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Dolphins cling to 13-9 lead to start 4th quarter

This game has devolved into a battle of field goals.

The Dolphins and Redskins both got one in the third, yawn, quarter.

And now the drama of the fourth quarter is here.

Will the Redskins rally?

Will the Dolphins hold on?

Will I stay awake?

The live blog continues in the comments section of this post. Join me there.


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no way

NY "G" posing as a REAL Dolphin fan.

As a veteran-I accept Dansby's salute-had free ticket to the game-but no gas to get there

Maybe next time-season ticket holder for 15 years. Better times ahead for me + the Dolphins

wow two week in a row!!!! V formation!


I hope usc's barkley can live up to his hype.....

Sparanao: "yeh ya no... we had a few good plays in dere. The kid Sparan made a few nice catches ya no??

Say what you guys want I saw a Dolphin team making plays to win more that Washington giving it away

Do all you understand what implications this USELESS win cost us fans??

Forget about the #1 pick, we will be lucked to get the #2 or 4th picvk.

Zona, Caralona, Vikings

Can Cameron Wake move or what? Sweet baby...

embarrassing....behavior from a 1-7 team.....

That is whats wrong with the dolphins in a vacuum.....NO DISCIPLINE....

Damn. Clev might beat StL

We're least penalized team in NFL. Is that considered disciplined!?

No V formation.....but still a V....nonetheless

Belichek would go for the endzone here.


yup maco, we just screwed ourselves big time, moving behind many teams now in draft. so damn stupid

We art doomed for the next 20 years now..

No 1st pick, NO 2nd pick, NO 3rd pick and 4th possibly.

No franchise QB for us this season.

And to all that want to see the fins win this season..

What are ytou thinking and you MUST be teenagers that just started watching the Fins.

It's over. Tiome for a new team.

1-7 Miami beats 3-5 Washington.....lets all celebrate

at least kick the FG. Yay!!!!!!! Dolphins Win!

Bottom line, this team is still a wreck. Sparano and his merry band of fist pumpers have to go.

Tebow completes 2 passes, yet always finds a way to win! Funny!!


Logically you are absolutely correct, and I agree with you. But diehard fans are more about emotion than logic.

You're fighting a losing battle. We might not pick in the top 10 the way the team is playing.

Nothing WE can do about it...


Yes I am happy Miami won at home

won 2 in a row-how long has it been? can we beat Buffalo?

Thank u NY G!! We will miss u!!

We're least penalized team in NFL. Is that considered disciplined!?

Posted by: robbyhernz | November 13, 2011 at 03:54 PM

Is that some type of consolation prize for NOT WINNING.....

I used to have to hear that CRAP during the 80's and 90's when SHULA was NOT wining championships.....

no TD allowed-2 interceptions-3 sacks


Your right 73... Time for me to DE-stress and open the liquor cabinet up to see what's left.. lol

I think we maybe only a 1st rd qb and a legit fs from being a pretty good team. Though the D seems to play better with Culver at fs.

Idiots...its not about where we pick in the draft...its about winning football games...simple really...teams don't take a dive...they work to hard to lay down...so give it a rest and find another team if you don't like this one...

finsfan72 I meant 72

Not at all Kris, just pointing out they are disciplined in some ways.. Tryin to keep u positive after a W.

NY G ur a p***y

Defense now has 2 consecutive games not allowing a td.

NYG do you understand that Luck isn't a sure thing? Do you understand there have been over 25 "sure things" to enter the nfl as a qb and only lasted up to 4 years? Do you understand that there are other qbs in the draft that will be immediately starters because they're just as good as Luck? Do you understand that Luck might not even go 1st in the draft? Do you understand that Luck had a mediocre game last night and some say his draft stock fell a bit? Do you understand anything?

Don't forget RT Yesterday

mntnman find some common sense, unreal

Gr8 week: Fin VICTORY and NY G picking a new team!! Now I need a Jet loss...

Why are u a giants fan on a dolphins forum? Get the f outta hea u scumd**k

NYG go su@# a co%$. What do you want fans to do, be mad that their team won? Are you mentally challenged? There's nothing anyone can do about this. Grow up fool.

NY G f**k you I'll drink to a dolphins win and smoke a fatty too

we know jones, just sad to watch us blow a chance finally at one of the franchise qbs coming out. thats why the colts win year after year and we suck year after year

FINS UP!!! Good win great at home

Everyone knows the Dolphins are the moral superiors of the AFC East. All of the other teams are morally depraved.


Jones and nydolfan19,

I fully understand what perhaps you don't which is the Dolphins SUCK and we are NOT going to get better without going after talent in the draft and FA.

We need new leadership, HC, GM and all the rest. We need a franchise QB and much more.

We have avoided drafting a QB in the first round and we are here today with a stinking 2 season Win which "some" fans are delighted about.

Luck is not a sure thing but IMPO, Luck may the best that will come out if he does. There are other QB that I think are also great like Barkley.

So if you are content with winning today and last week and ending the season with a handful of Wins, so be it. Is that going to win you a championship or SB? Don't you want to win a championship or are you happy with what we are.

I want to win a championship and the Superbowl and we are now farther away from that with this Win.

We are out of the #1 pick and potentially out of the top 10.

Things are not looking good for the Fins and I'm sure if you are fans that you will both be back on here after the next draft and losing seasons cheering over a meanigless win like this one.

We are OUT of the race for anything this season. Out of the playoffs and out of the run for Luck.

If that makes you happy, all i have to say is good luck.

But for now,


I cheer for the dolphins because im a dolphins fan NY "G".... I always will. This year and next year. I will never root for the too lose because that is not a fan...

Chase and others,

Who is say that a fan who "chooses" for their team to win or lose is not a fan?

I have been a Dolphin fan since the AFL merger which is a log time going. Seen us win and seen us lose.

I am sick of losing. Am i cheering for the Fins to Lose this season. HELL YES and for a reason of which that I cant stand the entire coaching staff and GM. I as well as all the rest have come on here each and ever year thinking... "THIS IS OUR YEAR"

I threw that motto out a long time ago as the teams record doesn't lie.

We are never going to get out of this drought with what is there. We need new leaders, GM and a QB and the list goes on and on.

We need to begin by bringing in a HC and GM that can bring a championship mentality BACK to the franchise.

Winning meaningless games hurts the future. Perhaps you been around as long as myself and others and watched this team sink with all the projects like bringing in Collage head coaches that flopped, Parcells that flopped, Sparano in diapers that flopped and it does not end.

So, perhaps I misspoke when I said who wants this team to win and are they all teenagers?

If you are happy with the season so be it. Nothing wrong with me or anyone else looking towards the future and with the thinking that we need to SUCK the most as a first step to getting better.

No guarantees.

Here here Chase! Some of these people amaze me, I want to win, I don't want to win. A rookie quarterback is not this team's salvation. Yes we need a qb, but if you think Andrew Luck, or any qb is going to come in and change this team into a playoff team, you're living in a dream world. You will be the first ones bitching after a few losses. Pull to win, every time, all the time, be loyal to your team. It's ok to criticize and gripe some, but some of you are just plain ridiculous.

Go Dolphins.

Agreed, we need new leadership.

The real G said

> Yes we need a qb, but if you think Andrew Luck, or any qb is going to come in and change this team into a playoff team, you're living in a dream world. <

Must be you were not around when #13 took us to the Superbowl.

Having a QB WILL change the team 1000000%.

Not to mention all the other rookie QB that CHANGED the team immediatly... Just take a peak at the QB class of 83.

When a team QB does good, great it effects the entire team bith on the O and D. We do not have that.

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