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Dolphins interior OL good at 'playing with each other'

Tony Sparano, a former offensive line coach, studies his line with much enthusiasm and focus.

And while Marc Colombo has allowed a Sun-Pass-lane-like 27 quarterback pressures this season, the interior of the Miami line has been solid to good much of the season according to Sparano.

Following Miami's 20-19 loss to the Cowboys -- a game in which the Dolphins averaged 3.6 yards per rush, allowed four sacks, had a botched shotgun snap cost them a turnover that led to a touchdown, Sparano said the interior of Miami's line is getting much better.

“I think they’re getting better and better every single week, I really do," Sparano said. "I think that week in and week out when you look at how those guys are grading out they are getting better. They are getting better fundamentally."

The Miami interior line consists of left guard Richie Incognito, center Mike Pouncey and right guard Vernon Carey, who moved from right tackle this season.

"Vernon Carey, during the course of that game, again and I keep saying this but there was a stretch of plays in that game where Vernon Carey looked like a really good guard," Sparano said, "I mean a really good guard."

I don't know if any of that means Carey, who is unsigned for 2012, can have hopes of returning next year. But for this season, Sparano is seeing things from his interior linementhat we obviously do not see. And, in one respect, he's seeing things from his interior linemen that I hope I never see.

"The three of them are starting to get better and I think that just comes with knowing each other and playing -- this isn’t going to sound good -- playing with each other together, I guess."


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All in the interest of good debate, I'm not so sure about that. Didn't we play NE well game 1 only to let the game get out of control? Ditto with the Giants? Ditto with Denver? That is the same thing we did at Dallas. I agree we are playing better, how much better is really hard to say. Let's see how they fare against the better teams they are coming up against now.




In the light you posed those questions....I have to ask myself...is it worth the risk?

My thoughts coming soon....

Posted by: kris | November 30, 2011 at 11:46 AM


Kris, thanks for the coardiality(is that a word?-LOL). I was a little concerned at how you would take the question.

No worries now, I can see you understand what I was asking(as opposed to me just being a dik-LOL).

Just kind of curious as to your thought processes on the Pro's and Con's of that deal. That kind of deal would make a BIG SPLASH in my opinion, and instantly polarize us fans into two camps.

I'll be looking forward to your response!


I miss Jeff, he was more of realist/optimist.

DA, fair enough. Big month of December coming up. I think the Dolphins will surprise a lot of people. At least now we have a QB who can make plays. That's a good start. We'll see how long is lasts.


Nothing I have said is both ways. We were playing so bad that even now that we are playing better I am saying it is still crappy. (I leaned that word from #1).




Fair enough. I agree, if we beat the Raiders, 4-8 is still a crappy football team. So we are finding some common ground at least.

Posted by: DevilsAdvocate | November 30, 2011 at 11:59 AM

DEVIL! I'll bite. So we beat the raiders, 4-8. Were still a crappy team.

BUT, if this happens, in YOUR OPINION, are we then:

A. Playing Better?


B. Playing Very Well?

It might sound like I'm joking, but really, just curious as to YOUR OPINION?



Bills might spiral further downward. Through default we might finish third, but we're still not that good.


When you post in this style...it looks like your kris....

This is his style of posting...so are you imitating him, or trying to get people to think he's posting under a new name....

It's a little off-putting...I know kris (as well as you CAN know a poster)...and he's not someone with multiple handles...

So can you please, pretty please, find a new style to post in...so we don't all get things confused?

Appreciate it!


odin, ABSOLUTELY on Von Miller. I can't remember, I think it was Craig M, but someone was talking about him being the BPA in the Draft this year. And looks like he's right there. The guy is a beast. Too bad we didn't land him.

every year with this hc we have won games in the middle of our schedule the problem is that last three years we have lost early won in the middle and lost late. i see no improvement in that part. next year when we get a new hc i will not get over excited about a winning record because i know we have a soft schedule next year like we did four years ago


When you post in this style...it looks like your kris....

This is his style of posting...so are you imitating him, or trying to get people to think he's posting under a new name....

Posted by: DC Dolfan | November 30, 2011 at 12:21 PM


As if I wasn't CONFUSED enough ALREADY!

It's "Keyboardgate" all over again!


The more this team wins in the remaining games the lower our draft position (no QB) and the more likely Ireland and Sparano stick. Result? More mediocre seasons with losing starts because TS can't get a team ready until at least a third of the way through the season.

Every game we win damages the future of this franchise. I want my team to win but I can also think past my nose and would prefer to have a chance at a dynasty.

They are playing more exciting football but, while I hesitate to call them "good," it reminds me of JJ saying "The biggest enemy of great is good."

Also, the Fins least popular coach occasionally had a zinger... "We're worried about the mouse droppings when there's a huge pile of elephant sh*t in the middle of the room." Sparano and Ireland are that pile. Ross can prove he's not by getting rid of them.


Posted by: ALoco | November 30, 2011 at 12:22 PM

Thanks for your Concern ALoco.

If you happen to find it, you can return it to the 2nd floor Bar at the Bay Mills Casino Resort.

Thanks in advance ;)

At the beginning of the season Sparano was among several head coaches on "the hot seat". Marvin Lewis probably was too. New QB new RB, you just bought yourself more time. It's too late for Sparano.

Dolphins interior OL good at 'playing with each other'

If you thought Burnett was upset with Omar Kelly awhile back, just wait till Cognito see's this Headline!

Be AFRAID Armando, be VERY AFRAID!!!!

PS: My inside sources have just informed me that Jerry Sandusky has contacted Mr. Ross today about some openings he'd like to fill in the near future!

DC Dolphin.....has it ever occurred to you that Kris posts like me?...instead of the other way around?...

could it be you're asking the wrong person the right question/...or is it the right operson the wrong question?????

.....holy good schitt ...now I'M EVEN confused !!!???

odin, we need to quit drafting offensive lineman and pick some up via free agency. Use the draft picks on some premium picks etc (WR, LB, S, CB).

Drafting OL and DL has gotten us to where we are now

Spider....that's what we get with "delusional"...

nowhere..... :-(

BTW Jimmy Jam.......no friggin way Sporano survives the dismal results of the last three seasons...NO WAY!....

if he does..then the one delusional is Mr Ross !!!

odin, we need to quit drafting offensive lineman and pick some up via free agency. Use the draft picks on some premium picks etc (WR, LB, S, CB).

Drafting OL and DL has gotten us to where we are now

Posted by: Spiderman | November 30, 2011 at 12:49 PM

Yep, I can't argue with that and NORMALLY I would agree whole heartedly.

I'm all for it, Free Agency is fine, as long as it solidifies the line.

Still, I don't think we can/should afford two starting O-lineman in free agency. Just because of salary cap restraints, especially when you consider the money/contracts we already have tied up in the O-line.

I don't really have a preference as to HOW, just as long as we DO.

We've had one issue after another with this O-line for the Guru's(sporano)entire tenure here. I just want it to end.

If we're going to start a rookie QB next season, we HAVE TO AT LEAST have a solid and settled line. To suceed early, he'll need good protection and a SOLID RUN GAME. It always helps the youngster QB's.

I think this has been SpOrano's achilles heel. He's supposedly an offensive line Guru, so that makes it the "Irony of Ironies"!

Hey.....the Jaquars fired Jack Delrio...and I heard they are going to interview the Head Coach at New Haven College....

yeah , RIGHT!!!!!

I read where someone said they would like to keep Tony Sparano as an OL coach.
In the words of odin. AHHHEEEMMMMMM



LOL..Spider..similar thoughts in the same moment...

now I'm freakin out for real!!!

Mark in Toronto,

I read your comment this morning that 'a top 15 QB adds an extra 4 wins'. I'm not sure I'm buying that. Is Josh Freeman a top 15 QB? Is Joe Flacco? Is Sam Bradford? How about Cam Newton? Michael Vick?

I haven't crunched the numbers but I'd likely have each of the them in the top 15 (not sure about Bradford. I can't tell if it's mostly the team around him or if he's really got it. I'm willing to cut him some slack for now). I'm not sure ANY of these guys make their teams 4 games better. I certainly don't feel Flacco does.

I think this came about with your discussion with DC. Not sure how it ended up but I don't believe I want a 36 year old Peyton Manning. First of all we don't know what we're getting. To me it's like the Daunte Culpepper or Trent Green thing all over again. 'Let's trade draft picks for a guy who may or may not have it any more'. Doesn't make sense to me. We've tried it and it hasn't worked. So why would we KEEP doing it. Yes, I know Peyton is pretty much a one of a kind but that's the OLD Peyton. I don't think it makes sense for us in giving up draft picks (and there will likely be multiple), in terms of dollars and in terms of what we may or moay not be getting back. I gt what you're saying but I'm going to say no thanks. I'd rather take a shot on one of the kids rather than mortgaging the future on a guy coming off multiple neck surgeries.

But really...what's wrong with Tony S as offensive line coach?.........



(Please observe the stunned silence....)

Not really interested in how we perform (as a team) the rest of the way, looking more at individual people and who I'd want back next year and who's a waste. Until I know when Miami is drafting I'm probably not getting excited about football for a little while.


Posted by: ALoco
Yo ALoco...are those the same deep, long term thinking Bostonians who built that underground expressway, and are STILL trying to figure out how to drain the water out of it???

just saying...... :-)


Um, you want me to comment on what I think about a game that hasn't happened yet. I'll be glad to give my opinion after I see how the game goes.


Posted by: ALoco | November 30, 2011 at 12:21 PM

Huh? Is that like WD40? Explain.


i'm not looking for trouble....but you are confusing me as well....

and to answer your question.....while you may not me imitating me....I clearly had this writing style before you began posting here....as least before you began posting as Buster....

On a more positive note....your post do have substance....and that counts for something...


Classic Business sandwich ....

1. state your concern (bread)

2. don't put the offender on the defensive (mayo)...

3. re-enforce your position with know facts (meat)....

4. end with compliment (bread)....

Your a Business man DC....how did I do.....

Do the Jags take ANOTHER QB this year after trading up to get Gabbert last year? That's the conundrum we would have found ourselves in if we'd gone ahead and done what they did, as some wanted us to do. There were others who wanted us to do the same with Ponder. Again, can you say with ANY certainty after watching him play that he's the guy for the next ten years? If you can then you're a better man than me. He looks to have a chance but I think we need to see a lot more before we know for sure. Gabbert, I just don't see it in him. To the continual Mallett lovers on here, interesting that he hasn't been active for ANY of the games this year. Tells me that he's still not NFL ready, to start or to backup, as so many people would have had us believe this time last year. Jury is still out on him....sorry guys.


You still got me perplexed...but I have stalled long enough.....answer to your question coming next....

You guys suck..... I suck.... Literally suck....like I mean literally suck....wink wink.....

Kris...I'm flattered that you deem my writing style similar to yours....

but since we both have a ways to go before Hemmingway's legacy is in danger, I don't think there are any copyright infringements...

so since this is simply the way I write...all I can say is "c'est la vive" .....

but as soon as I get my iambic pentameters in order, I'll be writing here like Billy Shakespeare........

don't I wish......

kris, that was an incredible post. Like your sandwich metaphor, very creative.

I also believe you were posting before Buster, but I'm not the Blog Enforcer, so don't take it as fact.

You're right though, Buster isn't a troll, he makes poignant remarks, so I welcome him with open arms (as long as he doesn't change handles).

But you're still the Original to me bro!

Craig M.....

Yes I believe the Jags take a new QB....New Coach usually means new QB....and with the rookie cap....that makes that decision much easier for Owner....and GMs.....

On Mallet....he sits behind Brady.....I trust Belicheats way of coaching...teaching...or training.....

I think it is less of e referendum on Mallett....and more of a coaching Technique by Belicheat......stay in the kids head....make sure he is ready to play if/when asked....He may not be as MATURE as I hope....and Belicheat may be working that out of him.....

Phew!! I'm glad DC sorted all that out for us.... :-)


At this point, they can't do anything but ride it out with Gabbert. Like you said, you traded up in rd 1 to get him, so they can't dismiss him so easily. So I say no, they don't get a QB. They have LOTS of other holes to fill. Unlike Ponder (who I think has a lot of weapons around him), Gabbert has Pocket Hercules, that's pretty much it.

Just like all you guys (you know who you are) wanted to give Henne 20 years to see what we have with him, Jags will do the same thing (at least for another year).

So I don't think them OR Minn will be in the QB market. Redskins for sure. Us for sure. Cleveland and Arizona very likely. Seattle probably. Obviously the Colts get Luck. Maybe Denver and KC and Buffalo.

I think that's our competition.

So the Jags take a 1st round QB in consecutive years, and we're arguing if we should take one for the first time in almost 3 decades.

Anyone having a problem seeing why we're not an elite team?

I Buster....sounds fair to me....funny Hemingway reference.....

but all joking aside.....

I am suing you for copyright infringement.......

Armando.....get my lawyers on the phone......NOW!!!!!!


Okay...but if you want a lawsuit with any merit....the Dolfans should file a class action against Tony Sparano for impersonating a Head Coach !!!!


2pm bro. Practice has got to be winding down. Let's get some reports. Carey off crutches? Thomas tweak one of his hind-quarters?

Bring the news (I defended you just a little while ago, don't make me look stupid)!

Buster.....that we can agree on....

no on trading for mallet. why waste picks to deal, use our first rounder on barkley

tony will be fine, he will coach someones oline next year and make it alot worse


REALLY good post at 1:42pm. You and I don't quite see Mallett the same but I agree with everything you said. Interesting though that he hasn't been active for a single game this year. Is Hoyer that good? Wouldn't you want to for at least one game get the kids blood boiling a little bit and get him close to the action. Figured it would be a good reward for his hard work but NADA so far....I read where Belichick said he's making progress and working hard but something tells me that's Bellichick doing his marketing and trying to build the kid's value up, should a trade materialize.

kris, I also agree with you on Gabbert. I think the Jags are in the market again this year for a first round QB. Del Rio and company look like they bit too hard jumping up and grabbing Gabbert. I think the new coach pushes hard to get a Barkley or a Jones in the draft. It's yet another team we will have to compete with for a first round QB.

yup craig and we might just win a game or 2 more than jacksonville, not good

Tony speaks like a man with no job!

"But the team is playing very well, and that's A FACT." - Montreal.

A team plays really well when it (1) wins, (2) scores more than 2 or 3 TD's a game, and (3) Has a plus turnover ratio.

The Dolphins are not playing well.

If all you have ever dated are "1's", then certainly you may believe a "2" is a goddess. You, unfortunately, would be wrong; she is a "2."

You, with all due respect, are wrong with respect to the Dolphins as well. A QB who manages 1 TD is not playing well. A line that gives up 3 sacks is not playing well. A defense that allows a team to run the field and score the game winning td is not playing well. A team whose highest scorer (by a factor of multiples) is the kicker is not playing well.

Those are the facts.

While I am amused, can you get a copyright for poor writing?

What does the application look like?

I seek a copyright for my writing style which demonstrates I never learned to end a sentence properly. My writing style demonstrates that I always have an unfinished thought, can't remember to use proper nouns, or I have drifted off to sleep while writing my post. I deserve this copyright because no other human being ever failed in English as miserably as I did.


Sparano is DELUDED....in an alternate reality...we are 3-8 what part of STINK does Sparano not understand....oh and anyone considering anything but a QB as our 1st pick is INSANE....how many more mistakes do you wanna make?....stop outsmarting yourself and pick a QB as the 1st pick....and keep doing that every year till you fill that GAPING HOLE...everything else falls into place after QB...even the O line....

A team which is 3-8 is CRAP.
A team which is 4-8 is CRAP.
A team which is 5-8 is CRAP.
A team which is 6-8 is CRAP.
A team which is 7-8 is MEDIOCRE.
A team which is 8-8 is NOT THE MIAMI DOLPHINS.
Sparano plus Ireland is CRAP personified.


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