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Add another need for the 2012 Dolphins

We interrupt the celebration following the first victory of the season to bring you a dose of reality:

Yes, the first win was cool. Congratulations again to the embattled players in the locker room and the coaching staff. They deserve much credit for a hard-earned taste of success. Job very well done last week.

But the week that was also aimed the spotlight on a topic that has been lurking on the margins for quite some time: The Dolphins' need at another position not named quarterback.

While many of you have been fixated on Miami's need to upgrade to an elite quarterback -- a need that has not changed, no matter how well Matt Moore played Sunday -- the last week showed Miami's need at the other end of the passing game.

At cornerback.

Simply, the Dolphins are going to need to identify and draft a fine cornerback either next April or the draft after that -- unless they sign one in free agency -- because the talent on the roster apparently isn't the answer.

There were hopes the answer might be lodged in Vontae Davis or Sean Smith but this season has shown that Smith is a solid complementary cornerback, a good off corner, but he is not elite. Davis, meanwhile, the best and brightest hope Miami had for fielding an elite cornerback has been a huge disappointment.

He has suffered durability issues this year. I wouldn't be too worried about those right now because everyone is struggling to maintain their body in a year offseason conditioning was wiped out by a lockout. So that passes, sort of.

But the fact that in the games Davis has played he has given up as many big plays as anyone on the field troubles. The fact he has not stumbled into an interception here or there is troubling. The fact Davis has seemingly regressed from his rookie year, with interceptions going from four in 2009 to one in 2010 to zero this year is seriously frustrating.

Beyond that, Davis has not only struggling to stay healthy and make big plays, he's struggling to make routine plays. He does not have even one pass defensed in his four games this year.

And then there's the elephant in the room -- he's big and smelly and eats a lot and poops a lot.

Davis was suspended from Sunday's game at Kansas City. Everyone by now knows the facts involved and they include tardiness to practice, drinking to the point of being inebriated the night before that practice, and apparently not even recognizing why he was left home, thinking the reason was his near fight with Brandon Marshall rather than the fact he was late and had been drunk.

All those speak to a chronic immaturity that has dogged Davis since his college days at Illinois. Remember immaturity was indeed the reason scouts said Davis was a risk. Well, the Dolphins have witnessed that immaturity several times, as Davis was benched for the start of the Oakland game last year for being late to meetings and fined for conduct detrimental to the team.

I am not saying Davis is a waste or beyond rehabilitation. But the trajectory of his career is not exactly shooting in the right direction. In his third NFL season, Davis is not exactly showing signs he's about to be the next breakout talent at cornerback.

And that's why Miami needs help at the position.

The Dolphins have no playmaker at one of the biggest playmaking positions on defense. They haven't someone they can count on to end a drive or steal a turnover or maybe even turn the tables and score a TD here or there.

That simply hasn't happened for the Dolphins who are among the league's worst defenses forcing turnovers and are on course to break the franchise record for least interceptions in a year.

The other reason cornerback begs more attention?

The NFL is a passing league these days. Teams don't need one good cornerback or even two good cornerbacks. Teams need at least three good cornerbacks because the nickel corner these days is a de facto starter. The third corner plays between 50-70 percent of the down in today's NFL.

And Miami's nickel cornerback now is Will Allen, whom the team cut earlier this year only to bring back when it cut nickel cornerback Benny Sapp. Sapp, you'll remember, made the team then was booted off the team after struggling in the season opener against New England.

We've all seen the Dolphins this year. Nolan Carroll isn't the answer back there. Jimmy Wilson seems more like a safety. Allen is 33 years old. Smith is good but so far not great and not even very good. And Davis?

Not someone a team should trust or count on.

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Wow! If the stars(and asteroids)align properly, I can see Miami **EASILY** winning 4 of their next 5.

And what exactly has odinseye had to say that can be considered better than nothng?

Posted by: Henry Gondorff | November 08, 2011 at 09:31 PM

Kardashian Bush "Inspires" Reggie!

(Now THAT's a Headline)


Odinseye: Mr. Bush, is it true that Kardashian Bush has inspired you to new heights?

Bush: Well, yes and No.

Odinseye: Yes and No?

Bush: Yes it inspired me to new heights, but it's more like a "Mohawk"!!!!

Win or lose any of the remaining games its still back to ground zero come January.

Odinseye: Gibberish
Odinseye: Lame Kardashian joke #894432
Odinseye: Huh?
Odinseye: Um
Odinseye: it

Save It!!!!

You're talking to a guy that takes "Trite" as a compliment.


Fvck You!

I'm so sick of this kinder, gentler CRAP!

I hope Marshall kicks Davis in the nads and Nolan skull butts SpOrano into a concussion!

(I bet we'd play better come Sunday!!!!)

It took a perfect game to win vs KC that won't happen again, this team could win one more and that's it

You could be right.

However, I don't see it taking a perfect game to beat Washington and build up some confidence and continuity.

Moore continues to look more and more comfortable and competent.

Just saying...........................

Yeah, Ireland is ultimately the most responsible for our deficiencies in the back field, he built it. A lot of you are not gonna like this but, get rid of Ireland, Sparano and get a new QB (if Moore doesn't pan out) through whatever means, replace a few lineman and D backs and we can compete with anyone. The linebackers will be fine because all the weight won't be on them do all the D's work anymore. they are being overburdened by lack of talent and production in other key D positions.

@ odinseye - Anything can happen and sometimes it actually does! Miami, if they are focused has a chance to win any and all of those games but for a few, they will have to play near perfect games and or the opponents will have to be off their games (see: underestimating the FINS, turnovers, bad calls, bad coaching) Chances of it happening, not likely but it HAS indeed happened in the past and WILL happen again.

i can't believe what i am reading .,

WE R 1-7 AND AT BEST WE WILL END THE SEASOM AT 4-12.............THank YOU MR JASON TAYLOR ...THE CURSE ........................

ALoco go make some mint tea.



I think we're one starting calibre offensive lineman away from contention.

Posted by: odinseye | August 31, 2011 at 06:21 PM

Lil Aloco, Was this the post that the Drunk/drugged Odin posted that your refering to?LMAOROTF over how clueless that hippie is, Take another Lude Oder.


The Fins need a good FS badly. As soon as there is a FS who gets the job done and can be counted on, the CBs might be in a position to make a play every now and then just becuase they don´t have to worry about the missing safety over the top......

That doesn´t mean, I´d mind a really good young CB besides the average ones we´ve already got...

Two people they can get witout any picks. Albert Haynesworth and TE Dan Gronkowski both let go by the PATS Go get them.

we need off tackle columbo is a cripple .my biggest problem with sparano is in 4 years he didn t fix the o line.which is his coaching pos we need a qb for sure .but rt is as big of a need

TOM BRADY was a "NOBODY " Let Indy draft Luck they won't be-able to afford both.....

Corners need to play " TIGHT " and have a pass rush to be effective....

MARINO for GM / Pennington for QB coach..

Loose ends- IRELAND, ever hear a player say they like him?

I can wait a few games Armando. If Miami continues it's winning ways then as far as I'm concerned, if it ain't broke, don't try and fix it. And this goes from the top to the bottom of the franchise.
Still think we need a quality field general first and foremost in the draft and a few other key positions, but if Miami can pull another fantastic turn around like it did in Sparano's first year, then I'm all for it.
Even if we don't have a first round pick in the top ten, we can always trade up to get a quality QB.
Go Dolphins.

I have nothing new to add to my previous view of this matter: FIRE IRELAND/SPARANO IMMEDIATELY!

I was watching Fox Sunday pre-game and saw a very healthy-looking Kris Jenkins... I think we should pull him outta retirement for cheap... HOLE-PLUGGER! Trade Solai and his hefty $12mil, recoup that, and PAY ASANTE!!!!!!! He will not be in Philly next year and is still and elite CB... We will still be able to get a QB and Safety (Our other two problem spots) in the draft...

The dolphins could have drafted jason pierre paul but had to trade down to get a 2nd rd pick. JPP is on verge of making pro bowl and Odrick and Misi(2nd rd pick) are garbage. Another great move by Miami's 3 stooges.

Hard 2 stop the pass when our corners are playing 20 yds. off the line of scrimmage! I swear it looks like we're playing prevent the whole game.

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