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Dolphins hold 10-6 lead over Redskins going to third quarter

The Redskins are not going away -- despite pleas by people who love watching great football asking them otherwise.

The Dolphins got themselves a shot Dan Carpenter field goal but he missed on a 49-yarder. (Don't you hate good fist-pumping opportunities being wasted?)

Anyway, let me introduce to you Washington's best offensive weapon: Graham Gano. The kicker. He's got two FGs so far. He missed one.

This is a barn-burner!

The live blog continues in the comments section. Join me there as we continue to burn the barn.


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I'm back.

aggressiveness in 2nd half-throw-don't run-don't run-Reggie-try your running backs-Hilliard + Thomas

things like running out the clock at the end of the first half are why sparano will be fired....he sits on leads until the defense breaks at the end of the game and the dolphins lose.

Hate Yeah!

breaking news Sparkano just got fired after his haltime talk

Crappy teams,Crappy Game...nothing new here...But someone should tell sparano 1-7 teams dont go to the playoffs, so he can quit playing like his job is on the line already......!!!


The reason this doesnt look like the team you saw last week is because Matt Moore isnt a top tier qb and there will be inconsistent performances from him. Dont forget he's a backup not a starter.

As dolfans we have tendacy to "wish upon a star". Regardless of what you saw last week this is still a team that needs to draft a qb #1 in 2012's draft. Dont get it twisted.

If only numbbut, if only!!! Im sick of this supermario lookalike

Colts-Jags tied at 3. Suck for Luck is not over yet!

weep for weeden

But i thought Matt Moore was the second coming of Elway? There were posters on this very blog last week telling me so. You mean to say they were wrong???? MY GOD!!@!

There is a bright side at least then with colts-jags tied....plenty of time for miami to blow it....and hopefully the jags as well....

That barn you're speaking about Mando, I think it's covered with a fire retardant chem. Speaking of chems, where is the chem trail guy?

Even our D is not playing as they have shown they can do.

Landry Jones will be better than Luck.

Are you guys serious or seriously stupid? Why try a 2minute drive with 1:07 to go when you know your qb is playing poorly(47 qb rating)?

Its disaster waiting to happen. Very good call by Sparano. I would only question it if Matt Moore's qb ratings were at least in the mid 70's today.

You guys need to get for real, Tony did!

Luck or Done, don't worry. After watching the 3-3, Colts' Front Office will make a call to the field and get Freeney and Mathis out of the game.

On a serious note, there should be like 5 jobless QBs that are better than Curtis Painter. Why havent the Colts called them? Hmmmmm

Matt Moore=Game away from a six pick performance ....


I'm not sure Moore duplicates his rating from last week

The Dolphins play HARD, Coach Sparano is in a tough spot because the team plays HARD but don't win.

I'm sick of all the NFL ANALysts blowhards.

If they think this team plays HARD what exactly are they seeing that we cant? I see the same BS as I seen for years. We PLAY HARD but we are losers.

Teams that play HARD should also once in a while WIN. Play HARD, SMART and WIN.

I could not give a rats ass how hard they play or how HARD Sparano Coaches or how HARD Ireland has it in making HARD draft choices.

They ALL SUCK and have sucked 4 years.

We will continue sucking WIN or LOSS TODAY.

Keep winning and we lock in our faith for another few years of SUCKING.

Stop with this BS. Sparano and the players fully know what Sparano's faith is. This is the players way to "stick it to the man" Owner.


The D has only given up 6pts so far. Sure theyve bent a little but they didnt break. You guys are really reaching so far.

We never try anything right before half...never....every other team in the league goes for it before half...doesnt matter qb rating

No worries, we will lose this game and the hunt for Luck will be back on when Indy wins today. We still suck.

Second coming of the historic QB class of '83?

Luck looked human last night. Strange to see him throwing pick 6's.

Barkley looks better every week. USC QB's have not done too well in the NFL.

Landry, RG3, Weeden, Tannehill, Folk? Craps anyone?

Are you guys serious or seriously stupid? Why try a 2minute drive with 1:07 to go when you know your qb is playing poorly(47 qb rating)?

Its disaster waiting to happen. Very good call by Sparano. I would only question it if Matt Moore's qb ratings were at least in the mid 70's today.

You guys need to get for real, Tony did!

Posted by: yesterday's gone | November 13, 2011 at 02:31 PM

In the words of Herm Edwards; "You Play To Win The Game"

To often the Dolphins play to "not lose". This is the the downfall of the coaching staff!

Good first half by Vontae - any chance it rubs off on Sean Smith?

I know - I do get delusional this time of day

Quick question Yesterday's gone: Will you cheer for a coaching change on January 2nd?

Yeah and no hc in his right mind tries to get more points with 1:06 before half when his qb's rating is well below 50. Unless he's looking for unemployment.

Matt Moore is terrible.


Bench Columbo now!!!!!!!! missed his guy on the edge

reggie-run*2 yards-fumble-what protection-Ryan Kerrigan unblocked

what did I tell you folks?

Watching Andrew Luck last night reminded me of Hall of fame QB's as he drove the team down the field. This kid will only get better when he enters the league.

He IS THAT good.


When does this experiment with colombo end?


Had Moore thrown a pick 6 everyone would be b!tchin why didnt Sparano just run out the clock.

Moore-on is an idiot who has no sense for pressure. He fumbles every single time he gets sacked.

This is all part of TS and Ireland's master plan for this team.

LMAO.......hell yeah...O-line....what a joke!!!

Carolina were fools for letting Matt Moore go....oh wait...no they weren't

Good God our pass protection sucks...

Grossman is 10X better than Moore.

Sean Smith 5 yards away from the WR...As usual..

Kerrigan is absolutely owning Columbo. Get him help or get him out!

Who cares if he throws Pick 6 there we have nothin to lose....Go for it!!! Sick of years and years of playing not to lose...

The best CB duo in the league is always 2 yards away from the receiver!

Sean smith: awful.

Why do the Dolphins, when on defense and a minute and a half to go in the half, concede at least a field goal, but when they have the ball in the same situation, they fold and let the clock run out? And then, instead of taking a knee, they run the guy into the line, where there could be a possible fumble? Is this the "Parcells Way?"

Sparano is very smart for letting the clock run out in the 1st half. Points? What do we need those for?

I smell qb sneak!

C'mon skins, give sparano somethin to cheer about!!!

WTF...Has Sparano fist pump rubbed off on the Skins??

We better score or the Skins are gonna beat us at our own game (FG's)

God I'm sick of watching Sparano and his stupid fist pumps...No wonder the stadium is half empty...

I miss John beck. He secures the win for us :(

Skins are dumb for not trying the qb sneak inside our 5. We havent stopped it all season.

yesterday's gone,

I wouldn't complain. I know whatever happens that the Dolphins need a real QB and that this season is lost. Thats end of story.

Spar-anus loves to lose those close games. When will we see the first fist pump of the game?

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