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Dolphins interior OL good at 'playing with each other'

Tony Sparano, a former offensive line coach, studies his line with much enthusiasm and focus.

And while Marc Colombo has allowed a Sun-Pass-lane-like 27 quarterback pressures this season, the interior of the Miami line has been solid to good much of the season according to Sparano.

Following Miami's 20-19 loss to the Cowboys -- a game in which the Dolphins averaged 3.6 yards per rush, allowed four sacks, had a botched shotgun snap cost them a turnover that led to a touchdown, Sparano said the interior of Miami's line is getting much better.

“I think they’re getting better and better every single week, I really do," Sparano said. "I think that week in and week out when you look at how those guys are grading out they are getting better. They are getting better fundamentally."

The Miami interior line consists of left guard Richie Incognito, center Mike Pouncey and right guard Vernon Carey, who moved from right tackle this season.

"Vernon Carey, during the course of that game, again and I keep saying this but there was a stretch of plays in that game where Vernon Carey looked like a really good guard," Sparano said, "I mean a really good guard."

I don't know if any of that means Carey, who is unsigned for 2012, can have hopes of returning next year. But for this season, Sparano is seeing things from his interior linementhat we obviously do not see. And, in one respect, he's seeing things from his interior linemen that I hope I never see.

"The three of them are starting to get better and I think that just comes with knowing each other and playing -- this isn’t going to sound good -- playing with each other together, I guess."