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Vote for Matt Moore for FedEx Air honor

As a privileged citizen of the United States, I believe in the American political system. I believe in voting to voice ones choice in our grand republic.

As a resident of Miami-Dade County and Florida for most of my life, I also believe in voting early ... and voting often.

And so I'm thinking if you are anything like me, Matt Moore is going to be a very humbled man by week's end because he is a nominee for the FedEx Air and Ground Player of the Week honors. As you know, Moore had a career day in leading the Dolphins to a victory over Kansas City.

He completed 17 of 23 passes for 244 yards, with three touchdowns and no interceptions. He posted a quarterback rating of 147.5. Very nice. So you can go right here and vote for Moore to be the FedEx Air dude of the week. You have until 9 a.m. Friday to get your vote in.

He's competing against Green Bay's Aaron Rodgers and Atlanta's Matt Ryan so already he's in good company. I'm sure Rodgers will get a lot of Cheeseheads voting for him. Ryan, I'm not too worried about because Falcons fans aren't always the most interested ardent bunch.

So get to work for Moore. Vote. Vote again. Vote lots!!!

I think it's allowed.

Get a Miami Dolphins player elected to something other than an All-Disappointment or All-Underachieving team.

[VIDEO ANNOUNCEMENT: It promises to be a big day on Armando and the Amigo. Today's guests include FSU head coach Jimbo Fisher, former Dolphins and Penn State receiver O.J. McDuffie, former Dolphins and Penn State tight end Troy Drayton (see a theme building?), Mike Florio of Profootballtalk.com and NASCAR driver Kyle Petty. You can tune in at 640-AM in South Florida or watch the Miami Herald live streaming feed right here. I promise the show won't suck ... much.]



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I'm back.


I think we're one starting calibre offensive lineman away from contention.

Posted by: odinseye | August 31, 2011 at 06:21 PM

Lil Aloco, Was this the post that the Drunk/drugged Odin posted that your refering to?LMAOROTF over how clueless that hippie is, Take another Lude Oder.

Posted by: Just The Facts. | November 09, 2011 at 12:00 AM

Sorry to repost this but I thought everone would get a chuckle out of this.


I voted 11 times..took only 3 minutes of my life..not too bad. I gave it to Matt and Willis. Vote a few times each and maybe we can beat out the cheese factory up in el norte.
It's probably going to take a lot of votes because there isn't much to do in

Aloco, have you indulged in any good swisschard lately ?







Only a fool would care about this insipid organization.

Meet the FO:

Director of Football Operations: Nobody (escaped)

GM: Jeff 'Corn Flakes' Ireland
Coach: Tony 'Spaghetti Head' Sparano

Players: All have either two left feet or two right hands.

It should just be Aaron Rodgers each week -- partly because my fantasy team loves having him on it

If we call an older women after young men a cougar, Can we call an older man after young boys a Nitany Lion???


At least now we know what a Nitany Lion is !!!!

This whole Penn St thing is disgusting, I live really close to Penn St, not a PSU fan though, never have been, never will be.

Where have all the Henne supporters gone? Raise your hands folks! In just a 3 games Moore is looking far more of a gamer than Henne did after 3 years.

Just the Facts, do you think that is what was said to the 10 yr old boy???????

Did you just make fun of Falcons fans for being apathetic, Armando?

Really!? Isn't that a bit ironic.

My guess that the majority of engaged Dolphins fans are already posting on this blog.

Have you already forgotten how Stephen Ross has already resorted to dedicating a game to the other team's starting Quarterback in order to fill seats?

The Dolphins can look down on no team (well...maybe Jacksonville) when it comes to pathetic, disinterested, uninformed and lazy fans.


whooops, it's a home game at the joe and we all know what that means.lol

Bo, LMAO!!! Nittany Lion, post of the Day!

PA, disgusting just doesn't come close to the level of unbelievability of that story. I'm really peeved right now. For that TA, to WALK IN ON THE GUY HAVING SEX WITH A 10 YEAR OLD BOY, and DO NOTHING, I don't even have the words to describe the level of depravity you have to stoop to for that. And then there's the janitor, who apparently was a Korean War Vet, and was so traumatized it brought back his PTSD from the War days. I guess I give him a little more of a pass, plus he's now delusional living in a Senior Center.

But the TA should be fired. Joe Pa, FIRED! AD all the way to the school President, FIRED! Sandusky should be hunted down and treated like Gaddafi (tear him a new *sshole then shoot him on the spot, except not in the head, buckwheat him (shoot him in his arse) like in "Things to Do in Denver When You're Dead."

I'm telling you, people are too forgiving. This guy wouldn't be breathing if that was my kid. The mother called him after she found out to BERATE THE GUY? HUH? WHAT? He'd be 6 ft. deep if that was me. And I'd do it in broad daylight, and DARE 9 jurors to find me guilty.

if moore has another day like the last sunday this week then I'll vote for him.

PA, did I mention I'm a Michigan fan? So maybe I also have ulterior motives for wanting the death penalty for the Penn St. football program.

In the spirit of full disclosure.

I'm with you Boulder. It's great Moore had a spectacular day. Henne's had one before too. The problem is it'll be another few years before both have another day to match that.

These guys both are INCONSISTENT!!! Doesn't mean they don't have talent, just means they can't put it together week to week like the elite QBs (Rodgers, Brady, Peyton, etc.).

You guys are hypocrites really. Yes the Penn State thing is appalling, but so are tons of things done that half the ghetto trash players you root for every Sunday. Its a win at all costs world.

DC Dolfan, what Sandusky did was downright disgusting and sick and he will pay in prision since thoughs guys arent to found of child molesters.

But this is America you have to let the justice system play out, 2 wrongs dont make a right but when he gets sent to prison Bubba and Tyrone will be tearing him a new a hole.

I'm with ya DC...the guy would be dead if it were my son.
I'd hunt him down and beat em' senseless and let a jury try to find me guilty.

Good morning guys,

DC and so many others I see are talking the PSU complete travesty. Words can not describe how horrible this is. I knew pieces of the story and knew it was bad but after looking up the grand jury reports I am in complete disbelief. As a parent I can only imagine. Sandusky should die a thousand deaths. I'm sorry just the way I feel.

Hey Spidy...how'd that justice system work for OJ's ex-wife and her family(along with the Goldman's)?

voted a couple of times for Moore, and McGahee.

Moore deserves the credit

Great QB rating over 148 and NO INTs

have a HAARPy day:(

I wonder how many of the first 7 games the Dolphins might have won had Sparano had opened up the QB competition instead of just giving it to Henne Penne? Think about it. Moore throws better then Henne, makes better decisions and is moble. The OL has to block and the WRs have to catch the damned ball, but Moore is a more complete QB then Henne. Another Sparano iffie decision. The 4 ints Moore has can be attributed to the lack of blocking and dropping of potential TD passes by the ever present Marshall who runs out of bounds.

SWI, that's the dumbest post I think I've read on here. Have YOU heard of acts of pedophilia from ANYONE in the league?

Also, when you say "ghetto trash players", do you mean Ben Rothlisberger?

Not sure who's being a hypocrite. I was all about getting rid of Merhling when the story came out he beat his pregnant wife. I don't want that on this team. And last I heard, Michael Vick went to jail and paid the price for his criminal behavior (as did Plaxico Burress). So, have those players NOT ALREADY paid the price for their sins.

You're an idiot, plain and simple.

Suck For luck, so I guess it will make you feel better beating the guy to a pulse, but the kid will still be haunted by the circumstance that occured. Who should be crtisize more is the grad assisant who seen that crap happening and let it go on.

OJ is in jail now so karma got him back. Try again

Andy, I felt the same thing when it was the Catholic Church. I'm a pretty easy-going guy. Not much gets me heated (other than watching my team lose).

But one thing I CANNOT STAND, is pedophilia. These perverts are the sh*t of this Earth, they don't even get respect in jail.

They aren't WORTHY of the rights afforded to all Americans under the criminal justice system. If we had our priorities in check THESE would be the people in Guantanamo.

I was a victim of crime before. Sucked, but those criminals deserved the justice system (I was an adult, able to protect myself). But kids? Little boys (and girls)? No, I'm sorry. That's where my tolerance level stops. That's where I get into protecting society by initiating street justice. Forget the law.

Maybe I've seen "Law Abiding Citizen" too many times.

So if Matt Moore wins let's say 6 of the last 8 games,and puts up the same numbers do we have a franchise QB?

I like DC's version of justice, today's prison systems are not what they used to be, the cons get anything they want within reason of course and have more rights than thier victims, the public would be mad as hell if they could see how these convicted felons live, and all they are entitled to, thanks to all the bleeding hearts that give them these things. Other countries don't have the crime rate that we do, because the criminals know what will happen to them. Our prison system is loaded with European, African, and Asian criminals that came to this country to do thier crimes, cause they know if they get caught the jails and prisons are nicer than in thier homeland.


You call me and idiot and then make my case! Ben, Vick, Merling..and all the ones that haven't gotten caught.

Whose the idiot?


You are a complete idiot for making that comment.

In my line of work I deal with ex-convicts and I look former drug dealers, drug users, weapons offenders, and even people who have killed, I look them right in the eyes, shake their hand and talk with them, listen to them and man to man show mutual sign of respect. NEVER would I give any respect or the time of day to anyone who has ever knowingly hurt a child in any capacity.

Winning an losing doesn't exist anymore when certain lines are crossed.

Moore had a fantastic game, I voted for him.

Here is to hoping for another this week!


Know you haven't seen too many movies. You and me both see these sort of pieces of garbage the same. I deal with various types of ex-convicts and nothing they have done is shocking to me at this point or intimidates me because in many cases they are people who have made horrible mistakes and some want to change and some don't but I still can do my job but I would never sit down across from anyone accuses of hurting of a child. They don't deserve a second chance.

SWI, are there NFL players who have had sex with 10 year old's and been caught, and supplied the means to do so? If so, please educate me as I would want to kill them also.

I understand there are some players who have committed other creimes, and I do not think anymone is supporting them for what they did, however may cherr for a team that that player is on. No one who is a die hard of Pennstate. will stop cheering for them because of this...

So I do not fully wee your point. Although, Mike Vick should be dead in my opinion also.


It's been about a year since Home listened to your radio show?

Is it still a bunch of Latino laughing and snorting Hyenas cutting with weight problems cutting bean farts and talking nonsense?

thought so


dumbed down mainstream media member, get a grip on what is really going on between the lines in society w the New World Order

Deliberate Global Economic Collapse

HAARP severe weather weapon & Ionospheric heaters destroying the planet

Chemtrails all over South Florida & around the world


2112 Man Made Severe Weather w deadly results of biblical proportion

have a HAARPy day :(

Unfoiled Home

U mean *2012 Severe Weather w Deadly Results of Epic Proportion

yes, thanx for correcting the typo

It's coming man, It's coming

have a HAARPy day :(

VOTE AND VOTE AGAIN, we Need Moore to boost him self up, You can do it Moore, bring more victories, win them all!

Some of you guys are soft as potatoe pie and your talking about kicking someone a**. Yeahhhh right.

Exactly Poizen. If someone commits a crime, they should go to jail and pay the price. Many players in the league did just that. I'm not saying I'm running out buying their jerseys, but I do believe in forgiveness (though I'm not very religious).

But there are some things that are beyond the pale. I think we'd all say an American helping al-Queida committing acts of treason goes beyond the pale. And to me, pedophilia is beyond the pale.

Like Andy said beautifully, these guys crossed certain lines, and you can't repent when you cross those lines.

Moore had a nice day but can this award go to anybody but Rodgers? This guy is biblical. What he did to an excellent charger defense in their own house is incredible.

Too bad Joe paterno had to have his legacy ended like this though. Its a sad end to a great American institution.

Several here have serious reading and comprehension skills. Nowhere do I condone molesting children. But you folks ought to take a good hard look at who you are rooting for. Punching a pregnant woman, wife beaters, drug dealers, all horrendous acts. And if that is what has been discovered, you know much has yet to be discovered, common sense.

None of you root against Marshall, a guy with a long history of beating women where ever he has been. You accept a woman beater if he catches passes. Ok.

Mark, "excellent Charger defense"? The same defense that lost Monday night to the lowly Chiefs (who could only score 3 points against the lowly Dolphins defense). I think you just put "excellent" in their for effect, didn't you?

On Paterno, let that serve as a warning to ALL (even the Pope). You're not too big to be shamed and have your reputation destroyed no matter how much good you did if you mess up the way he did.

I wonder whats worse child molesting or commiting murder?

SWI, your wrong and your ugly. Like Sid Rosenberg book.

SWI, here's the problem, you're equating drug dealing to pedophilia. I don't equate the two. Yeah, both hurt people, but no one forces drug users to buy drugs. What's the difference between a street drug dealer and Big Pharma. Some would say none (some might even say Big Pharma is WORSE).

Domestic abuse is bad, but guess what? In many of those cases its the spouse who doesn't want to press charges.

So, again, you're mixing apples with oranges. All you have to do is look at how this is handled in prisons. There are the "usual" criminals, who, yes, are mostly all bad, and then there's a total separation for the worst of the worst, child abusers. There's nothing worse that than. And almost nothing else even compares.

And if you're so offended with fans cheering athletes, I hope you're equally offended with Catholics defending their religion and going to Church and supporting their archdiocese. And at America for it's sins of slavery. I mean, if you took it to the level you're talking you'd have to hate everyone and think EVERYONE is being a hypocrite.

SWI, You act like you know the Marshall situation, there are issues both ways in his situation. Plus you blanket everyone, and we are not rooting for Marshall because we like Marshall and he happens to play for the phins.

We root for the Phins who happen to have Marshall. so because Marshall is on the team we should not root for the phins who have Bess, Hartline, Henne, Jake Long, who so far publicly have been stand up citizens???

I still am not seeing the point here. Also not to be a complet Ass, but fighting with your wife, and I have NEVER hit mine, is far more acceptable to me than Child Molestation!

I'm not equating anything. You guys and read into my words all you want but you are making stuff up. Why? Because you are too afraid to admit that many of your sports heroes are mostly sick thugs.


Calling me stupid or anything else won't change that.

John, it depends. Are our soldiers equal to child molesters for those they kill (that's murder, right)?

Oh how about cops, shooting innocent people. Is that as wrong as child molestation?

How about killing in self-defense? How about killing murderers like the American justice system does (do 2 wrongs make a right)?

I would say it depends on the facts of the murder to determine if it's justified or not (or how morally bad).

But I don't see that with child molestation. I can't fathom a justified reason for it.

Marshall has a long history of police reports in Colorado and Florida. Many instances of abuse.

But..nope I don't know the details. Poor fellow is an innocent victim of circumstances.

Cecil Collins only broke in to the house to watch her sleep, no harm no foul.

Whats the difference which crimes are worse than which, you are still looking up to some sick individuals all for the sake of a game.

You guys want to say ok, so big deal, he beats women, that isn't as bad as child molestation. I say they are both unacceptable and not worthy of looking up to such people simply because they can make a move on a football field.

Most peoples priorities are truly down the toilet.

Again, SWI, what do you say to Mando and those that attend Catholic Church? Are they hypocrites?

If you say no, then join the crowd, you're a hypocrite too.

Also, if you salute the flag. Then you're a hypocrite (using your thought process). Do you know the unspeakable crimes this nation did to it's own in it's past? We fought a war about it.

Your thinking is faulty, that's what people are saying to you. It is. It's a dumb way to think, and it's not as straight line as you'd like to make it.

I get what you want to say. You don't like these athletes for what they are in society (propped up more than you) and you want to bring them down to your level. That's your issue, it's not our issue.

Think what you want, but you hear the response from the "community". They disagree.

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