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Dolphins believe Davis was drunk night before practice

Yes, Vontae Davis was late to practice, as reported by me in an earlier post. Yes, he got into an ugly argument with receiver Brandon Marshall,, as reported by NFL.com. And yes, the argument between Davis and Marshall started when Marshall called out Davis and then threw the ball at his head, as reported by Fox-TV.

But the reason most responsible and most alarming about Davis missing Sunday's game against the Chiefs is that the Dolphins believe Davis was drunk the night before the Saturday practice to which he was late. And when he showed up at the Miami facility, a source said Davis had the smell of alcohol and was suffering from an apparent hangover.

Davis and several other teammates had apparently been out late Friday. Davis was the only one late.

The Dolphins declined to address any reason why Davis was not on this trip to Kansas City, which was a successful one in that Miami captured its first victory of the season, a 31-3 upset of the homestanding Chiefs. Repeated calls by The Miami Herald to agent Todd France, who represents Davis, have not been returned.

"I’m not going to get into any of that," coach Tony Sparano said. "You guys know that. Vontae is obviously not here. What goes on in those locker room doors will stay between me and Vontae.”

Marshall, who caught eight passes for 106 yards with one TD, obviously was not punished in any way and that confirms the idea that the argument between the teammates was not at the root of why Davis was left behind in South Florida.

Marshall was asked about the incident after the game and did not deny the confrontation.

“Yeah, one of the reasons why we’re standing here with a W is because the guys in our locker room, we hold each other accountable," Marshall said. "Vontae is a special player. He’s one of the best players on our team. We look forward to getting Vontae back hopefully next week. We hold each other accountable and that’s why we’re a special group. Record doesn’t show it but hopefully next week we can put another win back  to back.."

It is unclear if the Dolphins must report Davis to the NFL either under the personal conduct policy or under the controlled substance and sobriety program. It is also not known if this was a one-time incident or a problem Davis has had previously.



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I'm back!

Wow, PFT just pissed me off.

Instead of headlining about the Dolphins first win, they instead wrote "Bad Chiefs Show Up Again."

Elsehwere - At the season's halfway point, Marshall is now on pace for 92 receptions and 1,288 yards.

Game ball to MM8!!

Dear Mr. Salguero

"It is unclear if the Dolphins must report Marshall to the NFL either under the personal conduct policy or under the controlled substance and sobriety program"

You mean Davis right ?

It is unclear if the Dolphins must report """Marshall""" to the NFL either under the personal conduct policy or under the controlled substance and sobriety program. It is also not know if this was a one-time incident or a problem Davis has had previously.

Why must """Marshall""" report under the personal conduct policy or under the controlled substance and sobriety program???

So the "elite" corner is a drunk - add CB to our list of needs.

Goal A is complete - Dolphins do not go winless.

Goal B - Packers do not go undefeated.

Goal C - draft a QB.

Speaking of QB's - game ball to MM8.

Now to beat a team with a winning record.
That would show me that the Dolphins are for real.

I'll take a drunk Vontae Davis over Will Allen, Sean Smith, and Nolan Carroll any day

So I'm guessing Davis was also drunk when he made the infamous declaration of being the best CB tandem.

BenJarvus Jeremy Green-Ellis..

Is it just me or are you also freaking sick of hearing that name as the anouncers drool over saying it 1000 times a game.

I mean theyse people dont call others by thier first, middle, nick and last name. i dont hear them anouncing Chad Steven. Henne or Derek Cameron Wake or Davone Atrayo Bess..

Get my drift man???

These people suck up to the Pats and Jets like Revis Island crap.. I mean WTF... There are other NFL teams which dont get that kind of special treatment.

I am sick of hearing Moorhead, Woodhead and especially BenJarvus Green-Ellis

Mando, in your last paragraph, you meant Davis not Marshall being reported to the NFL, right? Check your story....


Do you ever say a single thing remotely positive? You sound like a miserable person. Pay for some poochie if you have to but snap out of it.

Kweg M,

Sure sometimes I do but I'm depressed after today's W.

How about this positive statement.

There is a light at the end of this cocoon come January which is when the Dolphins purge the team of the Soprano, Ireland era and we move forward in getting new leadership and a new QB.

But for today, I'm depressed over Luck.

Mando makes more grammatical errors and typos than a boat person with a GED.


I never buy into there is one single player we need to right the ship. Things will work out. There are a few good QB's available. New FO. Sparano's fate is sealed, he won't be back.

This could be the beginning of a problem for us, hopefully someone will nip this in the bud, before it gets out of hand, I'm not totally sold on Davis yet, but he's better than any other db on our roster. I mean if he thinks so little of his teammates that he would be out boozing the night before, that's not cool.

Tim in Tampa, they'd have to win every remaining game to prove they're for real. Ain't gonna happen!

What, Pulitzer price for blowing the lid on the guy? Bah, you have plenty of $. Oh, the glory, yes.

I was never on board with sucking for anybody. It's a losers mentality and there is never a guarantee it would even pay off. Glad they avoided a no win season and glad Sparano has no chance of returning. Change is on the way.

jimmy smith = pat surtain

Kweg M,

Well so much for the Colts. We need a QB at the helm to steer the ship and he also needs a good crew to make it happen.

Problem is we have since the departure of Dan is that they have been ignoring the QB position by not seeking a franchise QB and having all the "fill ins".

Looking at the Colts the one player who is out and the Colts ship has capsized and sinking.

Just like the rest i would like to have Andrew and build around him for the complete package which is great O line, great D and leaders to make that and provide Luck the tools to make it happen.

KwegM NYG is a good guy! A great QB could lift this team into a perennial contender! Yes, in this case, 1 player CAN make a difference. You're right on about Mando!

Trade his ars to another go no where team for the towel boy or the best deal you can make. Vontae's attitude is that of a quitter. If indeed he showed up drunk to practice then he'll quit when you most need him. Trade his but_ someplace where we wont see him again ...Cincinnati!or the Browns for a draft choice.


I have no prob with KwegM at all or anyone for that matter, just communicating like we all do. lol

I didn't see Sparano's post game presser on the 5th quarter. Did I miss it??

NYG I know you don't need defending! You can take care of yourself, I just didn't know if kwegm was new to the blog. Just letting know you're one of the good guys, as you know it can be brutal here at times! LOL!

NYG, I had the 5th quarter on from the start, I didn't see it either.

redsky, thanks much appreciated and your right it can get brutal around here. I just found Sparano's post presser in the 5th quarter and all I heard was his gum chewing.. lol

Heading to watch the rest of the G men and pats. Have a good one.

NYG, you too, I'm watching that game as well!

Matt Moore is the QB of this team.
Matt Moore is on this team and under contract for next season.

Are we past trade deadline? There's gotta b a team in the hunt that will give at least a 2nd rounder for Vontae!!! Deep draft coming up!

Luck will b a colt next year so let's forget about using our first pick on a qb. The best rookie qb this year is andy dalton. Yes andy dalton not cam Newton and dalton went in the second round. We need severe help in our secondary and d-line not a qb that should sit for a couple of years.

Well the Detroit Lions can pop another bottle of Dom Perignon! The Fins got off their 0-16 perfect record bus today in fine fashion.

Those petulant, pesky Colts are still firmly planted in Suckville or Luckville or whereever they think it will land them.

Grats to the Fins for fighting hard and for the resounding win...they didn't just eeek over the bar, they cleared it by a mile in a place that is hard to play in...ask the Bolts.

I am one of the ones that could see the great silver linning of having the ability to contend for the best QB the 2012 draft could muster. That said, the fighting spirit would roar out and I would be hootin and hollerin to get our Fins to a win every week during gametime. Mission accomplished finally this week.

To those that say that Luck is the ONLY QB in the draft... I say meh. Gabbert was suppose to be the best "Most Complete" QB coming out last year and where is he now? Cam Newton was suppose to be still figuring out the complex defenses of the NFL? How bout 400+ Passing yards his first game and big numbers in most every game he has been in.

The truth is, that no matter how much Luck is put on the mantle, there is no telling what the jump from college to the Pros can do to a player.

Reggie Bush was the second coming of Marshall Faulk when he came out... The media, fans and draftniks castrated Houston for taking DE Mario Williams. Now, Bush is on his second team and trying hard to stay relevant.

For every Peyton Manning, there is a Ryan Leaf. The NFL 1st round draft average is around 50% all time in busts vs stars ratio.

Luck has talent no doubt but I like QB Barkley too. If not Luck than Landry Jones has skills and RGIII has a very gifted package of skills as well. I just caution everyone on buying (all in) into the hype train that is A. Luck.

Regardless of if we can't get Luck, I will celebrate the victory nonetheless.

Cheers Fin Nation,

Where did all that come from?

I think we dominated every facet of the game.

It's kind of scary really. It looks like Moore is still improving. Maybe they gave up on him too soon. Wouldn't that be the kicker. We pick up Moore as an after thought, boo'ed by all. Then he goes on to become a pro bowler.

Yeah, I'm dreaming so what. Every since we won today, EVERYTHING feels like a dream.

PS: Forget SpOrano's presser, I want a verbatim transcript for Marshall and Davis's "altercation". That would be some funny stuf that right there :)

Bit early to be judging rookie QBs yet isn't it buckeyefan?

I mean they haven't even gotten to that rookie wall or their sophmore slumps yet?

I do believe that Cam has a LOT less to work with in terms of talent than Dalton does. I mean A.J Green was first WO off the board in 2011. Benson still running hard and a top NFL defense.

You may be 100% right but I would say it's early yet. Cam throws the ball a hell of lot better than most thought and he has mad physical skills when he decides to run.

You are 100% right in that QBs can come out of any round. I still believe that the Fins will ultimately draft a 1st round QB no matter where they pick (unless they finish strong and there is an run at QB).

These are just my thoughts as I am not calling you out bro.


PLaying for this coaching staff and this dysfunctional crew week after week at times might lead me to some drinkin too.....Like it already has.....Just Sayin...maybe their related!!!

I'Am already two sheets to the wind....LOL, If I Was Vonte Id be Drunk 24/7 just cause my name is Vonte../. Just saying..

Cam Newton has Steve smith and 2 really good running backs dalton has a really good rookie and a couple of potheads and malcontents. It is a little early but so for dalton looks the part and has his team at 6-2 and challenging for a playoff spot.

Just saying that after luck the qb talent pool gets real shallow and maybe we should b looking elsewhere before taking another qb with a really high draft pick.

Cuban, not to beat you at anything, but I'm 3 sheets to the wind! Does anyone know where that saying came from? Anyone? Bueller...Bueller....Bueller?

Fire Sparano now! He just cost us Andrew Luck today!

Sky, Great "Q" My Friend.........

Cuban, guys "On the Job", should always have each others' back!

Sky, Agree, Iam currently in a Bar with Giant Fans, There going Ape-S(it, a great win over The pats......

Among nautical folks, a "sheet" refers to the rope used to secure a ship's sail. On the square-rigged ships of yore, three sheets were needed to tie up the sails. So, if all three of the ship's sheets were loose in the wind, the sail would flop about and the ship would go off course -- rather like a drunken sailor staggering around on shore.

went to the game -expectimg pain- watched the fins win easy- and reggie actually turned up- protection for moore made all the difference what sucks is that theyve blown all those games they could have won-

beautiful day in a quiet, empty early, arrowhead

Id hate to be the team playing the Pats next weekj..... There ruthless after losing.... Just saying,..

Wow look what happens when a QB has time to throw not sacked or hardly pressured. As far the Vontae Davis if he came to practice drunk
who cares play Wilson he trys harder and is more aggressive.

If Vontae showed up smelling like booze and hungover I would sit his a** for the next four games. Absolutely unacceptable. Guess he doesn't care about the team, his teammates, or his job. Oh well, the next coach/gm won't have to keep him if they doesn't want to.

But I'm confused by how Armando knows this information. He said that "the Dolphins believe" meaning the WHOLE organization feels this way, players,coaches,gm, etc. or I guess it could mean just the front office. Either way Sparano didn't tell Armando what happened (according the this story) so that means someone within the organization is talking about things that they aren't supposed to talk about. Not saying I agree or disagree but someone is going to be on Tonys s**t list this week.

It's not Vontae's fault. The Dolphins have lead a lot of people to drinking...

"Oh well, the next coach/gm won't have to keep him if they doesn't want to."

I know, bad editing, supposed to be "don't want to".

Cuban, my NY roots....I grew up in Freeport...
I hate the Jets, pull for the NYG, enjoy my friend, wish I was there! It just means NE will kill the Jets!

I called this last night and got skewerd for it. Apology excepted. Just makes you wonder about that Monday night game and so many players being dehydrated, which is obviously a symptom when you drink too much. Not very bright on Davis' part with a new regime coming in.

Peace Phin nation...............

All the Dolphins did today was lower their chance ay getting any real talent in the fraft, But that has always been their method of operation, the worst GM's the worst coaches, the worst players. Now they have taken themselves out of the running for the best QB prospect in 20 years, They may even end up 6-10 and draft another offensively offensive lineman.

Just move the team to another state or better yet another country, I hear Japan is looking for a team for their Fukashima Nuclear powerplant

stuff like this always comes out. i like the stand marshall took with vontae. even though he says he's the best corner in the NFL,i'd sit his ass down. i'll take nolan carroll or jimmy wilson who show more effort and team spirit. marshall is giving 100% effort from what i see.

Moore is starting to look better and better.

He had them in position to win last 2 games as well before meltdown city happened.

NYG showed they are a team to be reckoned with and Fins almost beat them at their house.

I know I want the Fins to grab a QB in the 1st round but I think they may be able to have that QB ultimately sit for a little while behind Moore if he keeps playing strong and strings together strong games.


Devil's Ad,

Nice explanation! Even if that is not what the saying is derived from I will roll with that one.


I guess it only stays in the locker room when they want it to.


Ok, I agree to split with you on whom has the more talented team between Cincy and Carolina.

You say Cincy is less talented and I say Carolina is less talented. I think record alone says it all but I agree to disagree, no problem there.

I also agree to disagree on the fact that there is NO OTHER 1st round talents at QB in the 2012 draft.

It depends on ones definition. Do you mean "Are they getting drafted in the first round?" OR "Does their eventual play dictate that was their correct draft position to go in the first round?"

I feel Barclay and Jones go in the first round and probably RGIII too.


If the same exact bunch of guys start winning with QB Moore (with less career starts) at the helm, will that be an indictment of sorts of Henne?

Things that make you go hmmmmm... stay tuned Fin fans.

QB Moore battles ex Fins QB John BecK next!!!


It is with a tinge of sadness that I must report that your lives will be briefly mourned and then quickly forgotten upon passing. After a decade or so, nobody will even mention your names anymore.

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