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Dolphins lead Bills 14-3 in the second quarter

The Dolphins scored on their first two possessions of the day. And they haven't even thrown a pass to Brandon Marshall yet.

Matt Moore is looking like he ate his accuracy vitamins this morning. Bills QB Ryan Fitzpatrick ... not so much as he's already thrown an interception to Nolan Carroll.

The live blog picks up in the comments section below. Join moi.


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Armando, none of the QBs you named, while ostensibly talented, have ever won anything in the NFL. The NFL is QB poor. The Phins would be fools to let Moore go, don't you agree?

Matt Moore is 9 of 11 for 143 yards and 2 TDs. His rating is 158.3 right now.

I don't understand the hate for Moore. The team could have VERY easily have won the last four games, if the defence had played a luck. He has the team up 21-3 at home in the first half. Shouldn't the posts be about his fine, efficient play right now, rather than saying he's a mediocre QB? I seem to remember CP, being a pretty average QB going into his the season he led us to an 11-5 season.

By the way, I still want a first round QB in April too but at least give Moore his dues.

Yeremiah Bell!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bell babyyyyyyyy!!!!

Yes! YB!




awwwwww right miami


The dolphins defense now into the "10th qtr" of not allowing a td!

rest players,lol for what another pointless game. no let dallas hammer us and move on. just get to the draft before we lose out on every top qb

Would Buffalo bench Fitzpatrick at the half? Bills running out of receivers.


The already decimated Bills team is losin players by the bunches.

The lock out killed this team...

The real fans what the fins to win. Not lose for a higher draft pick. Go fins!!!!!!!!!!!!

Real fans understand we can only go so far with the current tallent and coaching....but we are still fans

Carlos the GREAT made that happen!


Way to cap off the 10th qtr of not allowing a td YB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now do you guys see why we still need to draft a franchise qb?

Moore will play well but still makes some bonehed plays. He just gave up at least 10yds of field position by taking a needless sack.

Read more: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/dolphins_in_depth/2011/11/dolphins-lead-bills-14-3-in-the-second-quarter/comments/page/2/#comments#ixzz1eH6XBM9O

Even Marino threw interceptions. Just saying.

let go dolphins


Get real. Name a QB that doesn't make a couple of bonehead plays. Some of you are looking for excuses to bury him rather than look at his performance with a more open mind.

Whats the big deal anyway, let your superstar #1 pick QB compete against Moore and the winner starts.

Mando, at half time find out who these imposters on the defense are!

Incidentally, Moore has started a GRAND total of FIFTEEN games in his NFL career or less than a whole season. I'm cheering for you Moore.

Armando your partner in crime the Big O should eat all the B*** Sheet he talk few weeks ago about Jeremy Bell


As long as there are games on the schedule, as Herm Edwards said, "you play to win the game!"

I have never believed in tanking for any reason.

Matt Moore is 9 of 11 for 143 yards and 2 TDs. His rating is 158.3 right now.

Posted by: Armando Salguero | November 20, 2011 at 02:17 PM

Thanks Armando!

I will take the wins, however we get them.

go fins!

Ground and POUND!!!!

He said it:

It's been ALL MIAMI!!!!

Angry, the Dolphins have Moore signed through next year. He won't be going anywhere. He will be on the team next year. So that is not an issue.

The issue is folks who say, "We're convinced with what we've seen. Moore is our QB for the future."

No, the team MUST draft a QB and do it in the first round.

Bills suck. Those guys aren't hunks like our guys are.

real smart soiled, yeah how fun lets go 7-9 every year for rest of this franchises life.

Playin for high draft position or not, if we don't win any more games, we must beat Dallas and the stinkin Jets whatever it takes, I'm just sayin.


I'm for the team drafting as many Qb's as it can but I'm for playing great on Sundays and letting the draft wait

Devils Advocate,

Dont get me wrong Im loving Moore's play. Just we've been over a decade without a true qb and Im not ready to drink the koolaide just yet. Draft a qb #1, keep Moore, and send Henne packing.

Right Mando. Absolutely.

TD Marsahll! Great catch! Flag on the play goes against.......Buffalo!

Go Marshal :)

what a Cacht


This is the same guy you ripped for 'for leading the Panthers to a last place finish last year', despite only starting a grand total of THREE games. You going to ease up on this guy any time soon?

guess what these pointless wins mean next year.....nothing but the difference between a center and a franchise qb, wake up. some fans are so clueless

TD may be recalled

TD fins the beast 19 yes go fins baby win win win I'm loving it yes

what a grab by Marshall

some people in here really are losers when you make post ith someone elses name

This one's ending up in a fist pump.

How fitting!

Marshall hung onto ONE!

Yeah you guys, get used to it, this is the REAL SpOrano led PHINS!!!!


The announcer can bobble my balls in his mouth!

DAMN, I guess he DIDN'T hang on, oh well, that's our 50 million dollar man!

Yeah, Mando doesn't like Moore. Marshall's TD recalled,

'It's all about the QB play'....remember?

I think that's his third TD pass this half. How about a little love for Matt Moore?

the t.d. is going to be call back no control the ball

Craig M,

That doesn't happen. Plenty of axes to grind in the name of "Journalism & "other media."

oh well. Lets get that TD again.

Craig, Matt Moore played six games for Carolina last year. That's interesting because he's played six games for the Dolphins.

So you're saying he's the man after six games this year but I cannot say he sucked last year after six games?

Even if the Phins win out and finish 9-7...we win 9 in a row and we are 1 game above 500...say alot

Angry, the Dolphins have Moore signed through next year. He won't be going anywhere. He will be on the team next year. So that is not an issue.

The issue is folks who say, "We're convinced with what we've seen. Moore is our QB for the future."

No, the team MUST draft a QB and do it in the first round.

Posted by: Armando Salguero | November 20, 2011 at 02:21 PM

Then we agree.

But shall Sparano stay?

Oops, forgot about the penalty. This is as close to a perfect 1st half as I've seen this team play in many years.

...There is nothing wrong with singing the praises of what Matt Moore is doing..BTW nice pass and catch to BM. I hope it stands. But he is not the answer long term. Look at the mistake the Bills made, and ask yourselves if we should follow lock step. Fitzpatrick played well for about 10 games. The Bills gave him a huge contract. But he has always been limited. Moore is basically Fitzpatrick in tersm of his skill set. If that is ok with you..Fine. but if you want a true contender..We need to go in another direction.

stupiid playcalling fire daboll!

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