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Dolphins kicking Bills in the, well, you know

The Dolphins are asking no quarter. And giving none.

They're up 28-6. And when the Bills lined up for a 56-yard FG attempt with four seconds left in the half, Tony Sparano called a time out to ice the kicker. Haha. Classic!

The field goal by Dave Raymer was good anyway.

It's the only thing that has gone well for Buffalo today.

The Dolphins basically kicking the Bills in the hind quarters. Their 28 points at halftime is more points than the Dolphins have scored in seven of their previous nine games.

Great job.


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Went for a bike ride. Back now...


we have to least stay in top 10 of draft, but depressing watching it slip away

Moore is a fantasy buster.

No one's here knocking Moore. We're all singing his praises today. Armando even posted he had a 158 qb rating.

We only say Moore hasnt shown enough longterm to warrant foregoing drafting a qb 1st rd. Its been over a decade since Marino. That alone suggest its too early not to draft a QB 1st rd.

Where were these guys the first 7 weeks?

Why I am still not comfortable with this lead? We'll see how our running game looks when we need it. I wouldn't mind another touchdown or two.

moore is no better than jay fiedler

Moore makes Henne look like a damaged robot

Craig, with respect, Matt Moore playes SIX (6) games last year. That according to NFL.com and ESPN.com and any other .com you can search.

That is all.


You're right. He is Jay Fiedler. But Fielder also took us to the playoffs.

Darryl, I'm all in for a first round QB next year but I believe if Moore keeps playing like this he will start the season as the number 1. I don't believe any of the kids, other than Luck will start the season as the number one. That's just my opinion. Time will tell.

chad henne,lol remember when fans in here acted like he was great in september, they do this with all the garbage qbs we try here

Armando, I'm getting my stats from Wikipedia.

I have to take this shot, sorry. I thought YB was over the hill according to most of you guys here.

Posted by: oscar canosa | November 20, 2011 at 02:45 PM


YB's having a great game. I never doubted his run stopping ability. Its his coverage that's suspect. He usually have has 1-2 games in coverage a year. Thats not enough.

craig he didnt take us, our defense was very good back then

Carolina is kicking the Detroit you know what big time.27-14

Alright, no more praise for Matt Moore in here, irrespective of whether or not he is playing like a stud. He assisted the Panthers in sucking last year, and for that, he will never amount to anything.

Go Dolphins

I thought YB was over the hill according to most of you guys. Sorry.

The World's Greatest Linebacker is having a decent,albeit not outstanding, game as well.

moore played 6 games last year, started 5. was awful craig

you got the wrong score. Its 28-6.

Hey, Elf, the Panthers suck THIS year with Cam Newton so how much you want to blame Moore?

Craig M... I respect your point. And you could be right. Maybe our guy will not be ready to start.. And in that case..yes Moore would be a nice piece. I just think if we do draft a qb. That guy is going to play. I think we are all oon the same page though.

according to the entire nfl bell is over the hill. yes we all know this, he wont be back. one game doesnt make him young again


Whatever you say. He was still the QB at that time. Regardless of however we got there, he was the QB that took us to the playoffs. If you want to blame guys when things are going bad, you also have to give credit when things are going good. Regardless of the situation, he was the starting QB at the time.

Marv should really stick to basketball.


Youre making an argument where this is none. Further proof your comprehension level is skewed.

Everyone's singing Moore's praises this game, even Armando. We're just sayins dont let the green grass fool us.

You agree we need to darft a qb #1 and we're all singing Moore's praises as far as this game. So WTH is your argument/non-argument all about?

Again the pessimism and negative thoughts raise their ugly heads. Some you all should be on Prozac. And BTW, do the Steelers and Ravens and Patriots, etc. get high draft picks to make their teams successful? So what is up with people whining when this team wins?
Go Dolphins!

I live in Carolina....there showing Cam the scam-lootin Newton ok QB...suspect human being

To quote Lucy, Astonished, "Don't you know sarcasm when you hear it?!"

I'm saying draft a QB in the first round, there's more than just Luck available.

I'm saying enjoy the FVCK out of Matt Moore and beating the snot out of Buffalo for TODAY!

Dusty Bottoms is whinning about EVERYTHING and praying that he and his Phins remain losers?

He calls me retarded-Bhwaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaa!

Like I said Dusty, NOBODY is listening to you and your myopic "wowsy, wowsy, woo, wooing ;)

PS: In case you missed it Dusty, were Kicking some Bills ARSE!!!!!

YEAH Baby!!!!

Bhwaaaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

I have to take this shot, sorry. I thought YB was over the hill according to most of you guys here.

Posted by: oscar canosa | November 20, 2011 at 02:45 PM


YB's having a great game. I never doubted his run stopping ability. Its his coverage that's suspect. He usually have has 1-2 games in coverage a year. Thats not enough.

Most points scored in the first half by the Phins since September of 2002 Wow!

CraigM's so confused he's trying to convince on something we're all already convinced on. Boy is that kid confused!

craig i liked fiedler, was a decent guy with much much better players around him. im ready for a franchise qb, arent u? and this is the draft with what looks like least 3. we cant afford to fall anymore in draft

You knew they were gonna go to Marshall early in the half

lol so true yesterday

Yeah that's it you overpaid F face millionaires... That's the way to screw the Man by taking us out of contention of drafting a top 10 QB... As you are all sitting in your saunas smoking your Cubans and getting H jobs we fans are STILL HERE SUFFERING.

Meaningless wins = future loss and franchise QB. No matter what we win we are NOT even in the running for a wild card so what do we gain out of meaningless wins?? F&^%$d that's what we get.

We SUCK when we win and we SUCK when we lose.

Have a nice day.

Brandon Marshall caught his first pass in the first possession of the second half. Amazing, considering Miami scored 28 points.


We will finished no worse than reasonable trade up territory. Im fairly convinced of that.

Sure catch dropped by the beast, seen enuff of him all year dropping passes, he is more part of the problem than the solution...

Will Marshall EVER hold onto a pass?

the one who started that rumor was the Big O, and the funny thing is than when he started all this crapp he also said he is his friend,and he love him, than he interview him a lot, and all the bs that go with the knife in the back

And promptly dropped a wide open pass, the guy is an enigma.

Bill WR Nelson (illness) is questionable to return.

McGee (Knee) is out the rest of the game.

Bills falling apart.

yeah yesterday but can we afford to give up picks to move up? very true nyg, very frustrating

Hey, the Phins should draft a hot shot Young QB like Colt McCoy--you know, one with a cool name that makes the fan base believe!

Could not have said it better, yesterday's gone.

..Soiled Bottom..Are you familiar with a town named Albemarle? Some good friends of mine opened an establishment there. ZPie(the pie is actually the math symbol..cleaver)

It wouldn't be a Dolphin game without Brandon Marshall dropping easy catches...

Mando, the score is 28-6 not 28-7 as you have at the top of the blog

new regime hopefully will least look into dealing marshall


You need to excuse Mandy as he's probably smoking fatties and eating Bachmann Mini Bite pretzels.

lol cc, we all know armando isnt even watching the game. much better things to do

A little "Monster with two backs" at the half. Today is shaping up very well.

Some special recipe chicken wings in the oven and just about ready to eat.

Win, lose, early draft pick, 7-9, 9-7, whatever.

Perspective, baby. All is good.

Not a catch.

That unfortunately was nowhere near a catch.

I want my dolphins to win every game, without a doubt. But i want a new head coach and general manager, and a new starting qb. So now I'm starting toget scared.

Thanks for correcting me on the score.

The Matt Moore is our QB of the future talk has got me rattled.


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