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Add another need for the 2012 Dolphins

We interrupt the celebration following the first victory of the season to bring you a dose of reality:

Yes, the first win was cool. Congratulations again to the embattled players in the locker room and the coaching staff. They deserve much credit for a hard-earned taste of success. Job very well done last week.

But the week that was also aimed the spotlight on a topic that has been lurking on the margins for quite some time: The Dolphins' need at another position not named quarterback.

While many of you have been fixated on Miami's need to upgrade to an elite quarterback -- a need that has not changed, no matter how well Matt Moore played Sunday -- the last week showed Miami's need at the other end of the passing game.

At cornerback.

Simply, the Dolphins are going to need to identify and draft a fine cornerback either next April or the draft after that -- unless they sign one in free agency -- because the talent on the roster apparently isn't the answer.

There were hopes the answer might be lodged in Vontae Davis or Sean Smith but this season has shown that Smith is a solid complementary cornerback, a good off corner, but he is not elite. Davis, meanwhile, the best and brightest hope Miami had for fielding an elite cornerback has been a huge disappointment.

He has suffered durability issues this year. I wouldn't be too worried about those right now because everyone is struggling to maintain their body in a year offseason conditioning was wiped out by a lockout. So that passes, sort of.

But the fact that in the games Davis has played he has given up as many big plays as anyone on the field troubles. The fact he has not stumbled into an interception here or there is troubling. The fact Davis has seemingly regressed from his rookie year, with interceptions going from four in 2009 to one in 2010 to zero this year is seriously frustrating.

Beyond that, Davis has not only struggling to stay healthy and make big plays, he's struggling to make routine plays. He does not have even one pass defensed in his four games this year.

And then there's the elephant in the room -- he's big and smelly and eats a lot and poops a lot.

Davis was suspended from Sunday's game at Kansas City. Everyone by now knows the facts involved and they include tardiness to practice, drinking to the point of being inebriated the night before that practice, and apparently not even recognizing why he was left home, thinking the reason was his near fight with Brandon Marshall rather than the fact he was late and had been drunk.

All those speak to a chronic immaturity that has dogged Davis since his college days at Illinois. Remember immaturity was indeed the reason scouts said Davis was a risk. Well, the Dolphins have witnessed that immaturity several times, as Davis was benched for the start of the Oakland game last year for being late to meetings and fined for conduct detrimental to the team.

I am not saying Davis is a waste or beyond rehabilitation. But the trajectory of his career is not exactly shooting in the right direction. In his third NFL season, Davis is not exactly showing signs he's about to be the next breakout talent at cornerback.

And that's why Miami needs help at the position.

The Dolphins have no playmaker at one of the biggest playmaking positions on defense. They haven't someone they can count on to end a drive or steal a turnover or maybe even turn the tables and score a TD here or there.

That simply hasn't happened for the Dolphins who are among the league's worst defenses forcing turnovers and are on course to break the franchise record for least interceptions in a year.

The other reason cornerback begs more attention?

The NFL is a passing league these days. Teams don't need one good cornerback or even two good cornerbacks. Teams need at least three good cornerbacks because the nickel corner these days is a de facto starter. The third corner plays between 50-70 percent of the down in today's NFL.

And Miami's nickel cornerback now is Will Allen, whom the team cut earlier this year only to bring back when it cut nickel cornerback Benny Sapp. Sapp, you'll remember, made the team then was booted off the team after struggling in the season opener against New England.

We've all seen the Dolphins this year. Nolan Carroll isn't the answer back there. Jimmy Wilson seems more like a safety. Allen is 33 years old. Smith is good but so far not great and not even very good. And Davis?

Not someone a team should trust or count on.

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I disagree dusty. Haynesworth helped new England have a stout run defense. He's still a weapon. Is he an elite player anymore? No, but he gives defenses something to think about next time they try to run up the middle. Remember us passing from the 1first yard line in the opener? Pure haynesworth.

yes mark, we are the dolphins. we dont do anything right. doesnt mean haynesworth is any good. wilfork is a stud. haynesworth is worthless

Sheesh! You need to check with Vontae before printing an article like this. You obviously haven't heard the Dolphins have the best cornerback duo in the league.

Also, this thread is about Davis being a 1st rounder. Yesterday we discussed 1st round blunders by this FO since they took over.

You cannot possibly compare Belli's success with 1st round draft choices, compared to ours.

But, for discussions sake, let's look at 08-10, since 2011 is too early to tell.

Considering Belli has had fewer 1st round picks, he has acquired twice as many pro bowlers & he didn't have the luxury of the #1 overall pick like we did.

More probowlers, less picks, it's laughable that anyone is trying to compare Ireland to Belli in any way, shape or form.

Sure, all teams hit & miss in the draft. But it's your 1st rounders that MUST count & be above average players. That's where NE wins & we lose.

To the one who keeps claiming people don't wanna talk about the misses of other clubs & obsess over Ireland...LOOK AT 1ST ROUND SUCESS.

Ireland is a bum. He, like other bum GM's who screw the top of drafts up, YEARLY, get fired. Ireland is no less immune than anyone else.

If you can't get the top talent right, you're very likely to not get the more inferior talent right.

Miami - Long #1 (Probowl)
NE - Mayo #10 (Probowl)
NE - forfeited #31 in Spygate

Miami - Davis #25
NE - traded out

Miami - Odrick #28
NE - Mccourty #27 Probwol)

Surprised Bellicheat didn't get a first rounder out of Oakland by trading Haynesworthless to the Raiders.


I beg to differ. The greatest issue for our secondary is still "QUARTERBACK". OB of the entire secondary that is, and that's the FS position. A shutdown calibre corner can be addressed with 2013's top pick.

The rational behind this line of thinking is:

1. We can monitor Davis' situation the rest of this season.

2. If satisfactory, he should still be at worst "serviceble" in 2012.

3. Drafting a corner 2nd rd in 2012 cant guarantee us gettibg anything more than another Sean Smith.

Clearly the top secondary priority is fs, not corner. This secondary yhas given up more big plays due to FS related issues than corner issues. Though it is a fairly close dcall right now.

Tim in Tampa,

I always believed Belli was parlaying his saved #1 picks as Luck ammunition. Dont think for one minute because he took Mallet that idea is totally removed from his bullseye scope.

Hell, Beilli could even put together a package of 31 picks that also includes sending Mallet to that prospective team. IMO, this will be the draft we all find out why Belli has been stockpiling his past picks.

#1 picks

Also corner isnt top priority over fs simply because Vonte isnt close to the #1 pick as Jason Allen was. Davis is at worst very servieble for at least one more season.

After the 2012 season, then we can fully access where we are at the position with him. Geesh Armando!

But wait, I thought our CB tandem were among the top in the league? They said so themselves...
I can't keep up.

Not even close to #1 draft pick bust that Jason Allen was.

Yg, I agree. CB has to be down there in terms of need. Qb first and foremost. Then ot. Maybe clay can be an answer at te. He's looked good and the combo of he and fasano may make sense yet. We will find out before January.

And we need a safety!

Mark T,

Our secondary will always be vulnerable to big plays no matter who the corners are until we first get the fs position fixed. We also need a better cover ss than Bell.

Bell is a run support first ss, not a coverage ss at all. Needs have changed. this is now a pass first league. The ss position now has to be a better than average cover position. In the past it didnt have to be.

This regime has a terrible track record developing lat rd picks. At some point they shouild have learned this and stopped drafting skilled position players and developing them into stars.

Our late rd draftees end up on st's or the cut list. The evidence doesnt lie. Spend a real pick on a fs, apparently we cant develop one.

I think Sean Smith at safety sounds like a good idea. He would be able to just zone in on one half of the field, instead of worrying about running with a reciever. I still think he could be an impact player. Lacks overall quickness, not speed. He can run, but he doesnt shift well, therefore the reciever is a split second ahead of him when breaking out of his route. Vontae could be moved to the number 2 corner if he gets his brain right. Jimmy Wilson looks pretty good to me as well. I think a solid free agent corner and a safety to play opposite of sean smith. Who knows, many ideas for next season.

Albert Haynesworth cut by Bellichick today!

asante samuel.............ENUFF SAID

Sean Smith has the tools, but, his muturity issues and indesciveness maybe the primary reasons he wouldnt flourish at fs. These are two primary traits neccessary at the fs position.

Therefore, IMO, I would not be surprised if tried Smith would pan out well.


Asante Samuels is a short term fix. It only makes "true sense" if we're a teamed already geared to make a deep playoff run. At this point, though not the perrenial pro bowler he once was, Samuels would still command a better than average salary.

That would still be more than what a player who doesnt have a huge amount left in the gas tank should garner. Especially when his presence isnt a playoff or none playoff issue.

Its better to hold onto what we have now at corner then reaccess the position coming into the 2013 draft. We all know 2012's #1 pick will be spent at qb and IMO our 2nd rd priority should be fs.


i totally disagree. Samuel would be and will be good for another 3 or 4 years. That gives us the ability to find a true #2 in either smith or davis. Then we can draft a stud in the first round in 2 or 3 years. And speaking of draft i dont especially want jones barkley or luck. Id either trade down and pick up case keenum or draft trent richardson in the first and pick up either rg3 keenum or tanneyhill in the second.

Bellichick usually lets players go when he sees they maube have one or two pro bowl calibre seasons left max. This way he get premium value in return from thier departure. Even if it means a very high compensatory pick.

Belli looks at the longterm plan, not the short. Let them go while they still have high value, but not neccessarily high play longevuty.

Samuels has maybe two years max left as a starting calibre corner period. That not even saying close to pro bowl quality.

James, my dear man, in the nfl the older a player gets the more his high level of performance begins to tail off.

You're sounding like a typical dolfan who knows football by name recognition only. I can guarantee you'll never see Asante Samuels on our roster unless its a 3yr deal barely above vet minimun.

Funny thing about some of these former great players. They're in denial of when thier skills and value has eroded too. So dont expect Samuels to be signing the type deal I mentioned above with us anytime soon.


first of all dont talk down to me or call me typical. if for some reason in your great wisdom you think samuel wont be an upgrade over our entire roster of cb's you are misguided. He knows how to play football he knows tendencies and he can read a qb. all these things add up to special as far as im concerned. plus he has a chip on his shoulder because philly went after nnamdi. Im not for a stop gap qb but a stop gap cb is acceptable.

Dear Mr. Salguero and fellow Phin fans

Tonight about 6:30 pm est an asteroid about 1/4 wide will be comming between the earth and the moon...NOT HITTING the earth...should be able to view it with a telescope if ya got one.

Just dont tell Mr. Home cause he will just hide in his fallout shelter

Junoir astronamer Soiled :)



Asante T. Samuel (born January 6, 1981) is an American football cornerback for the Philadelphia Eagles of the National Football League (NFL). He was drafted by the New England Patriots in the fourth round of the 2003 NFL Draft. He played college football at Central Florida.

This means he's in his 9th season right now. Good luck with your 3-4 great years left.

If we signed him next year, all we get is one starting season. Not many teams want a 10yr starting corner. He's surely lost a step or two and would clearly be the #1 target of all opposing qb's and thier oc's.


Asteroid about 1/4 mile wide


Soiled :)

They should def sign Haynesworth he is much needed depth. cut spitler or yeatswhat


woodson was drafted in 1998 by oakland and he is still going strong. champ bailey was drafted in 1999. whats your point exactly wiki-boy

"yeatswhat"...should be Yeatsinfection

Asteroid name is 2005 YU55


As for your qb draft evaluation, Kellen Moore will be the qb everyone wished they would have drafted after Luck was gone.

RGIII? Everyone on his bandwagon have been to lazy to look at his stats that will hurt him most at the nfl level.

1. He's been sacked 18 times. Shows tendacy to at times hold the ball too long. Luck and Moore have less than half that many.

2. After a fast start, his interceptions numbers are fastly picking up.

Good luck with RGIII. He's beggining to show he has a penchant for making nearly as many bad plays as good ones. On the nfl level that makes you a .500 win-loss qb.

Hey guys,

Sorry I'm late. I was taking a crap.


so what about keenum. i agree with you on rg3 and i also like kellen moore. but to me keenum is the prize. I have watcvhed 4 of his games this year and his size and accuracy just scream nfl. He also has a cannon.


Champ Bailey was a phenom coming out of college and #1 pick. Samuels was a 4th rd pick. What's your point?

Also dude youre an idiot. Here's your Woodson that played for the Steelers. He's a coach, not a present player:

Roderick Kevin "Rod" Woodson (born March 10, 1965 in Fort Wayne, Indiana) is the current cornerbacks coach for the Oakland Raiders of the National Football League. He is also a former defensive back best known for his 10-year stint with the Pittsburgh Steelers as well as being a key member of the Baltimore Ravens Super Bowl XXXV championship season. He also played for the San Francisco 49ers and Oakland Raiders, wearing No. 26 throughout his career. He holds the NFL records for career interception return yardage (1,483) and interception returns for touchdowns (12), and was named the NFL Defensive Player of the Year in 1993. His 71 career interceptions is the 3rd-most in NFL history. He was an inductee of the Class of 2009 of the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio on August 8, 2009.


Shows tendency blah blah blah. Means crap. Ever hear of a learning curve? You can find flaws with 99% of all QB's that were picked in first and second round. The issue is how well they will respond to coaching and learning an NFL system. And it's a crap shoot, nobody really can know, and that has been proven time and again now.

charles woodson you idiot

yesterday you shouldnt call people names they can hack your computer find out where you live and kill your family

i know who rod woodson is dumb ass i want him for dc. why would i mention him as an active cb. you are the weakest link on this blog

IMO, the 2nd best qb in the draft is Kellen Moore after Luck. Too bad his size(6'0) is the primary reason scouts arent looking at him rightfully so.

2 more inches and I guarantee Kellen Moore would be the 2nd rated qb in this draft. He has more tds and higher accuracy perdcentage than Luck. While also posting just as few sacks taken and picks thrown as Luck.

A lot of nfl people are gonna wish yhey hadnt passed over Kellen Moore.


Charles Woodson plays for the Packers you dumbass babbling idiot! ROTFLMAO!

Look it up idiot!

Ah hah! Know I know who yesterdays gone is...clear as bell. I knew I recognized that writing style.

Nobody here knows anything. Only complete fools think that they do.

I bet davis will have a good game against the redskins.

oh no here comes henne again, wanting to prove to everyone he is a starter. ross better stay the course and get rid of ireland and sparano and henne as soon as possible.

Nobody here knows anything. Only complete fools think that they do.

Posted by: Henry Gondorff | November 08, 2011 at 06:43 PM

...But I still come on here all the time to read the stuff people who know nothing write. How do you know? Because I've used another name so people don't know who I really am, because I don't have the balls to post as myself and take the hits if posters disagree with what I write.

Henry, YOU'RE AN EFFING LOSER (so makes sense you're a Dolphins fan)!!!!

Armando, with all do respect you're wrong about needing a cornerback. A free Safety yes, not a conrnerback. However the Dolphins do need a pass rush from the Defensive end positions and from the linebackers in the 3-4 The Dolphins have enough cornerbacks with speed. A better pass rush is needed to take the opposing quarterbacks time away. Free agency will not yield good players to the Dolphins. The team is so infamous that no decent free agent will want the Dolphins unless he is given the keys to the kingdom so to speak. (huge money)

Great thing, thank you for this. Take a break and play some games at mygames365.com

Let's all welcome Henry and his v*gina to the blog.

Welcome Henry (I'm sure you don't mind if I call you Henrietta). I'm pinching myself thinking of what you'll bring to our community.

promichael, I think you're right (in 2012). We can probably get away with the CBs we currently have (since we've drafted 4 in the last 3 years). Let's shore up the S position (both if you ask me, but if not, move Reshad to SS, and get a true ballhawking FS) and get a stud compliment to Wake on the other side, and defense should be good enough to win games, with the help of the new franchise QB we hope to acquire, and a TE and RT to protect our investment.


Touched a nerve, eh? I wonder why....

Thanks for the kind words and keep them coming!

I look forward to reading your mock drafts and regurgitated sports site analysis.

Why waste time with players that aren't making it? Why not just draft pro bowlers at every position? Strong arm quick release QB, ball hawking corner, hard hitting safety, super fast big receiver with great hands.

Too bad most GM's don't know about this blog, they'd draft so much better if they did.

I like very much the post today, I always tough Vontae Davis is a decent CB but yes, he gives up many YAC, very bad for a member of the "best CB tandem in the league", with some regular fine he will the maturity as a person that I (as a fan) expect from a first pick, I understand him (he is very young), but I don't justify him, and if he only understand in terms of money, a fine will help him to be a better pro. Also IMO Marshall do good throwing the football to Vontae's head and the other teammates instead of prevent The engagement of a fight between Vontae and Brandon, should take others footballs and also throwing these footballs to Vontae's head, if Vontae can't stand the locker room heat without loosing your head, how do overcome an adverse score?

Adrian that is some pretty sorry chicken scratch English. Sad to see how far this country has regressed, a society of illiterates.


**This Just In**

If Belli can't draft well & his teams routinely rip ours a new as*hole, what does that say about our drafting?

Posted by: Joe Schmoe | November 08, 2011 at 03:49 PM

Apparently Ireland isn't as good as Belicheat when it comes to evaluating talent and/or drafting players!

Thanks for that "little" nugget Joe, everybody here learned something today.........Heh, heh.....................


I'm waiting for one of the major sports sites to post something new about the fins or some up and coming college player so I can come here and regurgitate it as though it were my own comment.

I did have a few things of my own to say but everyone has already said them 19,432 times and will be repeating them 19,879 more times before the season ends. So I'll pass on it.

Hey Borfus,

Why don't you write 16 paragraphs about nothing like DC does all the time? It will give the appearance you had something to say.

How nice!

It took "Bore us" and "Gandolfini" 3 posts to say:

I got nuttin!!!!

(Wonder what they'll have to say when SpOrano gets on a 4 game win streak?)

And what exactly has odinseye had to say that can be considered better than nothng?

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