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Why Jeff Ireland must answer like everyone else

Jeff Ireland hasn't been a disaster.

He found Cameron Wake. This year's draft, while not exactly producing huge results right now, has upgraded the center position and may have brought a capable running back if Daniel Thomas can ever stay on the field long enough with hamstring problems.

But ...

Like everyone else in this winless Dolphins season, Ireland has a hand in the mess. He put this team together. Yes, he's gotten things right. But he's gotten things wrong -- just like everyone else.

So how is it he gets to fly under the radar and not answer for what is right and wrong when players and coaches do it every day? That's what I wrote about in my column today.

In my opinion, it simply is not right in a time of crisis for someone to stay under the cover of a team policy that Ireland himself has instituted since the departure of Bill Parcells and could easily make an exception for at his choosing.

The fact he's decided to stay in the background reflects poorly on Ireland. This is a grown man's business and grown men don't shy away from the truth of their situation. The truth of Ireland's situation is he's the guy who put together a winless football team.

I heard from some of you that Ireland needs to use his time to get the team right rather than speaking to me or other media. I'd say that sentiment is in the minority. It's also ridiculous because no one is asking Ireland to undergo a full day's worth of inquiries. We're talking minutes here.

I list for you some of the things Ireland needs to answer for:

This draft belongs to him. The 2009 draft belonged to him. (The 2008 and 2010 drafts were run by Bill Parcells).

He needs to tell us why no upgrade at tight end, free safety, and most importantly, at quarterback. Might be nice if he also explained the love affair with all the former Dallas Cowboys -- most of which have not really produced at a high level for the Dolphins.

The other questions I'd love an answer for are in the column. Please check it out.

And come back later for the live blog of the Dolphins visit of the New York Giants. The game kicks at 1 p.m. See you then.

Please follow Armando Salguero on twitter. If you do follow me, you'd already know the inactives today: Vontae Davis, Clyde Gates, Daniel Thomas, Will Barker, Richie Incognito, Will Yeatman, and Phillip Merling. Jimmy Wilson starts for Davis. Tyrone Culver continues to start at free safety although Reshad Jones is active. Nate Garner starts for Incognito.


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luck was the man last night, what a game vs usc

Russ Grimm, Jay Gruden,

Your thoughts!!!!!!

Luck or Jones is better than what they have now or in the last 11 years.

The point is that talent-wise, the Dolphins aren't an 0-6 team. True, they may not be playoff-caliber, but I don't think they have any fewer good players or any more gaping holes in their lineup than the typical 8-8 team.

The reason they're so cover-your-eyes awful, quite simply, is that they are so abysmally poorly coached. The coaching staff is in the Bill Parcells mold: find great talent and motivate it to leave everything on the field. That might have worked during Parcells' heyday in the mid-1980s, but in today's NFL a team must consequently innovate, vary, and adjust their play to win. Coming up with one clever new play in four years, and keeping it in the playbook for two years after everyone's figured out how to counter it, is just not a path to success in 2011.

Good (or at least non-awful) teams devise plays that cover their own personnel holes and magnify their players' strengths. They devise new schemes each week to counter their opponents' strengths and exploit their weaknesses. They adjust those schemes during the game to capitalize on what's working and get away from what's not.

Miami never seems to do any of those things.

You are correct Armando to call out Ireland...thank you for having the cough coughs to do it...I love you challenged his man hood...now we'll see if he has any...please keep after him until he accounts for himself.

ireland is a coward and doesn't take any responsibility for horrible personell decisions over his tenure. ross has surrounded himself with "yes men".

ireland is complete garbage. hes fired also after season



When the ship sinks all look at what the captains says and does. And a genuine captain takes responsibility for what is happening. Ireland's
hiding from exposure says it all: he is not a genuine captain and must also go.

The worst part: Sparano has been lumped with all the blame for the porous OL.

Oh yeah.
Suck for Luck!!

There are two reasons Ireland hasn't "answered" to anyone or "provided us with answers". First, he's not obligated to do so under NFL rules...coaches are, players are, but GM and front office types arent. Second, we aren't owed answers to why no upgrade at QB, TE, etc. We are fans and yes we like to know what's going on but at the end of the day we will choose to support or not support the team and ownership will base its decisions on that support or lack of support. If Ireland and company are putting a losing team on the field the fans won't support the team and the regime will answer to ownership by getting fired.

Mando - Whah, Whah, sniff, sniff...You need to talk to the media. You're hiding. Whah, Whah, Whah.

Ireland - Oh, please stop crying Mando. I didn't mean to upset you. You want answers? Oh, OK, Sure. I made a ton of mistakes. The team I built "stinks" (just ask Reggie). I failed.

So...now what Mando? You got you're way. Ireland admitted his failures. Are the Fins going to win now? Is the failure of the 2011 Fins less insulting? Do YOU or WE feel any better?

Why would you expect Ireland to break a team policy, set long ago? What does it really accomplish? What does him speaking to you do for the Fins? Really what does it do for the fans? It's all ridiculous.

Ireland failed, Sparano failed, Dabol failed, Nolan failed, Moore failed, Bush failed, Dansby failed, JT failed, Burnett failed, Davis & Smith (the self proclaimed best tandem) failed, Marshall failed, Colombo failed, Carey failed, etc, etc, etc.

Do you want them all to run a press conference and spew into your microphone and explain themselves? What does that really accomplish?

Look I think I can appreciate how hard it is to cover a losing team. It has to be brutal. Trying to develop content every week around a crappy team. You got the short straw having to cover this team. But really, calling out Jeff Ireland and asking him to admit his failures will not accomplish a damn thing.

Let's just call it like it is...it's a complete failure. We all know it. So, does Ireland. He will have to deal with Ross after the season. He SHOULD be fired along with all the other failures.

But airing dirty laundry mid-season accomplishes very little. The team will get crushed today by the G-Men. If Ireland spilled his failures all over the national air waves, the G-Men would still crush this FAILURE of a team.

I find it hard to believe that Ireland drafts/signs players and then says to Tony "here you go".

I figure that that the coaches and Ireland talk and the coaches say "hey we need a better Safety" and then he goes out and tries to upgrade the position. Or he may go to the coaches and say "hey I want to bring Johnny Doe in for a try out" and then the coaches say "never mind, we are all set at Safety".

My point is that I think he may have a small amount of blame but at the end of the day 90% belongs to Sparano, Nolan, and Dabull. If he went and just signed players without their blessings, they would have thrown him under the bus already.

I know that I am one of the few here but I do think he has done a pretty good job.

I agree - Ireland should answer a few questions. Even Ross is talking about the mistakes he has made and what he's learned from them. What makes Ireland better than the owner?

Ross doesn't come across as the most likeable guy, but he's not an idiot. He knows his product is a giant, steaming pile of crap. He's not going to continue owning a team that people won't pay to see.

I think he'll make the changes............we can only hope they're the right changes. To get the fan base back on his side, he knows that he can sell the false optimism that comes with massive change.

You know, just like when the majority of Dolphins fans were passing out the ring sizing kits when Parcells, Ireland and Sparano rode in to town and people were counting the Super Bowls the Dolphins were going to win.


I agree with JPAO- this season is what it is. I wait 8 months a year for the season to start and I want to enjoy what I can of it. If we get Luck great but we missed out on Elway in '83 and picked up some kid called Marino- that seemed to work out okay. We'd have survived with Kelly too that year. I HATE the SFL campaign not least cos it makes us look like the Bucs/Saints of the 80s or other failing teams. Let's have some pride- we have a core nucleus of decent (not great) talent, most of which will be here next year. Let's get behind them and see what plays out. Haters go support someone else or STFU

Last word to Herock: “They don’t have a clue how to build a team. What does it take to win? A quarterback. Until you get one and start drafting key players, you’re a ways away.”

From Today's feature article....

I know alot on here have come aboard to this way of thinking.....are there still any doubters......

Holy crap! Bill Parcells really screwed you guys! I kill him!


Ireland doesn't need to answer for anything. He did the job that was given to him (Parcells) the best way he thought he could, and unfortunately didn't do it as good as other GMs. Time to move on. New GM, new coach, new QB. Really excited abotu 2012, and I could care less who to blame for past seasons.
Watched USC Stanford last night, and feel good about both QBs I saw. Obviously Luck #1, but Barkley held his own very well. His only drawback is his height (6-2). Looked like a Brees copy to me though - good enough.

Ireland is a sniveling weasel who is too self important to waste a few minutes talking to the media. At least TS is a man who stands up and takes the heat for this debacle.

Watched USC Stanford last night, and feel good about both QBs I saw. Obviously Luck #1, but Barkley held his own very well. His only drawback is his height (6-2). Looked like a Brees copy to me though - good enough.

Posted by: JS in LA | October 30, 2011 at 11:23 AM

There was a lot of good quarterback play yesterday. Luck, Barkley, Weeden and Jones impressed. That Stanford/USC game was one of the best games I've ever watched. Sometimes I think Professor Lou has a good argument about foootball being played on Saturday. You just don't see games like that on Sunday.
I'm getting to the point that I can just about care less what this band of idiots does with this team. I'm a football fan first, then a Dolphin fan. However, I also love watching the SEC and that conference has a much better quality product than anything the NFL can put on the field.

BTW, slightly contrary to my "don't care who to blame" statement, I do like to find out if I was right or not in predictions:
1) Probably Wrong about record prediction - thought we'd go 4-12. Doesn't look like it.
2) Thought we should have drafted DeMarco Murray rather than Daniel Thomas. Thomas has been surprisingly decent. Murray may be amazing - but a few more games will tell if I was right.

Agree Judy. I like Weedon a lot too. Jones looks good. Not sold on Griffin - loads of talent, but raw. Not sure if I want to go through 3-4 years of project QB. In any case, there are several franchise potential QBs in 2012 - really excited that the Fins will finally have a top QB for our future. I doubt we will improve enough this season to miss one of them.

Here's my question to you, Armando? Why isn't the media ripping hot about the mess Bill Parcells created in S. Florida? Parcells was the mastermind of the product that is currently on the field. Ireland had one draft and one free agency to work with and, although I wouldn't give him 5 stars, Parcells is the guy who caused the damage to this team and has placed it into it's current state of meltdown.
Face it. Parcells is a worthless pile of dungheap and he has been allowed to walk, free of any repercussions from his failed dictatorship. It shouldn't be that way. Instead of the media running with the "S4L" campaign we should be seeing them talking about how pizsed Dolphin fans are about the damage Bill Parcells has done to this team.
Why aren't we seeing stories on Sunday NFL Countdown, NFL Today, NFL Live, etc. about the fans of this team being infuriated with the egotestical (mispelling intentional) fatazz known as the Tuna? Grab ahold of that story and run with it.
Watch Sunday Countdown now. Talking about fins.

Fins on Countdown.

Jason Whotlock of Fox Sports agrees with you Judy. Had a scathing article against the Tuna a little while ago, blaming him for Miami's demise. Sorry, don't have the link.

Dolphins are frustrated. Sorry, but it's worse being a fan.

The only defense I have that might benefit Ireland is this:

I truly believe that a competent coach such as Cowher or Fisher wins with the current roster. I do think however they'd get burned for times than not from the lack of offensive line and horrible secondary...

.500 would be the high side for this team at its peak. But the benefit of a good head coach would have a better plan in the red zone and coverages where they are weak in the secondary...

Having seen most of Stanford's games this year thought Luck played ok but not great. He moved well in the pocket against a good pass rush and often saved plays with his legs. He threw well on the run on some occasions. Think he runs too much for the NFL. He hit the WR that got behind the defense. That's something our QBs haven't been able to do for years. Bad pick 6 but atoned nicely.

According to ESPN....

The Dolphins fell apart AFTER Teflon Bill left.....

Mike Ditka: "They've made bad decisions ever since Parcells left." WTF? Here we go again! All of these guys have an opinion but what is it based on? He pulled that one out of his azs! "Ever since Parcells left?" What about when Parcells was here?

Then you have Chris Carter. "Credibility issue." "Everytime Bill Parcells leaves an organization it has a credibility issue." Another assinine comment.

Boy, these guys realy stick together. There's no way they are going to trash the reputation of "one of the greatest football minds in the history of the game."

It's time to start the "Suck because of Parcells" campaign.

Parcells doesn't catch as much heat because he's gone and the others aren't. No reason to dwell in the past.

I believe that Cowher or Fisher would not have let Ireland sign Columbo.or some of the other retreads that were signed this past year.

Tony had to sign off on him, and the proof is that he starts him every week.

As far as Luck goes, I belive he is the real deal ( I know me and 7 million others) I would love to see us get him, but I would also like to see us draft his TE Coby Fleener. He is the recieving TE that we are missing.

It's funny that I read some criticism fro the media about Luck and his pick 6 last night. I thought he played very well. It was a bone-headed throw from him bu there isn't a QB out there who doesn't make throww like that. For the first time, I saw a young Dan Marino, with better mobility. I think it was his competitiveness that reminded me most of Marino. The kid couldn't wait to get back on the field again and he was clearly in charge when he was out there. Looks like the real deal and I'll be shocked if he's not a star franchsie QB at the next level.

Also liked what I saw from Barkley. I know there's some questions about this guy but for the most part he looked pretty good to me. Landry Jones, the other kid I really liked had another great night. I said it before, I think he's be a great consolation prize.

Chris in 623....

Not "dwelling" on the past.....makes you more likely to repeat it....

Forget Ireland.....Armando should chase down his boy...Parcells....and ask him the tough questions....

Ditka: "Sparano was a good coach at the beginning of the season....now he's 0-6." Yeah, Tony's a real football genius. 4 years the "offensive line guru" has to put together an o-line and still hasn't achieved that goal.


and now, 0-6. This doesn't show that Sparano is a good coach. The record of this team over the last four years show a decline in the level of play. So, how can anyone say that Sparano was ever a good coach? What this shows is Sparano has contributed to the problem as the head coach. It also shows the negative influence the "Parcells dictatorship" has had on the decline of this team. The Dolphins have NEVER had a stretch like this in it's history until Parcells put his label on it.
Yes, Chris, it's time to move on. No sense dwelling on the past. That means, get rid of anything that is associated with Bill Parcells time in Miami- Sparano and Ireland.

I can't believe they are actually airing this game in my market. whoopie!

That was a great article by Armando and if you haven't read it I suggest you do so.

Ireland SHOULD be answering questions at this point but he probably figures it hurts his chances for another GM job. If he starts admitting these things, if he starts talking about them it just puts the facts out there for more people to see and discuss. Right now the only one in the country writing about this is Armando and he has no quotes from Ireland. If Ireland does an interview Yahoo and other outlets probably pick up on it and do stories of their own.

Ireland is a putz and the two things that Armando points out that are inexcusable to me are the TE and QB situation. The TE situation actually bothers me more. Four years of Anthony Fasano and we have been one of the worst TE teams in the league. There were very good TEs available and Ireland would have had his pick.

The only thing I don't agree about as a mistake is Burnett over Crowder. Burnett was really good in San Diego and was an obvious upgrade. Why he is not playing up to his normal level is probably on the coaching staff.

In the end we all were excited about this season because this is the year the handcuffs were off Ireland and he was able to make his mark on the team. He completely ignored obvious team needs. Normally you would believe this would lead to his termination but the conspiracy theorist in me has another idea. If Ireland doesn't get fired this year that leads me to believe that Ross had a behind the doors deal with him. Do not upgrade the team so I can get rid of Tony at seasons end and you will be allowed to keep your job. Horrible I know, rivals a HOME post. But if he isn't fired what other explanation could there possibly be?

Help me!!!

Heeeeellllllpppppp mmmmmeeeeeee!!!!!!!!

Turd Sm

Looks like Cowher just put it all to rest - says he's staying put on TV Next Year


(or...do we believe him?)

Should be interesting to see if Indy can pull upset. This looks like one of their more winable games.

We are gonna win today. Unfortunately and I have money on it. We will win by 2, like 12-10.

Chris, I agree with you to some extent. The Colts were SEVERELY embarrassed on primetime TV. If they have any pride at all, they need to try and partially redeem themselves this week. Only problem is Chris, Houston laid a real beating on Tennesee last week and they'll be in major redemption mode now too. My expectation? A close game, under a touchdown.

Dolphins have no chance today in my opinion. I thought they could keep it within a touchdown but without Thomas and a healthy Davis they have no chance. I'm expecting a sloppy, one-sided game. Just my opinion....

We are gonna win today. Unfortunately and I have money on it. We will win by 2, like 12-10.

Posted by: klndry | October 30, 2011 at 12:25 PM

Dumber than camel poo.

0-7 after today. And watch everyone keep there jobs.

Bravo Mr Ross!!!!!

Well there it is folks...Bill Cowher says he doesnt plan on coaching next season !!!!WOW!!


that's the way you do it. you catch a pass and then run backwards 3 yards.

the o-line gives the quarterbacks on this team NO TIME to get rid of the ball. It's catch and throw or get hammered.

No, Armando.


He is the biggest problem with this team by far.


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