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Dolphins clobbering KC 28-3 to start 4th quarter

I know it's not over. In fact, the Chiefs are inside the 5 yard line to start the final quarter.

But this is a woodshed whipping right now, folks.

That's great! Winning is always good. Winning is fun. Winning feels good.

But I also recognize many of you believe this is terrible. Winning now, when the season is lost anyway, means Miami's chances of gaining the first overall pick and drafting Andrew Luck are fading.

So please, please, please, give me the next hot phrase for the next best QB the Dolphins should use.

SuckforLuck is dead.

What do you have for Robert Griffin III?

Landry Jones?

Matt Barkley?

Brandon Weeden?

The live blog continues in the comments section below.


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Wilson looks like a lot of raw talent that can be developed.

Too bad there are less than two minutes left

JETS JETS JETS will choke as usual. Lookin forward to seein you again.

Sean Smith is baaad

Blatant hold against JT, right in the ref's face!

How is wilson always around the ball?

Yeah smith is bad really bad and not worth much but talking

Wilson's always around the ball!

Victory formation? WTF?

Wilson knew it was fourth. Dropped it on purpose. Or, Sean Smith told him dropping INTs is a good thing.


why are you talking QB draft we have matt moore. hahahaha

Luck Will Suck

Incompetent Ireland

Sparano the Savior

Victory formation? WFT?

Are our eyes decieving us?

We're taking 2 QB's-bet on it


Jets Jets Jets haven't win Shyt Shyt Shyt since 1969. And they wont win shyt this year. Go suck on your moms teet


Sparano gets another extension!

Players play hard for Sporano.... Players don't play hard for Caldwell......

At least I know my Mommy. Oh I know your mommy too. She stands on the corner a gives BJ's to homeless guys who Occupy parks. Ya Punk.

And I was born on a spaceship. Beep boob beep.

Stupid Fish Fan's mom is a hooker.

Angry A TE is a TE a WR is a WR, I dont care if we get Luck or not Jones Barkley or RG3 will be there if no Luck.

Counting til last second oscar. It was safe with several seconds left lol.

We will not be winless! We will remain the only team in NFL history to go undefeated and win the SB. Hear that JETS?
See ya soon.

Who r some 1st pick overall QBsthat have been busts??

RGIII is an option QB who never plays under center and looks like he needs to eat some cheeseburgers... 6th or 7th on my list..

Not for me, Tom.

It's called sarcasm ya moron.

I'll be right there Honey, just some stupid fish fan who couldn't find a g-spot with two hand and a map required my attention.

Amazing- game stats for Fins and Chiefs almost identical- rushing yds, passing yds, first downs, etc. Chiefs had huge lead in time of possession, yet scoreboard shows 31-3 Fins.

Reggie and Brandon had monster days, Matt Moore looked like an actual NFL starting QB. Defense was strong. WOW.

And you Suck for Luck Bozos can Suck My Left Nut. Go back into your Fake Fan Closet. Your fantasy just ended. GO PHINS!!

robby so is Landry Jones

DKM, Landry is taller and has a cannon for a arm! Makes stupid mistakes, but I see more upside than RGIII if he cleans it up..

Bark for Barkley! The guy is a winner since high school. He's been calling his own plays for a while. He can make all the throws. Plus, he doesn't come with the hype of suck for luck. That's gotta irritate veterans everywhere. Luck is going to have a bigger target than most rookies. Get Barkley, stay away from Manning, pick up a RT or RG or both and also get a FS. That'll be a playoff team if they can get a good coach. (my fav: Rob Chudzinski or Mike Shula...although Shula would bring helluva baggage and expectations..just get a young aggressive mind, NO RETREADS!!)

Give up for Griffin.

I see da Weed-en, I see da Weed-en!

If we end up with 4 wins, we don't get Barkley either!! Wonder if Vikings or Jaguars would draft 1st rd QB 2 yrs in a row?

There is oone QB on this team under contract for next year:

The QB of the future of this team:

I challenged Matt Moore to act like a man and he responded!

Manhood = Matt Moore

Suck For michael floyd

Matt Moore has singlehandedly proven that we need to spend our first round pick like this:


Great game. The Dolphins played like a legitimately good NFL franchise today. If you were only watching todays game and didn't know our record you'd think we were an above .500 team.

And with the first pick of the 2nd round:

That's right we're going T T S with the first 3 picks.

Un Morrong-n encendido.

Great play on O , D & ST , even in the 4th QT. Luck is a great prospect but probably not the best one in a very deep QB class. Landry is impressive.

Drop a terd for the third. (III) Luck will wear a horseshoe next year. Sh-t!

Stupid dolphins can't even be bad correctly. You watch, 5-11 or so and crappy draft pick. Great job jug heads!

USC QB's are way over-rated...


Got in late for the name game but here's my take.

"Wishin for Griffin"

Landry "(Co)Jones"

"Smokin' the Weedin"

"Droolin' for Barkley"

Oh yeah.......! just Grrrrrreat news, isn't it (being out of the Luck contest)!!! Douche

"Woodshed whoopin." LMAO! yeah, that's what it was....against a first-rate team too, huh?! i bet you wish they'd win out now wouldn't you. Idiot

Def Wiiffin for Griffin
Jonesing for Jones
Low landin for Brandon
Barkless for Barkley

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