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Vote for Matt Moore for FedEx Air honor

As a privileged citizen of the United States, I believe in the American political system. I believe in voting to voice ones choice in our grand republic.

As a resident of Miami-Dade County and Florida for most of my life, I also believe in voting early ... and voting often.

And so I'm thinking if you are anything like me, Matt Moore is going to be a very humbled man by week's end because he is a nominee for the FedEx Air and Ground Player of the Week honors. As you know, Moore had a career day in leading the Dolphins to a victory over Kansas City.

He completed 17 of 23 passes for 244 yards, with three touchdowns and no interceptions. He posted a quarterback rating of 147.5. Very nice. So you can go right here and vote for Moore to be the FedEx Air dude of the week. You have until 9 a.m. Friday to get your vote in.

He's competing against Green Bay's Aaron Rodgers and Atlanta's Matt Ryan so already he's in good company. I'm sure Rodgers will get a lot of Cheeseheads voting for him. Ryan, I'm not too worried about because Falcons fans aren't always the most interested ardent bunch.

So get to work for Moore. Vote. Vote again. Vote lots!!!

I think it's allowed.

Get a Miami Dolphins player elected to something other than an All-Disappointment or All-Underachieving team.

[VIDEO ANNOUNCEMENT: It promises to be a big day on Armando and the Amigo. Today's guests include FSU head coach Jimbo Fisher, former Dolphins and Penn State receiver O.J. McDuffie, former Dolphins and Penn State tight end Troy Drayton (see a theme building?), Mike Florio of Profootballtalk.com and NASCAR driver Kyle Petty. You can tune in at 640-AM in South Florida or watch the Miami Herald live streaming feed right here. I promise the show won't suck ... much.]



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DC, The def of murder is with intent to take that person life.

Our soilders are protecting our freedom, cops shooting innocent people is not murder it's manslaughter unless its with intent.

Killing in self defense is a right we Americans can exercise, if your life is at risk its justified.

I'm saying like the Colombine kids who tooks guns and plan to murder a bunch of high schoolers or the red neck in Alabama who intentionally ran over a black man. Whats worse?

If I saw Marshall beating his wife while I walked by SWI, I would step in. But I don't see him in handcuffs. We have something in this country called innocent until proven guilty. If you have a case against Brandon Marshall, I wish you'd bring it to the authorities' attention. Because, he's a free citizen in the State of Florida last I checked. So not sure what you're talking about there.

SWI, I am still confused where you are going with this. I am not trying to criticize your view or opinion.

People are venting about a child molestation case, the most disgusting crime in my opinion.

Like I said, If you can give me an example where me as a fan is cheering for "a guy or girl" Who has been convicted of murder or molestation please point it out, then I may get it.

I am rooting for the DOLPHINS, the players are not my choices. If I were a Penn State fan I would propbably wtill root for the tam but want to kill this guy who did this.

that is where I am missing your point.


Regarding your last post - copied below....

Do you always put words in others mouths and conveniently make so many assumptions as though they are fact? You are a strange bird my friend. Try to consider what is written and not impose your false suppositions on everything.

To answer you, on certain US holidays Armando has praised our soldiers and freedom of speech in his blog, yet he himself censors his own blog. That is hypocritical.

While religions and religous people tend to hypocrites, I won't go as far as to say all of them are.

And the flag and politics, well that is all too big of a farce to even begin debating.

So, unsurprisingly all of your assumptions about me were dead wrong.

Once again, try sticking to what people write without imposing your own false suppositions on them.

Again, SWI, what do you say to Mando and those that attend Catholic Church? Are they hypocrites?

If you say no, then join the crowd, you're a hypocrite too.

Also, if you salute the flag. Then you're a hypocrite (using your thought process). Do you know the unspeakable crimes this nation did to it's own in it's past? We fought a war about it.

Your thinking is faulty, that's what people are saying to you. It is. It's a dumb way to think, and it's not as straight line as you'd like to make it.

I get what you want to say. You don't like these athletes for what they are in society (propped up more than you) and you want to bring them down to your level. That's your issue, it's not our issue.

Think what you want, but you hear the response from the "community". They disagree.

Posted by: DC Dolfan | November 09, 2011 at 11:14 AM

John, in the cases you mentioned, neither is worse, they're both equally horrible.

Also, you're kind of brainwashed, because what freedom were our soldiers protecting in Iraq. We weren't invaded by them. Sadaam wasn't doing anything against the U.S., he was hurting his own people. Also, if you asked the Nazi soldiers, they'd say they were defending THEIR countries freedom too.

If you're point is murder is murder, then you shouldn't justify it. If you're saying others are justifying certain crimes over others, then you should see that you do the same thing.

I guess the point is I think we ALL justify these things in some way or another. Depends on your point-of-reference. I'm not a lawyer, so I'm not sure what is legally acceptable. I mean, at one point it was legally acceptable to lynch a black man for talking to a white woman. In that case, I say EFFE the legalities. They're just as immoral as what they are trying to protect.

It's easy to point fingers (not sure that's what you're doing, or just bringing up interesting topics to debate, but I think that's what SWI is doing). And I don't think it's right to point fingers. One man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter. We can have civil discussions on the grey areas in life (which, as we see, there are many) and that's what makes this country great.

But acting holier than thou, usually, is a good way to make yourself into the same thing you're trying to condemn (not that you're acting that way, I'm just speaking in generalities).

Yes DC, the same charger defense that is 6th overall in the NFL including 2nd overall against the pass, even after that packer game.

Phillip rivers and the offense lost to kc, kc did very little against the charger defense in that game.

SWI, so you won't paint all Catholics the same since you believe some might not be hypocrites. But you will paint all fans of professional sports the same since you don't believe some of them might not be hypocrites. Is that what you're saying?

Since, I seem to put words in other people's mouths. I'll let you clarify what MANY have already said here they don't understand. So, sorry for trying to understand what you're not making easy to understand.

And, way to gloss over the tough questions put to you that you don't want to answer since they don't jive with your point-of-view. That's called evasion. Doesn't mean it doesn't exist, just means you'd rather not think about it.


I think Ray Lewis was charged with murder (not convicted) but I don't remember the details. It wasn't pretty or favorable though. Molestation is particularly awful I agree. Just saying, there are lots of unsavory characters in this league not worthy of being admired, let alone considered heroes, simply because they can make a play on a football field.

I really don't feel like digging up specific cases, but we've seen Joey Porter gang beat a guy in vegas, we know guys like Marshall and Merling have beaten their girls, Plaxico entered a club with an armed weapon, Stallworth pleaded guilty to manslaugher, and there have always been cases as examples..Cecil Collins, Vick, Lou Phillips, on and on...

Mainly my point is nothing more than to put things in perspective...not everyone we root for is an angel, maybe not as bad as a child molester, but not exactly good for society either.

The New World Order Wants You, .... to be eliminated!

have a HAARPy day :(


Once again you can not help yourself from putting words in my mouth. Nowhere did I mention Catholics. Nowhere. You did.

My words are not your words.

You are obviously so narrow minded that religion to you can only = Catholics, so you make a leap.

Don't bother responding if you can address what I say as opposed to your unique false interpretation of what I say. You have problems.

typo.. should have been 'can't address'.

I agree, but let's not stop at Sanduskey... I think they all should be given it up the tail with a single barrel shotgun and then ... OOOPS! it went off...


You should realize religion is an extremely broad term. Try looking it up in your encyclopedia sometime.

The New World Order Wants You, .... to be eliminated!

have a HAARPy day :(

Mark in Toronto,

I read one of your posts yesterday that basically said Haynesworth still has it. Do you realize he has a total of THREE tackles on the season and ZERO sacks? The story is that he quit in the Giants game. Just shocked that would say this guy still has it. He moves to his only drum, has zero interest being a team guy and doesn't practice hard. I'd be surprised if too many teams showed any interest in him.

SO DC, why did the US invade Iraq? So our own ppl deceive the whole nation, making up the story of the alledge weapons of mass destruction? Sadamm hated America, he wanted to see the citizens of America suffer like many of his ppl. It was inevitable that America was going to go into his country. What are you saying, congress, trhe president lied?

Craig M, they should sue Haynesworth for stealing money from the Redskins. What a fat tub of lard.

What thoughts exactly John. He's a lazy F*CK!!

Craig, I never said that his head was screwed on right and even said that this wasn't a good place for him. I just said that his presence makes other offenses accountable still. Remember him crushing our line in the opener? I do. I still think he can add something. Am I clamoring for the dolphins to sign him? No. But I think someone will if they feel his heart is in it. Because he still beings something big when he feels like it.

I'm going to throw another name out there to see what people might think for our next head coach....Mike Shanahan. Understand, he's not high on my list but I think he's the kind of guy that Ross would love to have as his HC and he could end up being available. The 'Skins are skidding and I see no end in sight for them. I think they've lsot something like 4 or 5 in a row and if they fall to the 'Phins this weekend they'd be rock bottom. Dan Synder is not a patient man and I could see him pulling the plug on Shanahan after two seasons and going with a guy like Gruden or Cowher. Just a thought...not saying this is who I want but it could be a guy that Ross would want.

One other name to consider if some of the top guys say no....Brian Billick. Again, I don't think it would be a great choice, just trying to play along with the way Ross will look at this.

I blame the redskins for giving him that contract more than I do for haynesworth for quitting. You give him all the money up front, where's the motivation to continue playing a tough position??? What a stupid contract and management decision.

Mark, Haynesworth doesnt even like playing in the 3-4 system, he even said it himself. And how does he bring something big with 3 tackles on the season and 0 sacks. He crushed Incognito or Carey that isnt saying much.

I'd love mike shanahan but he's not going anywhere. Washington gave up on the season before it started. If anything I think Snyder may be upset the redskins have won as much as they have. I think they were trying to suck for luck.

But Mark, he quit on the Redskins and he's now quit on the Patriots. Exactly what siuation is it he's looking for? He doesn't practice hard and apparently he's a tough guy to be around. You're probably right, someone will take a shot on him but it just seems really unlikely his heart's really in it any more. He was good for a couple of years with the Titans. That's been it.

Spiderman, he was a bit part player and nose tackles impacts aren't always measured in stats. He also crushed our highly coveted first round pick in that game.

SWI, I think I see where your going, however you are supporting most of our opinions, so I guess I am not sure why you brought it up.

Example, I think many poeple here "if" they like Marshall, like his contribution to the teams we cheer for. So more encompassing of the team and the raging fandom of die hard fans.

I do not think 99% of the people here support the a-hole players who do the a-hole things. however if those players help a team you have been a fan of your whole life be successful, they get lumped in to the "fan" part of the team.

thats all, I think the way you guided your argument may have been off. Or maybe it was how I interpreted it. Either way...

Craig, he's been dominant his whole life, not just a few years. My cousin player against him at Tennessee as a fullback and he's ashamed of what haynesworth actually did to him, haha. Besides the fact, his stomach may just be full and there is not a situation that interests him. Point is, its up to him if he wants to play because physically, he still can.


You think the Redskins gave up on the season before it started? Didn't they win something like their first three games? I remember guys on here saying 'we should be more like the Redskins. Shanahan is laying down the law and guys are being held accountable'. It didn't last long. And no question their biggest problem is the QB play...it's actually worse than ours.

John, your Iraq invasion argument, just a little more info that seems to be missed. We did not invade Iraq, a coalition of countries did off tof the PRIMARY intelligence of the British military and satellite pictures showing weapons being transported. Subsiquently the weapons "that did not exist" were found on the boarder of Syria about 3-4 years ago.

John, there are two sides to all the stories in the world, and the truth is in the middle. I do not condone the Iraq war completly, but there were things that brought us there beyond just a hated presidents ego. For the record, I am not "on the right" so this was just to help out and be sure all facts are considered before the argement ensues.


He's never played a whole season. Tells you the guys not in shape, doesn't have the stamina to make it through a season and doesn't play through pain. Questionable whether he still has it. Interesting that two disciplinarians gave up on him because he wouldn't commit. You're right it is up to him. I just don't see it ever happening. NE was the perfect opportunity to get his career turned around and he chose no to commit to it. Shame...

By the way, I use the word "facts" in political conversation lightly, as most "facts" we get are skewed before we get them... LOL

When did this blog become about everything EXCEPT football? I guess this is what happens when your football team is 1-7!

I really do think the redskins intended to tank. Who goes into a season with john beck and Rex Grossman as your qbs?? Ever remember the skins being this quiet in an offseason. I really do think the organization was dyeing one of the qbs in the draft. Its not like Snyder to not make a soapsuds when he thinks it will help. It just so happens that shanahan didn't give up and the defense didn't give up and Rex was OK for a few games and it gave them a few victories.

I like Armando's Dolphins in Depth blog.

The discussions are always civil and football-centered, and things never get divisive or acrimonious.

I meant splash. Soapsuds??? Dam you autocorrect!!!

Yea, I bought in on the political stuff, I apologize to you all and move on.

Please forgive, I would ask you to forget, however everything I say is used against me somehow or someway on this blog. :)

LOL, Soap Suds, Still laughing.

You can tell I do not have auto correct on my computer, I can't type for Shite.

..The whole invasion of Iraq was a huge error. Easy to say in hindisght. But it was a war that politicians on both sides bought..Hook line and sinker. The administration beat the war drum..And Congress followed along..like a pack of hungry wolves.

It was an easy rouse. A caper. The country was still reeling from 9-11. The public was in a frenzy. The Administration knowing this could sell this as "We are going to save you from the bad guys" Those same bad guys who up until the fall of Sadaamm had nothing to do with Iraq.

But the biggest mistake..or Oops we should have thought of this a little more. The fact that Sadaamm Husein was a Sunni. As horrible a dictator he was to his own people. For our interests in the region. It made no sense to overthrow this regime. Now. Iran has an ally in the region in the Shia controlled Iraq. Now Iraq is a hotbed for anti US everything. And because of a last minute gasp for respect before he left office GW signed into LAW the withdrawl of US troops out of IRAQ. That Obama now is getting the credit for. Obama had nothing to do with the withdrawl..It was signed into law in 2008

LOL, Mark.....that makes more sense....LOL. You had me wondering there for a bit...LOL.

SWI, you're right, I did bring up Catholics. And I did so because we were talking about pedophilia, and in case you missed it there was a HUGE scandal with the Catholic Church. Maybe I haven't been watching the news lately, but I don't remember a huge Jewish scandal, or Mormon scandal, or even Buddhist scandal. If you heard about it, lemme know.

The reason I brought up the Catholic Church was to show you bias. You obviously are MORE biased towards athletes than you are churchgoers. Because you lumped all of us (read your first post) as hypocrites. Simply because we are fans of teams that sometimes employ unsavory people. So I asked you if you felt the same for all Catholic churchgoers, since there are plenty of unsavory priests who were FOUND to have preyed on young boys.

You said no, you don't lump all Catholic churchgoers into one group. AND THAT'S MY POINT!

Don't lump all fans into 1 group if you don't lump all Catholic churchgoers into 1 group. If you do one without the other, guess what, YOU ARE A HYPOCRITE (like you claimed we all were since we supported our favorite professional team).

If you can't see that, then that's not on the rest of us. That's on YOU!

Who would win in a football game? The Dolphins or the Catholic priests?

...We do have a "young team"..Perhaps this would distract the priests..and the Phins would triumph.

What are you saying, congress, trhe president lied?

Posted by: John | November 09, 2011 at 11:58 AM

Ok John, now I know you're joking. You got me. I thought you were serious at first.

In case you were, YES, ABSOLUTELY, 100%, the Congress and the President LIED to you, me and the country.

It's a FACT that the IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency), which was ON THE GROUND before the Iraq War, could not find weapons of mass destruction anywhere in the country.

It's a FACT that Joe Wilson (ex-ambassador to a couple of West African nations), husband of Valerie Plame (CIA agent), was asked to go to Niger, and investigate the yellow-cake uranium tubes story that was behind all the Western intelligence agencies thinking Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. He found out the story was bogus. He came back and reported his findings, and they were kept under wraps because they didn't fit in with the Administrations desire to go to war with Iraq.

This isn't opinion, or conjecture. I know history tends to be slippery and the truth gets lost. But Americans should not deceive themselves, WE WERE LIED TO BY OUR GOVERNMENT in order to go to war. It's not the first time that happened, and if we don't learn not to accept everything our government says as fact, it won't be the last.

DD, very good perspective. You seem to have a good handle on history.

voted for moore and mcgahee. thanks for pointed that out mando.


I'm also not sure how this convo got to politics and all that.

It started pretty harmlessly, someone brought up they thought the Penn State fiasco was disgusting. I agreed with them. Someone agreed with me. Then some guy wants to come on and call us all hypocrites.

It devolved from there.

C'mon Mark, that's not fair. Catholic priests have God Coaching them. Dolphins have Sparano.

No contest.

Then DC, why does Notre Dame suck so much???

As a Catholica, I find that school's football program an embarassment.

But good point!!!

Our government has been blatantly lying to us for many decades. It should come as a surprise to nobody but the most naive and ill-informed people.

..Just have to add on one more time. I know the catholic church has had its fair share of conterversy. There is a reason people make jokes about priests, and nuns..Little boys, little girls..Sad really, but reality.

Take the paligamists(spelling?)Is this worse? Jim Jeffs in Colorado City Arizona and his "cult" of followers. They validated the violation of young girls by saying their religion permitted this... If the great prophet says it is ok..by their thinking you could commit murder. And it would be ok. I do not understand the Mormon church or the sect that is the paligamists. They justify their actions under the frame of religious beliefs. Even though what they are doing is illegal in this country.

I am very much enjoying this discussion of Religion and Politics on my football blog:

I also enjoy the discussion of pedophilia, sexual perversions and vigilante justice. These are interesting, if dry, subjects that do not offend people at all.

I am very dissapointed that nobody has brought up race yet. Can you please share with me your most inflamatory views on race in America. Thank you.

Can somebody please also call someoneelse a Nazi. Nazi references are awesome on a football blog. Thank you.

If you have a really strong opinion about homosexuality -- please raist it here as well. Those view points don't offend people at all.

Could somebody please make an unsubstantiated personal attack against President George W. Bush. Those people are really excellent folks.

Could somebody else make an unsubstantiated personal attack against President Barack Obama. They are good people too.

Isn't football wonderful!

Pedophiles, religion, unjust wars, corrupt government.....is this really anything new? It's been going on for hundres & thousands of years.

But, on a football blog?

I guess Armando missed Journalism 101 classes. When you write a dull, uninspiring & pathetic piece, people are going to make it interesting somehow.


Joe, There only so much to talk about with a 1 and 7 team. Although I would like to here more about B Marsh and Vontae fighting. That seems intresting.

Exactly, the blog was about voting for Matt Moore for throwing 250 yards with no INTs. Otherwise known as every Sunday for Rodgers and Brees and Brady.

Actually, I haven't seen the bylaws, but where is it stated that you must ONLY talk football on a football blog? Sure, football is the usual topic, but does it mean you can't bring up other things in the news? Especially when the main story of the day is pedophilia in football?

I happen to enjoy the back and forth. God forbid anyone discuss controversial matters with a community. I know that's forbidden in the U.S. nowadays. Everyone would rather keep quiet and let things go under the radar. But we're innovators here. We express our opinions in the open and allow the free market to pick them apart.


Joey Porter & Crowder would make for some good sound bites these days. They'd keep us entertained.

I vote for Aaron Rodgers.....how can you justify a vote against him....I didn't even see the Packers game....and he still gets my vote....

but I know that off topic....

My bad....

Actually, you guys are right to think it unusual to discuss matters openly. See, we once had a place where that was done all day, it was called Congress.

Nowadays, they just check what some lobbyist wants done on K St., then they meet secretly to map out a plan, using the most coded language so the average Joe can't understand what they are up to, and then everyone goes back to their office to raise campaign cash.

Gotta love the government!

I heard Vontae came to practice today smelling like Manesheiwitz wine. He said he just came from Pre-Sabbath services, so he was cleared to practice.

It's funny, most of us know nothng about running a team, myself included. But, we talk a good game.

After reading this thread, the same can be said about the topics of the day. Maybe worse.

Joe, if we know nothing about running a team, we're in good company (Ross, Ireland, Sparano).

And if we know nothing about the topics of the day, we're also in good company (main street media, every congressperson, most administration officials).

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