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Dolphins lead Chiefs 14-3 going to third quarter

One team is looking like it has something to play for. One team is looking like its season is over.

Except it's the Dolphins playing hard and with a attacking attitude on both offense and defense.


Some of you will be thrilled the Dolphins are trying to win no matter what. For other of you? Tough times. No Andrew Luck.

The Dolphins are suffering a crushing victory.

The rest of the live blog continues in the comments section below. Join me.


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I'm back!

Miami Dolphins? Who dey?

Conservative time. DO IT FOR ME!!!!!!

Hope Ross goes into that locker room and tells Tony to cut it out. We need this loss, dammit! Suck for Luck choo-choo is still on time.

What if we had Darren Sproles + Jimmy Graham?

CBS dudes just jinxed it. We will Suck again!

Game ain't over. 4th Q implosion coming.

It's not the 4th quarter yet....

Guys, i don't wanna work. Can you guys just mail me a welfare check, please? Thanks. Love ya!

I don't think it matters how bad we play, I don't see way we are going to get Luck. Colts are THAT bad!! So to be honest, I think this team will be better off with Jones or Barkley over what we have right now. Luck would be great but it's pretty obvious the Colts are mailing it in every week. Let's get a new QB in regardless. It's time...

Its not the 4th yet, but this game has looked solid overall. Where was this team 7 games ago.

Shannon Sharpe just said "The Dolphins have led at the half every week; Just watch the second half *Laughs*"

One name for all of you Suck for Luck DB's. Ryan Leaf. Win. I watch the games to see the Dolphins win. If I cared about college players, I would watch college. Yes, I keep an ear open for who might be good in the pros, but the imperative word there is MIGHT. We could go 0-fer every season, that way we could always get the best player, but why would we want that? Do you actually believe getting the top pick will help you win in the next few years? We've had a top two pick three times in ten years. How are we doing? Win.The point of this, or any game is to win.

Matt Moore for prez ~

This drive will be a huge sign whether Miami wins or loses today. They must get at least a fistpump here.

We almost ready to blow it

Mando_Why not use Thomas?

Can we score a TD is second half ? Doubt it


Fasno never makes the togh catches

Question answered. Dolphins lose again. Thank Fasano guys, that ball was in his mitts and he dropped it!

Come on Implosion!

Can't go along with the 'suck for luck' thing. I don't want that as a part of our history, nor a winless season. I've been a fan since George Wilson and Wahoo McDaniel. Disappointed, of course, front office, management, horrible, yes, gotta go. But, I am a Dolphin fan no matter what, even if the Chiefs come back and win. And, these retread, high profile coaches, Gruden, Cowher, really? I would rather have a Schwartz or a Harbaugh- give us someone with fire in their belly, hungry. Rob Ryan? Double really?? Will this knuckle head owner do the right thing? Remains to be see. In the meantime, go Dolphins!

BTW Mando, great articles as of late, I agree with you most of the time.

Here we go again. I called we wont be scoring again.

Well said real g

Fasano should be cut this offseason. He has consistently been what wrong with this team time and time again.

Its funny ppl still bashing Fasan after a 2 TD game

I think Sparano should bring Moore into te game in the 2nd half as a reliever!!

I called we won't score again.

Fasano's inconsistency has a huge hand in the breeding of a losing culture in Miami. So long Fasano, good riddance!

Wilson you dummy

Can't go along with the 'suck for luck' thing.

Posted by: The real G | November 06, 2011 at 02:38 PM

That's fine, but i will.

Why isnt will allen starting?


We all know at times Fasano can make a play. Its been his gross inconsistency that has factored well into the breeding of a losing culture in Miami.

Anything having to do with the losing culture needs to purged this offseason. Fasano's on that list.

this is the first game where our d-line is controlling the line of scrimmage

Cassel is pathetic. How did these guys win 4 straight?

Remember keep the eye on the prize

Tony defers every game and every game the 2nd half drive is 3 and out. He should be fired for that alone. Do they hand out Quaaludes at halftime? If so I could use one, maybe the 2nd half wouldn't be so bad.

Burnett's 2nd sack? Took Crowder 6years to get one.

DL and LB's decided to show up halfway through season

WTF just happened?!

Break up this defense now. Who the hell are these guys anyway? Dolphins?

There was no one out there to catch the pass?

Lol. Nothing is going right for KC.

Worst fake field goal I have ever seen

Who's the winless team?

Marshall was wreaking havoc and no hes nowhere come on use him.

I agree yesterday trade Fasano.

The Miami Spoilers?

KC is playing as bad as Miami has been. I think the Colts payed KC to lose this game!

Damn, 20 yrs. of Andrew Luck dominating in Indy. What a shame.

Defense like this and we may end up winning "ALL" of our remaining games. Who woulda "STUNK IT"? I do mean "stunk it"!

Random thought. Our helmets are iconic ! Nothing better then the classic Fin jumping through the sun.

And, if you're putting all of your eggs in the Luck basket, you may be disappointed as well. we need more, much more that him. Agreed, he may be a great addition, just sayin' I don't desire loosing. If you do, that's ok.

Landry or Barkley would be fine.

Can B Marsh only run 5 yard outs. WTH

I would even take Kellen Moore as a worst case scenario.

Dolphins doing three things they need to do. Getting pressure on the QB, scoring touchdowns, and creating turnovers.

Forget Luck! You can still win this game and get me!!!

Wow. Bush circus catch !

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