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Where's the big improvement after all these years?

"We're not an 0-5 football team."

"There's too much talent on this team for this."

"We're better than our record."

I keep hearing these phrases in the Dolphins locker room. And I don't believe them anymore. The NFL is about producing and getting results and the ideas that Dolphins that are one or two players away from being good and one or two plays away from having a couple of wins don't fly with me anymore.

That's because the Dolphins are a really bad football team right now.

Their 0-5 record screams that.

But here's the troubling part: The Dolphins have been a really bad football team in recent years. They were really awful in 2004 and terrible again in 2007. And people were fired and new people were hired and steps were taken and yet, here we are again.

Right back where we were in 2004 and 2007.

That's the point of my column in today's Miami Herald. The Dolphins have the same record today as they did after five games in both 2004 and 2007. Nothing has changed. We've wasted a bunch of years and a bunch of draft picks and a bunch of resources for, well, nothing.

The organization is running in place -- and going nowhere.

The record so far proves that.

But I decided to take a bit of a closer look at the situatiion. I looked at the rosters of the 2004 and 2007 team to see how close the three teams really come. You know what I found?

Today's Dolphins have no more stars on the roster than the 2007 team except for Jake Long. And the 2004 team was better than this bunch of today.

That speaks poorly of the personnel department that replaced the 2004 crew. And it speaks poorly of the personnel crew that is currently in place. The current personnel department -- headed by GM Jeff Ireland -- has failed to fill a ton of holes.

The free safety hole is glaring and moreso today with Reshad Jones, who is no great shakes to begin with, being out and replaced by Tyrone Culver. The right side of the offensive line is still a work in progress -- as much of the offensive line has been built, torn down, rebuilt, torn down and rebuilt during this current administration -- with none of the construction proving good enough.

Tight end is still a hole. The reach for an alpha receiver in Brandon Marshall has so far backfired. The 2009 and 2010 first round draft picks -- Vontae Davis and Jared Odrick -- are solid players but neither is excellent. The exchange of Kevin Burnett for Channing Crowder has brought a net loss.

The club is paying $12 million to Paul Soliai and he's not playing up to the salary, and there's no youngster behind him that is coming up and can replace him next year when Soliai asks for another $10 million guaranteed plus a nice base salary. Oh, and there's also no future QB on the roster -- still. In four years, this personnel department has failed to find a franchise quarterback as surely as the one in 2007 failed and the one in 2004 failed before them.

Read the column. See if you can make the point after looking at the actual people involved  that you'd rather have the roster today or 2004. And see how far this team has really come since 2007. The record so far would suggest not far.


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Partially true, Armando. I also have thought sometimes if am deluding myself in thinking that Vontae,Odrick will be stars. But what bothers me most is that we DO have stars, previously on other Teams. So, it's not alll on the Players and this administration also stinks.


This year is the perfect storm which will finally get us back on track. We're finally going to do what so many have been begging for which is draft a 1st round franchise QB.

Kind of makes me wonder why it's taken so long. Not like we have a history of 1st round QB failure. Just the opposite. Well if we have the 1st pick in 2012 it's idiot proof. Isn't it?

It all starts with that idiot Ross....we need an ownwer with half a brain

May God hear you Chris 623. Either,Parcells did not like any QB as franchise 1st overall pick that year, or he tried to kill 2 birds with one stone and went cheap with Henne. And then we got stuck with Henne.

I'll play devil's advocate with you on that.

Attempt to get Harbaugh - good move executed poorly

No Kyle Orton - good move

No Soliai contract - good move, At least we can't accuse Soliai of turning it on in a contract year. If anything he's probably cost himself about 10 or 20 million.

...we already have an owner with half a brain.

Since 2002 Miami has drafted 73 players only 2 player's have made the pro bowl Jake Long and Ronnie Brown and Ronnie only made it because of the wildcat in 08 (916 rushing yards) What I'm getting at here it's all about evaluating talent something this team's GM's haven't done in years doesn't matter who the coach is it all starts with the player's they draft and the talent they put on the field

Time for talk is over.
Time to send Ireland packing and hire a new GM to evaluate current talent.
New GM can assist in new HC search and hire.
New GM can also hire college scouting coach to evaluate numerous QB prospects, not just one.
We cannot wait until end of season.

Dear Mr. Salguero

First off, R.I.P. YEAH! we hardly knew him

Now on to your article

"The free safety hole is glaring and moreso today with Reshad Jones, who is no great shakes to begin with"

You know who was a great Shakes ?......Shakes the clown, although depressed and a hugh drinking problem he would have been better in coverage then that clown Reshad Jones

"The club is paying $12 million to Paul Soliai and he's not playing up to the salary"

$12 million dollars.....thats alot of Poi(Polynesian staple food) we should get someone Hungry to succeed not someone who wants another cheeseburger......say Aloha to the fat man when this season is through.

As to the front office and the coaching staff, I now suffer from Turrets syndrone....facial ticks and all.

Bring in the exterminators, put a tent over all that is Miami Dolphins and start the fumigation process....when we turn the lights back on I don't want to see anyone of these roaches planted here by Bill Parcells legacy scurrying about the facilities.

It really hurts to post this

Soiled :)

Just read on ESPN that Henne is open to returning to Miami. I would welcome him with open arms at the right price. He'd be a top 5 backup and if you're going to win in this league you need a good backup. And chances are he'd get to start 2012 while the new guy gets up to speed. Especially if it's NOT Luck.

I cant understand why anyone would be excited about this franchise having the number one pick next year. Do you really think that they will draft the right player? What has this regime done to instill any confidence about anything since they have taken over? We will continue to be a laughing stock until Mr. Ross remembers he owns a football team and not a VIP club for celebs. Thats just reality.

I'm open to Henne returning.

I'm not open to the Coach or GM returning.

a conspiracy theory is beginning to make more sense than what is going on upstairs... Totally amateur. The whole Gator appreciation thing after the Cane's win yesterday is just insulting. I hope Bell breaks Tebow's leg in the first minute.

Henne is open to returning to Miami, surprise, surprise.
We need playmakers, we need every down players.
We have enough backups on the roster.
Why concern yourself with the reserves ?

soliai is a huge waste of $$$$$;not worth 12 mil this year as a franchise player. its just another in a long line of ireland's missteps. sparano got jake long injured in the last meaningless preseason game in 2010. he isnt the same player and probably wont be. the reggie signing was a celeb joining the fins to boost ticket sales which backfired; it cost us picks,5mil/yr and a starting safety(amaya). sproles was half the price,no picks and no player(amaya). mcgahee (went to bronco's) would have been a good addition also. mike nolan should be interim coach and talent eval.;nolan cant make defense work with irelands guys(ie sean smith plays soft). he's just another 2nd round bust.

Todd, if we had the number one pick and Luck was coming out there would be a revolt of biblical proportions if we didn't take him. I'm exaggerating a little here, but not much.

Chris in the 623,

Good points this morning. I'd be fine if Henne comes back as a backup too. At this point I believe Luck and Jones would satrt ahead of him, the others I'm not sure of. I had written it off that Henne would come back as a backup but I'm not sure he's going to have lots of options. I just don't see a starting gig out there anywhere for him. Washington? Cleveland? Seattle? I think some of these teams will have drafted QBs and some will go with what they have.

TOday's game would mark the end of " THE TUNA HELPERS" Ross have to clean miss

The Denver Broncos travel to Sun Life Stadium this weekend to play the Miami Dolphins in their 17th overall match-up all-time.

The Dolphins lead the all-time regular season series at 11-3-1 and Denver leads the post-season series at 1-0.

Take the best QB available round 1 and build the offense around him.
It just seems so simple.


I've mentioned this before but I'll say it again: San Francisco was dead in the water last year and their talent level was greatly underachieving. In comes Harbaugh and instantly they're a brand new team. Playing with spark every week and guys like Bowmann, Davis, Ginn and others have stepped up every week. So I'm saying the talent level is there, just that there is NOBODY on the team that is playing to the level they should be playing. Go ahead and name ONE guy....you can't!

henne is garbage, good riddens. no way will the new regime want him. this is a hugeeeeeeeeeeeeeee game today for the future of this franchise. u have to lose at all cost. only bad thing that comes from a loss today is that multiple sources are saying sparano is fired if they lose today. they should keep him around all season to continue losing. luck looked unreal last night, the kid is amazing

Look Mando...it's tough to blame Jeff Ireland for anything. Reason being is that there is only so much talent that are throw aways from the Cowboys. We can't just go picking up free agents willy nilly from any ole team in the league. That would be incredibly short sighted and a recipe for disaster.

Five years down the road I think Russell Wilson will turn out to be the 2nd best QB out of this year's class. And yes I know he's short. Just throwing it out there.

"soliai is a huge waste of $$$$$;not worth 12 mil this year as a franchise player."

This may be true but as far as I know we're still under the cap and it's just money that wouldn't have been spent anyways. Might as well pay the guy if cap space isn't an issue and if he's currently our best option.

I think it might be wise to hold judgment on Ireland just yet. I believe he drafted very well this year with D. Thomas a potential star. Besides, who really knows if all those picks of years before were his or Parcell's?

Did anyone find it interesting that sources said that Ross killed the Orton trade-only after Orton was benched last week? I have to agree with most on here that this owner is terrible and will prevent any respectable coach or GM from coming to Miami

Fire Sparano NOW.

Enough Said!!!!!

Big question:

Will the Dolphins use Brandon Marshall to attack Champ Bailey ala Darrelle Revis last week.

Brian Daboll and Matt Moore need to spread the wealth around to more receivers.

Daniel Thomas HAS to get going. We need a ground game.

Reggie Bush between the tackles?


Our problem isn't playing hard, it's playing focused and as a team. "The whole is greater than the sum of it's parts" applies when comparing us to San Francisco. They are a cohesive whole while we are just a bunch of guys running around.

Talent levels are so close in the NFL that winning becomes largely mental. And when the slightest doubt creeps into the player's minds, they've lost. And the mentality of this team has to be about as bad as any team in the NFL. And that to a large extent comes from the top. Just listen to the coach's press conferences. That's the "vibe" of the team?


Orton has been off the market since training camp. In hindsight it was a good move not trading for him. Talk is that Orton was available to the Raiders last week when Campbell went down. Guys can paint this any way they want but Denver got greedy in the Orton sweepstakes. They wanted a second for Orton and the 'Phins wouldn't bite. If they'd been smart they would have taken a 4th. They didn't and now they'll get nothing and still have to pay the guy $8 mil. They mismanaged the situation.

"We're not an 0-5 football team."

True. We should have beaten the Browns and maybe even the Jets.

1-4 or perhaps 2-3.

nice post aj-ths front offc is not gd at evaluating talent. the small tuna brought these guys in cuz he could control them-thn he jumpd ship to save face.


I'm not that familiar with Russell Wilson. Do you see him as the next Drew Brees? You might well be right about him but I think they have to try and get the closest thing to a 'sure thing' that's out there. To me it's only Luck and Jones right now but guys might be right about Griffin too. I haven't made my mind up on him yet. Barkley I'm not sure about either. So for me it's eithet Luck or Jones right now but maybe that will change before the end of the season.

Last night this game was a toss up in Vegas. Denver is now a 1.5 point favorite. That's a big line move for what it's worth.


Posted by: DC Dolfan | October 23, 2011 at 07:27 AM

Qoute of the day....LMAO DC, This just might get you that Prez. Seat in G.O.D.......

Time to win today!! Get on a little streak and Bill, (dusty bottoms) Luck said he wouldn't want to play for fans that Suck for Luck. Karlos Dansby said your not a real fan. Jason Taylor said your an idiot. I've been telling you that for years. Now Pro players are telling you the same thing. It is confirmed by the Pros, you sir are an ass_hole

I agree Craig, am all in on Luck, Griffin or Jones. Haven't gotten a chance to watch much of Griffin but am going to work on that.
Am not a fan of Barkley or Foles but may be in the minority on that.

Wilson could be compared to a more athletic Drew Brees. He was drafted into the Rockies system and may play MLB instead. He's smart, can make plays and has a great looking over the top throwing motion. Guy just looks like an NFL QB to me. He elevates the players around him.

3-3 Weekend. Canes, Panthers and Fins!! Get it done

Mando, this article bro, you're a hammer, and you HIT THE NAIL ON THE HEAD! Sometimes I could kiss you.

That's the past the fans with a sense of history conclude that the strategy and philosophy of talent acquisition MUST change.

Playmakers need to be prioritied, skill positions need to be filled before you think about anything else, STARTING with QB. More speed, more football intelligence.

Henne's fine as a backup, but if Chad Henne is the QB next year, it's going to mean another FO came in here and couldn't or wouldn't pull the trigger on the possibility of a franchise QB to lead your team for the long-term.

And the last decade suggests doing that here, in Miami, spells disaster and disgrace.

Because we wasted four more years with henne,ala fiedler.Look at how bad that team got in a hurry.

As of now, all opinions here are equally valid as nobody really knows wth is going on. Saying that, I think that Cris623 opinion that we are not playing as a Team, carries the most weight.

I can't see any scenario where Henne is once again the uncontested starter in Miami. And by uncontrested I mean no rookie in the wings ready to take his job. But then again we all said that last year.

I hope today's Game, for good or bad, clarifies somewhat who this Team is and where they are going.


Are you JUST starting to get it??

Just exactly what did you expect when the Tuna hired a Diaper Coach and Diaper GM and to top it all off we have a Diaper Owner.

The Dolphins just as I have been screaming as well as the rest of us 'IN THE KNOW" have been posting that this team under parcels was built to fail. YES, BUILT to FAIL.

Let's begin with the Owner. Ross has zero football experience and Huizenga sold us out when he took the $$loot and ran. Ross can’t even get his circus side show right as he thinks his name and team are Jerry Jones and the Cowboys.

There IS a huge difference between the Boyz and the DEAD FISH WALKING Dolphins and Ross is more concerned with lining up minority owners and getting someone to sing Babalu in the Pre-Game show.

Ross speaks out of his ass first and his mouth second. Look at what he did to Sparano when he had Ireland with him on the Jet trying to get harbaugh. When he came back empty handed Sparano had Ross by the nuts and had demands which were that Sparano has more control and that he can blackmail, I mean Hire his Son as part of the Dolphin diaper staff.

Ross, knowing that Cowher, Gruden and ALL the rest of the coaches out there would NOT entertain talking with Ross as Sparano and Ireland were still employed by Ross. So, Ross rewarded the HC and GM with BIG $$ and a two yr extension.

TUNA time.. The ONLY thing good that parcells did was draft Long. Sure we could have went after a QB but we have what we have and Long has proven his worth. He WILL prove his worth in Gold once we purge this team of all the diaper staff and GM as Long may have Luck or RG3 to protect and it will pay off. Right now exactly who is Long protecting on the blind side?? Nothing worthy to mention.

Ireland... He is a Tuna head as he is more interested in looking for Acorns and Value picks vs what other teams were doing which was to draft quality players and grab the same in the open market. Ireland has no clue.

The Scouts... The Dolphins Scouts SUCK and have SUCKED for many, many, many years. I have NOT seen anyone address this at all.

Armando, how about addressing the Scouts as That's a HUGE problem. Just WTF are they looking at that ALL the other NFL teams are looking at? I mean it's obvious that they are providing reports to the team that are flawed.

And finally Sparano... He needs to go even before he arrived as he has no concept of how to lead a team. He hired his own kid for some BS position and all Sparano cares about is field Goals. No Red zone and no balls and the record shows.

Fact is that even with a fragmented season like this is we still can’t win. The team is NOT into winning as they want the staff and HC gone. They won’t say it publicly but they ALL want and hope to draft a franchise QB like Luck or RG3 just like the fans do.

As for myself, I can’t wait until the clock ticks down to 0 during the last game. I will sit and start my own clock and look at how long it's going to take Ross to grow a set of nuts and Fire everyone, Sparano and his entire staff and assts and coordinators and Ireland GONE.

I will watch to see how long it's going to take Ross to Hire COWHER and let Cowher bring in his own staff and GM. Watch us draft a QB and fill the rest of the holes with players that will make it happen.

It's a long time between THAT but as a lifelong fan since the AFL merger, I have time left on my clock.


Morning bud. My two cents for what it's worth is we have sufficient talent on this team to be MUCH better than we are. I'll take the talen on this team over what they've got in Buffalo or Cinci. It's all about the work the guys put in during the offseason, the practices and what they do on Sundays. It's clear to me that this team isn't ready to play every week. Part of that is on the players because they didn't work their tails off during the lockout and part of that is on the coaches because they can't get more than enough out of the talent on this team. The players say they love Sparano...I say BS!! If they did they would have been ready to go August 1st and they'd be laying it all on the line every Sunday. They did neither of those and they aren't buying in to what they are doing. I think with a new coach (Jeff Fisher) here next season and a few changes it's a totally different team. We're about to find out.

If we were playing with focus how could we drop as many balls as on Monday night? How could Moore miss wide open receivers and Marshall run out of bounds? How could Burnett just lose track of what was going on as he was being scored upon? You could make a blooper reel out of that game alone. No one has any accountability.

Right now it's very difficult for us Fans as we are caught in crossroads, with no clearly defined course to follow.

I have to admit though, I'm on Sparano's side on this one today. Enticing fans to support the OPPOSING QB is one of the coldest, most backstabbing things I've seen an employer do. This is as bad as sweatshops exploiting childen. Ross/Dee, whoever came up with this cockamamie stunt is a slimeball. Worse than a slumlord. Greed at it's most pure form.

I'd like to know, at the stadium, who's highlighted. Tebow, or Pouncey? If it's not Pouncey, people should Occupy SunLife.


No way Henne is the uncontested QB next year. The talent level at QB in the draft is much better than last year and looks like we're going to get a much higher pick. I wasn't for picking the leftovers after Newton and Gabbert got picked, when we picked 15th last year. I'm all for drafting QB this year, when we'll be top ten and likely much higher.


Any team that had a sense of pride would get up for the game today and use it as motivation. Not these guys. They will likely lie down and take it as they've been doing all year. Guys will be faking injuries and dropping out throughout the game....just watch!! Sean Smith time....

Watching Andrew Luck last night and this kid looks very happy and content. he has every right to feel and show that as he IS a star on his team and in the Collage level.

I'm really not sure if the kid will come out this year. I mean, he's having a great time and each year he gets better and better and can only get better.

$$ is not a concern for Luck so perhaps he may remain at Stanford for one last year. Perhaps he will come out and if he does, hope we have that pick to snatch him up.

Just sayin.

Hey guys, Look its a 1pm start.......The 1st one of the season,The Fins rule at home at 1pm games.... What???, Its the 3rd week in oct....... Ross is a Idiot......., Well look at it this way, The Fins wont have to much cramping..

NY G, He's coming out, 3 O-lineman are in there last year as is 2 WR and 2 RBs, He'll be coming out..., BTW He only played a half last nite in a blow-out., 165 yards, not bad....


The commentators will have a ball if they see signs with that in the stands today and the rest of the season. It's our version of wearing a bag over our heads.

Hope this catches on...

The amazing thing about watching Stanford is that they aren't a passing team. They're a grinding team. They love inside handoffs. Think they might be able to put up an 80 spot on some of those Pac-12 teams if they put their mind to it.

Cuban Menace, hope he does come out. Also to bad they don't report stats like you mentioned when he only plays part of the game.

Chris in the 623... Great point and let's just hope he remains healthy. I am glad that they pulled him after they put up points. SMART on the Coach.

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