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Dolphins clobbering KC 28-3 to start 4th quarter

I know it's not over. In fact, the Chiefs are inside the 5 yard line to start the final quarter.

But this is a woodshed whipping right now, folks.

That's great! Winning is always good. Winning is fun. Winning feels good.

But I also recognize many of you believe this is terrible. Winning now, when the season is lost anyway, means Miami's chances of gaining the first overall pick and drafting Andrew Luck are fading.

So please, please, please, give me the next hot phrase for the next best QB the Dolphins should use.

SuckforLuck is dead.

What do you have for Robert Griffin III?

Landry Jones?

Matt Barkley?

Brandon Weeden?

The live blog continues in the comments section below.


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4th cocktail working out just fine. I'm a little drunkie poo with a win, baby!!!

"we need to get dan more reps" TS

Publicado por: judy finkle | November 06, 2011 at 03:33 PM

Funny crap!

Sean Smith is baaaaad

Matt Moore doesnt seem that awful when getting help from his offensive and defensive teammates. Not trying to start anything, just sayin?

MANDO you can use my Luck Will Suck if ya want!

tim tebow just arrive to Kansas City field

Smith would have gave up the touchdown

Wilson's blossoming before our very eyes!

we can start a new movement

I like the rookie Wilson. He's got sand.

I'm getting ready to commit Seppuku (腹切り

Misi still needs work setting the edge. He gets caught inside far too much.

Smith's 1st good play all season!

Support Occupy Miami, you are a ****ing idiot. A whining ass imbecile with an obvious petulant free loading disposition accompanied by absolute ignorance. **** off and die with the rest of your cancerous liberal garbage!

So, Bell body slams a guy out of bounds, but completely whiffs on a tackle two plays before. He is the lone blight on this wonderful day.

Matt Cassel is bad bad bad QB

Mr. Bell letting out some frustration.

Did Sean Smith just make a play? I guess everybody's getting in on this.

Can we get another redzone stop?

RBM.. I'm with you 100% on that.

To quote a top gun line. Crashed and burned the last 7 times but it's looking good now.

Andrew Luck is a Colt... Fins will use the #3 overall pick on a non-pulling RG or another 3-4 DE bust and suck for another 20 years...great

Support Occupy Miami, you are a ****ing idiot. A whining ass imbecile with an obvious petulant free loading disposition accompanied by absolute ignorance. **** off and die with the rest of your cancerous liberal garbage!

Posted by: RBM | November 06, 2011 at 03:40 PM

Keep paying those taxes, bro. I love my EBT card and free pell grants. All thanks to you! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Not going to say it.

Our win-loss record may still be atrocious. However there's still a heartbeat with this team.

That Im most proud of these guys for!

turn over on downs-twice this game by the goal line!!!

worst thing about this win:

sean smith is going to think he is good.

No chance, man.

Moore QB rating 147....

Seems the Dolphins have finally gotten the memo the season has started!

Well there goes andrew luck. I have no faith in the rest of the qb class of 2012 andrew luck is the only 1 u could put on a bad team and make them better. The rest of them will have to sit and learn. Is there an ed reed or troy polomolu safety type out there to finally give us that much needed attitude in our defensive backfield? Or an absolute beast d-lineman like ndamikan suh? Don't draft a qb with the second pick just bc we want a franchise qb. After luck there r none available.

are you telling me we are gonna play an entire game?

Good game glad to see it

Thanks robbiehernz! Matt Moore's qb rating 147.

Great work today Matt!

Bucky. Landry jones us better than luck

Thomas sucks should of went with demarco murray

12/12/10-last win before today

Go dolphins I love winning go fins

New Flash:

"There wont be any 0-16 in Miami"!

when is the last game Miami won without a fieldgoal ?

This team is gonna win at least one game this year and there's nothing you can do about it, baby.
The Dolphins just got a pentalty for taunting. Taunting! Really? 1 & 7 and you're taunting? I'm sure it's all in good fun.


Depending on what happens at the end of the season... NO LUCK and unknown QB IF they do draft one...

Could the Dolphins suck so bad that you are tempeted to jump to being NE or Jets fan?

Whiffin' for Grifin

Losin' for Landry

No catchy saying, but Barkley is starting to look like the next best choice. He has looked INCREDIBLE the last few weeks.

Fire shslskslalsla now


I've watched Luck play. He has excellent receivers who get opn and adjuat well to the ball. He will not be the savior of the Miami Dolphins.

Cha-ka-laka boom-boom-boom today baby!

CBS shows Fins remaining schedule and all I see is W's.

Angry, Luck has no receivers. Hes the whole team offense and he uses the TE a lot

Wilson was offensive interfered with. Lovin this kid Wilson today!

still waiting till clock shows 0:00

I feel physical pain that the Jets r winning!!


LOL. Morons.


A TE is a reciever, DKM. What's your point? Do you really think that college success always translates in the pros?

CBS shows Fins remaining schedule and all I see is W's.

Posted by: Tophermo | November 06, 2011 at 03:52 PM

Hey kid genius, you still have to play the Jets, Eagles, Bills and of course, Patriots in NE. All wins? What, did your mommy tell you she gave birth to you on a spaceship?

Great game both sides of the ball today. Break up these Dolphins now!

At least the team didn't need to rely on a Greg Camarillo play to avoid catastrophe. 9-7 and backed into the playoffs!

Wilson plays with an attitude, love it. Yeah he has been burned in the past, but he's a rookie. He will be a force one day. Having an awesome day today.

Time to get the Wife to knock my junk around. Com'on baby give daddy some sugar!!!

Great game today. Off the SCHNIDE!!!

I'm out!!!

Real, agree!! He'll play ahead of either Smith or Davis next yr... He's hungrier!!

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