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Dolphins believe Davis was drunk night before practice

Yes, Vontae Davis was late to practice, as reported by me in an earlier post. Yes, he got into an ugly argument with receiver Brandon Marshall,, as reported by NFL.com. And yes, the argument between Davis and Marshall started when Marshall called out Davis and then threw the ball at his head, as reported by Fox-TV.

But the reason most responsible and most alarming about Davis missing Sunday's game against the Chiefs is that the Dolphins believe Davis was drunk the night before the Saturday practice to which he was late. And when he showed up at the Miami facility, a source said Davis had the smell of alcohol and was suffering from an apparent hangover.

Davis and several other teammates had apparently been out late Friday. Davis was the only one late.

The Dolphins declined to address any reason why Davis was not on this trip to Kansas City, which was a successful one in that Miami captured its first victory of the season, a 31-3 upset of the homestanding Chiefs. Repeated calls by The Miami Herald to agent Todd France, who represents Davis, have not been returned.

"I’m not going to get into any of that," coach Tony Sparano said. "You guys know that. Vontae is obviously not here. What goes on in those locker room doors will stay between me and Vontae.”

Marshall, who caught eight passes for 106 yards with one TD, obviously was not punished in any way and that confirms the idea that the argument between the teammates was not at the root of why Davis was left behind in South Florida.

Marshall was asked about the incident after the game and did not deny the confrontation.

“Yeah, one of the reasons why we’re standing here with a W is because the guys in our locker room, we hold each other accountable," Marshall said. "Vontae is a special player. He’s one of the best players on our team. We look forward to getting Vontae back hopefully next week. We hold each other accountable and that’s why we’re a special group. Record doesn’t show it but hopefully next week we can put another win back  to back.."

It is unclear if the Dolphins must report Davis to the NFL either under the personal conduct policy or under the controlled substance and sobriety program. It is also not known if this was a one-time incident or a problem Davis has had previously.



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Can we make it 2 in a row now??????????????????????????????

first 2 picks
1st rd Justin Blackmon WR Oklahoma St
2nd rd Brandon Weeden QB Oklahoma St

I like Weeden but the problem I have with taking him is he will be 29 years old when he plays in the NFL. He could possibly play for five to six years and have a pretty good career but, because of his age, he needs to be able to be good enough to start immediately and give this team a chance to win every game they play. I know I'm not telling anyone anything they don't already know but you don't have the luxury of "bringing him along" as you could have with a younger guy.
I also am not sure about picking him in the 2nd round. Again, the age thing just doesn't seem to fit the value you'd be getting in that round.
The Dolphins have been down this road before with John Beck and were burned. Weeden looks good but, if they were to pick him, I'd rather it be in a later round.

There is one thing that I find interesting in looking at the top college quarterbacks everyone is talking about this year.
Four of the five top prospects DO NOT need to come out this year. They can stay and play one more year if they wish.
Wouldn't it be something if, after all of the speculation, Luck, Jones, Barkley and Griffin III decided to stay and play? Boy, what a damper that would put on things.
Luck, Jones and Griffin are redshirt juniors and Barkley is a junior.

Finally, I checked out the remaining schedules for all of the cellar dwellers and it looks like the Dolphins "at worst" scenarion would be the #10 position in the upcoming draft.

Over and out.

The Dolphins have proven that they cannot win with Vontae on the field, but they can when he is not there. Hmmmmmm!

no way were we ever going to get the 1st pick. Even a team that has clinched the playoffs and sits their starters will beat Indy this season.

Who holds Marshall accountable for dropping TD passes? And generally acting like an ass on and off the field?

and the final piece of the puzzle falls in place. Maybe, just maybe this isn't the first time for Davis getting drunk the night before a game or practice AND maybe it's not only him - god knows they all have reason to start drinking - LOL - GREAT GAME yesterday where has that team been this year. GO FINS.

it just occurred to me - every year I drive 200 miles to attend some practice sessions. Fifteen or so years ago I had several players sign my fin cap. The autographs were a keep sake for several years because the players were still on the team. The last time I drove down - a few years ago I collected several autographs on a new fin cap - sad part is none of those players are still there nor were they there the next year. IMO that's part of the problem - the makers of Madden football games must be going crazy trying to keep up with the movement in the NFL.

Another Ireland Pick

Henne can go be the back up in INDY

...well, it seems like all the Dolphins (including Sparano and Ireland) have been drunk all the season. So don't be hypocrites. If Davis were playing good drunk or not drunk, nobody would care. But the fact is that Davis is playing garbage football, so who cares if he's drunk or not, he shouldn't be playing as starter...like many others.
There is a guy who was to be playing like a monster and he's been playing like a mouse. A coach like should be coaching like a master and he does it like a janitor (with all due respect to all janitors), etc. etc.

so vontae is a stinking drunk... that explains all the horrible play... what about that bust sean smith?

THE BAD NEWS IS DOLPHINS WILL WIN 4 TO 5 GAME THIS YR At end of yr dolphins should of been 7-9

Where are you people reading he said "Marshall" instead of "Davis" in his last paragraph? Seems he was correct article I'm reading.

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