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Are Dolphins in on Garrard or are they going to suck for Luck?

The Dolphins worked out NFL washout quarterbacks Trent Edwards and Brodie Croyle on Tuesday and who knows how much more time/money for plane tickets/effort they'll waste on guys that never made it in the league before we know what they're really going to do at QB the rest of the season.

And that brings up today's greater question: What are the Dolphins doing the rest of this season? What is the point?

If the point is to get through and basically survive, then so be it. I get that. There's a movement on the street espoused by a growing number of fans backing this approach to the rest of the 2011 season.

It's known as Suck for Luck.

The movement's premise is that this Dolphins season is over. The movement wants the Dolphins to lose every game they can in hopes of getting in position to draft Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck next year.

It is tortured logic. But I get it.

There's another less popular movement out there, too. I know it's there because I'm its leader. It's called never give up, never give in, play hard every down, try to win every remaining play, every remaining quarter, every remaining minute and see where the chips fell once the season is over.

If that means the Dolphins win four games this year, so be it. If they salvage eight wins, so be it.

The movement even holds out hope the Dolphins can try to get maybe nine wins and back into the playoffs. (Yeah, I know. I'm stupid.)

But it is my nature to be competitive. It is my nature to not give up -- even when the situation seems impossible and the odds are as long as east is distant from west.

So which camp do the Dolphins fall into?

Until today I was convinced the team was still in the scratch-and-claw to the end mode.

Now, I have to wonder.

The thing that gives me pause how much the Dolphins really, really want to win is how they're handling their current quarterback problem.

As you know, Chad Henne is injured. It is serious.

Henne likely will miss a couple of games with a separated (non-throwing) left shoulder but could also be done for the remainder of the season if he requires surgery. The probability he needs surgery and will miss the rest of the year is quite real and serious. Henne doesn't want that route, which is why he's expected to hear back on a second opinion this week, but the matter is not really in his hands.

In the meanwhile, the Dolphins have been searching for a quarterback. And that's where the problem festers.

Aisde from wasting time with never-was types, the Dolphins talked in the past 36 hours to David Garrard's representation. They tried to sign the former Jacksonville Jaguars starter but talks stalled over that which drives or stalls practically all talks -- money.

Garrard, who threw 23 TDs to 15 INTs in Jacksonville last year, wants at least a portion of his pro-rated salary guaranteed, according to various reports including one in The Herald. Garrad doesn't just want to come to Miami one week and find himself unemployed a week or two later. He wants to go somewhere to find some solid footing and the way to get that is through guaranteed money.

The Dolphins apparently have balked at such a thought of signing Garrard to such a deal, according to the reports. After all, they have a budget, you know.

So the team that guaranteed all or parts of the 2011 salaries for Benny Sapp, Dante Rosario and Larry Johnson and last week signed Nate Jones, paid him for a week, then cut him on Tuesday, doesn't want to give Garrard, who is better than all those guys combined, that kind of deal.

It is obviously a money-saving move. But to me it seems like much more than that.

It is a move that speaks to not doing all that can be done to win. Garrard happens to be the only quarterback on the market not named Favre that has won and taken a team to the playoffs and played at a Pro Bowl level. There is no issue of talent here.

He is better than Croyle and Edwards and any of the other scrub the Dolphins are apparently toying with now.

No, Garrard's not in his prime. He's 33 years old. No, he isn't a long term answer as a starter, but I got news for the folks over at Dolphins camp -- seize the day, people, because your tomorrows are not promised. Trust me on this.

Garrard might not take the team to great heights. But that doesn't change the fact he's more talented than anyone else out there -- even I know that. So maybe he could catch lightning and do the improbable given the chance.

The Dolphins cannot say, for example, they believed (insert name of scrub here) has more talent than Garrard or is better than Garrard because no one on the QB market believably fits that description.

So failing to sign Garrard in the next few days means the Dolphins will have picked saving money over possibly saving the season or at the very least saving face.

That's the message they're sending if they continue to pinch pennies on players they'll eventually end up cutting again in a week or two. They took this tack before. They pinched pennies and we got Marc Colombo instead of Bryant McKinnie. We got Dante Rosario instead of say, Jeremy Shockey or Greg Olsen.

And we got Matt Moore instead of any legtimate QB that was on the market when free agency opened -- some of which are doing quite well, thanks.

Bottom line?

The Dolphins can pretend they're still trying to win this year. But when the personnel moves don't shadow those words, we can no longer believe the words. If they sign players we all know are inferior instead of adding players that are clearly superior -- only one month into the season and with 12 games yet to play -- the moves will uncover them as a team that has waved the white flag.

If that happens at the quarterback position and the player they pass up is even better than the guy (Moore) who is likely to be starting their next game, that is worse than waving the white flag. That's commiting fraud against the fan base and the veterans in the locker room who still want to win and think they can.

It is walking away from a solution, however imperfect, in order to offer a worse, much more imperfect solution everyone knows cannot fly.

So the Dolphins have a choice now. They can sign David Garrard because they're looking for a quarterback and he's the best available and normally professional football teams are in the business of adding the best possible players available to them.

Or they can go another direction. Yes, they can go cheaper. And then we would be forced to start believing the Dolphins are truly in Suck for Luck mode.

[NOTES: As I told you above, the Dolphins cut cornerback Nate Jones on Tuesday. No, they didn't announce it because they don't give a crap about you knowing the comings and goings of their roster. They signed offensive lineman Will Baker from the Tampa Bay practice squad and no, they didn't announce that, either ...The club waived RB Nic Grigsby and OL D.J. Jones from the practice squad, not that they announced that either.

The team also added some Asian dude to the practice squad. Guy looks like a mini-Sumo so I suppose he's a nose tackle or fullback. Yes, he was in the locker room and no, the team did not release this transaction, either. I'll get you the name when I find it out. [Update: Name is Isaako Aaitui]. I'm starting to get the drift the Dolphins don't care about us. It amazes me they announce ALL their roster moves in a league-wide memo to the 31 other teams they're in competition with -- telling the people who are trying to take their heads off everything they're doing. But they don't bother announcing those same transactions in a timely manner to you, the fans who follow the team and buy tickets. Andy they wonder why they can't sell out games.]


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I hope that this once-proud franchise hasn't sunk to that level, to lose for (another) unproven draft pick. This team could care less about reporting stuff to the fans because, well, they could care less about anything! I'm gonna be sick....

even if we get put in position to draft luck, what makes you think they will draft him? this front office is terrible. they suck so that means no luck


I was glad when I found out you were not the journalist that Kevin Burnett was gonna Kill in the locker room the other day. Until I read this article, Garrard will help us win a fast track to being mediocre. I respect your opinion but the truth is Miami needs a stud QB and Andrew Luck is the most complete QB that has come out of college since Peyton Manning maybe even Elway caliber.. If Miami wants to ever turn things around then we better Suck and we better suck more that everyone, because nobody would be stupid enough to pass up on Luck..

I know what you are saying about never giving up. But sometimes it's better to live to fight another day. Jake long needs to get put on IR the guy is obviously not 100 percent he is getting killed out there. Enough is enough we need Luck!!!

They have been too cheap for too long when it comes to QB's. This "Suck 4 Luck" strategy assumes he won't get injured. I've thought ever since the aborted late-2010 season coaching search/fiasco that the Dolphins wouldn't be serious about 2011. (The possibly might too have been motivated by the belief that there might not have even been a season this year). It's a terrible ethos because you can't just switch on a winning culture. The Dolphins will also need to draft/trade for some help on the OL as well to protect their #1 pick. Sadly all I see is more pain on the horizon with the current owner.

Lol, even if we gain the 1st overall draft pick next year, this FO won't pick Luck. They will go for a guard or something else. We are doomed.

You're right Amando, we have a right to know and it frustrates me as a fan that, we are not only losing, but, also not being told when personnel moves are being made. They are so embarrased by their incompetence that they don't even have any confidence with the fan base.

Anyhow, no we should not "Suck for Luck". We are a pround Dophin nation and need to man up and fight to the end. We can't just lay down like little b....

When the going gets tough, the tough get going. I say we be TOUGH!!!

Irealnd, Please, no more DALLAS rejects! He can't even make his own assessment on good players. He has to bite off of another DOP's recruting efforts who also have failed miserably in the past.

Come on Ireland take a chance on your own judgement.

I less and less identify myself to this team. They are the reflect of the ownership and FO.

I've been a Henne supporter and believe he has shown improvement this season. He has not been the reason we are 0-4. I believe he would have gotten better in the red zone in the coming weeks also, but if we have a chance to draft one of the most sure thing QB's since P. Manning I would hope the fins would grab him.

That being said, I want the team to try and win every game, not give up, I want to see who rises to the occasion and gives all they got. Put their ability on tape, so the next regime can looked at it and get a head start on who to build around. I want to see this defense try to become who they thought they were, and the offense continue to improve by seeing the playmakers start making plays. If we are only good enough to win 2-3 games, draft Luck. If they come out of the bye week on a roll and win 7-8 straight games, so be it.

I admire your never give up attitude but the sad truth is we need a complete rebuild and adding Garrard at this point will be nothing short of yet another band aid in a a lethal wound. It will take Garrard at least 3-4 weeks before picking up this so called offense and he will too be at mercy of the atrocious play calling from both Daboll and Sparano. So squeezing a win or two will be really futile. As you described at the end of your post it is now more evident than ever that this management does not give a crap about the fanbase and that they are through. They know they are just waiting for the axe to come down (I fully expect Ross to fire everybody b/c anything short will put this entire franchise in serious danger of extinction. Play Moore, promote Devlin, he can use the experience and become a reliable backup; fire Ireland and Sparano but not before beginning talks with the next HC who will advise Ross who should be the next GM. This GM will need to start working NOW to execute trades before the deadline to include Marshall and maybe another high profile player (dare I say Wake). Trade Fasano, get picks and more picks. Rest Jake Long, as someone else noted the guy is not 100% and at this point HE is the most important player we have and we better not end his career too soon. Bring a HC and GM willing to build this team through the draft. Need a true scouting team with decent evaluators who will focus on talent rather than prospects (this is not baseball). Too many gambles (Pat White??!!). It will be a sad and long season but I for one will love to finally land a true franchise QB in Luck.

Miami should promote Pat Devlin to the active roster. Put Henne on IR. The penny pinching is what got this team in the situation. It was probably penny pinching that kept Miami from signing top free agents. This makes me a believer that Ireland needs to go as well as sparano.

I noticed the Colt's have not chased Garrard. They have had QB troubles before the Dolphins, they want Luck to.
Just lose baby,just lose

Although with some teams, I would believe that the season isn't lost, this team is really lost. Even when we score points we lose. Every team we have played can beat us at anytime during the game. 30 seconds left and 100 yard drive against this team... name a team that wouldn't beat us with a td?

But Sucking for Luck??? C,mon, really? You gotta have some pride.

So, very simply put. If you are making a bunch of money and you aren't performing, bye bye and bring in a rookie. I don't care where you get them, but at least bring in someone with pride and who will work real hard for a living. Give everyone a shot. Oh and trade Solai, Dansby and Marshall. I am sure you can get a bucket of hockey pucks for them.

In the off season, fire the idiots running the show and hire some people with the brights to bring this team back.

We might suck for luck, but I would rather die with fighters than a bunch of overpaid bimbos.

Do you remeber when Jimmy Johnson drafted Zack? Everyone laughed at that. Little fireplug as a middle linebacker? He was a great player.

That is an acorn Ireland. Not some big dumb jerk that stands around posing like he is someone.

And what is with this man love with people who's names end in O. Sparano, Columbo, etc etc etc. Cut the crap.

Remember, they can Suck for Luck, but Luck can stay in school another year....just sayin'

Ireland and Sparano are incapable of finding acorns. Face it folks, they just don't have it to recruit competently. My grandson has better talent evaluating skills.

How long are we going to tolerate this? Very qucikly, we as fans were able to identify a sinking ship; what's up Ross?

If they don't get Luck, there are several other sudd QB's that wwill be available in the top 5-7 draft picks...Matt Barkley or Landry Jones.

Regardless, this front office will NOT be in charge next year. If you want a solding head coach, he is going to have to be given the opportunity to draft a legit QB. Henne is average at best.

Yes, suck for Luck or any other top QB. Thsi season is over.

If they don't get Luck, there are several other stud QB's that will be available in the top 5-7 draft picks...Matt Barkley or Landry Jones.

Regardless, this front office will NOT be in charge next year. If you want a solid head coach, he is going to have to be given the opportunity to draft a legit QB. Henne is average at best.

Yes, suck for Luck or any other top QB. This season is over.

Mando, I understand why you might think that. But I believe these guys are so incompetent, it only seems like they want to lose.
One other thing: That whole dissing the fans/top secret crap is straight out of the Parcells training manual. He always had a low opinion of fans and hated talking to the media.

Actually, the fans revenge against Ross, the front office and this clueless coaching staff is not going to the games and watching them squerm and continue to loose.

Clean slate for next year's new coach and GM.

Remember when Pat Riley took over the Heat...they went on to win a championship.

House cleaing and a real coach will do wonders for this team.

How nice. We already want to waste another season and go for somone who is unproven. And what do you do than if Luck isn't the person where do you go from there? More rejects from Dallas? Had enought already with this team. No owner no leadership no direction always grasping for answers.

this season is already over.

win what 4 or 5 games, maybe? for what........

Ross had the right idea when he got on his plane and went to see harbaugh last year.... San Fran 3-1, Miami 0-4.

"Some Asian dude"..."mini Sumo" ???

Armando you might want to rethink section of the article before you take flack for semi-racist sounding comments. I personally don't care, but it sounds pretty bad.

You're beating a dead horse Armando.
This regime has gone the cheap way weeks ago when they decided to sign Moore to "compete" with Henne and to keep only 2QBs on the roster.

excellent article mando! you are one of a few who have the backbone to hold the regime accountable to us fans. thanks! we want our dolphins back and the regime GONE!

I got no problem with it. I'm an Asian dude.

There is a kid down the street who can throw a pretty good spiral, Pretty sure he wouldn't want guaranteed money...Dump Ireland NOW!

I have to admit I really don't understand why Chad Henne would be out for the year for a seperated shoulder on his non throwing arm. I seperated my shoulder and worked through the pain for alot less money then he is getting. Where are these player's pride. Dan Marino was all messed up and refused to be taken out. Players these days are a bunch of panzies.

Why does it seem that the only acorns Jeff Ireland picks up fall from an oak tree located in Dallas? The Miami Cowboy experiment has clearly failed. The almost daily additions and subtractions made to the roster make ones head spin. Might as well put a revolving door at the team headquarters. As a diehard Dolphin fan for 40 years- I started losing interest in this team last season. The staff appears arrogant to the media and the fans. Everything is a big secret. What isn't so secret is the fact that they have turned this once proud franchise and fan base into a laughing stock.



I swear, if we recruit one more reject from Dallas....

Just saying.

Why anyone thinks that Ross is on board the 'Suck for Luck' train is beyond me. He splurged on Marshall and Dansby (momentary lapse of reason?) and then pulled the purse strings tight. Even if he has the sense to dump Ireland (he won't unless Peterson tells him to) and Sparano (he will because he'll think the fans are stupid and will be content with that) what makes anyone think he won't continue to be cheap - with coaches and players? He may be a good businessman in other areas but he's no more than Jeffrey Luria as a sports franchise owner. He will be content with being a perennial loser who makes enough money off a mediocre team. Spending money at this level is not about the profits realized (with revenue sharing the profits of fielding an expensive and winning team are not enough - in terms of difference from profits with a mediocre team). What he is not considering is that Fins Fans are not as loyal - as a whole - as Buffalo or Detroit fans and they won't even attend in Marlins numbers if the Fins continue to put this trash product on the field. Ross a fan? Don't buy into that. He's a cheap, self-serving prick who optimizes profit and pays lip-service to winning.

Ireland is a lousy talent evaluator but Ross has played a huge role in this mess by not opening up the checkbook.

As Emmitt might say: Fins fans just got debacled.

"You're right Amando, we have a right to know and it frustrates me as a fan that, we are not only losing, but, also not being told when personnel moves are being made."

If you are losing & you know the personel moves they've been making for years aren't worth a lick, why do you even want to know? You're only setting yourself up for disappointment.

"Why does it seem that the only acorns Jeff Ireland picks up fall from an oak tree located in Dallas?"

Because Parcells found those acorns for him 5+ years ago & Ireland doesn't have to do any work. He just recycles them.

Allright. I apologize. From now on I will restrict my commentaries to Football.

you guys are incredible dont get me wrong the dolphins sure as hell could use luck but how can u want your home team to lose out? we're all frustrated and want sparano and ireland gone but sucking for mluck is only going to make stuff worse in my opinion, at least after luck you have LANDRY JONES :)

Tony Sparano said it best in one of his post game speeches after a win. "Its all about us" That tells you right there they dont care about the fans!!


This whole season comes back to the Harbaugh fiasco. TS has to realize he's a lame duck coach waiting to be fired. The problem is that after the attempted hiring of Harbaugh, Ross ruined any chance for a new CREDIBLE HC for the upcoming season. Now add in the fact that Ireland couldn't pull the trigger for Orton because he wasn't a clear upgrade over Henne, and the season’s outlook becomes dim. I think the thought here was why sign Orton to only win 1 or 2 more games than Henne would have.

This FO knew this year wasn't going to go well and thus declined to pursue MAJOR free agent upgrades. The FA they did sign where out of necessity (Bush, Burnett) and not the WANT to upgrade. (TE, QB, RT)

Another year of 7/9 or 8/8 wouldn't help any chance's of drafting a SKILL player that can contribute immediately.(Insert Andrew Luck here) Almost all the sports analysts predicted the Dolphins to win 8 games or less at the conclusion of training camp.

It is logical to think the Dolphins set themselves up for failure.

Again, that's my opinion.

Posted by: dbmfins | October 04, 2011 at 09:14 AM

Hmmm. I posted this yesterday. So its the same conclusion I and many fans have already come to.

Not a Chad Henne fan, but I NEVER wanted to see him get injured. Good Luck to him to get well.

Now will we see what Matt Moore and Pat Devlin have to offer.

Everybody is screaming for ANDREW LUCK! It's all well and good BUT what if he does a *John Elway* or *Eli Manning*?

What if he doesn't want to play for this team? I don't want to burst-the-bubble but that might happen.

I mean, if I had a chance to play for say the reeling *Peyton Manning-less* Colts, ya think I gonna turn them down to play for the Fins?

I bleed-the-teal but lets call a spade a spade. Our problems go way beyond a top-notch QB.

At the moment, our Organization S-U-C-K-S!!!!!!

Maybe Ross wasn't lying about his trip to the Bay area and he wasn't looking to hire Harbaugh, he was getting the inside scoop on Luck from his college coach. Hopefully Ireland is not around to surround him with talent if this does happen.

I am going to say something crazy. Hire Urban Meyer as the new HC and trade for Tim Tebow for a 4th rd pick. The gator nation is back.

Another reason Ireland and Sparano must be canned. Garrard could help this pathetic bunch maybe win a few games. On second thought,Who cares? The FO,and the current roster of players obviously don't. It is not that the team is losing...it is the way they lose. Same blown coverages,missed asignments,mental mistakes,week after week. Very Disappointing being a Dolphin fan.

unreal on still some fans wanting to win a few games over getting luck. whats the difference between 6 wins and 1 win. nothing but losing a chance to draft a franchise qb. 6 wins does nothing for us. start garbage moore and keep the garbage staff rest of season so we can go 2-14 and finally get our franchise qb. and a new coaching staff that will turn us around quickly. marinos been gone since 99, its time to finally find a real qb again. quit rooting for this garbage team to win a few so they can ruin the future of this franchise.

Wherever Lou Polite may be....good for him, though we could use em right now

no more games for me till Ireland and fist-pump are gone...off line geru my asssssss

I know it's not popular in here, but I'm going to agree with Armando on the never give up idea. Nothing is for sure in this league, ESPECIALLY the outcome of top round draft pics.

One thing that is for sure is the overwhelming culture of winning or losing within the club. Purposely losing for a full year could set us back 5 years, even if we do suck.

It's like building a culture in any other business, you need to keep the right attitude going, even in the off years.

If there is any chance of changes in the front office or coaching staff for next season, these things HAVE to be decided soon. Who knows what type of players and schemes a new staff would prefer?

For example, our defense is designed to be a 3-4 (albeit a poor one, it seems), so what happens if the next coach prefers a 4-3? Who fits? Who doesn't? Do we want Ireland making personnel decisions that could affect next year's team if he is not a part of our future plans?

I agree dusty, and you know what, so does the Owner. Ross, we're told, is a good businessman, and therefore he'd be an idiot not to see the writing on the wall. This FO is crumbling, the team is crumbling around them, and the injury bug gives the Owner a great excuse NOT to do what's best for the short-term, but think long-term.

Not sure what Mando's idea of winning 4-6 games will do. Won't erase the lack of confidence in these players. Won't bring fans to the stadium. Won't give anybody the idea that Miami is moving in the right direction. And lastly and most importantly, it won't save the HC's job.

So, as hard as it is, fans need to look forward. Hopefully the next HC will be credible and not propped up by anyone else (like Sparano was by Parcells). Hopefully he'll have a more credible GM who's a better talent evaluator. And lastly and most importantly, hopefully he'll have HIS, long-term, franchise QB in place...Andrew Luck! That's the best possible scenario we could ask for to start righting this ship.

Nothing done this year by this group of people will do anything to change the direction of this team. People need to get that in their heads. This is a loser team. It'll be one more year of disappointment for fans and the team, but good days are on the horizon, FOR REAL THIS TIME!!!

tj , its already 100 percent that the coaching staff will be fired. lets hope ireland also.

Good one Armando. That first sentence summed it up perfectly. I hope the whole team reads this article.

What a disgrace on all levels.

Let me take the pressure off of you Mr. Ross. Suck for Luck!

do the right thing ross and we can win for years and years like colts have with manning

This just in: I hear Ireland and Sparano are bringing Danny White in for a try-out!

I would like to think that the Dolphins not announcing the roster moves to the media is some oversight by an intern or maybe Mando was on the porcelain to long and missed it. But there is no mention of any moves on the Dolphins web site either.

This is truly a disgrace by the organization and EXTREMELY DISRESPECTFUL TO THE FANS!

The fans watch their teams and expect to see players they know on the field. This organization tanked the season long before it started, that much is obvious! But to not announce roster moves that allow the fans to know who's number is being called? Absurd!

I live 1,800 miles away from Miami and would love to come BACK down for a game. The thought of how bad I feel after games keeps me from spending 1,500 bucks to come and watch a game live. I already spend 400 to watch them lose on television.

If I was a local fan I would boycott the games and stay home!

Mr. Ross needs to learn how to run this organization in a manner that respects the fans "need to know". This team is losing every Sunday and now they shut out the fans from information.


Hey bobbyd12

Ready to join the club? FREE ADMISSION TODAY!

Oh, I see, you are going to have a wonderful time at the next tailgate party. Have fun.

Ohio, you can also look at it that the Owner was smarter than all of us and realized this before the Season even started. Otherwise, why didn't we get Orton or one of the QBs available at the start of FA? The team KNEW it only had Henne on the roster. They KNEW the oline was going to be sub-par. They KNEW you need 2 halfway reliable QBs on your team each year since injuries are more prevalent now (look at Vick, look at Big Ben, look at Indy). Yet they were ok going forward with Matt Moore, KNOWING he'd probably need to step in and start? Does that sound like a team that's really trying to improve?

I think the Owner didn't have faith in Sparano, or this team, and decided to hold his chips this Season and see what he could do next Season.

Don't blame the players for not killing themselves to win if the brass doesn't do everything to bring in top talent. The only way this STARTS to get resolved is with a franchise QB starting the first game of the 2012 Season. Let's hope it's Andrew Luck.

This organization has gone in the tank and it disgusts me every year to watch this crap!!!!

I see what you're saying DC.

And I want a franchise QB just as much as the next guy, because without one playoffs are virtually impossible.

I just think we should be careful what we wish for when cheering for and hoping for losses. We could end up with them for many more years than we hoped for.

Hey Armando,
I'm predicting (and I hope this doesn't happen) that this blog is to be affected next by the teams ineptness. Fans aren't rallying... they're giving up. No reason to watch inept Dolphin football and in the end there will be no reason to read Dolphin football blogs.

You may need a back up plan Armando!

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