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Dolphins injury report translated to good news

Reading the Dolphins injury report is normally an exercise in deciphering code. Sometimes guys that are questionable never travel with the team to away games. Sometimes guys that are doubtful play. Sometimes we hear guys aren't playing a position because they're not healthy ... even though they're not on the injury list.

But today's injury report is a breath of fresh air by comparison.


The report states that only one player -- cornerback Nolan Caroll, who is nursing a hamstring injury -- was limited in practice. The report further states that cornerback Vontae Davis (hamstring) and receiver Clyde Gates (groin) are nursing injuries but still were well enough to do everything in practice like the healthy players did.

Now, allow me to tell you what some of this means:

It means you can stop thinking that Chris Clemons, who is not at all on the injury report, is injured anymore. He's been playing on special teams for weeks. He's not on the injury report at all. Thus the reason he has not regained his starting free safety job is because coaches have deemed not not better than either Tyrone Culver or Reshad Jones -- both of whom played the position Sunday at Kansas City.

Clemons has dropped back, apparently, to a special teams contributor but isn't really in play for the starting FS job so much now.

It also means eunning back Daniel Thomas, who has been on and off the injury report of late and missed games intermittently, got through the Kansas City game without re-aggravating his hamstring injury. He practiced full today. He's not on the report at all. Barring a setback in practice this week, he'll be able to play consecutive games this season for only the third time. Two consecutive games has been his longest time on the field without re-injuring the hamstring.

Also, the fact Davis practiced full means his hamstring, which has been a problem this season and cause for some disagreement among trainers and Davis, is improving finally. He is recovering. The team does not plan to shut him down for injury reasons as long as that recovery trajectory continues.

There you have it. A Dolphins injury report turned to English.

Or Spanglish.

Or just mostly good news.


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On a lighter note, the AP is reporting DC Dolfan has submitted his letter of intent to Mr. Ross, that he'd like to interview for the Dolphins GM job.

Good luck DC! Hope & change brother!

Joe S,

Yeah Burnett was on the #1 ranked overall defense last year and his deficiencies were not as noticable because the unit played so well.

And I agree the #6 overall D was a mirage. I never saw top 10 D last year. But I just expected to see certain players progress to form a good unit this year.

My top guys I expected to see progress from this season.

1. Vontae Davis - average CB who I thought would be a Pro Bowl caliber player.

2. Karlos Dansby - I saw glimpses of play making in year 1 and in year 2 expected him to be a top 5 ILB since he is paid as one. He is average.

3. Koa Misi - He can't set the edge in the run game and is all motor with zero moves in pass rush situations. He will be a 2nd round bust. He can't play.

4. Paul Solia - I didn't expect him to be the next Wilfork but thought he would continue to make flash plays and go be shut down vs run. He hasn't shown anything other then being a 1 year wonder playing for a contract.

5. Jared Odrick - He was hurt last year but as a first rounder I expected to see some sort of pass rush ability and play making but he is barely noticable in games.

LOL, with posters like Mark asking to replace Chad Henne and Matt Moore with Matt Flynn, yeah Joe, I think I'm needed as the GM.

I promise you all if NOTHING ELSE, I'll bring a franchise QB (DRAFTED IN THE FIRST ROUND) here to Miami before I'm escorted out of the building.

I think we're one starting calibre offensive lineman away from contention.

Posted by: odinseye | August 31, 2011 at 06:21 PM

Here's proof that Oder suffers from drug/alcohol abuse., Oder when you wake up later this afternoon,wipe away the vomit on the side of your face and seek help.

Posted by: Just The Facts. | November 10, 2011 at 09:26 AM

I Think Colombo is a good addition,Though he comes from the Cowboys He was going to be inched out by younger stronger Tackles that Dallas has plenty of

Posted by: Odinseye | August 01, 2011 at 01:53 PM

More evidence that Oder is Clueless,Or is a Raging Idiot.

Posted by: Just The Facts. | November 10, 2011 at 09:45 AM

Just The Facts,

Still mad because I pointed out how you imposter people. Why hold a grudge? You did it to yourself-Bhwaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaa.

PS: I never posted that drivel, even as a troll-YOU SUCK ;)

Just The Facts SUCKS?

Hmmmmm........how'd you like to attend a ball game with me?

Huh? Yeah?

There is nothing wrong with wake. 5.5 sacks in 8both games translates to 11play sacks. That is still strong.

DC..Actually I did..LOL. He played a good last week. I can't take that away from him. Moore is just limited as a quarterback. Blah blah
I could go on. But I will spare everyone the redundancy.. How's your day going?

DC, all this matt Moore talk as the next saviour has me scared that we will end up with 6 or 7 wins. And that is the worst thing that can happen to this franchise.


Trade 1st pick which will surely be top 3 at best and top 6 or 7 at worst for Flynn? Are you hanging with Vontae and drunk as we speak?

Now you did say mediocrity so say we come close to winning out which won't happen and end up 8-8 and pick around 15 again would I trade it for Flynn, HELLLLL NO!

I wouldn't give up a 2nd for Flynn. He has shown nothing other then 1 decent game. Moore was capable of that this past week.


Never said Matt Moore is a good QB. I said it was b*llshit how Armando and others were blaming him for the Panthers winning one game last year, when he only started three games. People were calling him one of the worst QB's in the league and I was trying to make out that there are worse backups in the league than Matt Moore. Make no mistake about it, I'm all in for drafting a QB first round next year.

Andy, I think Dansby will be OK. Don't think he was ever a 3-4 ILB, we are trying to turn him into 1. His poor play I think has more to do w/big bodies up front.

Vontae, I am not sure. Rather have him over Smith I know that! He had a pretty decent rookie year. What I've seen far too often with him is he is always tripping or stumbling in trail mode when the ball is in the air. Is it his cleats? Poor balance? I mean, it's just unusual!

About the other 3 guys you mentioned, what do they ALL have in common? They're all BIG, SLOW & NOT PLAYING IN THEIR NATURAL POSITION.

Odrick was a 4-3 DT
Soliai was a 4-3 DT
Misi was a DE

Honestly, I just don't think there is much talent to be any better than they are.

..I don't get all the folks who hammer on Odrick. If the question is should we have trade back to take him? I understand that. But this wasn't Odricks fault. He has played great the last month. Considering this is his rookie season(in reality) and it usually takes lineman at last a year to figure things out..Odrick is a piece IMO worth keeping for the long run.

Remember he isn't a pass rush specialist. His job in this defense is to take on blocks, and stop the run. He has done this. I could be wrong, but memory says he lead the team in tackles for a loss over the last month. Like I said. If you want to be upset about the pick..I get it. But Odrick as a player is a guy that I think is getting better each week.

DD, going well (since we can't talk about anything else but Dolphins on here or we get wacked).

Mark, I hear ya bud. But I promise you, I'm willing to bet my WIFE on it. AND my 401(k). There's is 100% ZERO chance a Matt Moore led Dolphins team wins 6 games this season.

No way, no way, no way.

Five our last 8 games are home games, you know our record there. Half of the remaining games are against teams with + .500 record, you know our record against those teams. Pats and Jets are both scraping for wins, so they'll be playing until the last week (which was the only way we'd have beaten them). Bills have our # (we play them twice). Palmer is getting up to speed in Oakland (and they'll be vying for the AFC West title, so that should be a competitive game).

I just don't see it. Don't worry bud, if we win 3 games this Season it'll be a miracle (though not enough to save anyone's job).

Andy, everyone here knows my opinion of drafting a 1st round qb. I think its the 2nd best thing that could happen to this team other than winning the super bowl. And that's not happening.

I was only bringing up an option if we were out of the running for drafting a qb. I mean, I just can't stomach another season of greenculpepperharringtonfrerrotefiedlerfeeleylucasgriese. I'm a qb junkie who's gone too long without a fix and I'm ready to try almost anything to get my fix. Maybe Flynn could is the equivalent of drinking after shave or sniffing glue. I have problems and need treatment man!

Joe S,

Maybe Vontae is really an alcoholic and is tripping because he is drunk! Maybe he just is like every other crappy CB who is constantly outta control.

I had an argument with a friend of mine recently. He thinks Revis is over rated and as a Dolphins fan I wish I could agree. The truth of the matter is his body control and technique allows him to get away with pushing and subtle moves that other corners can't get away with because they are flalling all over the place. Case in point this friend is an Eagles fan and wondered why Nnnamdi was flagged this past week and it was because he was running like chicken with his head cut off and grabbed Johnny Knox facemask. He wondered why Sergio Brown was flagged vs Cruz and said it looked like incidental contact and I disagree it's because Brown never tried to turn around and was outta control and ran Cruz over.

Not saying Revis doesn't get beat or good corners don't get flagged but Vontae hasnt shown anything and runs around tripping over his own feet

Thanks DC, I will get off the ledge now.

Just a question, if you had to give up your wife or your 401k, which one would you give up?

Personally, I could always find another girl but I can't get back the years it takes to make that money....

Mark, if we can't land 1 of the top 2-3 prsopects at our pick & are stuck reaching for a guy too early, I would trade a 3rd for Flynn, not a 2nd.

That's assuming we get a FS & a RG/RT with the 1st 2 picks.

Rob, The fins need a overhaul from top to bottom, A new Owner,New head coach,New Qb, I mean I HOPE for a stike shorten season, Its the only way the fins wont lose 80% of there games...(Full season 3 and 13, A stike shorten season 1 and 7).......Just saying..

Posted by: Cuban Menace | June 07, 2011 at 03:22 PM

WOW. Here's one, Spot on Cuban.

Posted by: Just the Facts. | November 10, 2011 at 10:36 AM

I wonder why you have to make up false posts for me and not the Cuban Menace?

Oh wait, the Cuban has ALWAYS posted negatvely about the Fins. He even predicted back to back 1-15's the year we won the division.

Even a broken clock is right twice a day you dolt-Bhwaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaa!

PS: I predicted a 9-7 season, I can admit to the things I posted. I also predicted Henne would do good, which he did.

However, I NEVER liked the addition of Colombo, NEVER! Still impeacing your own credibility I see, quite comical you are ;p

BTW, I've only been posting periodically, and you still have to mess with me? I thought you learned your lesson. Oh well, I guess it true what they say:

There ain't no cure for STOOPID-ROTFLMAO!

Bhwaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

DD, for the trade back, we got Odrick/Misi. Both serviceable players. Role players. The problem is they are on a team of role players.

As the next GM, I wouldn't be trading back for extra picks, UNLESS, I knew what no one else did, that a stud lies further back and he's not on anyone else's radar.

I'd rather have 1-2 playmakers next Draft than 4-5 role players. I understand why Ireland did that Year 1, because this team needed to be re-built with youth, but we're now in the Top 5-10 youngest teams (if I'm not mistaken). Forget accumulating picks for the sake of picks. We don't need any more Austin Spitlers. We need ProBowlers. So let's get the MOST talented folks, not adequate role players.

That's my only gripe with the Odrick thing. Not really his fault, you're right. He'll be on the team next year, let's see if he proves me wrong (that he's only a role player).

Schmoe..good points about Odrick.. He was a 5 technique in college. He did move inside and played the 3 some too. His versatility is what made him so attractive for the Phins(IMO). What I meant by him not being a pass rusher was in the context of the 3-4. Obviously if you can get pressure it is a bonus. But he is suppossed to take on blocks, and destroy the design of the play..A wrecking ball. Have you noticed the play of the inside linebackers the last 3 weeks? Odrick is getting better.

Mark, lol, if you saw how much my wife made, you'd probably give up the 401(k) AND your IRA.

Yeah, I'm man enough to admit it, wifey is the breadwinner in my family.

But I still wear the Marshall jersey...err...aqua pants in the family. Well, you know what I mean.


Lol, I wasn't insulting you just being funny but honestly that's how desperate things have gotten. I fully understand.

My answer isn't some aging vet or anything but just like you a 1st round QB. That is why I don't want Miami to win. What's the point? The coaching staff is going to change and some of the "so-called young talent" may not even get the same look as the previous staff has given them. I don't care to see Matt Moore finish out a season 4-4 at best because Henne was capable of that. The only option for this team is lose as many games as possible and the next staff to determine who their guy is Barkley, Jones or RG3.

I possibly can see Luck and Jones being the only choices because with USC coming off probation next year maybe Barkley sticks around to play for a National Championship but just maybe he see's he has reached his ceiling and the only thing to do is go down. RG3 may have reached his celing as well and Baylor has no shot at anything. So maybe all 4 are in this draft and this goes down as another famous QB draft class.

Andy, speed kills Revis. Other than that, technique wise, I don't think you can ask for a better player.

He always seems in control or in position. Either he has amazing balance & body control, or he just knows what route is coming and its effortless to him.

I don't think he's over rated, but I don't think he's as good Deion was(coverage wise) or R. Woodson.

I think C. Woodson is more valuable right now. Even at his age w/his blitzing ability, coverage skills I'd take Woodson ahead of Revis. Revis is still a great player.

Joe S,

Yea Revis isn't Deion and no one is for that matter. But I agree whether he is a game film junky or his body control is so elite but for whatever reason he is always in control.

I disagree with Woodson as more valuable. Revis is best CB in the game hands down and the 2nd best is so far behind him that I don't even know who it is. I think Revis is that much better then anyone else.

Awesome DC, I've always wondered what it would be like to be the boy toy instead of the sugar daddy :)

Posted by: Darryl Dunphy | November 10, 2011 at 11:44 AM

I have no problem with Odrick as a player. He is who he is. He's being played out of his natural position. Right now, on this team, he looks like a role player.

Sure, teams need alot of those guys, but NOT in the 1st round. We HAVE to do better than role players with our 1st pick. This is where Ireland has been a miserable failure & other teams are not.

Teams miss in the draft all the time, I get that. But, your 1st rounders? They have to be above average or stars. We have drafted 1 probowl player & it was the #1 overall pick.

We took Odrick & passed up stars/probowlers in the process. That can't happen anymore.

Langford is a role player, he isn't great. We got him in the 3rd round so he has value there. Odrick in the 1st round, as a 3-4 DE to take on blocks had ZERO value.

That's not his fault, but, he has to live up to the billing now.

Andy, being the best CB is one thing. No argument there.

BUT! Woodson, for all that he does, is more valuable than Revis. Woodson is EVERYWHERE as a CB. He plays FS, SS. He blitzes from everywhere. His anticipation as a blitzer & a CB is amazing as Revis' body control.

That's why he won D player of the year ahead of him. At his age, what he's doing, is crazy!

We can agree to disagree.

Mark, it's fun. I'm like Steadman to Oprah (I wish, she doesn't make THAT much).

The best advice I can give to people wanting to get hitched is (and I know many will see this as cold) marriage is a financial decision first, then about feelings. Because, if you're both broke, love will fly out the window in a heartbeat.

You got to make sure the family you're entering is stable, hopefully with the ability to help if you get in trouble (and EVERYONE needs help sometime in life). Forget the looks as much, even f*cking Eva Mendes everyday would get old. When the spark dims, then what are you going to do with the high-school cheerleader (cheat, that's what usually happens)?

Worked for me, I'm in one of the happiest relationships out of all my married friends. Don't ever foresee us getting divorced. Unless of course the Dolphins win the SB, then all bets are off, and I might just fly the coop and go on a drinking/drug excursion like Hunter S. Thompson.

I guess I'm just the romantic one, aren't I?

Thomas was drafted with a hamstring injury if I remember correctly, it contributed to his poor combine results.

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