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Dolphins hold 10-6 lead over Redskins going to third quarter

The Redskins are not going away -- despite pleas by people who love watching great football asking them otherwise.

The Dolphins got themselves a shot Dan Carpenter field goal but he missed on a 49-yarder. (Don't you hate good fist-pumping opportunities being wasted?)

Anyway, let me introduce to you Washington's best offensive weapon: Graham Gano. The kicker. He's got two FGs so far. He missed one.

This is a barn-burner!

The live blog continues in the comments section. Join me there as we continue to burn the barn.


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Even the announcers know we Dolphin fans are "WTF" about the offensive play-calling/playing it safe


Was that a FG Moore just threw???

Fistpump coming!

Hartline wide open...MaCo u exactly right BM does that every time

throw to Hartline + miss-wow

Nursing a 4 point lead better grind the clock guys

Anouncer..... Miami will settle for a fieldgoal....no that was the plan all along

We just settle, you know if every once in a while you go for it.

Special teams haven't been heard from yet. So I'd worry about that coming up.

this has to be one of the worst nfl games ever, these 2 teams are horrid

Cincinnati is impressive, good team and a YOUNG QB!!! good game

PLay not to lose baby....thats what i want to see,


The Jag just scored..

Jags 10
Colts 3

hey FB, I had a bagel, isn't sitting well right about now. lol

even hartline was like WTF on that last pass

Way to jinx it Mando!!

Redskins offense cant push it in the endzone. Matching them fistpump for fistpump may get us the win today. That one td we did get may have been absolutely huge in this fistpump competition of a game.

Looks like the Bills have come back down to earth.

When was the last 2 interception game? Cuz we're getting another here!!

Are you guys serious or seriously stupid? Why try a 2minute drive with 1:07 to go when you know your qb is playing poorly(47 qb rating)?

Its disaster waiting to happen. Very good call by Sparano. I would only question it if Matt Moore's qb ratings were at least in the mid 70's today.

You guys need to get for real, Tony did!

Posted by: yesterday's gone | November 13, 2011 at 02:31 PM

Stats are for Loser's....you play to win the game.....

By your logic....Moore should not throw another pass the rest of the game.....

Conservative play calling? WHAT are they trying to conserve? Their jobs? Gone with the wind. Their playoff chances? Nope.

How about trying to get Charles Clay involved?? Just an idea...

These Injuns are much tougher than the ones we played last week.

Looking looking looking looking looking looking looking looking.

On the ESPN pregame Parcells was praising Andy Dalton saying great things. Thanks for the help ahole

Looks like the Bills have come back down to earth.

Posted by: Armando Salguero | November 13, 2011 at 03:01 PM

When Does this organization come back up from hell???

this might be 2 of the 3 worst teams in nfl

at least the defense is playing well

Olshansky...Nice bonehead play...

Is Sean Smith playin today?

Can they wussify this game anymore? olshanky didnt cream him

Holding all day on CamWake no calls

Can't believe that is roughing!! Remember those old 70 games with guys full of blood??

its probably good we havent heard smiths name today

Bess. He's quick, but not fast.

Instead of looking for Offensive Holding they are watchin if anyone touches QB...BS!!!

saints falcons game getting good

hey Armando,

Any reason Clay doesn't get to return punts?

As i said, Bess is slow.

another turnover....maybe!!!

Why do they let Bess receive punts-kick offs he either fair catches or fumbles

Lucky that didnt go for 6 the other way

Clay has never returned punts. I would say the Dolphins shold be using Reggie Bush on punt returns. EVERY SINGLE ONE!

God I hate Devone Bess and his stupid little moves that don't fool anyone...

A pass to Bess is a wasted throw unless he is past the first down marker.

D spending too much time on the field.

"have these offenses been sh*t?" Announcer slip! Lol!

3rd and 2, and what do you do.....Throw it shorter....NICE CALL!!!

God I hate this coaching staff...I really hope they fire all these clowns...

Why would you EVER throw Behind the 1st down marker?-much less do it on ever series-please ask Sparano-does it make any sense to anyone?

Why havent the refs whistled the Skins defense for 12 men on the field? Columbo has been helping them out all day.

Sean Smith is useless, he came outta college like a gangbuster, he got to miami and he sucks!

3rd and 2, and what do you do.....Throw it shorter....NICE CALL!!!

Posted by: superPHIN | November 13, 2011 at 03:10 PM



Dolphins holding onto slim lead(13-9) against the 3-5 Skins.

Just lets us know after last week's exciting romp(31-3 vs Chiefs) it's ok for dolfans to come back to earth.

Here's an interesting question.

If you could take Matt Ryan or Andy Dalton as your QB, which would you want today?

Hard to believe, but Dalton's playing much better than Ryan this season.

Lee Harvey Payton is out of his wheelchair. Its a miracle!

this is comical, worst game ever?

screw the fg, get in the endzone skins!

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