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Dolphins lead Chiefs 7-3 to start second quarter

The Dolphins are off to a solid start today. They are attacking the Kansas City secondary. They are using the fact the Chiefs can't rush the passer as an advantage.

That's worked so far.

Matt Moore has a TD throw to Anthony Fasano and that trumps a long FG by ryan Succop.

Let's see if it holds up. The live blog continues in the comments section below.


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I'm back!

We will lose by 1 today.

Why is carrol starting over wilson?

Miami scores a TD and coach Sparano is counting how many fieldgoals that equals on his fingers

I want to know who Yeah! is. Seriously! Mystery to me.

Can we finish a rush?

You missed the post Mandy...It's a script that auto-posts

Yeah, that is...

Wake's had two great pass rushes come up empty.

Can't you tell by his email address Mando?

its one of the IT guys

#1 - The Story Of Yeah!

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Posted by: The Creator of Yeah! | October 17, 2011 at 12:22 AM

Read more: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/dolphins_in_depth/2011/10/the-plan-if-the-dolphins-dont-recover.html#ixzz1cx8ARkOw

Clay seems to grab one pass per game, but always long gains.

We do have tight ends on our roster!!!

Fins attacking. I love it.

Finally TE's working for Miami and not against

Sounds crazy, but, I love seeing the Dolphins show some form of fight every week. I believe we will win 2-3 games this season.

I just dont wanna win enough to save Ireland's job. That's far worse than missing out on Luck.

This is getting scary. Somebody need to pull a hammy.

HOLY SH!!!!!!!!T~

Yeahhhhhhhhhhhh Booooooyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!! Where has this been???

This is where they switch to the run offense...

Yes ! Yes!

Moore definitely throws some rainbows...Good thing our players are WIDE OPEN!

Can't complain about the score though!

2 TD's thats almost 5 fieldgoals.....Fistpump x's 5

Moore wants a backup job next year. Maybe Kellen Moore can be our starter? Moore and Moore lol

the Fins went 78 yards in three plays including a 35 yard TD throw to Fasano.

That's a career long TD catch by Fasano.

tony sparano has a shoulder injury.

wow the 3 quarter phins are looking great.

What is this? Using the middle of the field with the TE??? GASP!!!!!!

I've never been this frustrated as a fan. Someone oughta cut Sparano's balz off.

I don't buy it.

Time to play prevent defense now.

An eleven point lead on the road...where have we seen this before?

For goodness sake DON'T BLOW IT!!!

Umm, Fasano has two TD. How many fist pumps is that? Wait I've got to take off my shoes to count that high.

They got here playing an attacking style. If they get conservative it would be ridiculous.

Nice ST tackle by WILSON

Its gonna take one hellava halftime adjustment to lose this one....go Tony

Colts are def getting Luck.

Get ready for the ultimate collapse in the 3rd quarter :)

Dont worry Mando... the conservative is coming. Third quarter after the first drive stalls, you can book it!

Moore-I want Moore of Moore Clay Fasano Marshall Bush-play callling-MOOOOOOre!!!

Sparano does chest pounds with TD's, not fist pumps.

Chiefs seem flat and right for upset today. But before we get to far ahead of ourselves. Remember this was also the case with at least half of the opponents we lost to.

Atlanta 21 Colts zip

Were getting Jobnes who looks good

HOLY...SEAN SMITH dropped his shoulder!

Ok guys, this is where we stop scoring.

Moore...Bush Moore...Bush

Folks even if we don't get Luck we will easily be in the running for Jones Barkeley and Moore. All are pretty damn good and while they're no Luck they might work harder to prove themselves.

yeah keep the pedal down win by scoring a bunch of points not by trying to hold a small lead

Christ the Colts have really mailed it in. Can't believe their on the verge of going from the Manning era to the Luck era. This must have all been planned from the front office.

Don't worry we'll blow it after all its the first half completely different team in the second half.

Nolan Carroll is out of the game.Jimmy Wilson is in.

2 TDs + a sack-wow

D-line actually getting a fair amount of pressure today. Unbelievable!

I'm starting to feel a little giddy. Maybe I should go cut the grass or something. I know a stiff cocktail. Yeah, that'll do'er. Is it 4:20 yet? Got to get my mind right for the collapse.
A win would be great, despite the ramifications.

BURNETT sack?!

Who are these guys?!

Burnett? WOW!

wow...even BURNett is making plays. the stars are aligned...

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