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Why Jeff Ireland must answer like everyone else

Jeff Ireland hasn't been a disaster.

He found Cameron Wake. This year's draft, while not exactly producing huge results right now, has upgraded the center position and may have brought a capable running back if Daniel Thomas can ever stay on the field long enough with hamstring problems.

But ...

Like everyone else in this winless Dolphins season, Ireland has a hand in the mess. He put this team together. Yes, he's gotten things right. But he's gotten things wrong -- just like everyone else.

So how is it he gets to fly under the radar and not answer for what is right and wrong when players and coaches do it every day? That's what I wrote about in my column today.

In my opinion, it simply is not right in a time of crisis for someone to stay under the cover of a team policy that Ireland himself has instituted since the departure of Bill Parcells and could easily make an exception for at his choosing.

The fact he's decided to stay in the background reflects poorly on Ireland. This is a grown man's business and grown men don't shy away from the truth of their situation. The truth of Ireland's situation is he's the guy who put together a winless football team.

I heard from some of you that Ireland needs to use his time to get the team right rather than speaking to me or other media. I'd say that sentiment is in the minority. It's also ridiculous because no one is asking Ireland to undergo a full day's worth of inquiries. We're talking minutes here.

I list for you some of the things Ireland needs to answer for:

This draft belongs to him. The 2009 draft belonged to him. (The 2008 and 2010 drafts were run by Bill Parcells).

He needs to tell us why no upgrade at tight end, free safety, and most importantly, at quarterback. Might be nice if he also explained the love affair with all the former Dallas Cowboys -- most of which have not really produced at a high level for the Dolphins.

The other questions I'd love an answer for are in the column. Please check it out.

And come back later for the live blog of the Dolphins visit of the New York Giants. The game kicks at 1 p.m. See you then.

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