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Dolphins lead Bills 14-3 in the second quarter

The Dolphins scored on their first two possessions of the day. And they haven't even thrown a pass to Brandon Marshall yet.

Matt Moore is looking like he ate his accuracy vitamins this morning. Bills QB Ryan Fitzpatrick ... not so much as he's already thrown an interception to Nolan Carroll.

The live blog picks up in the comments section below. Join moi.


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I agree with Mando @ 1:56...

It does not matter which direction to go just win miami

Miami is pretty much doing whatever they want. Can't let up, keep driving , keep scoring, keep D pressure on. Got tot stay aggressive in all phases, Dallas up in less than a week.

I agree Mando, But if Moore continues to make strides in improving, he could be the starter til a rookie QB is groomed..

link for the game?

Matt Moore is a damn sight better than Henne. Let the Phins draft a QB, but also let them keep Mr Moore handy.


What's Moore's qb rating right now?

Has to be at least hovering close to 150 right now.

If this team wins 7 of the final 9 games it would be hard to fire the coach, wouldn't it? Wouldn't that put Ross in a bit of a bind?

Armando I have been reading in several Sport related publications that at the end of the year the Dolphins "will clean house" and they mean from the top...Jeff Ireland??

Some opinions:

1. Dolphins will not win out.

2. The team needs a franchise quarterback.

3. That QB is not Matt Moore.

4. There will be a change at the end of the year at the top of the organization.

Posted by: Armando Salguero | November 20, 2011 at 01:56 PM

Hmmmmmmmmmm..............Just the fact that you posted this at this particular time makes me feel fuzzy all over ;)


Link is good


Mando is the best CB tandem in the league playing today?

Gotta be careful with this false sense of hope. This team does that every year and ends up getting nowhere. Lets not forget that if the Fins finish under .500 this year it will be the third year in a row we finish that way. Hardly what i would call success.

If this is blowout by the third quarter do you start resting people for Thursday @ Dallas?

Yey more commercials!

I do love that Daboll has been using an unrestricted playbook, it feels so good to see deep passes in Miami again. Makes us so much harder to defend. While the running game is not great, it is more than good enough to make them respect, thus the ability to use the whole playbook. Finally we are getting somewhere but we need to be able to do it consistently against good teams.

it would seem, IF we were to win out, and Thats a BIG IF, it would put Ross in a difficult situation.. The only thing lately that has kept me leaning back and forth, is the fact Sparano never lost the team. They still stand by him, and play hard for him..but other aspects of his coaching, well lets just say I scratch my head..


Chris, it wouldn't be hard at all since like i said it would be the third straight losing season for this franchise.

If this is blowout by the third quarter do you start resting people for Thursday @ Dallas?


If Moore continues to play this well, you will all slowly change your minds. I know, you are thinking its one quarter or one game. But its more than that, and if he looks this good against the next upcoming opponents, at some point, you have to ask, what more can you expect of Moore? Maybe he is a late bloomer, and blooming now.

Some people, like DC, say that no network talking head has said Moore is a starter, so that means he is not. Well, he is sure playing like one.

Now if he fails to perform at the same level against the better teams, ok, but...how about giving him a chance before putting the nail in the coffin? Fair no?

Hope the "new regime" keeps Duboll!

They still stand by him, and play hard for him..but other aspects of his coaching, well lets just say I scratch my head..

Posted by: finfaneurope | November 20, 2011 at 02:04 PM

I don't buy that their playing for him. Their playing for themselves, as well they should, these guys have families to feed, they don't give a fig about Tony.

Nice play by Davis!

Drunkie! Drunkie.......ah......I mean.......Davis! Davis!

Devils Advocate,

That's how we ended up keeping Jay Fiedler and passing on potential franchise qb's.
We still need a franchise qb. Moore could be one helluva of stop gap and backup to him.

Chad Henne last seen renting a Uhaul!

Armando, wish the point # 4 of ur post like a Christmas gift or a Black Friday

Here is your measure of Matt Moore. He is statistically 15-20 QB after four years in the NFL.

Who among you would not trade him for Luck or Barkley or RG3 today?

Case closed.

I like Bess a lot as a rcvr but he has does nothing really as a returner. Try someone else out.

Moore's good play only guarantees Chad Henne wont be back. Thats all folks!

Moore has not even had a full season of starts. Most of his career he was on the worst team in football. There is no law that says we still can't draft a QB #1. Henne is certainly gone so we still need to add a QB. Let them compete, simple.

Guys who needs to Suck for Luck when we can Score with Moore and have fun on Sundays for the rest of the season

He is statistically 15-20 QB after four years in the NFL.

That sums up the Dolphins since Marino retired

i dont think that is going to happen. However you do make a good point. If we were to win out, meaning beating the Cowboys,Jets,patriots and Moore shines in all those games having him as a starter next season would not be a bad thing..still need a QB in the draft though

Armando, where was Peyton Manning statistically after 15 starts?

I don't care if Moore morphs into Marino!

We still HAVE to draft a FIRST ROUND QB this year!

Holmgren and others believe you need to draft a QB every year, so do I!

How do you think Bellicheat feels having Brady winning and that Big Galute from Arkansas learning from the bench?

Pretty good I BET!~

No Dolpfan can deny that this team has some very good pieces. Better coaching and a franchise QB would go along way with this team.

And the Fins have gone into a shell. Wth, happened to attacking?

Pound and ground now. Lull them to s;eep and go deep!

Marshall looked open

Guys who needs to Suck for Luck when we can Score with Moore and have fun on Sundays for the rest of the season

Posted by: qbclub13 | November 20, 2011 at 02:11 PM

Yeah, some of us would rather look ahead considering that this season is already in the bag.

could've had the first if he ran

u r right on the money Armando after this play this QB is BS after 7 years in the NFL

Why didn't Moore thrpw it away?



How did you come up with that sat for Moore? Based on the fact that he played on some pretty bad teams in Carolina? Just curious...

any other linksthan first row?

Mando, after your Piccasso with the updates last week, 2nd qtr updated with 4 min left in the qtr..

Even if Moore finishes the year looking like the 2nd coming of Marino we still have to draft a 1st round QB. No doubt.

What's that? Miami still sucks? DUH! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

Draft Robert Griffin but keep Moore as starting QB for at least a year while RG3 gets acclimated to the NFL.

Moore, for as good as he has been, definately needs to work on a few things...that looked like a Henne panic. Throw the friggin thing away, you learn that way back in high school ball.

Defense has really tightened up after that first series.

Now do you guys see why we still need to draft a franchise qb?

Moore will play well but still makes some bonehed plays. He just gave up at least 10yds of field position by taking a needless sack.

The real fans what the fins to win. Not lose for a higher draft pick. Go fins!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bell has been hitting hard the past few weeks.


I think we have a case of biased, jaded fans. Nobody was happy that Moore was the guy they selected to compete with Henne. They wanted a bigger name.

Well just maybe none of those bigger names would be playing as well as Moore is right now. Maybe. Let's be open minded and not let our previous misconceptions cloud our view.

As I said, none of this prevents us from still drafting a QB #1. How can anyone be sure any of them will be better as a rookie as Moore is right now?

this is so sad, again our future slipping away for another pointless 6-10 year. its insane how dumb this franchise is


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