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Vote for Matt Moore for FedEx Air honor

As a privileged citizen of the United States, I believe in the American political system. I believe in voting to voice ones choice in our grand republic.

As a resident of Miami-Dade County and Florida for most of my life, I also believe in voting early ... and voting often.

And so I'm thinking if you are anything like me, Matt Moore is going to be a very humbled man by week's end because he is a nominee for the FedEx Air and Ground Player of the Week honors. As you know, Moore had a career day in leading the Dolphins to a victory over Kansas City.

He completed 17 of 23 passes for 244 yards, with three touchdowns and no interceptions. He posted a quarterback rating of 147.5. Very nice. So you can go right here and vote for Moore to be the FedEx Air dude of the week. You have until 9 a.m. Friday to get your vote in.

He's competing against Green Bay's Aaron Rodgers and Atlanta's Matt Ryan so already he's in good company. I'm sure Rodgers will get a lot of Cheeseheads voting for him. Ryan, I'm not too worried about because Falcons fans aren't always the most interested ardent bunch.

So get to work for Moore. Vote. Vote again. Vote lots!!!

I think it's allowed.

Get a Miami Dolphins player elected to something other than an All-Disappointment or All-Underachieving team.

[VIDEO ANNOUNCEMENT: It promises to be a big day on Armando and the Amigo. Today's guests include FSU head coach Jimbo Fisher, former Dolphins and Penn State receiver O.J. McDuffie, former Dolphins and Penn State tight end Troy Drayton (see a theme building?), Mike Florio of Profootballtalk.com and NASCAR driver Kyle Petty. You can tune in at 640-AM in South Florida or watch the Miami Herald live streaming feed right here. I promise the show won't suck ... much.]



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Wow Armando. Thanks for encouraging us to vote for Matt Moore. You learn something new every day.
I didn't know He was born and raised in my neck of the woods in Van Nuys, Calif. I also didn't know he went to my cross town rival High School (Hart High) and also went to Oregon State University.(I'm living in Oregon currently). Small world. I'm liking him all the better now.
Keep up the good work man.

Dow down 400 points. Those darn Italians!

Someone said to bring up race?

And talking about not knowing anything about anything. How about our global financial community?

Quick, Mark, explain for the layman what a credit default SWOP is. Or, better yet, tell us how Enron was able to sell oil derivatives. The CFO had to go to Goldman Sachs and explain to them how he was making money. In the end, they didn't care, as long as they were profiting too.

More like financial hustlers, that's what they should be called.

Sadly, I'm one of those darn Italians. Parents born there & still have 3/4 of my whole family living in that socialist ridden population.

If we continue to adopt the euro mentality, we will soon share more in common with them than our love for Pizza.

By the way Mark, didn't want that to sound like I was taking a swipe at you bud. Just your brethren and your professional compadres.

Joe, my sister-in-law lives moved to Rome a few years ago. I think we're finally going to visit her next year. Can't wait. Of course I love the food. Heard it's a nice country too. I was there when I was a kid, but don't remember.

DC, the main problem with the typical corporate setup is that the board members are supposed to be watchdogs. However, they understand sweet fukk all about the business. They only understand profit and loss. And if something is a red light indicator, the people presenting results to the board members become quite adept at sugar coating and presenting items in such a way as to not incur the wrath of the board. Its all about meeting expectations and self preservation. Take this from a person who has presented to many boards in my time ...

The system is inherently flawed and will never be fixed. As soon as a system is invented, the first thing that happens is that people find a way to work it.

It happens in business and it happens in sports. As soon as a collective bargaining agreement is met, the agents and GM find a way to work around it. No guaranteed salaries for example, no problem, we will just entice you with this extra large signing bonus.

DC, my advice to you and others is not to fight the system, but to work within it to get yours.

For me, market goes down 400significantly points, no problem, I have more cash in the sidelines waiting for these shoes to drop. From 2008 I learned, never have more than half tour savings in the market, and when you have gains, cash them, and get then the heck out of your investment account.

Joe, I was born and raised in an Italian community here in Toronto. I'm very familiar with the heritage. Been to Italy too. Beautiful. And the women.... wow!

DC, stroll down the streets of Rome on your way to the Colisseum. Look at all the filth, garbage & anti everything you read spray painted on the buildings.

The country is beautful. The food? Indigestion never felt so good. The women? Amazing.

Their political/social views? Another thing entirely.

Matty...Matty...he's our man.

If he can't win games, NO other dolphin qb can.

GOOOO000O MATTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Congrats to your AFC Player of the Week award:D

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