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Dolphins clobbering KC 28-3 to start 4th quarter

I know it's not over. In fact, the Chiefs are inside the 5 yard line to start the final quarter.

But this is a woodshed whipping right now, folks.

That's great! Winning is always good. Winning is fun. Winning feels good.

But I also recognize many of you believe this is terrible. Winning now, when the season is lost anyway, means Miami's chances of gaining the first overall pick and drafting Andrew Luck are fading.

So please, please, please, give me the next hot phrase for the next best QB the Dolphins should use.

SuckforLuck is dead.

What do you have for Robert Griffin III?

Landry Jones?

Matt Barkley?

Brandon Weeden?

The live blog continues in the comments section below.


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I'm back!

1st...there for YEAH!


Can we have a 14:57 minute drive?

Smitten 4 Griffin

SuckforLuck is dead.

Way too early to make that statement, Mandy.

be just ok for barcley

Vote for Ron Paul to legalize Mary Jane! its a tragedy its illegal!

Don't discount the collapsibility of the Dolphins, 28-3 can disappear fast!!!

we still have a full 15 mins to suck 4 Luck.

Jonesing for Jones

Woofing for Barkley

Wheesing for Weeden

the wolf is feedin for weedan

Wiffin for Griffen

unLUCKy for Landry

1. Landry Laundering
2. Ard-Barkleying
3. Iffin' At Griffin

Run reggie run!

I dislike Barkley. Dont think he is NFL material. I also am not a scout.

I don't want to go in to the record books for Andrew luck. 0-16. No.thanks.

KC reall is bad. Everybody knows the QB draw always works against this D. Even if they have the right personnel and play call.

The Jews control Wall Street! Google it!

Looks like we wont be passing the rest of the game.

1. Landry Laundering
2. Ard-Barkleying
3. Iffin' At Griffin


hard to argue going conservative when you are up by 25 in the 4th, but let's not run it in on EVERY down..please

I dislike Barkley. Dont think he is NFL material. I also am not a scout.

Posted by: MaCo | November 06, 2011 at 03:23 PM

I agree. Barkley will end up like Brady Quinn, i predict.

Cant believe they are actually staying aggresive

Who needs Luck when we have Moore....

Suck for USC QB?

Manning was smiling when he seen the updates that the Fins are winning.

I love JEWS...Pinapple Jews, Grape Jews, Orange Jews....who doesn't like Jews

I like the play calling this week.

Here is my prediction. We win this game and 5 more. We end up 6-10. There are still two good QB choices on the draft board when we draft 6th. We are so happy with Matt Moore and Henne coming back, we opt for the top DT/LB combo guy. Go Finns.

Mando, you may need to hire a college intern to monitor these posts and delete non football related material

one day Marschell is going to do his stretch the ball and the defender is going to grab it and run for a TD.

Isn't that carl Peterson's former team.in red getting CLOBBERED right now by the aquas?

Use thomas + Clay

did you here moore yelling "hurry up" to the receiver in motion

unLUCKy for Landry

we might score 35!

Bush 11 carries 86yds 3 rec 50yds.

Where has this been all season? Marshall 8 rec 100-plus rec and 1 td. Wow!

Mando, has miami figured out how to use Bush??

They are just bolstering thier numbers for free agancy as they wont be wearing fins uniforms next season.

Fistpump coming?

Trap game alright, but trap for who?! Chiefs playing like they could care less, Phins playing like they really need to release frustration.

Somebody should tellmThomas this is theNFL. You can get up when u fall down.

Mr. Salguero...when was the last game the Dolphins DIDN"T score a fieldgoal and win the game

A "fistpump" sighting!

nice kick... glad to see its more TD's than FGs

31-3 mercy me

Fieldgoal....now Tony's happy

LuckWillSuck so have him?

No chance I'm going to buy this lead.

I will buy each Dolphin player a Slurpee if they close out this game with a looooong overdue victory.

Tony can come too. Just this once.

But not Ireland.


Matt Moore's 17-23 246yds and 3tds. Give us a qb rating on that.

Fieldgoal....now Tony's happy

Posted by: SoiledBottom | November 06, 2011 at 03:31 PM

"we need to get dan more reps" TS

Really, these political idiots need to go away from this forum.

Curtis Painter is 13/27, 98 yds, 1 INT. He is baaaad. The colts are baaaad.

Brandon Weeden with our high 2nd rd pick. He's better than Matt Barkley, way better arm, but he'll slide because he'll be a 29 year old rookie next year.

ATL 31
IND 07

8:51 mins for Indy to catch up. lETS GO INDY!!!!

8 LEFT for Sucking for LUCK.

Matt Moore's qb rating has to be well into the 100's right now:

17-23 244yds 3tds no picks.

the new miami dolphins song:

Don't Go Breakin' My Heart

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