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Dolphins injury report translated to good news

Reading the Dolphins injury report is normally an exercise in deciphering code. Sometimes guys that are questionable never travel with the team to away games. Sometimes guys that are doubtful play. Sometimes we hear guys aren't playing a position because they're not healthy ... even though they're not on the injury list.

But today's injury report is a breath of fresh air by comparison.


The report states that only one player -- cornerback Nolan Caroll, who is nursing a hamstring injury -- was limited in practice. The report further states that cornerback Vontae Davis (hamstring) and receiver Clyde Gates (groin) are nursing injuries but still were well enough to do everything in practice like the healthy players did.

Now, allow me to tell you what some of this means:

It means you can stop thinking that Chris Clemons, who is not at all on the injury report, is injured anymore. He's been playing on special teams for weeks. He's not on the injury report at all. Thus the reason he has not regained his starting free safety job is because coaches have deemed not not better than either Tyrone Culver or Reshad Jones -- both of whom played the position Sunday at Kansas City.

Clemons has dropped back, apparently, to a special teams contributor but isn't really in play for the starting FS job so much now.

It also means eunning back Daniel Thomas, who has been on and off the injury report of late and missed games intermittently, got through the Kansas City game without re-aggravating his hamstring injury. He practiced full today. He's not on the report at all. Barring a setback in practice this week, he'll be able to play consecutive games this season for only the third time. Two consecutive games has been his longest time on the field without re-injuring the hamstring.

Also, the fact Davis practiced full means his hamstring, which has been a problem this season and cause for some disagreement among trainers and Davis, is improving finally. He is recovering. The team does not plan to shut him down for injury reasons as long as that recovery trajectory continues.

There you have it. A Dolphins injury report turned to English.

Or Spanglish.

Or just mostly good news.


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I'm back.

Hamstring injuries are a league-wide phenomenon this year, but they attribute it to the lock-out.

What's Daniel Thomas's excuse? Isn't he coming fresh from college?

What's Daniel Thomas's excuse? Isn't he coming fresh from college?

Posted by: Jamison | November 09, 2011 at 06:52 PM

Are people this brain dead? Fresh from college? Does that mean he didn't miss all the normal preseason workouts?

Dang it Mando! Proof read your work before hitting send!

Duh, they should have all worked out on their own! Just saying

Well Redsky, that goes for the entire league, not just college players. Being 'fresh from college', makes no sense.

Duh, I agree, ridiculous!


Matt Moore was named AFC Offensive Player of the Week Wednesday.

Moore completed 17-of-23 passes for 233 yards and three touchdowns with no interceptions. His passer rating of 147.5 ranked third in franchise history, behind Jay Fiedler’s 156 rating at Dallas on Nov. 27, 2003 and Dan Marino’s 150.4 at Washington on Sept. 2, 1984.

What is a "eunning back"???


Wheres you from?

I tell ya, I've been searching for that Rabbi high and low; hell, I don't want to fu-k him, just help him. Yes.

Who dat be?

Redlumloa, a eunning back is a eunuch RB! Doesn't need to wear a jock strap!

I congratulate Matt Moore for over achieving as a QB for us. We will be forever grateful, and hope the sky is the limit for him(and us, please).

I wonder which one of the Amigos is at the controls today, the white ones or the relatively new black one. It doen't matter, I'm color blind.

Hell, it just ocurred to me that Matt Moore might be getting his timing down with his receivers. Whoomp!

Moore yeah dat dude be a baller he play da game ya know wha i'm sayin. shee dat henne dude got no timin or rithm.

Oscar, a lot of people are jumping on the Moore bandwagon.....it's one game....let's see what he does against credible opponents!


Fair enough, its too soon to judge Moore. But he did look good for a stretch against the Giants, a credible opponent. I'd say he has done pretty well considering he has only been on the team a very short time. From what I've seen, I'd rather have him as our back up next year than Henne.

Hell, I will be forever grateful to Matt Moore for being able to help us win that Game, even if he doesn't win another one for us. I fu-k Luck(pardon me, man) and all that crap, I don't feel that embarrassed anymore.

Matt Moore has been getting better every week and thats because he is getting more comfortable with the offense. He surely merits consideration as the backup once we draft a franchise QB. Congrats to him for being named AFC Offensive player of the week.

In a perfect world, I hope Moore ends up playing his way into a solid enough status that he starts in 2012. He could wind up being the QB for as long as needed to get the "franchise" type QB they draft up to speed before jumping into the NFL mosh pit.

The perfect world does NOT include the #1 pick overall as I taint my perfect worlds with as much realism as I can. Indy is getting blown up weekly and I think Polian and Co are enamored with get there first choice sewn up.

The Colts beat us on the first tie breaker due to our opponents higher winning percentage.

For Polian it's probably like De'ja Vu when he drafted Manning #1 overall and it worked out nicely.

Viva La Matt Moore!


I checked out the league injury report on espn, and noticed a number of teams with only two players suffering questionable injuries. Hell, the packers only have one player injured.

Miami is in the middle of the pack, with a list filling half a monitor screen.

Causes me the believe one of three things, or likely a combination of more than one:

Some conditioning coaches are better than others.

Some players take their conditioning far more seriously.

Some teams throw injured players back on the field before they are fully recovered...compounding the injury.

Jake Long is a prime example.

Devil's Ad,

Agree with you 100%. *Disclaimor It's only one great win...but win he helped us get.

I hear everyone on the "whole team" contributed arguement and they did, all 3 phases played great. I just see Moore as a more fluid athlete than Henne. Someone that can actually improvize better, can throw a proper fade pass and spin away from pressure to buy time.

Henne looked better than in the past in his starts as he looked more trim. Henne seemed to have a little more tempo to his game BUT, he has had reins for plenty of time and he wasn't winning games before he went down. He was making some plays with his legs but generally it was the wide open I gotta take these yards they are serving up kind.

I temper my enthusiasm with Moore but he looks like he has some decent latent talent. If he can take care of the ball and not throw ints the Fins should be competitive down the stretch. Hell, Ryan Fitzpatrick kinda bounced around and was suppose to be a nobody before Buffalo starting at the end of last year.

Note, this MATTERS NOT regarding drafting a stud QB 2012. If Barclay, Jones or RGIII are there I believe they have to take a stab at an upper eschelon franchise type QB.


All the long term draft stuff aside...

If the Fins play anything like they did in KC...even at 1-7 I thing the Fins will put John Beck in the meat grinder.

We shouldn't underestimate Washington as every team has some talented players (see the Rams beatning the Saints)and Washington has some defenders that can hurt you but, I have a feeling the team will feed off of the win.


With another home game, are we honoring the opposing QB again?

Broadcaster: It's Sunday November 13th, and we welcome you to Sunlife Stadium where we are celebrating Brigham Young Day!


We all have the right to say whatever we want.

So let me say this:

Matt Moore seems to be coming into "His Own"!

He had some talent around him in Carolina and Torpedo'ed, but in all fairness, he WAS and still is "VERY RAW".

If last week in KC is an indication of things to come, I say: Andrew Who?

YEAH! I think he played that well!

I have a new battle cry, it goes like this:


Rob, I'm picking Washington this weekend. This team feels way too good and she be angry that they blew the season away before it got going.


Are you serious?


I'm getting a totally opposite vibe.

I think we put together not only back to back wins, but back to back BLOWOUTS!

(Of course, that would set all kinds of records for SpOrano)

Joepa just got canned at penn state.


I see it the same way. A few here were really down on Moore when he arrived, but I thought the highlight reals on him from the Panther days looked pretty good, showed touch, seemed to be in the flow of the game. Of course, those were highlights and not lowlights. We'll see how the rest of the season goes but so far he seems to be steadily improving.

Mark in Toronto,

I just have a seriously hard time seeing Beck beat the Fins where Cassel could not.

I do realize on ANY given Sunday but....just not THIS Sunday.

I say the Fins got the taste of sweet nectar of success and will thirst for more in this winable game.

Plus the Fins are way overdue for a decent home game outing.

You're putting forth what your prediction which is always commendable.



Moore seems to have a nice touch on the ball and is starting to see the open receivers better. Plus I think he has been throwing the WR's open more than Henne was.

He has a golden opportunity to prove he can play and be a valid QB if he can iron out a few good games in a row down the stretch.


Devil's Ad,

The most nervous Fin fans seem to be the ardent Henne supporters as Moore will make a mockery of the 3-4 year(depending on who you ask) time frame he has had to put up wins regularly with consistant play.

Again, I am not gaga for Moore but I do think there is enough talent on the Fins to be decent with just a good game manager like Penny was. Moore shows flashes of being just that...now lets see better teams and more longevity in solid QB play to annoint him anything but a QB bookmark until next year.

I see old Carson Palmer (The same guy many clamored for has not done much with the Raiders as of yet) Glad I never went down that road as a Fins fan.


I was really down on Moore when he arrive........ah, got here.

I was also an ardent Henne supporter.

The only thing that makes me nervous about Moore is that it looks like he'll ensure we won't be picking first in the draft.

(The mixed emotions-SHEESH!)

Ever wonder what they saw in practice not to have started Moore to begin with? He was always my guy!

Wonder how long will it be before someone posts Joe Paterno should be our next HC?

The Packers were one of the most injury-riddled teams in the NFL last year, yet you see how things wound up for them.

Those that think the Dolphins have had an unusual amount of injuries this year or that the team is somewhow substandard in regards to injury prevention and rehabilitation are, to be blunt, completely clueless.

Miami is as normal in this regard as any other team...and most of the time it's just sheer luck (good or bad) determining who---and how many---are on the injury list at any given time.

Posted by: ted | November 09, 2011 at 09:56 PM

Guess what ted, you are the clueless one.

I used GB as a measuring stick to make a point, and you are right, they were plauged with injuries last year. But not nearly so now.

Guess what ted, you are the clueless one here.

You see, GB kept only one strenght/conditioning assistant coach from last year. Thadeus Jackson.

The others were replaced by Mark Lovat and Zack Woodfin.

All the difference in the world, regardless of the simple (but obvious) explaination you offered - mostly "luck".

According to your, luck-theory (and being our coaches are just as bright as every other) everybody should be 8-8 at the end of the regular season. Including Miami, of course.


Jerry Sandusky is one sick FVCK!

Can't wait until he gets sent to prison. Inmates have a "way" of dealing with his kind(and believe me, he won't be enojoying it).

I wonder if ALoco ever attended "The Second Mile" activities for the underpriviledged?

With another home game, are we honoring the opposing QB again?

Broadcaster: It's Sunday November 13th, and we welcome you to Sunlife Stadium where we are celebrating Brigham Young Day!


Posted by: Tim in Tampa | November 09, 2011 at 10:11 PM

This is the week they honor the players from the Dolphins 2007 draft class.

Hey Armando, are they showing the replay for people who work during the game?

Wonder how long will it be before someone posts Joe Paterno should be our next HC?

Posted by: yesterday's gone | November 09, 2011 at 11:09 PM


He should have resigned yesterday. Bout time.

Wow Pastor! Did you get some bad salsa or something?

maybe too many morning glory seeds?


I wouldn't sweat the 1st overall pick thing too much...

The Colts/Polian seem bound and determined to suck with a capital S to ensure the #1 nod. They kept Painter even though he has shown little signs of life.

They had a weaker schedule than the Fins and that is the first tiebreaker.

Barring a miraculous turnaround by the Colts they won't win more games than any other NFL team...possibly going O-fer.

The Fins will nail a franchise type QB in 2012...

The quest to work our way towards respectability will be in full swing in 2012.


Clemons back to the football field: that's bad news

THANK YOU!!! I so appreciate this site.This is news I need to know.

Owner of the year for not making any change. Ireland is underestimated for what he has done. He discovered an elite QB in Mat Moore, finally a replacement for Marino. On the next draft, Ireland should focus his attention on finding help at OLB. With more getting better, Sparano will be 2012 coach of the year, it is garanty!

sparano said clemons did a "good job" at FS last year. i don't think he had more than 1 or 2 "passes defensed" all year! now he is lucky to be a ST player.

Good morning guys,

Good to hear Vontae wasn't on the injury report as being drunk again.

Back to Dolphins talk.

I'm not sure how I feel about this week. I am from DC. I HATE the Redskins. I want NOTHING MORE than NOT to hear these fools around here bragging that they beat us.

But, on the other hand, long-term thinking dictates I consider that Indy will play Jacksonville today. That's a game they can possibly win. And if they do, and we lose, we'll once again be in the "Suck for Luck" sweepstakes.

My love of team is leaning towards wanting to be the 'Skins, future be damned. ONLY thing that will make a loss more acceptable is if Jacksonville wins too.

greg z.,

Sparano's idea of a "good job" is a 1-7 team (or a 7-9 team, or a 1-12 home record).

So take his words with a grain of salt.

Andy NJ's post @7:55 was hilarious.........I really laughed out loud!

If I'm the OC/DC, I run the exact same game plan vs. the 'Skins as I did vs. KC. The oline for Beck is probably WORSE than Cassel's (not probably, definitely). We should constantly pressure Beck (he won't know what to do). Their starting WRs are Gaffney and Hankerson, so not ProBowlers or anything. Their biggest threats are the TE (Davis) and the RB (Helu, who's a speedy guy similar to Shady McCoy, though not as polished).

On defense, they are stout up front, very shaky in the secondary. If we're aggressive on offense and start fast like last week, we'll have a good chance to finally win a home game this year (only 8 games in, great job!).

dc,what did culpenis do in his return to the joe.?. beck will do the same.lol.the phins haven't won a game there in 2 seasons.lol

Congrats to Matt Moore. Mando's plea for people to vote probably helped.

I don't think he's better than Henne but I do think he has far more touch on deeper throws, especially down the sideline. Moore stares down Marshall worse than Henne ever could.

Neither really appear to be starter material. Moore probably has the egde to be a backup cause I think he's under contract.

Henne will probably look to sign w/one of the bottom feeders at a chance to start for a year or 2 before washing out.

Joe, Are you kidding me? I'll take Moore over Henne anyday as a backup its not saying much about either but Moore just seems to throw a better ball.

Henne haasa NO touch on a deep ball, you think he would of hit Fasano in stride like that? Nope. But he sure can throw a laser on a five yard out. And dont forget about him crapping out in the redzone.

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