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Dolphins kicking Bills in the, well, you know

The Dolphins are asking no quarter. And giving none.

They're up 28-6. And when the Bills lined up for a 56-yard FG attempt with four seconds left in the half, Tony Sparano called a time out to ice the kicker. Haha. Classic!

The field goal by Dave Raymer was good anyway.

It's the only thing that has gone well for Buffalo today.

The Dolphins basically kicking the Bills in the hind quarters. Their 28 points at halftime is more points than the Dolphins have scored in seven of their previous nine games.

Great job.


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alot of garbage games today but car-detroit is getting good. as is balt cincy. andy dalton is the man

"..Soiled Bottom..Are you familiar with a town named Albemarle? Some good friends of mine opened an establishment there. ZPie(the pie is actually the math symbol..cleaver)"

Yes I am familiar with the town....next time Im that way I will stop in and say hello... :)

I would easily give up a 1st, 2nd, and Brandon Marshall to move up and take RGIII!


Please remind us of your pregame prediction....

Falling deeper and deeper into the draft means more years of futility and aggravation.

rg?? u wont have to move up. seen him as low as early 2nd rd. im not sold on him. id love jones or barkley though

Blocked Punt TD !!!!!!!!!!! O M G!!!!!!

Where has this been all year!!!!

Then yesterday gone, u r an idiot.

The special teams getting in on the deal????

Dude where has this team been?????


Can't remember the last time Miami blocked a punt...wow! TD Miami!

what the hell? fins blocking punts, scoring at will. am i drunk already??

unreal how bad dallas is, jerry jones has to be pissed off, another wasted year for them.

Thi biggest d bag owner is Ross. Go bake a bialy or something.

I'm in Carolina as well Soiled, Winston Salem; where are you?

I know that the heavens have opened up and smiled on the phins now


If you were hoping for a Bills comeback you can pack it in!

AwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwRiiiiiiiiiiiiight MIAMI!!!!

Now I really think Im dreaming. A st's block and td? Come on man, Hollywood couldnt even come up with this!

When was the last time miami blocked a punt...let alone blocked a punt for a TD ?

Haven't seen a complete game in a long long long time. All three phases showing up?

Jones is not NFL worthy, he's too robotic. Barkley has really put it all together this year.

There is not a team in the NFL playing as well as the Dolphins right now.

Don't challenge me on this--I have the Redzone Channel.

Bialy? Are those even made anymore? Maybe only at those deli's in Brooklyn. hah

Total team effort today!

Yeah, got to give him the opportunity to see if he is but I doubt he is the long term solution, like I said earlier, got to draft, trade for or acquire through FA a much better solution as insurance. Moore still needs much work, no doubt.

St. Louis (Bradford) will not draft a QB. Neither will Carolina (Newton). The Vikings would give up on Ponder for Luck but no one else. Ditto Jacksonville with Gabbert. Miami could win a couple more games this year and still be in a position to draft RG3 or Barkley.


Please remind us of your pregame prediction....

Posted by: mifo | November 20, 2011 at 03:06 PM

I predicted the final score;
BILLS - 31
Miami - 19

Obviously I did not choose wisely.


last time Phins blocked a punt for TD 1990

I'll be looking forward to the posts this week about how Ireland doesn't know talent and how there's only 10-12 guys on this team who should be back next year. How the talent base is average and how all Ireland knows are acorns.

Just Amazing Today!!!

The best all around performance by this team in quite some time. Is that over stating the obvious?

Tough to gauge this game. Hard tell where our improvement begins and Bills suckiness ends!

yeah barkley would be money if we could get him some how,. but it doesnt look good. damnnnn

Let JP Losman play!!

Salt in the wound!!!

I agree fins4ever, if we can't Luck and I'm pretty sure we can't I would like Barkley. He showed poise and accuracy last night. Looks like a solid prospect.

First block punt for a TD since 1990? whoa!

Miami should draft Landry Jones.

..Soiled. Great. Kenny, and Misty Polk. Incredible people. I hope you enjoy, should you stop in.

Now I know the football gods are determined to keep the Dolphins mediocre, a blocked punt for a TD, what's next , naked cheerleaders lol

If Jones falls on that ball he has it! Geez!

Sure would like to beat the sh*t out of the Cow pies...

If I'm not mistaken, Mark Higgs was the last Dolphin to score on a blocked punt. Boy, that was a long time ago.

Jones should have had the fumble recovery!

Detroit just took the lead from CamRolina!

OMG Jones doesn't know how to cover a FUMBLE!


BUCS - 13

One score from tie.

Let's go Bucks... I want to hear those champaigne corks poping on ESPN tonight.

OOOOOOOOH that hurt!

At what point does Sparano start to consider resting some of the starters. We've got a tough test on Tuesday on the National stage? Is it full out effort for the whole game?

Damn!!!! Sinus clearing hits!

Wow, the defense is just teeing off right now!

That helmet to helmet hit by Burnett is going to cost him $$$$$$

Thursday rather...

What the heck did that ref see??????

Hey, wasn't JP Losman a first-rounder?

If cam wake could hold onto QBS hed have atleast 5 more sacks this season

Go PeeWee!

LOL Elf, yes he was!

LMAO!!! no one joined Odrick on that dance LOL

PEE WEE dance!


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