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Dolphins believe Davis was drunk night before practice

Yes, Vontae Davis was late to practice, as reported by me in an earlier post. Yes, he got into an ugly argument with receiver Brandon Marshall,, as reported by NFL.com. And yes, the argument between Davis and Marshall started when Marshall called out Davis and then threw the ball at his head, as reported by Fox-TV.

But the reason most responsible and most alarming about Davis missing Sunday's game against the Chiefs is that the Dolphins believe Davis was drunk the night before the Saturday practice to which he was late. And when he showed up at the Miami facility, a source said Davis had the smell of alcohol and was suffering from an apparent hangover.

Davis and several other teammates had apparently been out late Friday. Davis was the only one late.

The Dolphins declined to address any reason why Davis was not on this trip to Kansas City, which was a successful one in that Miami captured its first victory of the season, a 31-3 upset of the homestanding Chiefs. Repeated calls by The Miami Herald to agent Todd France, who represents Davis, have not been returned.

"I’m not going to get into any of that," coach Tony Sparano said. "You guys know that. Vontae is obviously not here. What goes on in those locker room doors will stay between me and Vontae.”

Marshall, who caught eight passes for 106 yards with one TD, obviously was not punished in any way and that confirms the idea that the argument between the teammates was not at the root of why Davis was left behind in South Florida.

Marshall was asked about the incident after the game and did not deny the confrontation.

“Yeah, one of the reasons why we’re standing here with a W is because the guys in our locker room, we hold each other accountable," Marshall said. "Vontae is a special player. He’s one of the best players on our team. We look forward to getting Vontae back hopefully next week. We hold each other accountable and that’s why we’re a special group. Record doesn’t show it but hopefully next week we can put another win back  to back.."

It is unclear if the Dolphins must report Davis to the NFL either under the personal conduct policy or under the controlled substance and sobriety program. It is also not known if this was a one-time incident or a problem Davis has had previously.



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The talent pool on offense in Carolina is slightly better than cincy but not even close on the defensive side of the ball. I was shocked to see cam put up the numbers that he has but dalton I believe has the demeanor and skill set to b an elite nfl qb and im still not sold on that when it comes to cam.

That being said there is talent in the qb pool this draft but luck ia the only one who can make a bad team better. If we draft jones or barkley first and start them on day 1 they'll get murdered. Remember that when the rams took bradford the lions got suh and I for 1 would rather have suh.

Look at all options if luck is off the table!

Phins78, Mando knows this info 'cause I gave it to him, re: V. Davis, he had part of it, I gave him the rest! He never credits any of us for good info!

I meant to say cincy has a far better defense.

Matt Moore > Andrew Luck

YES! Mando changed his post since I told him he was wrong re: his article about V. Davis and BM! He never gives credit to our posts! But yet he writes his columns off our info! What's up with that Mando?

Allister no way! Moore is a veteran NFL. player Luck isn't even in the League! Luck will be better than M. Moore!


In analysis of the two QBs ask yourself based off what we have seen. Would Dalton be winning if they switched teams? Maybe he would but I believe Cam would in Cincy for sure...especially with the much better Def.

As for sold, it is too early in either one of their careers to be sold but, they both have strong indications of doing quite well.

The beauty is that "IF" (Mighty big) the Fins keep doing better with Moore at QB then they would not have to start any rookie QB from day one.

Remember, Moore was "suppose" to get murdered in the NYG game and the Giants only really whooped the Fins on the last series to win the game. Those 3 straight sacks killed any comeback hopes.

Tamba Hali and the KC pass rush was suppose to demolish Moore as well and they didn't even sniff Moore all day.

I was huge on Suh being the better of Suh vs McCoy debate when most pundits said McCoy had more "pass rush" ability and therefore was a better prospect. Suh was too big, strong and quick along with much superior stats for me to buy that.

There really is no debate on EVERY team in the NFL needing a good QB in their system to win consistantly. Every team plays from behind at times and passing is the much better way to make up ground quickly. Plus, rules favor passing by a long ways.

The Rams had zero going on at QB so they really needed to take their shot with Bradford. Bradford was the highest rated by most everyone in that draft.

I do hear you on the taking the best player available strategy as I tend to be that type of draftnick strategist myself. When a clear cut QB is on your radar and you have no long term answer, you have to take a shot. Especially now that you won't automatically die financially after the new CBA rookie cap ala J-Carcass Russell.


Doesn't mean much but I am not totally sold on Luck.

I have this suspicion that someone else ends up becoming a better QB from the 2012 class if all the best candidates come out.


Rob in OC, maybe so, but Luck, at 6'4", 240 lbs, doing what he does.....hard to pass up!

The only thing that worries me are the precedents set by Couch and Aliki Smith (remember them?)

But Then again we got Danny Boy at #27 - gives me hope that even RGIII or Kellen Moore would be able to contribute if necessary


Oh for sure... If the Fins could end up with him, he is one hell of a prospect. No one would fault the Fins for drafting him...cept Luck detractors and haters.

I know most were shocked to see Tenn get Locker before Gabbert went as the media had built up Gabbert something fierce.

In the end, the race is long, with Bowl games, Allstar Games, Combine, Pro Days and Private workouts. The teams seem to end up picking whomever the hell they want despite fan and media influence most of the time.

Luck has momentum but may suffer if the process allows so much time for his game to get picked apart. I will bet that eventually some will say that Luck may not have the lazer arm that most want from a guy that high.

It is always a crapshoot and there is no such thing as a college prospect without holes. It sure is fun to debate and try to predict who has the ability to succeed in the NFL though.

Cheers bro,

Way to go phins. Finally a blowout. Keep it going.

Vontae Davis is a young guy. He has an attitude and everyone screws up. Give him his one chance and forget about it.

We're only halfway(1-7) through the season. Yet the suck for luck people have already conceeded Andrew Luck to the Colts.

Consider this:

"Who would have conceeded today's victory over the Chiefs today prior to the final results"?

Further validating the old adage:

"You have to play the games"!


Have a strange feeling this team could rebound and finish 6-10. That means 5-3 over the remaining 8 game stretch.

The possibility exists of no Luck, Landry, nor Barkley. Remember you heard it hear first.

However RGIII and Kellen Moore would still be on the radar.

If our final 10 games produces a 6-4 final stretch. I know no one wants to hear this but I could swallow keeping Sparano as hc.

We do NOT keep Sparano if he goes 6-4 to finish the season, not after the owner has once tried to replace him and then states he wants to "make a splash" with a HC signing, plus that would leave us 6-10 after back to back 7-9 seasons.

The only way Sparano stays is if he ends 9-0 and we back into the play-offs where we shut-out the patriots on the road, and even then....

For all the criticism and supposed "expertise" some of you claim to have, it should be said at some point that Mike Pouncey is a HELLUVA football player.

9-7 will not get us into the playoffs.

Thinik about it man. A lesser team would have been having their biggest blowout to date. Having been thru what the fins have endured.

Instead of releasing the pent up frustrations of a very frustrating season for a 31-3 victory. A lesser team would have released the little desire left for a 31-3 defeat.

This team for all of the very disappointing defeats endured this season, at least for one day, the grabbed themselves by the bootstraps and have chosen to go down like kamakazi hero fighters. Sparano has his faults, but it was fully proven today that his team still believes in both him and themselves.

You can ask for anymore from a hc and its a primary requirement of a real winner as hc. That cant be taught.

Should one game at a time this team continues to pull itself up by the bootstraps and turn itself around. I give a tremendous amount of respect to the man leading them. Right now that happens to be Tony Sparano. It will have been well deserved. Still we better draft a qb 1st rd!

The qbs after luck are not automatic starters I have a couple of cousins and friends who live in Oklahoma and live and die by the sooner and even the say landry jones isn't half of what bradford was when he was on the field. Matt barkley just doesn't do it for me, I've seen a bunch of his games on tv and even in person and when I see him I see a less talented matt leinhart. Usc qbs have a tendency to b underwhelming. Rg3 is intriguing but very green and there is a steep dropoff after him.

There is a long list of teams that have been burnt by drafting the best available qb instead of the best available player. I've been a dolphins fan for a very long time and I don't want to see them waste another 2-3 years on a qb that I knew wasn't worth a damn.

If this team somehow turns this season around. For the "REAL" dolfans it will be well worth missing out on Andrew Luck. Cant believe I just said that, but, it really is true.

It would be much better having Andrew Luck wishing he could have come to us!

...What I say has absolutley no consequence in the scheme of things concerning the Phins. Just opinions...During the shortened free agent period this offseason. I had made the point that I thought it would be wise to try and trade VD. I believed then as I do now that Davis is overrated, and a liablity more then a complete player. I was told here that I was crazy. That Davis was just as good as the best corners in the league. He was an untouchable.

Davis then came out with the infamous quote saying he and his partner Smith were among the best tandem in the league..This was met by applause, and agreement by a good portion of the fan base.

I know that it is very easy in hindsight to say I told you so. This isn't my point. I wish I was wrong about Davis. My point was. Davis had some value at that point. We could have recieved some decent compensation for him. Now we are stuck with him. I understand why the Phins wouldn't trade him. Who would have replaced him? The teams thinking was Davis has promise, and is still developing. Had shown some flashes of good play, and was a player they hoped could be counted on as building block in the secondary. I never bought it, but as I said..This means nothing. Among the many holes this team needs to address. Cornerback is one. This is what I would do with Davis should we keep him for next year. Make him the nickel corner. Davis may be a good fit here, as he is not a lockdown guy. He could contribute and not have the pressure to be the guy who has to shut down the oppositions number one. Give him a chance at success instead of lining him up for failure. Maybe this slice of humility will inspire him to raise the level of his game.


I would be more than happy to get Kellen Moore even if he has to sit for a year or two. The only real pro question mark about Kellen Moore is being only 6'0 tall. Besides that he's just as legit as anyother qb available in the 2012 draft.

Moore may even drop to 2nd rd, but, Im figuring more like bottom 1st rd. If we ended up picking 8-11 1st rd and no one else was available I would take him in a heartbeat.


The wrap on VD coming out of college was underachiever. No one doubts he has all the tools be a top 5 cover corner. He just has a knack for playing down to the competition and at times not being motivated when even facing great wr's.

Its anyone's guess where Vonte falls or rises in his nfl career. Just as you stated he can be overated because of his flawed penchant for at times playing down to the competition or at times not being motivated enough against top tier recievers.

He may just be one of those players who at times play like an all time great, then at times play like all time garbage. If you ask me I think he needs a combo of a hc that stays on top of him and prescription for well dosed psyche meds.

If there's anyone on the Dolphins coaching staff that doesnt believe Vonte Davis is not playing with a full deck upstairs. Then that coaching staff member also needs a very urgent mental health evaluation too.

The first time I heard that high pitched voice and observed his overhyper mannerisms. I immediately precluded something's just not quite right with Vonte. Had I been the pre-draft player interviewer Vonte would never have been a Dolphin on draft day.

At least not before going full evaluation with the psych dept and indentifying which meds could fix the problem.

I wouldn't mind having Kellen moore on our team. He's a winner who's had to make things happen on his own even when his team wasn't playing up to par. That was 1 of the biggest problems I had with chad henne he never had to go out win a game on his own. And we wouldn't have to use our first round pick on him. He is short and they say he lacks arm strength (I happen to disagree) but they said that about drew brees too.


The only thing that will fix Vontae are really good and precise psych meds. Not picking on him, but, something quite isnt right in his upstairs office. He has a couple floors his elevator doesnt reach.

YG...Addmitedly. I'm probably over-reacting to the situation this team finds itself. The reality of the situation is that there probably isn't an easy fix to the secondary. I'm going to guess that we will select a QB in the first round. So any rookie we may draft will take some luck to be any better then the players we have now. The free agent market is another possibility. But besides Leon Hall, it doesn't look like the pickings are abundant.

So I think you are right. Perhaps the proper scheme, and better motivation, and even a team that is competitve will help Davis along. I don't know if the Phins ever had a thought of trading Davis. And my point was that if they did. The value that they would have recieved was more then it would be now. In the end, Maybe my expectations of him are a little unrealistic, and he can be a solid player. I don't thin he will ever be great. but good will do.


What I admire most about Kellen Moore is just like Al Davis coined:

He "justs wins baby"!


I disagree. The secondary issue is a simpler resolution than you think. Finding a legit fs will go a long ways in curring its ills.

FS is the qb of the entire secondary. He has to communicate and get guys in the best possible positions. When an entire secondary seems to consistently fail, you may wanna take a long and very hard look at your fs.

Once fs is solidified, then you may wanna take a look at the pieces around him if great problems continue. I would love to get a guy like USC's TJ McDonald 2nd rd if still available.

I saw 4 different QB's today stand up and say, " I am a man".


The perfect scenario:
Landry Jones comes here in first round and spends a season learning at the feet of Matt Moore.

YG..I was just thinking about cornerback when I made the statement about the secondary. You are right. I think our second priority should be the F.S. position. This is a position that is full of free agents(although I hope we can develop our own) I would be lying if I ratled off some college guys, as I don't have a clue as to who may be prospect..The kid from LSU looked great last night. But as we mentioned. The QB's in the SEC leave a lot to be desired.

Rookies will start at the following positions next season:

A rookie will not start at the following position: QB

Darryl D, still there?

Landry Jones spends a season at Matt Moore's feet. So what. That's what Aaron Rogers did and Ryan Mallet. And Tony Romo and Phillip Rivers and Matt Schaub.
All big winners.

And as for Henne he'll be lucky to be the Jags practice squad QB.


Clemons was a 5th rd fs pick. Jones was a 4th, but even his college coaches believed him to be more of a ss than fs. He's proven that in his starting ss appearances here.

We just cant continue to pass on top tier fa fs's and top tier fs's in the draft and expect to have a formiddable secondary. I dont care who the corners are.

During the cahmpionship years we had not one pro bowl corner. But we had the best safety tandem in the league(Scott-Anderson). Giving us one of the best secondary's in the league.

Even with Surtain and Madison we had pro bowl fs Brock Marion. Enuff said.

If we keep bringing in subpar free safeties we will continue to have a subpar secondary. All great secondaries have at least an above average fs, no matter who thier corners are.

All of the big time FS's that came here to interview with Jeff Ireland left without a contract.

A good ss solidifies your coverage in the intermediate areas of the field. The fs is the last line of defense and covers up corners getting beat deep.

Good ss and fs defenders actually solidify your corners weakness. Even great corners at times get beat. Its the ss and fs job to neutralize some of that.


Ireland grossly underestimates the true value of the fs's defensive role. We have paid dearly for this.

Great corners cant make below average safeties look even average. But a great fs can make below average corners look at least average.

With two below average safeties you need two shutdown corners. But with above average safeties you can get by with two average corners.

Darryl Dunphy, I have the answer to the oxtail question. I've answered it on 2 previous blogs. Don't know if you got it!


I actually think Davis is a better corner than Sean Smith. Smith is soft and doesnt relish the contact as much as Davis.

Fact is, he has had the lame hamstring for too many games this year. I don't know if that is diet, lack of excercise and stretching, if the CBA had anything to do with it or maybe his head just isnt into the game (thus the alleged drinking).

I remember all the assinine drinking and stunts I used to pull when I was Vontae's age even when I had to work the next day.

I didn't receive unGodly amounts of $$$ for playing a game either. I would like to think I would have "gained instant wisdom" by not wanting to lose out on all that $$$. I am pretty sure I would have made the right call...at least I want to believe that.


I was for safeties before I was against them

Next draft I say we go FS 3rd.
Like this:


The deal that DIDN'T go down when the front office was trying to reel in Clark the Safety from Pittsburgh was just bizarre.

That and the Dez Bryant situation are two prime reasons why I believe Ireland is totally wrong for the GM job.

I believe his ideals are too rigid about size, height and weight parameters instead of finding great football players. Not really his fault, they have been beaten into his head by Parcells over the years.

This is why we end up with big corners like Smith and Vontae Davis that look tough but have a hard time being in the same zipcode as some of the thin, lithe and speedy WRs they are trying to cover.

I also see the size on D line but many times they seem to lose the foot races to slow QBs or anyone breaking for the sidelines.

Again, I believe Ireland could not have said it better than before the last draft "we are looking to add some more team speed". Amazing that after 3 years, he looks up and finally identifies that....Uh,....good eye Ireland....Brilliant!


Rob in OC,
You hit the nail right on the head once again.
You is a s m a r t m o t h e r f u c k e r.

Supposedly Moore, Wallace, Gates were the speed. But between the 3 of them there is 1 special teamer and 2 practice squad guys.

Rob in OC, Ireland leaves MUCH to be desired!

I say the following 3 get cut by the next regime: Marlon Moore, Roberto Wallace & Clyde Gates

The SMF,

LOL, right on bro!

Sounds like I'm preachin to the choir.



Agreed brudda.

Ireland seems to come across as creepy with his zero emotion, whispy voice and crazy questions for potential players.

It jsut seems that regardless of what happens, I don't see how Ross the Billionaire owner gets what he wants "The Big Spalsh" Coach or GM and Ireland still has a job.

Seems like an oxymoron as a Big Splash coach is gonna want to "pick his own groceries" in his GM.

If Ross hires a Big Splash GM then Ireland would be sitting in his seat and would have to shuffle his feet.

It's hard to fathom a scenario in which Ireland stays unless Ross goes after a college coach and demands Ireland stays. That seems far fetched to me though.


Rob in OC, please, no more college coaches! Nick Satan was enough! I'd rather take Rob Ryan.....


I honestly think Ross is targeting someone that most will point to and say "Oh yeah, they have been winners in the NFL before, they can get it done."

I believe that at least one of the big 3 Cowher, Gruden and Fisher are the highest on the Ross's list.

The thing is, much like drafting, chosing the right coach is a crapshoot as well. Parcell's the Accomplished One was suppose to turn all things Fin to gold...eh, not so much.

Retreads and accomplished NFL hires washout as well. Gibbs was a retread and didn't last long in Wash. There is talk in San Diego that Norv Turner will be available. Heck even Andy Reid is suppose to be under the gun.

Hot shot college coaches flame out Steve Spurrier, Nick Satan (as you mentioned) and a litany of other guys.

It's bizarre though as sometimes the formula works...Chan Gailey is a retread that has breathed new life into Buffalo. The mighty Belichek kicked around a bit before he found Brady and then became "The Hoodie" Evil Emperor of the NFL.

Harbaugh would have been a heck of a good get... let's hope his next aim is as true!


first 2 picks
1st rd Justin Blackmon WR Oklahoma St
2nd rd Brandon Weeden QB Oklahoma St

I can't get excited about Matt Moore's performance yesterday. Although he had a good game I don't think he can keep it up for the remainder of the season and he surely is NOT starter material.
The fins just happened to catch the chiefs at the right time yesterday coming off an emotionally and physically draining 4 game stretch where they had to win to stay in contention.
Don't get me wrong. I enjoyed watching the game and seeing Miami dominate a game like they did yesterday but I'm also being realistic. Moore had a BAD college career and, as if that's not enough, you dig deeper and there it is; the Dallas Cowboys connection.
What is it with these guys? It's almost like Tony goes to Jeff and says, "I'd like to bring in this guy and try him out at quarterback" and Jeff says, "has he ever played for the Cowboys?"
"Well, technically, he never played but he was on the roster at one time."
"Technicality. Bring him in."

It is like the Cowboys are the Mossad of the NFL infiltrating our team with their moles to keep us from winning.

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