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Dolphins kicking Bills in the, well, you know

The Dolphins are asking no quarter. And giving none.

They're up 28-6. And when the Bills lined up for a 56-yard FG attempt with four seconds left in the half, Tony Sparano called a time out to ice the kicker. Haha. Classic!

The field goal by Dave Raymer was good anyway.

It's the only thing that has gone well for Buffalo today.

The Dolphins basically kicking the Bills in the hind quarters. Their 28 points at halftime is more points than the Dolphins have scored in seven of their previous nine games.

Great job.


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Right. Thursday. Turkey Time!!! Mmmmm, Golden Turkey, mashed taters, gravy, green beans, stuffing, sweet taters.

Yeah, Odricks a bust, you can tell by how he's coming on like beast in his first year AS A STARTER!!!!

Back up player.....don't you know yg.....LOL.

Nice tackle Smith..

Was that a sack for taylor?


I know there are better games on, but I can't take my eyes off this butt kicking!


Defense is absolutely rockin'

Odrick was the final first round pick ever selected by Bill Parcells. Just sayin'.

Taylor gets the sack and forced fumble

Been waiting a long time for the Phins to lay a shellacking on someone like this.

We are playing great-a blocked punt-I thought I'd NEVER live to see one by the Dolphins-but man can't we recover a fumble-that WE caused-just missed 2!!!

Odrick-Bell and defense doing well-still won't pass to Hartline Gates Marshall

JT still has the foot speed to close on a qb in a foot race!

Moore just said "Fuuudge."

Someone inform Drayton Florence his team is losing 35-6.

Reggie-accelerate into the defender-don't stop-remember Gray Y

Should have drafted Spiller-45 yards-to Bess 4 yards

Im pretty sure reggie just did armando

Someone inform st's Spiller is still dangerous!

End of the third and the Bucs are down driving at the Green Bay 30 to hopefully tie. Green Bay looks tired.

LET's go Bucs...

LINK below.


haah Chase

This is where the coaches need to continue to be aggresive!

Believe it or not, people have actually left the stadium. Miami fans.

Armando, do u know if they call 911

Bess 25 yrds receiving 1 TD. Undrafted

Spiller 18 yds receiving 45 yard punt return. top 10 pick



The way the Bills have been losing and losing players, it's conceivable to believe they will lose every game remaining which also puts them right there with Miami as to where they will be drafting.

We've waited so long for back to back wins at home. Why would you leave? They're still selling beer.

Would rather be out in the parking lot drinkin eatin & smokin fatties, that's what most Phins Fans do. Great Tailgate experience there

South Florida fans suck! If I lived in Florida I would be at every game. They take it for granted.

Pack 21 Bucs 19. Bucs miss 2pt conversion.

5 missed tackles on the side line

I wouldn't leave the stadium always enjoyed a trouncing



Believe it or not, people have actually left the stadium. Miami fans.

Posted by: Armando Salguero | November 20, 2011 at 03:27 PM

With all the empty seats, how could u tell, Armando?

Looks like td-less defensive streak coming to a end!

Coach Sparano just realized we are up by 9 field goals

C'mon Bucos

9 field goals??? Thats a whole lot of fist pumps right there.

Wouldn't hurt my feelings at all to replace Sean Smith, can't stand the way he plays, or I should say the way he "doesn't" play.

I rounded up


Can you blame the fans? They're only testing what feels like again to go home early with victory in hand!

They went for 2 and missed.

Green Bay 21
BUCS - 19

Let's go Bucs...



tradeseansmith.com. The guy sucks period.

with a 11 % of unemployment down here in Miami-Broward counties I doubt you will be seat in the Stadium at least you were one of the 1%

Awesome D play V Davis and K Burnett on the goal line!

D stand.

That was not columbo

Wow, talk about some stupid crap. All you guys wishing for failure so that Sparano is gone and we get a #1-10 pick are lame as hell. Especially wishing for a loss to the freaking Bills. If you happen to have a clue about the history about the rivalry, then you'll remember that it was the Bills fans who threw BRICKS at our team Bus when we went to Buffalo. I don't care if a win against the Bills would cost us the next Marino, I would never, ever, ever hope to see them lose to the Bills.

No matter what I always hope for the 'Phins to win. Sparano is gone anyway about it, and most likely Ireland too. We will have a new coach next year, and there is plenty of QB talent in the draft that will not be in the top 10 picks. In fact there may be 1 or 2 QB's in the top 10, then the rest of this pretty talented class will be available for teams who either have the draft picks or are willing to wheel and deal for them. It will be up to our scouting dept, new coach, and hopefully new GM to find them, because rest assured we are not getting Luck.

dont recall saying Moore is our QB of the future, meaning our franchise QB. But if he plays as well the rest of the season, he could/should be the starter coming in to 2012. Giving time for grooming our QB pick from the draft. But people need to start giving credit where credit is due. Moore is playing exceptional.hands dowwn

Im leaning toward Landry also, like his play. dont like the school he plays for though..lol. but he seems to be a great prospect..He also plays more legit competitors than Luck.

If Matt Moore keeps playing the way he's playing then we should draft a cb or wr with our first round pick and a qb in the second round. Between him and Henne we don't seem to have qb problem anymore. Matt Moores numbers are outstanding!! To bad everybody is scared to believe in him until the bandwagon says its safe.

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