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Dolphins interior OL good at 'playing with each other'

Tony Sparano, a former offensive line coach, studies his line with much enthusiasm and focus.

And while Marc Colombo has allowed a Sun-Pass-lane-like 27 quarterback pressures this season, the interior of the Miami line has been solid to good much of the season according to Sparano.

Following Miami's 20-19 loss to the Cowboys -- a game in which the Dolphins averaged 3.6 yards per rush, allowed four sacks, had a botched shotgun snap cost them a turnover that led to a touchdown, Sparano said the interior of Miami's line is getting much better.

“I think they’re getting better and better every single week, I really do," Sparano said. "I think that week in and week out when you look at how those guys are grading out they are getting better. They are getting better fundamentally."

The Miami interior line consists of left guard Richie Incognito, center Mike Pouncey and right guard Vernon Carey, who moved from right tackle this season.

"Vernon Carey, during the course of that game, again and I keep saying this but there was a stretch of plays in that game where Vernon Carey looked like a really good guard," Sparano said, "I mean a really good guard."

I don't know if any of that means Carey, who is unsigned for 2012, can have hopes of returning next year. But for this season, Sparano is seeing things from his interior linementhat we obviously do not see. And, in one respect, he's seeing things from his interior linemen that I hope I never see.

"The three of them are starting to get better and I think that just comes with knowing each other and playing -- this isn’t going to sound good -- playing with each other together, I guess."


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"Getting Better"!? In every aspect of the game Sparano says the Dolphins are getting better. The secondary? "Getting Better" The pass rush? "Were almost there" QB play? "Were so close"

Were freakin 3 and 8! We suck and were not getting better at anything! Our 3 wins came against teams that have losing records.

Tony Sparano is delusional..

“I think they’re getting better and better every single week, I really do," Sparano said.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

That has been his mantra since he arrived. Meanwhile, the record never gets better.

Tony, see anything wrong with that picture?

sparano is so dumb, cannot wait till this clown and staff is fired

Good at playing each other? I will pass on commenting there.

But it should be a good line with 2 number one picks in there including a record high pick for a centre. Sheesh. This should be an obvious team strength (even though it isn't) considering the investment.

The Dolphins will defeat the Raiders this weekend...

Congratulations to everyone who can rate the interior linemen just from watching the games on TV. I have no idea! Just sayin'.

#1, I doubt it.

Yes we should look for a future QB in next years draft but if we want to keep any QB for a season then we better get ourselves some big, aggressive offensive linemen. The "O" line is the beginning of any great team. Without a good or great "O" line you best get a real speedy QB or multiple QB's because we are going to need them.

Capt, a line with 3 number one picks on it, shouldn't be looking for any more investment in it. No team has a greater investment in terms of picks than ours. Still it isn't dominant. That's a problem.

Spiderman, I've been one of the most critical posters here about the Dolphins. Having said that, I also like to call a spade a spade. Reality is the Dolphis have been playing very good football for a month now. That Dallas game could of gone either way. Nobody here is honest enough to admit that. We were one botched snap away from beating the Cowboys in their house on Thanksgiving. One TD in the red zone would of also made a difference. Graham missed a FG. The offense is finally making plays (Yeah, the red zone is still an issue) and the defense is playing pretty well. We need to get a good HC and a GM that can draft a few playmakers and we're on the right track. The Raiders are overrated. No reason why the Dolphins shouldn't kick their butts...

Get a decent replacement for Serena Williams and Marc Colombo and you'll see what happens...

That's right ! The Dolphins are getting better, getting better at losing !!!!! Hahaha

Coulda ..woulda ...shoulda..

we are what our record says we are!.....

Hmmm...where have I heard that before...??????

Oh yeah...from the future first ballot HOF Coach who gets no respect here in Miami...

but then I digress...

3 and 8.....OWN IT!!!!!!

Montreal, this game will put strength against strength. Oakland's run game against our rush defense. That is pretty much a wash. Carson Palmer has looked real good recently though....

This is NOT the same team that it was 2 months ago...Unfortunately, too little too late. I want Sparano and Ireland gone...But the team is playing very well, and that's A FACT. Doesn't matter what anyone says really...

Sorry...I respect your right to say it...BUT..

Green Bay, New England, New Orleans...

THEY are playing very well...

we are just playing better than we were...

there is a difference.


Please tell me what FACT you are talking about. They have not yet played well enough to beat a winning team. How is that considered playing very very well?

I happen to agree with Tony here. I too think they're getting better.

However, like most of you said, better is from 0-7 to 3-8 (so it's relative).

But they are getting better. Moore has more time to throw. No, the running game isn't doing that much, but that's more because they're using Reggie Bush in between the tackles. I have YET to see Darren Sproles run up the middle. Miami could learn from Sean Peyton.

Listen to Kraft talk about the Patriot way....Kraft says he meets with EACH player and tells them about the Patriot way.....they leave his office with a full briefing of what is expected of the players...ON and OFF the field....if the Patriot player chooses to ignore Mr. Kraft....He will NO LONGER BE A PATRIOT.....

Ladies and Gentlemen...I give you Corey Dillion....Randy Moss....ALbert Haynesworth.....and possibly in the future Chad 85 as examples....

Belicheat echoes Mr. Krafts sentiments on the Patriot way....

As does Tom Brady.....Rob Gronkowski...and even Danny Woodhead.....

That is called leadership....Guidance...and clear Direction......

No dancing for this team after sack....not if that sack came after an 0-7 start.....

Until the CULTURE CHANGES.....We will continue to see more of the same.....

Posted by: kris | November 30, 2011 at 10:38 AM

Read more: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/dolphins_in_depth/2011/11/earth-to-dolphins-lets-be-realistic-honest/comments/page/3/#comments#ixzz1fCpqJOJF

Kris....I couldn't agree more......

DA, did you watch the Dallas game??? Can you say they played like crap and Dallas dominated?? No...You can't. Spin it any way you want, that game could of gone either way. THAT'S A FACT. Before that game, they won 3 in a row. ANOTHER FACT. Are they heading to the Super Bowl?? No, duuuuh...But if you can't see this team getting better I don't know what to tell you...Reality is they are...


They are NOT playing better....they just played worst teams.....

"Better" is a relative term....

and BTW.....

Moore has played behind the same OL as Henne....it has to do with reading Defences...and getting the ball out on time....

DA, the "winning team" line is the GLARING OVERSIGHT everyone seems to have. We looked great beating the Chiefs, Skins and Bills. But so did almost every other team they played. It's not saying much. Sure, we're not the worst team in the league, but we're NOWHERE NEAR the top of the league either. We're actually closer to the bottom than the top.

So to say we're playing better, it's accurate. We're playing better than the Colts. Not sure why anyone wants to state that (because in the standings it's meaningless). But like you said, we're not playing well enough to beat any team with a winning record. And that's not just this year. Sparano's record vs. winning teams is horrible.

We're just not good. The best you can say about this team is they are mediocre. I guess some people are ok with that and willing to applaud it. I'm not and I don't (don't think you do either, something must be wrong with us...or them).

kris, that could be right too (the competition has been worse). But even the Denver game, I thought they were pretty good (and look what Denver's done to teams since then).

I believe that it takes time for an oline to gel. Just like I think it takes time to learn a new offense. I gave Henne the benefit of the doubt being in a new scheme. Ditto Moore. And ditto the line. With Pouncey, Colombo, Carey moving inside, it's the 4th new line in 4 years. They all have to learn each other, and it takes real-game experience to do that.

That's what I see (in them playing better). Like you said, it's relative. I don't think they are GREAT, or even GOOD, just BETTER than the god-awful performances of the first 7 weeks.

We need to fire sparano now and pursue cowher before the jags get to him.


Denver is a FRAUD.....Do not buy into that....

Tim Tebow is a distraction to keep you from focusing on the TRUE TALENT of CAM NEWTON....

DENEVR WILL NOT MAKE THE PLAYOFFS.....They may only win ONE more game.....

Thats my stance....

No fence riding here....

With these comments, Tony Sparano has once again proven that he is a complete effing drooling mouthbreathing idiot and shouldn't be allowed out in public without supervision. End of discussion.

DA and DC..agreed ..agreed...agreed..

we have been watching dismal play for so long, that some of us are looking for any light at the end of the tunnel...

but truth be told..Tony S is in way over his head, as is Ireland..and owner Ross..

...and until Ross wakes up and smells the coffee...nothing will be changed....

and therefore, results will remain as they are....floundering in mediocrity..

sorry to have to say it, but it's just the truth.


Did I say we played like crap against Dallas? Nope. Your words not mine. We did play Dallas tight, ok. What exactly am I spinning? We continue to lose when we have opportunities to win. We beat the Bills, wow, they lost there last 4 games by a score of 912 to 17. We beat the Skins led by the amazing Rex Grossman. Ok.

You still have not answered my question. How can you say we are playing very very well if we are not winning against teams with winning records? Lets let the facts speak for themselves. When we start beating winning teams, only then can it be said we are playing very well. To my standards, very well means beating good teams. Playing better is all relative. Sure, we are playing better, but to say very well? That is a stretch.

The Steelers had to kick field goals to barely get by KC...We destroyed them, in the same stadium last time I checked. All these arguments about who you play against is lame. The Jets are going to make the playoffs and if Johnson doesn't drop the ball at the end, they lose. The Dolphins are getting better, who they play against is irrelvant...

Can I just ask something? There's a lot of venom on here towards Mando. And I've noticed a lot thrown at Omar Kelly over at the SS (from posters here).

What is it with these guys you hate? I mean, I disagree with them from time to time, but overall find them pretty valuable resources. Mostly I think these guys are on point in their evaluations. I certainly am not so negative towards them that I hate their guts and call them names and spew the venom I hear from posters here.

So what am I missing? What is getting under your skin? Not sure about Kelly, but Mando's been covering the team for decade(s), at least 1. He can't be wrong about EVERYTHING he says. Remember, he hears things we don't, has an inside view that we aren't privy to.

I'm not defending Mando here, I just don't see how he's that awful at what he does.

LOL kris, geez, you guys are tough today.

I was talking about Denver's defense, which has been playing pretty dang good if you ask me. If they are winning with Tebow, and you KNOW he's not putting up points, then someone is stopping the other teams.

And, unlike us, they're beating teams with winning records.

Otherwise, I agree. Tebow will not be a starter for long.


Did you see my question for you?

It was about your trade scenario for Mallett.

Yes #1 they are getting better...

at this pace we should be in a Super Bowl in about another 15 years or so....

we have to ask these questions:

Is Tony S a Super Bowl level coach?

Is Ireland a champion designer?

Is Matt Moore or Chad Henne or anyone we've had the past 17 years since Danny a Super Bowl, elite QB?

We need yeses to these questions to be a winning franchise....

unfortunately, as it stands now, I see a lot of "no's"

kris, see Sling Blade @11:30am. He said, "end of discussion."


I could go a step further, being the Devils Advocate, and suggest that playing better when there is NOTHING more on the line is not as valuable as playing better when it COUNTS!

But I won't.

I think both sides have a valid point. Yes, we still stink. We will be better when we can play like we have for the last 4 weeks over a full season. The season doesn't start in November.

On the other hand, over the last month we can play with anyone. Right now, teams better bring their a game to beat us. By the end of the year we may prove to be an average team instead of a bad one.

Time will tell. Either way, it isn't good enough.

DA, my 11:20AM post is FACT. You asked me what FACT I was talking about. I answered you. I never posted you said they played like crap. You wanted a fact, and I gave it to you. What else do you want?? Like I said, if you can't see the improvement, so be it. They are playing better. I don't know what else to tell you. What's wrong with the Dolphins playing better anyway?? It seems like some people here get irritated about it. I don't understand. Did you want them to go in Dallas and beat the Cowboys 56-0??

DC....its hard for me to be objective when I am so biased twards Sling Blades post.....lol

Speaking of Denver, forget about Tim Tebow.

The real story is Von Miller!

I don't know what the deal is on the guy, but he has my vote for defensive rookie of the year.

kris, see Sling Blade @11:30am. He said, "end of discussion."


Posted by: DC Dolfan | November 30, 2011 at 11:38 AM



First good laugh of the DAY ;)

LOL Advocate...sounds to me like you did just that...

but it's okay..cause it's an excellent point.

Buster, I clearly stated that i want Sparano and Ireland gone. Badly. But if some players can finish the year strong, that's a + for the Dolphins. And right now, some players are playing pretty darn well. Some people here seem to think that a new GM and a new HC will come in and cut all 53 players on the team. Yeah, right...We'll need a lot of these players next year and the more the better. Frankly, that's all I give a sh** about...


I did see your question....and I was ducking it....hoping it would get lost in last blog....

It is a very thought provoking question....and I truly need time to ponder those questions a bit.....

In the light you posed those questions....I have to ask myself...is it worth the risk?

My thoughts coming soon....

What's wrong with the Dolphins playing better anyway?? It seems like some people here get irritated about it. I don't understand.

Posted by: #1 Dolphin Fan in Montreal | November 30, 2011 at 11:42 AM

1. You are the only one that seems irritated here, IMHO.

2. In your 11:09 post, your FACT was to say they are playing very well, not just better. I'll give you better, it is hard for me to consider it a FACT to say they are playing very well though. That is an opinion.

To each his own opinion.

At this point the OL should have arrived. Too much coddling these players. Used to think TS talked like this and then behind closed door whooped some butt, but now think he's too much a player's coach. Time for new leadership.

DA, whatever rocks your boat man. If the Dolphins beat the Raiders this weekend, I guess that's still a crappy football team and we're just lucky. Like you just said, to each his own opinion. I couldn't agree more.

#1 D-Fan...point well taken...as a complete overhaul would be impossible...besides outright foolish..
but, as long as we agree that the LEADERSHIP needs to change...in order to change the OVERALL performance ....hence changing the results on the field...

...then we are on the same page ...

At this point the OL should have arrived. Too much coddling these players. Used to think TS talked like this and then behind closed door whooped some butt, but now think he's too much a player's coach. Time for new leadership.

Posted by: dolfanSF
Couldn't agree more, dude.........

Buster, I couldn't agree more. The one thing I can't stand about Sparano is his clock management. He's really awful at it. I don't know how he thinks sometimes...And I still didn't get over his "watched tape" about Colombo. Freaky. What in the world did he watch??


Fair enough. I agree, if we beat the Raiders, 4-8 is still a crappy football team. So we are finding some common ground at least.



3-8.............. WE R TALKING 3-8............

Like most of us, I'm hoping for a 1st round QB.

However, the last thing I want to see happen is our "Fresh Out The Box" young QB come in and play behind this line. I don't care if it's Luck or Griffen(or who ever), transitioning to the NFL won't be easy behind this offensive line as it is right now.

This is why I think we need to look at using ANOTHER high pick(3rd, if not a 2nd rounder)for a Right Tackle.

I know it won't be a popular idea and I know we have a lot of needs. Still, if we're going to invest this much, we need to get behind whoever it is and give them the best possible chance for sucess.

That means drafting ANOTHER Tackle or Guard in the 2nd and **PRIORITY TARGETTING** one or the other in FREE AGENCY!

I know the argument of how much we've recently invested in the O-line, but to me, it matters not. Whoever takes over in the aquisitions department can't puzzy foot around any longer. We can't hitch the future hopes and dreams of our new Franchise guy to the likes of Carey, Colombo or even Garner!

Two more ROAD GRADERS and life gets easier for everyone concerned!

LOL @ #1 ...exactly...it was stated before perfectly by Spiderman .....

"Tony Sparano is delusional".....

hey...it happens ...

DA, yes 4-8 is a crappy record. I've been posting about the Dolphins PLAYING BETTER AS OF LATE. I never posted anything about their season in general. Yeah, of course it sucks. I think you'll agree with me if they would of started the season playing like they're playing now everything would be different. There's no way in hell they'd be 4-8.






Hey thanks ALoco...that's exactly the phrase I was searching for..

Tony S has acorn thinking.....PERFECT!!! lol

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