed three weeks (two games plus a bye week).

But last week he played despite being back on the injury report and missing practice time after tweaking the hamstring again.

His status is uncertain for Sunday's game against the New York Giants.

The rest of the Dolphins were back at practice. if even on a limited basis.

Marc Colombo (knee), Richie Incognito (ankle) and Daniel Thomas (hamstring) returned to practice at the minimum on a limited basis.

If Davis is unable to play, the Dolphins can use Nolan Carroll, Will Allen or Jimmy Wilson in his place. Carroll, however, is also nursing a hamstring injury despite not missing practice either of the past two days.

The irony of the troubles Davis is having so far is that Miami is playing the Giants, a team that wound up with a wide receiver Miami might have picked had it elected to instead of Davis. In 2009, the Dolphins needed help in both areas and elected to go with the player they considered the second-best corner in the draft ahead of receiver Hakeem Nicks.

"I’m not going to get into where we were with the rankings or any of those things but we thought of a lot of (Hakeem) Nicks," coach Tony Sparano said. "Obviously we thought a lot of Vontae (Davis). We went down, worked (Hakeem Nicks) out down there on their campus. There was a whole posse of them, I think four or five guys. They came out with, I believe three receivers. I think (Hakeem) Nicks came out with (Brandon) Tate and actually Brooks Foster who was here for a little while. The three of those guys came out and they had a tight end at the time. We spent some time down there. We obviously liked him and that’s what I’ll tell you."

Nicks this year has 32 receptions for 508 yards with three TDs. He's averaging 15.9 yards per catch. Last year Nicks had 79 catches for 1,052 yards and 11 TDs.

He also has suffered some injury issues as he missed three games in 2010.


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After the depreciation, revenue sharing and tax credits Ross'll have a 20% return to share with the investors.
The only people that actually end up regretting all of this are the fans.
We're the morons wasting our lives on this s h i t.

Dammit! Those idiot Geek Squad people from Best Buy installed the cheaper McQuistan Internet Security/Anti-Virus Program on my computer and it's freezing!

Apparently, Tony Sparano visited with Al Golden earlier this week, "Special Teams? I happen to have some expertise in that area. Let me give you some pointers."

But,Henne will always suck di-k. And I am adhering to the Theme of this Blog.

WTH are we going to do if we live to be 130 years old now(especially after 60)? Suck our di-ks, if we can manage it.

Posted by: oscar canosa | October 27, 2011 at 10:12 PM

Love the George Carlin bit on the dog licken his balls. "If I could do it I would never leave the house."


But,Henne will always suck di-k. And I am adhering to the Theme of this Blog.

Posted by: oscar canosa | October 27, 2011 at 10:22 PM

Favorite read these days: FinsNation. The Dude is awesome.

(From PFT)

Bush said “We stink” after the Dolphins’ 18-15 loss to the Broncos on Sunday.

That didn’t sit well with Dolphins safety Yeremiah Bell, who turned the tables on Bush.

“He stinks,” Bell said.

Posted by: Tim in Tampa | October 27, 2011 at 10:00 PM

Read the bit on FinsNation. Much for entertaining.

Case Keenum. In Indian it means "Will suck as quarterback in NFL"

It's amazing how these guys can throw 8,000 td's in college but they can't make it at the next level.

So, we are in a stinkhole. And? Then?

If you haven't seen it yet, here's a hilarious video of Hitler reacting to the news when the Dolphins were 0-4.


So, we are in a stinkhole. And? Then?

Posted by: oscar canosa | October 27, 2011 at 10:29 PM

stinkhole, bunghole. It's all semantics.

Fu(k Hitler! He's a Cowboys Fan!

Finsnation is a cool cat.


judy, judy, what color is your as-hole?

judy, judy, what color is your as-hole?

Posted by: oscar canosa | October 27, 2011 at 10:41 PM

never looked. don't want to. find them disgusting.

We Cubans consider It copper colored(el centavo de cobre-the copper penny). However, there might be different perceptions.

I wonder if the chick in the stadium has a gold one?

Now, there's a movie.

"Indiana Jones and the Search for the Golden Ashole."

Bill Parcells thought he had a Golden Ashole but he just laid eggs. Big, stinky, sucky, Pat White eggs.

If it was so, judy, would you suck her as-?

If it was so, judy, would you suck her as-?

Posted by: oscar canosa | October 27, 2011 at 10:49 PM

stop treating your body like an amusement park.

Man, do I get into chicks. One even told me, "Yo siempre me vengo contigo".

What a mess the Tuna and his people have made here. This is a cluster fu ck of gigantic proportions. Everybody is hurt, or ill physically or mentally, or somehow unable to perform or just simply too scared to associate themselves with the organization.

Bill Parcells revealed in an in-depth interview with John Gruden today the reason for his poor decision making while in Miami, " I had a pulled hamstring during the time I was in Miami and the pain traveled through my asz up my backside and into my brain."
Gruden responded by saying, "So, you had it when you were in Dallas too?"

"No, coach, you don't undastand. I wus cuttin da string of da ham at Tanksgivin and the ham fell off da table and I bent ova and pulled a muscle in da back of mah leg"

Posted by: Vontae "Da Best Corner in Da Mudda Fuggin NFL" Davis | October 27, 2011 at 09:48 PM

And Now For The Rest Of The Story:

Tony Sparano responded by saying, "I'm on to you Davis. People don't eat ham at Thanksgiving. They eat turkey."

Then Davis said, "Mudda Fuggin Nolan Carrol. Feedin' me dat line a bulszhit about ham at tanksgivin. Can't trust a guy after mah job."

You see, it's in the Intention and not in the Act. GN.

It's actually turning out to be a pretty good game. Gotta see the end.

Henne has a great future in this league: As A Scapegoat!
Hey it pays $5-$8million/yr so why not?

Umm, so now we are blaming players for being injured? I guess Andre Johnson is a bum too as he has a lingering hammie issue. That's the way i is with hamstrings. They take time and he should have not come back as soon as he did. Let's run off the only decent cover guy we have as some comments suggest. Yeah, that will help us improve. We already need a free safety and at least one more corner for next year, but lets get rid of the only decent corner we have (maybe Jimmy Wilson will be decent as well) because of an injury. Raiders better cut that bum McFadden. I hear he is dinged up. Same with Foster in Houston. Idiots!

@Spidey. I like the post. However, Warren Moon was a gunslinger, not a running QB.

I am upset by what I've read in the comments. I am a huge supporter of Chad Henne and feel he presents us the best opportunity to win. Andrew Luck does us nothing without a solid offensive line. With that said, my most honest assessment is that should the Dolphins have the #1 overall pick, we should and will draft Matt Kalil from USC, offensive lineman. Henne will thrive once this line is improved. Jake long, Pouncey and Kalil will create a strong and formidable line. To appease the fanbase, we anticipate one of these top rated QBs to slide into the second round, hopefully Barkley from USC. He will learn under Henne and the Dolphins will dominate for seasons to come. Andrew luck is overrated and the dolphins will select another lineman. We hope you attend our games this year and in future seasons.

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