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Davis returns to starting spot and we have a live blog

Live blog today!

Please go to comments section and off we'll go around kickoff.

As for what you'll see on the field ... Vontae Davis returns to his starting cornerback job today after missing the last couple of weeks -- first with a hamstring injury and then while he was suspended.

At free safety, it is clear that Tyrone Culver continues to be the answer for the Dolphins. He starts his fourth consecutive game.

How's that for buring the lead?

As we're still about an hour before kickoff, I ask that you check out my column in today's Herald. I had a candid conversation with Dolphins WR Brandon Marshall that I think you'll enjoy. I didn't pull punches. And neither did he.

See you in the comments section for the live blog.


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I'm back.

Rex Grossman gets the start.
John Beck sits.

Keys to victory:

Defense - shore up a poor secondary, get some decent D-Line play, and shut down the pass.
Offense - establish the running game, protect the quarterback, and let MM8 spread the wealth.

Defense - pressure the quarterback, sack the quarterback, force Miami to beat you on the ground.
Offense - exploit a porous secondary.

I think it's time Vontae Davis proves to all whether or not he is a contender or pretender.

With all the changes coming for 2012 whether real or perceived, we may need to address the CB positions as well.

Mr. Davis - step up or step aside!

Here in DC country. Got my Dolphins flag waving proudly outside to annoy the neighbors!

come on redskins do not let us ruin our draft anymore

And then there's the ol' catch 22.

Win - feel good but drop in the draft.

Lose - feel frustrated but stay in the hunt for a new coach and a high draft pick.

With the build up and lead in by Armando on the Marshall interview, I felt let down.

All the thug stuff and everything else aside, Armando built it up like some in depth/revealing interview. It wasn't.

If I were a Sport Writer Critic, I'd have to say: Bland and Passe.

Yeah, I said IT!

Go Matt Moore!
Go Phins!

I hope Vontae Davis gets a pick or two today.

I hope he bounces back from the adversity and proves once and for all that he's worthy of his draft status.

Come Drunkee! Kick some a ss TODAY!

Woooooooo WHOOOOOOO!!!!

If Moore goes down it will be GrossMan againsg LoserMan.

What a stinky game.

ill agree there, this is a very bad boring game to watch no doubt. pitt cincy should be a great game

I'm wearing my lucky aqua and orange condom.

Washington redskins will not play good in the sunny w a chance of Chemtrails today of South Florida

Home expects Illuminati numbers

mirror reflection

31 13 Miami

Washington redskins will not play good in the sunny w a chance of Chemtrails today of South Florida

Home expects Illuminati numbers

mirror reflection

31 13 Miami

Posted by: Unfoiled Home

first good news of the day, Grossman to start!!!
Now for the other peices of the trio,
Washington to win and Colts win v Jacksonville

Suck for Luck is back on or even blow for barkley, anything but mediocre in Miami which is what we'll continue to be if we win more games!!!!

Guys isn't this constant Luck talk boring as hell already? Give it up. We get it. It's old, predictable.

yawn your post was very boring

Don't know about anyone else, but I ain't sucking or blowing ANYBODY!

How about: You play to win the GAME!

PS: In Mando's interview with Marshall, Marshall said coming into the season, he thought the Phins were coming together and poised to win some games.

Very similar sentiments to a lot of the bloggers here!

Take THAT Troll!!!!


Come back in 2017 when you actually have something remotely positive to say.

weep for weeden

) (
( Y )

Home game!

Cmon Tony, keep the streak alive!

Wondering how you can capture defeat from the hands of victory!

0-? at home?

lets go dolphins

This is the greatest incoming college nfl qb class since 1983 that yielded us Dan Marino.
Just like 1983, some team will even get a very good qb bottom 1st rd.

Even if by miracle we finish the final stretch 8-0 with a 9-7 final regular season record. We will still get a better qb than what we've had since Marino departed. This 2012 qb draft class could prove to be very outstanding one.

anybody have a lik to a live stream?


I'm looking for more Clay. More down-field throws. More sacks, more breakaway runs form Bush. I want Bush returning EVERYTHING, forced turn overs from the defense and Gates to make an impact.

It's time to take back the Homeland!

If SpOrano really wants to keep his job(snicker, snicker)he has to make a stand.

This is OUR HOUSE!

Todays "presentation" will feature Tony SpOrano in the role of Gen. George Custer and Mike Shanahan as the Wily Redskin Leader Crazy Horse!


Getting the Saints/Falcons national game from FOX here instead of Dolphins/Skins. I thought it would be Bucs/Texans here in Central FLA.

My b-hole aches! My HOTTIE was HOT. and STRONG.

But I will still root for my MEN!


Posted by: odinseye | November 13, 2011 at 02:56 PM

If we beat the Redskins, does it mean we are better than a 3-5 Team? Hmm..

It means nothing. This season means nothing now. Starting over.

Odineye, you are free to have your opinion. It's easy to say something is blad without being specific.

Also, you use information you gained interview to argue with someone else's post. So I guess you saw some value to it.

Grossman to start?

Here we go!!!


I still think this was a 4-4 team(Dolphins) that completely fell on its face coming out of the starting blocks.

I think your question should have been,

"If we beat the Redskins, does this mean we're better than a 3-5 team"?

The greatest part about winning last week is now we can finally get rid of those fake fin fan "suck for luck" dum dums... And this blog will be enjoyable again..

let's go girls!

Here comes win 2, this team can get on a little roll now that they are coming together. Let's Go Fins!!

Brand new bltiz for Dansby the Dolphins haven't used before. Good work.

Hey Hey all

Tricky, tricky, tricky.

Just wish Moore would have wound up a little better and gotten the ball there.

Damn Wildcat. Hoped to never see that again.

The legend of Matt Moore continues!

Probably a bit more of a challenge for us today with the 'Skins starting Grossman. He's not great but he's better than Beck. Dolphins by a field goal today.

The legend of Reggie Bush continues!

Wow, Reggie is good. And so is Laron Landry

Bush fired up

The legend of Matt Moore and Reggie Bush continues!

Tricky tricky tricky

Armando, I enjoyed reading the article this morning with Marshall. Seems like it was a no holds barred honest conversation. Don't see that too much any more. I hope it leads to more of these with the guy.

Funky is good. Too funky now with fake wildcat and halfback pass call within five plays.


Why would you make reggie run that one instead of thomas or hilliard...

Timeout-are you crazy!!!

Thank you Craig M.

Yup, no holds barred. We agreed beforehand not to pull punches.

What the heck, Im rooting for a win. Either way, when I hope we lose, we win, so I rather just try to enjoy myself. A. Luck would be nice, but I don't think its sapening.

Gotta have a time out

Timeout... Theres your great coaching. Sparano for coach of the decade!!!

First half timeout arent bad. But ill-advised 2nd half timeouts are.

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