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Dolphins lead Bills 14-3 in the second quarter

The Dolphins scored on their first two possessions of the day. And they haven't even thrown a pass to Brandon Marshall yet.

Matt Moore is looking like he ate his accuracy vitamins this morning. Bills QB Ryan Fitzpatrick ... not so much as he's already thrown an interception to Nolan Carroll.

The live blog picks up in the comments section below. Join moi.


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This is where the coaches MUST be aggresive! Get the TD!

3rd and goal inside the 5 TD! Bess!


I'll bet Tom Brady would have sucked for six games on the leagues worst 2010 Panthers. Just sayin.

>But shall Sparano stay?

One great season (2008) and one great half-season this year does not a great coach make. Tony should go.

Bills suck. Those guys aren't hunks like our guys are

posted by an imposter


soiled isnt very good at math, and matt moore is an nfl backup, nothing more. quit the garbage again just like with henne

Did u see that block?!


You can call anyone clueless who doesn't have a loser mentality. I know that this team needs help but I'm still a fan a root for them to win.

Daboll's a genius!

Moore is going to break Marino TD passes in a season..........LOL


Thomas stuck that safety!

finally a post with a brain, nice job dunphy. imagine if saparano stayed, it would set us back even more years. no way ross is that dumb this time around

Mando any idea when was the last time we scored 28 pts in firs thalf?

Actually Devil, the 2001 Patriots were basically the 2010 Carolina Panthers until Tom Brady took over.

he turned that team into a Super Bowl team his first year starting although he took over a team that was, if memory serves, 0-4.


He played FOUR games last year and started THREE. I didn't say he was the man BUT you did say 'he led the Panthers to a last place finish last year'. I'm saying you're showing bias to a guy that's started a grand total of FIFTEEN games in th NFL. I'm saying you need to ease up on the guy. Team has been playing a lot better since he came on.

I agree, Moore is good but may not be long term solution at starter, he still looks jerky, still gets too jittery at times, telegraphs too much but give him credit for all his good traits too. Still need to draft aa young QB just in case.

what a block by Daniel Thomas

Nobody is listening to Dusty Bottoms crap.

Nor should they-Brilliant!

Moore is spreading it around!

This has to be a career day for the guy.

I don't know if he'll ever be considered a franchise QB, but for right now, he's MY FRANCHISE QB!

Moore! Moore! Moore! Moore!

1. Dolphins will not win out.

2. The team needs a franchise quarterback.

3. That QB is not Matt Moore.

4. There will be a change at the end of the year at the top of the organization.

Posted by: Armando Salguero | November 20, 2011 at 01:56 PM

Thanks for confirming this Armando, too many idiots on here believing we are suddenly a playoff calibre team and Moore is the saviour.

Please for the love of god guys, the team is playing better, but for bad coaching they would be contending however, imagine how good this team can be with a good HC and personnel guy oh and yes a Franchise QB.
No matter how good Moore plays we still need to draft a 1st round QB, luck Barkley or Jones.

Sorry, Thomas!

d, you make me laugh.

good job nyfin, u must be satisfied with 3-7 now and 7-9 every year, sorry im not. win it all or go home. being mediocre every year is pathetic

Again meat cart for the Bills.

These Dolphins have gone gangsta.

I wouldn't be all that upset if only Ireland was fired, Sparano was kept and a experienced GM was brought in.

Bills players still droppin like flys.

..Oh by the way. I don't want to jinx the Phins. But it looks like I'm an idiot for taking the Bills and the points this week. For the record I'm 0-3 so far this week. Oh well...

Play-off, Play-off....who's thinking of Play-off...C'mon men, be real....

I must be looking at a different blog. Who is saying that Moore is the answer for next year? I think most of us are in argument that regardless of what happens this year we still need to draft a QB first round next year.

However, why should that stop the rest of us from enjoying some fine QB play from Matt Moore?

I say keep Saprano to coach defense keep Daboll to run offense draft a qb and hire a head coach who has experience tying it all together.

By the way, I have nothing against Matt Moore. He's a good guy. He's a good guy to have on the team.

But my future QB? As the Dolphins answer to Brady, Brees, and Rodgers? No thank you.

To the blind fan, that makes me a hater. To a person that lives in the real world, that makes me a person who has eyes and realizes mediocre is not good enough..

To say Buffalo's offensive line is swiss cheese is an insult to swiss cheese everywhere.

Would like to see Wake and JT sack Fitz

Matt Moore....11/14 for 148 yards passing and 3 TDS. Awesome half fella!! Pretty obvious you're not going to read too many praises on here from Dolphin fans but keep up the good play!

"To a person that lives in the real world, that makes me a person who has eyes and realizes mediocre is not good enough.."

that says it all right there

Guys thinking Moore's now the longterm answer consider this:

It's better to have two great qb's than at the end of the day find out you again have none. Darft a dam qb 1st rd. We've been down this road before and know how it could end.

Draft a dam qb 1st rd now!


With a QB that can score in the redzone and a defense creating turnovers, we look like a stright up POWER HOUSE!

No TD's given up in 10 quarters?

Come on!

(fingers STILL crossed!)

odinseye is basically a retarded rock, he does this every year, hypes up some garbage product called the fins. he will always settle for being 7-9. lets get the real fans and make some changes happen. new coach and qb would be a hugeeeeeeeeeeeeee start and fire me up again for next year. but being 3-7 with wins over 3 awful teams wont do anything but hurt our future

My, its getting testy in here today.

Some posters on this blog would even complain about a free BJ!

Yeah, replace Sparano and Ireland...I would think they are pretty much gone. Need to cut the Dallas umbilical cord once and for all.

So who's saying he's the QB of the future, Armando? Can't we just enjoy the guy without ripping him all the time?

tony the sad part is there really is fans like that. how bad do u have to be that after 7 games u could win out but not make playoffs, im on your side armando. get a real qb and coach and everything else will start to fall in place. sick of this bs every year

"Some posters on this blog would even complain about a free BJ!"

she didnt swallow

Streak 0f 10 straight qtrs not allowing td now official for the defense!

Armando, good to know you are still seeing things straight, Was afraid you'd gone over to the idiotic rose coloured glasses side :)

Mediocre is not good enough, still need a franchise QB and god Yes, Sparano must go he is not good enough!!!!

Armando change the theme, Moore is going to be a backup QB all his career, talk about the Baylor Qb . Performance yesterday, that's the one I want for the Dolphins to play against Brady,Brees Big Ben ,etc,etc,etc,

Im enjoying this way to much...GO FINS

so, dusty, i guess you haven't been satisfied since 1972?

I haven't really read anyone attach the label "franchise QB" to Matt Moore in here today. But maybe its because I'm not drinking and blogging as some.

exactly husketeer, refreshing to know there still is smart fin fans out there

LOL Soiled

You treat the 2nd Half as if it were the beginning of the Game. I've seen stranger(letdowns=comebacks).


An empty Stadium with a Team playing so well. Shame.

No one's here knocking Moore. We're all singing his praises today. Armando even posted he had a 158 qb rating.

We only say Moore hasnt shown enough longterm to warrant foregoing drafting a qb 1st rd. Its been over a decade since Marino. That alone suggest its too early not to draft a QB 1st rd.


Realistically how late in the draft with RG III be available? He has looked like an absolute stud and clearly running quarterbacks are having success i.e. Tebow, Cam, Vick, and even Aaron Rodgers can run. At this rate i'm worried the fins are gonna do what they always do and finish with like the 15th pick or something around there. What are the odds he would still be there?

Craig, with respect, both NFL.com and ESPN.com have Moore playing six games last year.

Sometimes her getting a "hot-eye" makes me feel better.

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