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Dolphins injury report translated to good news

Reading the Dolphins injury report is normally an exercise in deciphering code. Sometimes guys that are questionable never travel with the team to away games. Sometimes guys that are doubtful play. Sometimes we hear guys aren't playing a position because they're not healthy ... even though they're not on the injury list.

But today's injury report is a breath of fresh air by comparison.


The report states that only one player -- cornerback Nolan Caroll, who is nursing a hamstring injury -- was limited in practice. The report further states that cornerback Vontae Davis (hamstring) and receiver Clyde Gates (groin) are nursing injuries but still were well enough to do everything in practice like the healthy players did.

Now, allow me to tell you what some of this means:

It means you can stop thinking that Chris Clemons, who is not at all on the injury report, is injured anymore. He's been playing on special teams for weeks. He's not on the injury report at all. Thus the reason he has not regained his starting free safety job is because coaches have deemed not not better than either Tyrone Culver or Reshad Jones -- both of whom played the position Sunday at Kansas City.

Clemons has dropped back, apparently, to a special teams contributor but isn't really in play for the starting FS job so much now.

It also means eunning back Daniel Thomas, who has been on and off the injury report of late and missed games intermittently, got through the Kansas City game without re-aggravating his hamstring injury. He practiced full today. He's not on the report at all. Barring a setback in practice this week, he'll be able to play consecutive games this season for only the third time. Two consecutive games has been his longest time on the field without re-injuring the hamstring.

Also, the fact Davis practiced full means his hamstring, which has been a problem this season and cause for some disagreement among trainers and Davis, is improving finally. He is recovering. The team does not plan to shut him down for injury reasons as long as that recovery trajectory continues.

There you have it. A Dolphins injury report turned to English.

Or Spanglish.

Or just mostly good news.


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Agreed on some of your post Joe. I also agree Henne is a better QB, however this team needs to move on. And Henne will hopefully look for a starting gig with a team that has an opening. I think Henne does have some confidence issues that will get in his way. that is me trying to be a psychologist. :)

That being said. Moore had a really nice game, and it will be great if we find out we have a guy that can perform at that level often. Im not counting on it but who knows.

I think if Moore can prove that we will have a backup we can be confident it! That would be nice, along with a rookie future starter that is a can't miss...

I'm prayin. :)


If we're talking about Henne vs. Moore, then we're already out of the picture (into total insignificance). I know we need a backup, but both these guys give me heartburn, and I'd just as soon see ANYONE ELSE backing up whomever will be our QB next year. I just hope we have play a starting QB ALL YEAR for once instead of ending the Season with backup #2.

Hopefully, the next GM thinks more about STARTERS than backups everywhere (Henne, Moore, Reshad Jones, Koa Misi, Jared Odrick, Brian Hartline, Colombo).

Ireland fielded a great second team for any franchise in the league. Too bad they play against everyone else's first teams.

I think we're one starting calibre offensive lineman away from contention.

Posted by: odinseye | August 31, 2011 at 06:21 PM

Here's proof that Oder suffers from drug/alcohol abuse., Oder when you wake up later this afternoon,wipe away the vomit on the side of your face and seek help.

DC, Columbo a backup? He had a good game, but is he even considered to be a roster player?

Sorry, had to do it. :)

I think Columbo has improved the last 2 weeks. Is it just me?

DC, likely scenario, redskins win, jags win.

All four teams involved are crap but both the skins and jags have good defenses that I think will make the difference.

I did not see the Giants game due to the snow Power outage for 7 friggin days here in MA. Listened on the radio. So I can not speak to that one, But he was very good against KC, So I will give him one game.

Is The Skins safty, Landry playing? If so, he will probably give a hard shot to Marshall. that could be one hell of a blow up if Marshall looses it after the hit. That could be some good entertainment as long as Marshall does not get hurt.

Spiderman, yes, it's just you.

Poizen, as you know, I was AT that game, and saw with my own 2 eyes Colombo do nothing but turn sideways and give the defender a free path to the QB. That's why, honestly, I didn't put that game as much on Moore. He played decent for 3 quarters, and he was pressured and hit all day. So, Colombo played well for 1 game (IMO).


From your lips to God's ears bro. That's the scenario that would be best long-term for everyone (though I HATE the thought of losing to John "Twinkle Toes" Beck.

Landry is on the injury report with a achilles problem. That's what caused him to sit out most of last year. So the reporters down here are saying he's still not fully recovered from that (and this season he's been plagued by hamstring issues, what else is new).

So Landry, if he plays at all, won't be himself, won't be very mobile, won't be a difference maker.

Only difference maker they have in the secondary is D Hall, who is like an Assante Samuel-type CB, he takes a lot of chances so is VERY beatable, but also makes a fair amount of INTs as well.

But, since Moore is QB, the only person we'll have to worry about is Marshall's defender, since that's all Moore throws too (besides Clay, who I'm liking more and more).

guys, kc was in the suck 4 luck race for most of the 1st 4 weeks of the season don't forget.lol

I Think Colombo is a good addition,Though he comes from the Cowboys He was going to be inched out by younger stronger Tackles that Dallas has plenty of

Posted by: Odinseye | August 01, 2011 at 01:53 PM

More evidence that Oder is Clueless,Or is a Raging Idiot.

By the way, did you guys catch Sparano, talking about Fasano's game against KC, saying he really liked the way he blocked?

JUST LIKE EFFING SPARANO!!! Here the guy FINALLY gets used the way ALL OTHER TEs in the league are getting used nowadays, scores TWO TDs (that's more than Moore through in the previous 3 games), and Sparano talks about his blocking.

I don't care if we go 7-1 rest of season. I EFFING WANT SPARANO GONE, IMMEDIATELY.


I'm so ready for a re-build.

JTF, please don't find my post from August saying we'd be 8-8. Or the one that said Henne was going to surprise us this Season. Or that we'd have a top 5 defense.

Talk about clueless (cue spotlight on DC)!!!

DC, if my memory is right, Jake Long was getting killed by Osi in the NYG game. Why didnt you call him out?

LOL DC, Wont do it to you, Just pointing out Odins Short comings.


too funny bro. Ireland did seem to draft for depth as opposed to difference makers. It's still a head scratcher why Odrick was drafted considering they were deep along the D--line.

Andy,Not scraching my head over anything from Ireland, He's the new Matt Millen.

Spiderman, because Long is untouchable (only 1/2 kidding about that). He's given up more sacks this year than Pouncey AND Incognito (I think combined).

But, he's injured (so I cut him slack for that). And he's a perennial ProBowler (so I take that into account too).

But you're right, neither tackle has gotten it done this year. And that's why Fasano didn't play in the offensive game plan until week 8, while Rob Gronkowski already had like 50 TDs.

At least Millen tried to acquire playmakers LOL

I guess they were a badly coached team, Kinda like the Phins.


Yeah he stinks!

New regimes mean new QB's and although I'd love to get Luck the new regime has a huge decision to make who is the 2nd best QB in this draft because Indy won't win a game and I expect Miami to finish with 2 or 3 wins.

I said it before and will say it again Matt Barkley if he declares is in my opinion the #2. He is only strengthening my opinion each week. He was game vs Luck and company and should have won if not for a 90th overall USC pass D.

Barkley is straight balling this season. Landry Jones is putting up numbers but is throwing 50 times a game to get there. I am not sold on him at all.

That's true. Millen did draft a qb and 1,000 wide receivers. Finally got the last one right though. And you know what, even though they messed up, they kept on picking qbs and receivers and now they are much further ahead than we are although we made the safer first round draft picks.

I would trade our 1st picks for Detroit's 1st picks for the last 10half years straight up anyday. Stafford and megatron alone are worth 50 Jake longs and Ronnie browns and Vernon Carey's

Congrats to Matt Moore for being the AFC offensive player of the week. Armando and others on here have enjoyed kicking you before you'd ever been given a chance in a Dolphins uniform. The reality is the Dolphins could have and should have won the last three games. Keep fighting the fighting man and f*ck the haters!

Andy, Barkley is gaining momentum as the 2 qb. So much so that whispers are starting that Jones should not declare. I hope he does though because Miami may still play themselves out of the 2 pick.

Hey Rocko!!!

WNBA season just warming up. I wouldn't know though because I'm too busy watching Giada on the Food Network. And then I go straight to Lifetime (or the Oprah Channel) so don't have any more time for SportsCenter.


Mark correct, Though he had what like 4 number 1 picks during his Regime, I Retract my Ireland is the new Millen., Ireland couldnt pick a winner in a 1 horse race.


Yeah Im starting to think Miami may beat 3 or 4 and by beating Washington this week may fall behind them as well.

I don't care what anyone says about winning games and drinking this Matt Moore Kool Aid, Miami sucks! They still suck after the win over an average KC team that looked past Miami layed an egg.

I want Miami to lose every week for either Luck or Barkley. And Barkley may not even declare because he will more then likely be #1 QB in the following draft but why take that chance and hope for wins. As players and as Sparano of course you do everything to win but as an agonizing fan that has watched this suck azzzz QB situation since Marino, Im tired of it.

I Love Lesbians, Not the Flannel wearing ones but thehot ones.

AndyNj, don't get your hopes up. Karlos Dansby wants to go 9-7 & have an outside shot at the playoffs.

JTF, Ireland may not be good at picking winners, but he gets the losers right everytime.

Just looking at the other side of the coin. lol

Lesbians are disgusting, that means you like guy on guy action

Did Anybody see how bad this season was gonna be in past (July or Augest)Posts.Just wondering?


DC, Maybe I will take some blame for the Henne belief, however I still will maintain what I said is true. Only time will tell, and a new uniform. But by then we will not be paying attention any longer to him, I hope.

However, since DC called himself out, I also predicted a 10-6 finish this year. I believed in this defense getting a little better than where they finished last year. Also thought BM would catch the ball a little more often, and YES, I did think that somehow a O-line coach could make a O-line perform at a high level since most of these guys have been together for a while.

there it is, my predictions sucked!



I said 6-10 all the way. I never saw a winning team. I couldn't see it for several reasons.

Sparano - completely over matched by other coaches week in and out 9 times outta 10.

Henne and Moore - The QB depth chart was Henne and Moore. Both are back ups, period.

Hartline and Fasano - neither would start for any other team in our division. Fasano may start for a few teams who don't utilize the TE as a passing threat but Hartline is 3rd or 4th WR on any other team in the league.

The biggest dissapointment is the defense. I actually beleived they would keep games close but with no pass rush opposite Cam Wake, average secondary and another epic failure with Burnett in free agency I see it now Miami wins 3 maybe 4

We were all hoodwinked Poizen (besides maybe dusty bottoms, Joe Schmoe, 2watt and a few others).

Blame Sparano/Ireland. We thought they were actually football minds. But we didn't see the fine print, which said "Flag" football minds.

Just the facts, I saw this coming & got shredded for it LOL By the likes of the typical posters you're probably thinking of.

Heck with July & August. I saw this coming when Ross didn't fire Sparano after last season. LOL I was labeled a pessimist & a bad fan.

I think my original prediction was 5-11 & even that prediction might be way off. LOL

Heck, I thought 8 and 8, What do I Know?

Rob, The fins need a overhaul from top to bottom, A new Owner,New head coach,New Qb, I mean I HOPE for a stike shorten season, Its the only way the fins wont lose 80% of there games...(Full season 3 and 13, A stike shorten season 1 and 7).......Just saying..

Posted by: Cuban Menace | June 07, 2011 at 03:22 PM

WOW. Here's one, Spot on Cuban.

I missed this. Redskins 3rd in NFL in sacks.

We'll see if last week was a fluke or if the oline is starting to gel.

Some people are acting as if Matt Moore is the next Joe Montana and pretending that they knew it was coming...Pretty comical...LOL!

Joe, I will give you credit. Never bashed your prediction, but definitly I got mine wrong. the season is shaping up as you mentioned.

The defense has been the biggest disappointment as a unit. No one has showed up this year.

Cam Wake is good but not elite and needs another pass rusher opposite of him to be truly effective. Week 1 still is very vivid watching Nate Solder dominate him at times.

Koa Misi - who's that?

Dansby - well I guess he was busy fishing in the Delta or something during the offseason because he looks gassed every game and the lockout is no excuse he is supposed to lead by example. He is having an average season for a LB.

Burnett - another epic bust to go along with Gibril.

Sean Smith - you stink, you cant cover, cant tackle, dont want to tackle. I can't wait to the next regime cuts him. Mark it down fellas Smith will be cut before next season (just a person prediction).

Vontae Davis - His play seemed to slip every year he has been with Miami but the Brett Favre comments about him being the best unknown CB or whatever went to his head. He is not humble, conducts himself like he is illiterate during interviews and the maturity issues are now legitimate. He stinks, 0 ints this year and 1 last year! Maybe he is salvaged by the next staff but biggest dissappoinment on this entire team to me considering I thought he would have a Pro Bowl type season.

Y. Bell - he is a nice run stopper when he gets there but takes horrible angles way too much and can't cover any TE in the league.

FS - my expectations were varified in that there is no starting caliber FS on the roster.

D-Line - so many resources spent and little to no production. Where are Odrick? You were a 1st round pick. Solia you were franchised! Starks you were supposed to be out best D-linemen, Merling you fat bust!

I would just like to point out that Cam Wake is NOT being doubled. Now I ask, WTF happened to this guy?

Dont be confused over the scoring binge on sunday, Iam sure it will be fist pump city this sunday., BTW is the game a sell-out?

Poizen, He More then Likely has a Hamstring injury.BTW, I just pulled my "Hammy" Posting this.

Lets just see where we are at the end of the year. rooting for your team to lose so we can get a higher pick seems insane. If they lose they lose but me personally can't root for them to lose when I'm watching the phins play

Poizen, no need for credit my friend. I don't come here for that LOL

We disagreed alot & I always challenged your positions pretty fiercely because it's always fun to go after those you disagree with.

But, unlike a few other ninnies here, you always kept your cool about it & were able to banter back & forth admirably.

Understandably, alot of fans made optimistic predictions. Deep down we all wanted them to do better.

I just based mine on what I had seen, what was happening & the fact that this team is a train wreck from top to bottom. I think alot of fans failed to enter that into their equation.


Right bro! Moore still is back up and an average one at that. Just as we all have seen Moore is good for about 2 qtrs a game and thats it. The Chiefs defense is not very good. They have an over rated Brandon Flowers who is more a cover 2 corner then a cover corner, 1 pass rusher in Hali and an overmatched D-line. Moore had all day to throw. I don't expect that vs Washington but still expect Miami to win because Washington has nothing on offense. Beck, Helu, Gaffney, Fred Favis is what they go to battle with. It's not like Miami has much more with Moore, Bush, Marshall and Fasano but Miami won't give up this season and Washington quits on a weekly basis.


Andy NJ, I don't think the D has been a disappointment. It's playing just like it did last year.

- No pass rush w/out blitzng
- Piss poor 3rd down defense
- Average at best Cb's
- A SS who can't cover TE's
- A FS who can't get over the top in time
- Play decent enough vs. bad teams but always wind up giving up a crucial play

Our ranking last year was very deceiving. #6? Yea, right!

The one surpise to many is Burnett. Now, I completely agree we needed a better option to Crowder. But, was never sold on Burnett.

Career back up in Dallas for 4 years. Backup in SD until an injury put him in the lineup. Started 1 full year & it was on, statistcioally, the #1 d in the league.

Was last year in SD a fluke? A product of the system? Is he not comfortable yet in our scheme?

Hard to say but, I'm going with the fact that he was a backup for a long time & the only reason he's here is because he's a former Cowboy.

Playing in Dallas this year will be like a home game for Miami

Andy, don't get me wrong, I'm happy about the win...But unlike some people here, it will take me more than one game to get carried away and think Matt Moore is awesome...Just sayin'...


I think Wake needs to add more weight. He can't muscle people out of the way like D Ware. All he has is that speed edge rush, but as long as the tackle moves his feet, he can block him pretty well.

...STOP. JUST FREEKIN STOP. This little love fest with Matt Moore is like a cult of crazy people buying into some sicko that is selling the end of the world..GET REAL.

Sure he is capapble of winning a game..He may even be capapble of winning 3-4. But is the bar set so low here that this is exceptable? Moore is closer to Tim Tebow talent wise then he is even Chad Henne. Have you seen him throw the ball? He does not have the arm strength to make the throws neccessery to be taken seriously.

Do not give me we should have won the last three games because the play of Moore, or site Fitzpatrick in Buffalo. Moore plays on bad teams for a reason people. Because he stinks. What other team in the NFL would he be a starter? Don't give me he would be a good backup either. This is obvious. He is a backup. A good one..Not so sure. would you trust Matt Moore if we were a contender, and say had to play a schedule like the Giants do the next 5 weeks..Is he still your boy?

The one smart thing the Phins have done..And they should have been doing this since week 1 with Henne....Figuring out the run game. Both of our quarterbacks are not able to handle a pass first wise open offense. WE CAN'T RUN THIS SYSTEM with the names Henne or Moore. If we are going to win this week it is going to be because we have a run game..If we do not, do you think there is any chance that Moore has similar success to last week..No way.

This is one of the funniest blogs ever, drunk on the injury report, pulled hamstrings, and marinated acorns. Good laughs.

DD, so I'm guessing you didn't vote for him yesterday?

Let's put it another way, Matt Moore walks into your bar tomorrow. Does he get a free round (or 2)? Or does he pay like everyone else?

Question, if we play ourselves into mediocrity, would you trade your first pick for matt Flynn? I might. Of course this is saying that we wouldn't be in a position to trade up for one of the big 3.

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