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Add another need for the 2012 Dolphins

We interrupt the celebration following the first victory of the season to bring you a dose of reality:

Yes, the first win was cool. Congratulations again to the embattled players in the locker room and the coaching staff. They deserve much credit for a hard-earned taste of success. Job very well done last week.

But the week that was also aimed the spotlight on a topic that has been lurking on the margins for quite some time: The Dolphins' need at another position not named quarterback.

While many of you have been fixated on Miami's need to upgrade to an elite quarterback -- a need that has not changed, no matter how well Matt Moore played Sunday -- the last week showed Miami's need at the other end of the passing game.

At cornerback.

Simply, the Dolphins are going to need to identify and draft a fine cornerback either next April or the draft after that -- unless they sign one in free agency -- because the talent on the roster apparently isn't the answer.

There were hopes the answer might be lodged in Vontae Davis or Sean Smith but this season has shown that Smith is a solid complementary cornerback, a good off corner, but he is not elite. Davis, meanwhile, the best and brightest hope Miami had for fielding an elite cornerback has been a huge disappointment.

He has suffered durability issues this year. I wouldn't be too worried about those right now because everyone is struggling to maintain their body in a year offseason conditioning was wiped out by a lockout. So that passes, sort of.

But the fact that in the games Davis has played he has given up as many big plays as anyone on the field troubles. The fact he has not stumbled into an interception here or there is troubling. The fact Davis has seemingly regressed from his rookie year, with interceptions going from four in 2009 to one in 2010 to zero this year is seriously frustrating.

Beyond that, Davis has not only struggling to stay healthy and make big plays, he's struggling to make routine plays. He does not have even one pass defensed in his four games this year.

And then there's the elephant in the room -- he's big and smelly and eats a lot and poops a lot.

Davis was suspended from Sunday's game at Kansas City. Everyone by now knows the facts involved and they include tardiness to practice, drinking to the point of being inebriated the night before that practice, and apparently not even recognizing why he was left home, thinking the reason was his near fight with Brandon Marshall rather than the fact he was late and had been drunk.

All those speak to a chronic immaturity that has dogged Davis since his college days at Illinois. Remember immaturity was indeed the reason scouts said Davis was a risk. Well, the Dolphins have witnessed that immaturity several times, as Davis was benched for the start of the Oakland game last year for being late to meetings and fined for conduct detrimental to the team.

I am not saying Davis is a waste or beyond rehabilitation. But the trajectory of his career is not exactly shooting in the right direction. In his third NFL season, Davis is not exactly showing signs he's about to be the next breakout talent at cornerback.

And that's why Miami needs help at the position.

The Dolphins have no playmaker at one of the biggest playmaking positions on defense. They haven't someone they can count on to end a drive or steal a turnover or maybe even turn the tables and score a TD here or there.

That simply hasn't happened for the Dolphins who are among the league's worst defenses forcing turnovers and are on course to break the franchise record for least interceptions in a year.

The other reason cornerback begs more attention?

The NFL is a passing league these days. Teams don't need one good cornerback or even two good cornerbacks. Teams need at least three good cornerbacks because the nickel corner these days is a de facto starter. The third corner plays between 50-70 percent of the down in today's NFL.

And Miami's nickel cornerback now is Will Allen, whom the team cut earlier this year only to bring back when it cut nickel cornerback Benny Sapp. Sapp, you'll remember, made the team then was booted off the team after struggling in the season opener against New England.

We've all seen the Dolphins this year. Nolan Carroll isn't the answer back there. Jimmy Wilson seems more like a safety. Allen is 33 years old. Smith is good but so far not great and not even very good. And Davis?

Not someone a team should trust or count on.

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talent is there, just need to like a fire under his a##.

and not just vontae, every game day some part of the team deosn't show up.

Greg, of course Carroll isn't talking, he's lucky to be in the league. I'm not sure what he adds to a roster. And Wilson is a rookie. I'm with you that the secondary is not doing well, however so are a lot of the facets on this team. We are not very good at all. But on the list of priorities for this coming off season, I wouldn't put it near the top. If anything, the safeties need to be addressed before the corners.

So is Vontae going to end up being one of those idiot players who slacks off so much that the franchise that drafted him and paid him a lot of money finally has to let him go for nothing, and then signs with another team and makes it his life's goal to make his former team pay for how they "done him wrong"? Grow up and get your head right, Davis.

Stop slandering the good name of my fellow Canadian, Alex Trebek!!

Oh! I almost forgot. The Dolphins also need a General Manager and a Head Coach. Oh, yeah. They also need several good offensive linemen. Oh, right. They also need several linebackers who are capable and not lazy. Oh, I keep forgetting. I think they also need one or two really good wide receivers who don't have personal issues and who do not run out of bounds after catching the ball because they don't want to get hit. Is that all? Uh, I am not sure.

Davis. Another first round BUST.

For those of you with a few minutes, read this article. Quite good.


He'll get better. A new coach will straighten his @ss up. Remember his brother had problems until Singletary lit a fire under his @ss. Better coaches means better players attitudes.

What baffles me,among others,is why Mando and others insist taht S.Smith is a good corner,not great.From what I've seen,Smith thinks the S.stands for spectator;that's exactly what he does best--stand back,let the WR catch the ball and make a lame attempt to tackle the receiver.

Whomever is in charge of personnel next year should likely approach the Eagles about a trade for either Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie or Asante Samuel. Obviously, I would prefer to have DRC because of both cost and age; however, Samuel would be a clear upgrade to any corner we have had on the roster since Madison or Surtain. In either case, I highly doubt that all three of the Eagles uber corners will still be on the roster in 2012.

Also, I don't want to read any half-witted backtalk that suggests all three of those guys are "overrated" or anything nonsensical like that. Both DRC and Nnamdi dramatically suffer from being forced to play soft zone coverage in Castillo's crackpot defensive scheme. Neither player magically forgot how to cover receivers in less than a year. Castillo simply refuses to accept that he is shoving a square peg in a round hole.

there's no way sean smith would be starting if he wasnt a 2nd round pick. he's not an NFL cb. he always chasing a receiver who has already caught the ball.

Interesting idea Mike. Philly will be in the mood to amke changes this upcoming season too so you never know. They may even be in the mood for a player for player swap. Their run defense is not very good at all so they may want some more balance by taking one of our linemen or interior linebackers.

Another pro player I have my eye on is John Carlson of Seattle. he will be a free agent, young, low mieleage and a definite upgrade. With Seattle signing Miller last summer, Carlson will be allowed to walk I think.


I wonder if any of the "'72 perfect season" Dolphins ever had a drink?


If you want to win Super Bowls, Miami needs upgrades at many positions; CB, S, LB, DT, DE, WR, TE, OG, RT. They also need to clean house in the executive offices as well. It's time for a whole new organization.

I know...one victory does not a season make. However, the KC game offered some confirmation of what I have been believing the entire season. The fins have some talent and if (1) it had been properly utilized, and (2) they had been better prepared for games, both mentally and physically, they would have a much better season brewing. I blame the coaching staff for both shortcomings, yes I do.

The good news is (at least, I've convinced myself) that the fin's roster doesn't have to be completely rototilled in order for success to occur. I would like to see them do the following during the offseason:

1. Find the right QB
2. Fix the right side of the 0-line
3. Draft a shut-down corner
4. Find the NT that can tie up 2 blockers on run plays, and COLLAPSE THE POCKET on pass plays.

I know these tasks have proven to be non-trivial to this point, but think, with the acquisition of 4 or 5 of the right players, a lot of our warts would clear up.

Right or wrong, I will cling to this hope.

Miami has been plagued by a faulty secondary for years!

DeadFish, you forgot QB.

Agreed. That's why the top of the Dolphins draft board should look like this.

2-Landry Jones
3-Justin Blackmon
4-Morris Claiborne CB, LSU

And if they use their first rounder on 1,2 or 3 they should look at taking Cliff Harris or Chase Minnifield later on.

I'd also like to see them take a 2nd QB later in the draft like Kellen Moore, Brandon Weeden, Jarrett Lee or Case Keenum because those guys will have trade value down the road just like Matt Flynn does now.

wilson will be good


Just the facts:

sean smith has NEVER made even one game changing play in 3 yrs

sean smith has given up more YDs per reception than any other starting CB in the NFL last season

sean smith dropped by most counts 11 potential INTs last year setting a Miami Dolphins franchise folly record

Last week sean smith was rated 80th among NFL CBs so he is rated below many bench warmers or healthy scratches

sean smith knocked an INT away from Y-Bell on Sunday and the previous week ran into Jimmy Wilson knocking Wilson's INT out of his hands

sean smith is a poor tackler, cannot cover TEs, big WRs or any WRs for that matter and flat out sucks on ANY STs position

sean smith has been targeted hard from the beginning of the last 2 games right from the first play cuz opposing coaches know he is usually out of position, hips & feet turned the wrong way or completely turned around and looking away from the ball

So sean smith a good CB

Think Again, PAL!

What has he done that is good other than in your mind?

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have a HAARPy day :(

Ok, I'm starting to feel bad for Sparano. Sorry, trying not to, but it's hard. Does everyone remember what they felt in '07 when we won that game vs. Baltimore in OT? For me, COMPLETE elation. I was beside myself. Running around, excited, happy, cheering.

Cut to last Sunday. We won, and I was subdued, not particularly excited, more or less pretty even-keeled. I think I was happier both my fantasy teams won than the Dolphins winning.

And that's pretty much the sentiment with most fans. It's too-little-too-late.

Sparano and the players are the only ones who went wild after that win. Everyone else sees more problems stemming from it than good. Problems like, what if Ross doesn't think things are as bad as they were 2 weeks ago (they are)? Or what if he thinks we're 1 game managing QB away from consistently making the Playoffs (we're not)?

Sparano's all happy, but he looks to the fans, and we're still dispirited. I guess my compassionate side is coming out, cause I'm starting to feel bad for the guy.

Do I feel bad enough to keep him another year? H*LL-TO-THE-NAW!!! But I do feel for the guy, it's been a tough slog these last 4 years, lots of heartache, little to show for it. And there's nothing he can do to change future events (now). Actually, it's ironic, but every win from here on out this year will probably bring more negativity from the fans onto the team (since it will mean a worse and worse draft spot). Pretty tough position to be in. Can't win for losing.

@ Joe schmoe and Montreal

I'm sorry this is what it takes to make your day. It's an opinion, stop getting so far ahead of yourselves

Ok, no more compassion. Let's not forget, Tony Sparano has a pretty good record against mediocre/bad teams. We tend to beat them just as much if not more than they beat us.

It's the Top 15 teams who we never seem to be able to beat (unless they have their entire lineup injured like Green Bay last year).

That's why it doesn't matter what Tony does, he can't take that step we need to become elite (no matter what talent we have).

In response to Armando, name me a few positions that AREN'T in need of upgrading. Way less than those that are. Here's mine:

LT, center, L-DE, RB. Maybe kicker & punter. Everything else is a questionmark.

-Dansby would be way better with a surrounding group of headhunting outside LB's, so I'm keeping him for now.
-Marshall is talented, just undercoached. A great teacher can maybe get his potential out of him. Talent is harder to find than good workers. Keep for now.
-Bess. Keeper. Fair enough at his position to say good enough.
-Sean Smith and Davis are talented, but way underperforming. New coach gets them to reach their potential? Worth another year, and then re-evaluate. A good DB/S/CB in the draft wouldn't hurt on nickel situations, and then we have a possible escape plan.
-Keep Moore or Henne as #2 QB. Devlin 3rd.
-change offensive strategy to use Bush on the edges and flats, Thomas as the pounder.

Everyone else to me is expendable assets.

DC, don't feel bad for Sparano. He got cash for life and just for the fact that he still has this team playing hard for him, he will always find a job as a position coach somewhere if he wants it. Getting fired didn't hard cam Cameron much.

Where is that Rabbi? I want to help him.

Mark, as you and oscar know, it's because I'm a very tender, kind-hearted person. I'm a lover, not a fighter. So I feel for the guy who's down. I have this great big huge heart, and it bleeds for the little guy. I'll try to grow a pair though.

Funny, I was not jumping up and down like we won the superbowl over 1 victory this time like I was for Cam and that team either.

I wonder if it is because we are week 7, vs week 13.

Just like im not concerned with Green Bay going undefeated yet.

I had a moment 2 weeks ago where I felt bad for Sparano. But then I thought about the money and realized, I dont get paid good to deal with this crap. so F him. :)

Lucky you have a big huge..heart. Or are you?

MiamiD20, couldn't help it. No hard feelings.

MiamiD20, I was just pointing out why your opinion is flawed, thats all.

It doesn't make my day pointing out the obvious.

WOW I couldnt even finish reading this garbage!!! you are nothing but a fricking Dolphin Basher!!! I frickn Hate coming here to read stuff like that!!! Why u still have a job here is beyond beleif!!! Why dont u cover the Pats or Jets!!!

I know DC. But we've been in the wilderness for far too long. Was chatting with my buddy who is a chiefs fan and we were talking matt cassel. He is blaming Haley. Doesn't like the guy at all. Said that cassel is better than Alex smith and with better coaching, they would be better because matt is a hard worker and tough. Then I asked him, why do you want to be like the 9ers? Shouldn't you want to be like Pitt, pats, ravens, packers? That's what I feel about the dolphins. Enough of being below average striving to be an over achiever. I want this team to be a powerhouse. And the first step is getting a coach who has his pulse on what makes a team successful these days and the right talent evaluator. Then the qb!!

Mike Singletary called out Vonte Davis brother on national TV. Remember "Can't coach him, can't win with him". Tony Sporano needs to do the same with Vonte. Very immature. When you add lots of money to very immature you get bad results. That in a nut sell is Vonte Davis.

What a difference great QB play makes.

We need Cornerbacks.

We need to solidify the right side of the O-line.

Yadda, yadda, yadda..................

I think the statements above are correct, but in regards to our first win of the season, I think it's hogwash.

From day 1 this season Henne and then Moore have played well enough for this team to win. The bigger issue was the lack of execution(drops and getting open)by the receivers. Then blocking and a lack of consistent rushing.

While I'm now a firm believer that we need major upgrades across the ENTIRE secondary, I can't blame all the losses on them either. The pass rush lends support and credibility to **ANY** secondary. The pass rush more times than not **MAKES** the secondary. The pass rush(other than Wake)decided not to show up until week 8.

Carey and MAINLY Colombo have been awful. Colombo a virual turnstyle. BUT, with everybody and their brothers aware of this, how many times did we game plan for this problem? I mean other than extra lineman lined up next to Colombo. From day 1 we should have been running **well timed** sprint draws and screens to that side. ESPECIALLY when considering the loot we tied up in Bush! The guy who is supposed to be so awesome in SPACE!

We have player problems all over the place and you can point fingers everywhere. Having said that though, I still don't believe the players have been the biggest problem.

From the begining this FO has been stuck on playing guys based on their draft status and/or size of FA contract. They seem hell bent on sticking with their precious acorns, whether their being outplayed or not.

The Coaching can be blamed for the obvious lack of conditioning. This ALONE killed us for at least 6 to 7 weeks. How many second half/4th quarter meltdowns have we had? This is on the coaching staff.

The final thing is the **COORDINATING** game plans **BETWEEN** the Offensive and Defense. If you're going with one type of game plan offensively, the defense has to game plan for that style of play and vice versa. For example, if were going pass happy on offense, the defense has to be prepared for more playing time. They have to be ready to grind for a full 60 minutes.

We have a lot of needs personel wise without a doubt. Still, the bigger failures I see this season can be laid upon the coaching staffs, top to bottom and all points inbetween.

Congrats to the players and coaches for grabbing the weekend win. Just read that Matt Moore had the top QBR for the weekend. Just goes to show what a good QB can accomplish.

Cudos to Mark in Toronto and a few others who had that game pegged spot on. I couldn't have been more wrong in assuming KC would do to us exactly what we did to them.

As a occasional reader of this blog I am amazed how many un-employed General Managers contribute here. The concensus is that Jeff Ireland is a moron and basically makes his picks on draft day by throwing darts in the dark at the draft bard. Well here is some food for thought. The so called great Bill Bellichek had 23 picks in the first 4 rounds of the drafts between 2005 and 2009. 12 of those picks went towards the defensive side of the ball. Of those 12 only 3 are on the team. And one of the 3 is always on the inactive list on game day. Not so easy, is it.

Am I the only one who thinks Marc Coulumbo has been doing a decent job the last couple of weeks?

albert, Bellicheck has won 3 superbowls, who cares if he draft picks sucks, they still have tom brady

Do I feel bad enough to keep him another year? H*LL-TO-THE-NAW!!!

LOL! Fair enough. However, just for speculations sake, let me draw you up a scenario.

Lets say you're "Mr. DC Ross".

Let's say SpOrano and Moore get on a roll. Lets say we win 3 of our next four and finish with a 5 game win streak, beating both the pats and the jets going 8-8 on the season.

What do we do then Mr. DC Ross?

(not saying it will, not expecting it, **BUT** just for shyts and giggles, what would you do?)

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Walk on, through the wind,
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We say, Tony, great run at the end to get us to another sub-par season. The city of Miami and the fans around the country need a change.

thank you for your efforts, NOW GET THE HELL OUT. :)


You're right on in your comments. Add to it the fact that big offseason Albert Haynesworth was chopped today and other big offseason addition Ocho Cinco had ZERO catches on Sunday. They've chopped former first first round pick Merriweather, the second round cornerback and their first round running back was a bust! However, you won't read any of it here. You'll only hear about what a moron Ireland is....about he's the only one who gets it wrong.

Really, really pathetic. It's been 2 days since the game and Monho is already back to trashing players and stirring the pot of angry fans with nothing better to do than complain about their so called team. This isn't news this isn't TMZ either write something that is insightful or go home. LOSER!

Wow they cut Haynesworth?

We say, Tony, great run at the end to get us to another sub-par season. The city of Miami and the fans around the country need a change.

thank you for your efforts, NOW GET THE HELL OUT. :)

Posted by: Poizen | November 08, 2011 at 03:05 PM

Can't argue with that Poizen.

However, do you think Ross will fire a guy that after mucho trials and tribulations, goes on a 7-1 run and looking forward to the draft, Free Agency, and finally some consistency and continuity?

I know how unlikely it is, but you know that's exactly what SpOrano(and others)fantacize about each night when they put their heads in the pillow.

Something to ponder...............


Haynesworth's release comes after a reported sideline confrontation during Sunday's game between Haynesworth and defensive line coach Pepper Johnson. The shouting match occurred in the third quarter of the 24-20 loss after Giants running back Brandon Jacobs scored on a 10-yard run.

It is unclear what was said between the two, but Haynesworth did not play the rest of the game. Head coach Bill Belichick said Haynesworth's benching was "rotation-related" after the game.

Haynesworth, 30, was acquired in the offseason in exchange for a 2013 fifth-round pick after a disastrous two-year run with the Washington Redskins, where he had signed a seven-year, $100 million deal in 2009.

I hope Pepper Johnson be-atch slapped the fat slob!


The point is he has not won a Super Bowl in the last five years. The teams that he won with are no longer together. He has not been able to draft well to keep the ball rolling inspite of having Tom Brady. By the way Bellichek stumbling on Tom Brady in the 6th round of the draft was nothing more than luck.
Your comment of who cares if he doesn't draft well is stupid.

Why did we have to win that damn game? Luck is going to do great in Indy. We're just going to end up being another 4-12 franchise. What a joke.

Haynesworth is a talented dude. New England was tough to run on with him there. This is a nice chance for someone to get him on the cheap. Not sure this is the best place for him but someone will yet lucky.


The point is he has not won a Super Bowl in the last five years. The teams that he won with are no longer together. He has not been able to draft well to keep the ball rolling inspite of having Tom Brady. By the way Bellichek stumbling on Tom Brady in the 6th round of the draft was nothing more than luck.
Your comment of who cares if he doesn't draft well is stupid.

Posted by: albert | November 08, 2011 at 03:24 PM

If Belli can't draft well & his teams routinely rip ours a new as*hole, what does that say about our drafting?


I'd say, "Tony, thank you for your great effort. However, this being the 3rd consecutive season we haven't made the Playoffs, I've chosen to go a different direction. You gave 110%, and it was tremendous, but this is a business. You waited too long to fire your first OC. You waited too long to jump to a 2011 game philosophy. And the oline is no better now then it was when I purchased the team, and I put the blame directly at your feet. I'm sorry I didn't give you a GM that could have helped (by drafting a QB and other weapons for you on both sides of the ball), and I'm sorry I undercut you so that you had almost no chance to succeed this season. But again, this is a business, I need to put butts in seats at the stadium, and even a die-hard fan like bobbyd12 is saying he's had enough. So for that, I'm going to have to let you go and get another HC in here to take this team where the fans have wanted them to go for over a decade. Thank you, god bless and good night!"

draft our qb and let our new coaches clean house

haynesworth is horrible, career should be over finally

and miami better not get into the manning bidding once hes released. he will be 36 and basically done


And my question is exactly WHO, Which SCOUT are you going to relay on for this?

I been asking for a post on the Dolphin SCOUTS and never, ever seem to convince you that the SCOUTS SUCK.

They depend on the SCOUTING to provide much information yet take a look at what crap was drafted over the years..


Our Corners SUCK.
Our FS Sucks
Our entire secondary D SUCKS.

Yet you want to start looking for a new Corner?

SCOUTS Armando, WHICH SCOUTS are going to convince you who is great?

I Say the hell with ALL the SCOUTS and start listening to us FANS.

All you need to do is look at what EVERY OTHER NFL team except the Dolphins draft.

We not only suck in the QB are and HC and GM and Owner, we SUCK on the Scouting level also.

SCOUTS, please give me worthy SCOUTS.

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