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Dolphins cling to 13-9 lead to start 4th quarter

This game has devolved into a battle of field goals.

The Dolphins and Redskins both got one in the third, yawn, quarter.

And now the drama of the fourth quarter is here.

Will the Redskins rally?

Will the Dolphins hold on?

Will I stay awake?

The live blog continues in the comments section of this post. Join me there.


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I'm back.

(shakesfist at Yeah!)

here goes another 4th qtr lead

I love Yeah!

Why would you EVER throw Behind the 1st down marker?-much less do it on ever series-please ask Sparano-does it make any sense to anyone?

I don't get it. Tackle!!!!

3rd and 2, and what do you do.....Throw it shorter....NICE CALL!!!

Posted by: superPHIN | November 13, 2011 at 03:10 PM


Dolphins holding onto slim lead(13-9) against the 3-5 Skins.

Just lets us know after last week's exciting romp(31-3 vs Chiefs) it's ok for dolfans to come back to earth.

totally grounding.

We blitz everyone & QB still has all day to throw

Blitz...And nobody came even close to getting to Grossman...Pretty sad...


We needed that!!!

Nice salute to the troops by Dansby after the interception.

Karlos Dansby!!!


It's about time. We payin Dansby highest LB contract in league

Hahaha!! I called it!! 2 int game!!! Woooo-hooo!!

Nice pick by Dansby,,,AMAZING

link just died(:

Now watch the Dolphins run up middle 3 times and punt...

I miss watching the winless Beck lose again, but Grossman will do.

This games feels like the first 7 just waiting for the hammer to drop

grossman u pos, damnit

whats that called when the defense makes a catch???

working link? mine crashed...help !!!!!!!

What he do to troops? Missed it..

you go and just fu#k it up there rexy,....thankfully for you, moore still plays for us...

Matt Moore pulls ahead of Grossman on the QB rating count.

Moore 62.7
Grossman 54.9

any link that works?

Mando I think this is the most comments u have made all season U must be bored LOL...

Miss the Wildcat. It kept me from running the channels.

link? score? radio?

this is a killer if we win this game, could drop us least 5 spots in draft. wont even have chance at top 3 qbs, unreal. fuckkkkkkkkkk

Fasano!!! Yes!!!

Does clyde gates still play receiver?

If u r a true life long fan u just want to win. Anything can happen between now and April 2012...

When are they going to stop running the football...It ain't workin!!!!!!!!!!!

Fasano!!!! Yes!!!!!!!

I perceive not too many Suck for Luck hopefuls here today.

Is it because Miami has already won or is it because you saw him play last night?

High snap again!! Was that holding on Jake Long?

Ross' retards are going to piss away a good draft pick.

Is back up!


Luck could be on skid row by next April who knows...


working link

You are correct Armando--Luck will never match his hype.

I thought the new chant was blow for Barkley, Armando?

yeah armando really no shot at him now and we are messing up our chance at any of the good qbs, this franchise is so dumb. is kc the worst team in the nfl? about to lose again at home to denver with tebow completing 2 passes!

Mando, I think it's hard for true fans to root against their team. I tell myself i don't mind losses, but b4 I know it I'm rooting for my fins!

No Barkley please!

Yeah man Bush's the man!

well there it is fellas, we just secured another 10 years of garbage teams. so sick of this bs

Holy crap they scored.

Is that another td??

We should have taken Andy Dalton. Dalton said he thought for sure Miami was taking him with all the Q's Ireland asked him about his mom...

Reggie is pretending a Kardashian is after him...Run like hell Reggie.

Hard to see the Redskins coming back from this one.

Hey, home field win?

I like that reggie bush guy when he is used like this

And the Jiguars are about to too.

Fasano with back-to-back good games for 1st time I can remember since coming to Fins!

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